Zen Trading Strategies Review: Is it the Best for Beginners -Traders and Investors?

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Whether you’re a beginner, pro trader, or investor, your software is the window to the world of trading. It’s the major decision on how you’ll be affected by the news. For any algorithmic or high-frequency trading, you must have a reliable and tested trading strategy that can manage risks and entry/exit signals, keeping you successful in this volatile market.

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Mastering the art of trade leads to incredible wealth, but like with any valuable skill, to truly master it takes time.  Impatience is the most common cause of failure amongst new traders. However, most seasoned traders also lost a hefty amount in trading due to no proper script availability, which goes to extremes, where people leverage all savings to recover their losses. Not Anymore! Because ZEN Trading Strategies take pride in introducing the one-of-its trading script that can benefit beginners to pro-level traders or investors. The script is ingeniously designed on a pure quantitative algorithm fund that’ll calculate risk and keep you safe from a fluctuating market, thanks to all the leg work it does for you.

Zen Trading Strategies Review: Topic Overview

Understanding how Zen Trading works can be overwhelming at first glance but we’re here to help break it down so that anyone can understand it!

Check out our comprehensive review of Zen Trading services below: -What are the benefits? -How does it compare against other tools? -What are the Pros and Cons -Who is it best for?

Everything you need to know about Zen Trading in one place. We’ve got the details for you.

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What is Zen Trading Strategies Review?

Zen Trading Strategies is a trading tool, which you can use on a live exchange platform based on computer software, which sends trading commands generated using a computerized algorithm. This algorithm initiates buying and selling instructions based on parameters of timing, price, marketability, and more. These provisions are the dates of the Lips Pass companies without the exercise of further discretion or human intervention. It’s a revolutionary algorithm trading script that thinks and processes better than a human brain.

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What are Zen Trading Strategies and Services?

The opportunity to get substantial returns on investments is the main reason why many traders are looking to dive into the competitive and risky trading market. Due to a lack of knowledge and tools to track the rapidly changing market, they end up wasting money. Zen Trading Strategy simply resolves all those problems with a simple subscription-based service. This fantastic script provides, operates, and monitors systematic trading solutions dedicated to enhancing returns on investments through a fully computerized system. This technique is called Algorithmic Trading and can be defined as a set of technical analysis parameters and financial instructions that must be followed in a fixed order by interconnected computers and trading platforms.

The systems generate investment decisions and transact financial instruments related to this series of analyses and orders. Zen Trading Strategies specializes in operating such trading systems. Currently, the script offers four exclusive strategies, such as:

Momentum or Trend

Following the basic idea of Momentum Trading is that a rising stock will continue rising and a falling stock will continue falling. Momentum trading draws on some of the most basic analytical skills. The trading script captures the rising or falling trend in the day-to-day market and gives signals to traders or investors. The momentum line is plotted as a tandem line to the price chart and it displays a zero axis. The positive values indicate a sustained upward movement and negative values indicate a potentially sustained downward movement. The upward or downward momentum indicator portrays a “breakout” for the stock.

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Ultimate Volume Pump

Whenever there’s a sudden change in volume of stock or commodity without changing its price, the script looks for an opportunity to make some profits on pumps. This strategy is more suited to swing or day traders than long-term investors.

Confirm Breakout & Price Action

When the script believes that it has identified a breakout, missing the first one or two breakout ticks doesn’t matter as it has its hand on the buy trigger (or sell trigger in the case of a short sale) for one of the next momentum periods. And it’s generally not too concerned about hitting the bid either, as it will have an easier time getting in at the market price. Then he places a market order.

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Ideal Momentum

Momentum trading is also fraught with peril that can easily destroy even the most disciplined and knowledgeable trader. But with the Zen Trading script momentum trading offers an appealing choice for the aspiring trader who enjoys living on the edge. Whether you want to use it against or with the momentum, it’s up to you.  The fundamental is that you will not buy stocks at their lowest, nor will you sell them at their highest, making it perfect for both scalpers and investors.

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Zen Trading Mobile App

Unlike ordinary trading scripts in the market, which you can only run on desktops! The Zen Trading Strategies script is ingeniously designed their application, indicators, or strategies to be compatible with both desktop and mobile app, making it user-friendly.

Their smartly designed app with a neat interface can be synced with your desktop, allowing you to see and monitor or stocks, assets, or commodities, giving you the freedom to trade anywhere anytime. Moreover, this fantastic feature works regardless of membership, so if you’re a free member or paid one, you can enjoy their state-of-the-art script for free.

How to contact customer service?

Multiple Channel Contact

Zen Trading Strategies has a user-friendly and state-of-the-art customer support service, allowing you to connect with their experts via different mediums, such as email, social media, or phone calls to discuss or question any technical support. Their fast and efficient customer support service usually responds in less than 24 hours, or even shorter when you contact during routine business hours, setting the standard of top-notch customer service.

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Live Q&A Sessions

In addition, the platform offers weekly live question & answer sessions via an online meeting app, such as ‘Zoom’, allowing anyone to ask relevant technical questions and enjoy instant answers. There’s no such trading script provided with such exceptional customer services. Due to any reason, if you missed the live session, then you can enjoy the recorded version of it, making it helpful for all. Last but not the least, being a member, you’ll be given access to their highly active telegram channel, where you can reach experts instantly for any technical trading support.

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Who is Zen Trading Best For?

Day-to-Day Traders

New traders often have a tendency to trade everything that vaguely resembles the set-up they have learned. This over-trading may be due to taking up trading as an adrenaline rush or to brag to friends about. Whatever the reason, it will punish an account. So, you better start with algorithmic trading, however, if you’re new to this field then Zen Trading Strategies offers a one-stop solution for all investors who’re new to algo trading and don’t want to lose money while learning the process.


