Top 9 Best Teen Dating Sites and Apps in 2024

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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Nothing attracts or influences teens more than dating itself as it is the most exciting thing. The thought of loving someone and being loved in a way they have seen in movies is just amazing for them.

By being inspired by the perfect love relationships on screen, they indulge in an attempt to live the same life. Due to this, they try to find someone with whom they can make love and enjoy romance.

To fulfill their desire, several online dating apps and sites are offering dating partners to teens. Nowadays, almost every teen uses a teen dating app or an online dating site to find their love.

Although many of these sites have an age limit to avail of the dating services, some other dating apps have no age restrictions. However, one needs to be curious while using teen dating apps and sites as they involve risks too. Here is a brief intro to a few most popular teen dating apps.





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Top 3 Best Teen Dating Sites

Teenagers would prefer to use an app, however, there are specific dating sites that are geared toward teens. Here are the top 3 best teen dating sites famous and heavily used in the entire universe.

MyLOL Review

MyLOL Review
Photo credit: MyLOL

With an age limit from 13 years to 19 years, the MyLoL personnel offers a provider’s official website for teens. The best thing is that this is not just a dating site but also comes with a dating app and different features which are as follows:


Signing up at MyLoL is the simplest step that requires you to add only a few things such as username, age, password, etc. You can also synchronize this information from your Facebook profile. This app takes only a few seconds to create your account and after that, you can start meeting people.

Just like you find people through different means in real life, MyLoL’s key review factors allow you to do the same. You can either search for the people in this app, message them privately, or make public posts to attract new matches. You can also join community chat rooms along with enjoying several other features of this dating app/site.


  • This app/site is solely for teens.
  • MyLoL App is the easiest to signup for.
  • Any teen can enjoy dating for free on MyLoL
  • Its infrastructure is the simplest.


  • Any adult scammer can make a fake profile and scam teens through chat.
  • You would have to pay to access advanced features.
  • The paid membership of this app is costly for many teens.


MyLol detects any suspicious or scam activity through its automatic suspicious keyword detection system. The team keeps monitoring those accounts with red flags and also allows other users to report suspicious accounts to detect scams and assure safety.

Click Here to Create Account with MyLOL (Official Page).

Coffee meets bagel Review

Coffee meets bagel Review
Photo credit: Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee meets bagel is also the best dating site for teens and adults where you can easily find your perfect dating partner. As per the Coffee Meets bagel age limit, a person must be 18 years old or that to use the site. Here are the following fantastic features of this dating app.


Coffee meets Bagel is a different type of dating app where men are bagels and women find only those bagels that meet their criteria or already like them. It also allows you to screen the bagels by choosing multiple criteria factors. For example, gender, age, ethnicity, distance, height, religion, etc.

Every user has 24 hours to either pass or like another person’s profile. When both persons choose the like button for each other profiles, they can start the conversation.


  • The signup process includes only a few steps which make signup easier and faster.
  • It is suitable for both teenagers and adults with equal access to all features.
  • Unlike other dating apps, it doesn’t offer the bulk of complex features.
  • This dating site also has an app to make conversations easier.


  • You will need to upgrade your account to access the premium features.
  • You can’t find more than a few matches per day


Unlike many other dating apps for teens, Coffee Meets Bagel automatically collects and evaluates users’ usage data. Its algorithms highlight the accounts that contain fake information. Any user account with suspicious user activity is closely monitored and banned if the person is a scam.

Click Here to Create Account with Coffee meets Bagel (Official Page).

Tinder Review

Tinder Review
Photo credit: ForexFraud

For making new friends or finding dating partners, Tinder is also among the most widely used dating apps. Not only for adults, but it is also a famous teen dating site. Whether you are using Tinder to find a dating partner or just to have fun with new people, it offers you the following amazing features.


Tinder allows you to make friends from anywhere in the world and enjoy having long talks and chats. The Tinder age limit is 18 years or 18+ years to minimize the scams and to assure greater safety. This dating app comes with several free and paid features but a simple chat with someone would require you to pay.

Not only for dating but Tinder offers greater entertainment through meeting various people from various countries and various professions.


  • Registration on Tinder is just a matter of a second.
  • Tinder enables you to have fun meeting people.
  • This app is easy to use with the simplest features.
  • Tinder’s premium plans contain more valuable features than other dating apps.


  • Tinder’s monthly plan is a bit costly for teens.
  • This app is more reliable for short-term relationships.
  • You would meet lots of scammers here.


To limit scams, this app uses two-factor identification. Along with it, this app also collects the user’s IP address along with the user’s device information and location. Then, it validates the collected data to find out if everything is alright or anyone is creating a problem.

Click Here to Create Account with Tinder (Official Page).

Top 4 Best Teen Dating Apps

When it comes to choosing the best dating apps for teens, here are our 4 top picks.

Skout Review

Skout Review
Photo credit: Skout

It is the most popular dating app that is not only for teens but also for adult users. Skout is both a social networking app as well as a dating website where you can find your best matches. Right after its launch in 2007, it got wide acceptance and heavy traffic due to numerous exciting features.

For example, the thing that made people fall in love with Skout is that it doesn’t have any strict age restrictions. Unlike other dating apps, the Skout age limit is only 13 years which means that if you are 13 or over 13 years, you can use it. Let’s go into the details of the features of Skout to have a better idea about this amazing online dating site.


Skout is such a dating app that allows you to sign up in seconds by using your already existing Google+, Facebook, or another email account. It allows you to meet with the people of your choice and preferences or by using the proximity factor. At Skout, you can save the people you like to talk to, and can easily go through their profiles.

This dating app also allows you to get updates from nearby users about what’s happening around you. You can also see the pictures and stories of people around you and send them messages. Skout also allows you to promote your profile to find the best match.


  • It doesn’t have any strict age restrictions but teens and adults of all ages can use it.
  • It doesn’t ask you to pay a fee to find or talk to your dating partner
  • No matter where are you from or what language you use, Skout allows you to choose from the top 16 different languages.
  • Its interface is simple and easy to use.


  • As there are many teens on Skout, other users may scam the teens in the name of love.
  • Many teens become fooled by sexual predators on Skout due to the inability to judge the real intentions of their dating partner.
  • Skout is not solely a dating app


By allowing all teens and adults to use this site, Skout is assuring deep monitoring of accounts through posts and content. They keep on sharing safety measures to warn the teens to stay protected from scammers. However, people still scam others here due to the lack of in-depth verification required to join this dating app. Also, people easily scam others as their exact locations are not revealed and they pretend as if they are someone else near you.

Click Here to Create Account with Skout (Official Page).

Bumble Review

Bumble Review

Bumble is another dating app for teens that maintains reliable data for dating. However, nothing on the internet is 100% safe and secure, so one must be cautious using these sites. Bumble comes with several interesting features for teens which are as follows.


Bumble is a dating app that has revolutionized the way to date online. Before Bumble, it was riskier for women to date online but Bumble has changed this scenario. With Bumble, a woman can enjoy utmost security as well as privacy while meeting people online. To maintain security and safety against scams, the Bumble date age limit is 18 years or older.

Creating an account on Bumble is also easier and quicker. You can do it within seconds by synchronizing your information from your email without manually entering it. On Bumble you can also easily visit multiple profiles to find your match by simply swiping left or right.


  • Anyone can download the Bumble app for free.
  • You can easily and quickly rematch your expired contacts
  • With Bumble, you can swipe endlessly through profiles to meet your love
  • It is more reliable and secure for women
  • Time limits make the conversations go faster.


  • Not accessible to teens under 18 years.
  • Boys/men can’t start the conversation themselves.
  • You need to pay to access premium features.
Photo Credit: Pexels


To protect this platform from scammers, Bumble uses a photo verification system. Upon creating an account, you will be asked to take a selfie in a certain direction. Then, they will verify your selfie and only allow you to proceed if you meet their requirements. All the verified accounts have a verification batch on their profile.