With this fantastic trading script, one can customize the script as per the financial market situation, making it perfect to step into the world of algorithmic trading. Moreover, this trading script is not only limited to investors! If you’re a high-frequency trader or want access to hundreds of useful indicators, including automated trading indicators, then Zen Trading Strategies script is all you need to flourish in the market.

Zen Trading Strategies Pros and Cons


Customizable trading strategies

4 regularly updated, customizable trading strategies that can be adapted to any timeframe or asset. Indicators that can be synced to live exchanges to automatically place orders for you. Optional VPS alert service so you don't lose money due to servers being down

Easy Access and Monitoring

State-of-the-art performance monitoring and backtesting with real-time strategy development.

Automatic and less hassle

Giving you the freedom to sync indicators with different exchanges and make sales/purchases for you.

Friendly and informative

Filled with various training and helpful resources that raise your skill levels.

Realtime updates and notifications

It has a VPS alert feature, which instantly sends you updates when the server is being down.

▶  Helpful and accommodating 

Allowing you to consult trading experts and discuss your trading strategy with them.


✖ Zen Trading Strategies script is only compatible with Tradingview Strategies Only.

✖ Mechanical or automated failure may happen, so personal input is needed.

Why do Most Traders fail?

It is obvious that in today’s markets, private investors can hardly compete with the superior technical and analysis strength of the Algo Trading software employed by banks and other financial companies. A single home-based trader cannot be a match for the computer power and the comprehensive scientific research carried out by the ALGO Trading teams of banks and hedge funds. Therefore, it is of little surprise that as many as 90% of home-based traders are not considered successful traders and fail to see profits from trading in the financial markets.

With Zen Trading Strategies, you can improvise your trading style by setting your risk level to a conservative percentage of your total capital through the positioning of a stop-loss (mental or actual).  Giving you the freedom to do the final tweaking to customize your asset and stick with it to survive in the market. Now, anyone can rank among a list of successful traders and enjoy proven yet pre-built strategies that take your trading style to the next level. All under one roof, thanks to Zen Trading Strategies that are perfect for all levels of ALGO traders.

Is Zen arbitrage profitable? What is the pricing?

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This is extremely profitable in terms of pricing that let you backrest and monitor the market performance for building a better strategy to trade and make a profit. With its algorithmic feature, the chance of loss has been reduced and it allows you to enjoy the maximum profit.

Moreover, it’s built with a fully customizable interface, which allows you to use it for a manual yet proven trading plan, which this script will monitor and make it more profitable since the algorithm can enter and exit instantly. You can also sync this script or indicators to live trading platforms, making it helpful for all.

Zen Trading Overall Rating

Strategy is the main part of trading! Zen Trading Strategies solve this problem and make the whole process automated, which is equally beneficial to bother beginners and professionals. This trading script calculated and indicated all trading decisions, entries, exits, and trends in graphical representation on your live exchange trading chart. This same program will place and fill the orders at the appropriate exchange where the item in question actually trades in real-time.

It is very simple, it removes everything you don’t need and keeps only what is important at your fingertips. Moreover, its backtest and updated strategies make it beneficial for intermediate to pro traders or investors. Overall, this is a fantastic approach to step into the trading world.

Zen Trading Strategies vs. Competitors

Best Customer Support

Its top-notch and fastest customer support services make this script stand out among any other competitors in the market. As a trader, you frequently need support from experts to deal with the highly volatile market. Zen Trading Strategies allow you to contact their support staff anytime. Even using multiple channels to reach them and get the solution to your problem.

Easy to Use Interface

It’s not just the script, indicators, or strategies, one can learn algo trading through Zen Trading Strategies, thanks to their live yet weekly Q & A sessions, where you can interact with experts and get answers to your questions, making it perfect for both beginners and professionals. With these fantastic tools, you can dive into the market without having the fear of losing money.


Zen Trade is your choice to lessen the chance of losing money if you are looking for a helping hand.  You will find the script dramatically affects your emotional state.

Photo Credit Zen Trading Strategies
Photo Credit Zen Trading Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Algo Trading?

Algorithmic trading”, or “Algo Trading” means utilizing the power of computer software to analyze and trade the financial markets automatically. These are strategies designed to minimize risk and extract profits from financial markets using mathematical calculations, which work out when there are trading conditions that are favorable for entering trades. This computer software enables financial institutions to enhance their trading, and even replace some of their human traders. For example, in cases where human traders are not quick enough to act on price changes, contrary to the lightning-fast reaction speed of computers, or when the calculations are complex and far beyond human abilities.

What is Zen Trade?

Zen Trader is a trading tool, which you can use on a live exchange platform based on computer software, which sends trading commands generated using a computerized algorithm. This algorithm initiates buying and selling instructions based on parameters of timing, price, marketability, and more. These provisions are the dates of the Lips Pass companies without the exercise of further discretion or human intervention. It’s a revolutionary algorithm trading script that thinks and processes better than a human brain.

Is Zen Trade legit?

Yes, it’s Legit! However, there’s confusion between markets regarding its legitimacy due to its regulatory license. The team of Zen Trader is working on its license and soon it will be regularized and it makes sure customer privacy and data are protected.

Who Is Zen Trading Strategies?

Zen Trading is a subscription-based service that empowers day-to-day traders or investors with quantitative algorithm and techniques that’s used in various financial market.

This script generates signals indicating entry and exit points. The Zen Trade transmits instructions to initiate a transaction when certain criteria are met in the price movement of the traded currency pair. The researchers, quant analysts, and computer engineers identified patterns which the system recognizes and generates a trade signal when these criteria appear. Zen Trade tracks the market 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. This is for them to catch every trading opportunity. The script optimizes itself regularly and adjusts its sensibility according to the current market environment, making it perfect for all traders and investors.

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