Click Here to Create Account with Bumble (Official Page).

Taffy Review

Taffy Review
Photo credit: Taffy

Another best dating app is Taffy where you can start chatting with people without even showing them your picture. Upon making a little conversation with each other, you can allow your dating partner to see your picture or other media if you want.

In this way, it assures greater security for all the teens who want to date online. However, the Taffy age limit is 18 years or above which may disappoint you if you are younger than 18 years of age.


Being one of the best teen dating apps, Taffy allows you to sign up either through your email or by synchronizing with your social media accounts. The most distinguished feature of Taffy is that it allows you to choose from 6 various categories to find your match.

For example, you can choose from love, friends, advice, hookups, chat, and whatever. In this way, finding your soulmate becomes quicker and easier for you. Additionally, your picture would be blurry until your conversation goes along with a person to assure privacy.


  • You can choose the best-matched category to find the exact match.
  • The photo is not revealed initially to everyone.
  • This app is free to use for anyone above 18 years.
  • Young adults find a proper guide on the app to find their best dating partner.


  • Its Android app Taffy may make you feel uncomfortable during chat due to lots of issues.
  • This teen dating app has a smaller community than the others.


As Taffy doesn’t allow your new friends to see your photos or other details until you have a long talk with them, it’s secure. Also, age restrictions and blurry profile pictures protect you from online predators and scams.

Click Here to Create Account with Taffy (Official Page).

Yubo Review

Yubo Review
Photo credit: Yubo

Yubo is also one of the best dating apps that allows teens to enjoy online dating. If you want to have someone with common interests, Yubo can help you find him. Let’s explore some of the outstanding features of Yubo here!


On Yubo age limit for online dating is 13 years or more which makes it perfect for young adults. However, many people also make fake profiles and use cross paths to approach their potential matches. The site receives compensation for its additional features such as boosting a person’s profile so that others can see it on top.


  • Yubo is a free swiping app but its premium version is now available as well.
  • Anyone from 13 years of age can access any available adult content.
  • Not everyone but teens daily receive safety tips on online dating and related topics on Yubo.
  • You can easily send messages to people of different or the same interests.


  • Through crossed paths, a real person behind a fake profile may scam you.
  • People of similar interests might be having fake profiles.
  • Editorial opinions expressed on the site may restrict your freedom.


Yubo never reveals users’ information and location without their permission to assure privacy and safety. Also, they keep evaluating the users’ activities to detect any scams. Once a person commits a scam, his account is permanently blocked by Yubo.

Click Here to Create Account with Yubo (Official Page).

Top 2 Best LGBTQ Teen Dating Sites

Here are the top 2 best LGBTQ teen dating apps/sites where you can chat with people to make long or short-term relationships.

OkCupid Review

OkCupid Review

Although OkCupid is not solely for LGBTQ, it is one of the best platforms for them. If you are from this category, you will find your perfect match here to chat or talk with. Whether or not you need a same-sex match, this app will work for you. OkCupid offers the following features to its users.


To create an account on OkCupid, you need to enter your detailed information. Not only your username, email id, gender, password, etc., but you would have to answer several questions. It is to assure greater security and validate if a person is showing up his real identity.

To find your match, simply swipe right or left and choose the one that meets your preferences. This app has a large community from where you can choose people of your choice and have fun. OkCupid age limit is 18 years or above.


Here are the following pros of using OkCupid:

  • This amazing app allows you to signup and meet people for free.
  • It also enables you to read detailed information about your partner.
  • It is easy to use.
  • OkCupid allows you to communicate with other people.


Here are the following cons of using OkCupid:

  • There is a fee for premium features.
  • Someone may pretend to be from LGTBQ while he is not in actuality.
  • The signup process is lengthy and time-consuming.


OkCupid has special algorithms that keep on evaluating users’ profiles without breaching their privacy. In addition, any mismatches in details signup information, and usage history/user statistics are immediately detected. It also allows its users to report any scam and then handle further matters themselves to handle further scams.

Click Here to Create Account with Okcupid (Official Page).

Her Review

Her is the world’s largest dating app for LGBTQ where lesbians can meet and chat with each other. To end up your severe boredom, this app allows you to enjoy the following features.


On Her, you would need to signup with any of your social media accounts for verification. Its “Meet” button allows you to find your perfect match and start chatting with her/him. You can also get information about upcoming lesbian events or meetup places through this app.


  • It is easy to use
  • This app is free to the LGBTQ community
  • You will always find lots of active users all the time
  • Enables you to have fun and end boredom


  • You can’t signup if you’re below 18 years old.
  • Premium features are paid.
  • Males can’t create an account here.


Through validating information from social media and other accounts, this app validates users’ identities and monitors their actions to avoid scams.

Click Here to Create Account with Her (Official Page).

Things to Be Aware of in Online Dating for Teens

Teens need to be aware of the following things while dating online.

◉ Don’t rush but give yourself some time!

You must give yourself some time and don’t be so impatient to find your dating partner. Chating a person for some time would help you find out his real intentions.

◉ Don’t believe in everyone too shortly

On any dating app, don’t trust anyone blindly. Instead, let things progress slowly and evaluate if your partner is trustworthy or not.

◉ Beware of the risks of online dating

As all dating apps come up with risks and scams, you just need to learn about them. Don’t only learn about them, but also learn how to prevent them or how to stay safe while dating online.

◉ Never share your personal and bank information with others

The biggest advice is to never share any of your confidential data with anyone. Most of the scams happen when someone robs your money through dating apps. Therefore, never make this mistake, ever!

Never share your personal and bank information
Photo Credit: Pexels

◉ Don’t exchange any expensive gifts or monetary stuff

Don’t forget your actual purpose of coming to the dating app, which is to have fun through meeting people. So, there is no need to exchange expensive gifts or monetary stuff but limit your relationship to simple chats and talks.

◉ Never go to meet someone at a suspicious or private/secret place

While using dating apps, never trust and go to meet someone in a private place. If both of you want to meet each other, choose a public place only.

FAQ About Teen Online Dating

Here are the following most common FAQs about dating online.

◆ Should Parents Allow Their Teenagers to Date Online?

There is no fixed answer to this question as different parents have different opinions and preferences. However, if you allow your teen to date online, make sure you give him proper guidelines regarding scams on dating apps.

Should Parents Allow Their Teenagers to Date Online
Photo Credit: Pexels

◆ How Do You Know if Your Teenager is Dating Online?

Look for the signs that your teenager is using dating online. For example, see if he uses his phone/laptop more frequently, smiles while using, and hides his gadgets from you. If he does so, it means that there is something wrong.

◆ How Can I Talk to Teenagers About Online Dating?

The best way to talk to your teenager about online dating is to take him in trust and talk calmly. Be patient and don’t lose your stamina while making a useful conversation regarding online dating. Teach them basic morals and ethics and tell them to never represent their fake identity.

For example, ask them to check the nearby age limit, like age limit, meet my age limit, or happen age limit, etc. first before creating an account and neither deceive anyone nor be deceived by anyone.

◆ How Can Parents Monitor Their Teen’s Online Dating?

Ask them to keep their phones out of their rooms at night so that they can’t date the whole night. Go through their phones occasionally and check their mobile usage history to get any red flags.

◆ Aren’t Most Dating Sites Only for 18 and Older?

Yes, but some allow teens under 18 years to use the site. Always check the site’s age limit before signing up to meet with people or to find your love.

Dating Sites Only for 18 and Older
Photo Credit: Pexels


Although online dating is the favorite activity among teens, they must be taught to protect themselves from scams. For dating online, make sure you choose the right dating site/app and create a real profile without any fake information.

Moreover, never share your personal/bank information with anyone on these sites, and never go to see them in private locations. Also, give your new relationships some time and beware of the scammers to have a good experience of using these sites.





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