18 Best Christian Dating Sites in 2024

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

With the abundance of dating apps currently out there, the already tricky world of online dating becomes overwhelming. Especially when you are a Christian devoted to your faith. It is easy to get lost trying to find someone who shares the same religion as you amongst a sea of people with different interests and ideologies.

The fact of the matter is that not all these sites are made specifically for one type of person. So you can easily make use of the more famous ones to find your one true love, who is as devoted to their beliefs as you are.

However, it will be much easier to find someone through dating sites that are exclusively for Christians. This would help you narrow down your options to strictly what you are hunting for rather than looking for a needle in a haystack. The best Christian dating sites will help you find just what you are looking for.

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Dating sites that are exclusively for Christians are the way to go if you are genuinely interested in individuals who are your Catholic Match. This is the best Christian dating site that will help you save a lot of time and energy, which you can utilize in doing something more productive.

Sifting through general sites and showing you potential individuals with varied interests and beliefs will only get you tired of looking for a match. So, you should use the best Christian dating site that is exclusive and specific. The best Christian dating sites are hard to find so we made a list.

Today, we will discuss 18 of the best Christian dating sites to help you successfully find your love online. You can have shared Christian beliefs, making dating as pleasurable and fun as possible.

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Best Christian Dating Sites (Top 9)

Exclusive Christian dating sites will help you find a lover who shares the same belief system as you with ease. And if that is what you are looking for, then keep reading.

However, these best Christian dating sites do not just offer people with the same faith but also individuals with unique personalities. So, here are our top picks for the best Christian dating sites for you:

1. Christian Mingle Review

Christian Mingle is an online dating site and is one of the most popular free Christian dating sites catering to Christian members that are available for online dating. Christian Mingle is number one on our list because it is one of the best dating sites, which shows how incredible it is to find a suitable companion of your choice. It is one of the best Christian dating apps.

There is a huge chance you have come across this online dating site on the internet or on your television screens. Christian Mingle is one of the best Christian dating apps with millions of followers, which makes it quite impossible for you to not be able to find a partner virtually. C

Christian Mingle is the best option for Christians looking for lifelong partners who share their Christian faith. There are approximately 15 million members on this Christian dating app. Thus, making the dating pool immense and sizeable for single individuals on the lookout for their one true love and Christian Mingle is one of the best Christian dating sites.

Christian Mingle is one of the biggest and best Christian dating apps. Christian Mingle helps like-minded singles get into long-term relationships that are healthy and nurturing. Their site is also easy to navigate around, making your life easier as you go.

Click Here to Create Account with Christian Mingle (Official Page).

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2. Christian Connection Review

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While this dating site is quite similar to the other free Christian dating sites, it has an added feature of matching you with Christians.

These people have their own faiths of all denominations. This makes it intriguing and different from the other dating sites. It offers the opportunity to explore potential interests with different types of Christian faiths who are all very fascinating to get to know.

Christian Connection is open to Christians of all backgrounds, beliefs, and traditions. If you are a single looking for serious matches, Christian Connection is your savior.

The site offers you a free three-day trial period and has premium upgrades. It also has a virtual desk which is very helpful, and the interface is quite user-friendly.

This site does not pose any hindrances when using it. So, suppose you value their faith but are interested in diversifying. In that case, Christian Connection is the platform to find your soulmate.

Hop on to their site without any more delay and find your lover.

Click Here to Create Account with Christian Connection (Official Page).

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3. Christian Cafe Review

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This is one of the Christian dating apps which are has been running since 1999. It is owned proud by Christians wanting to serve their fellow believers.

Christian Cafe is one of the oldest running Christian dating sites offering services to Christians trying to find their counterparts within their own belief system.

Christian Cafe offers a ten-day free trial period with all its features which is an added bonus since you get the whole experience without paying. Thus allowing you to decide before you commit to the site. This makes it one of the best Christian dating apps.

A record of 25,000 marriages and unlimited relationships have been brought together by this Christian dating site. This sounds quite impressive and shows that their success rate is soaring high and that you have an actual shot to find your partner through it.

It offers unique features such as icons that tell you if the person is new and is your perfect match. Moreover, you can also send a ‘wink’ to let the other person know that you are interested in them.

So sign up to access all these terrific features with a paid subscription after your trial is over to have fun while looking out for your love. You can also check out some free Christian dating sites.

Click Here to Create Account with Christian Cafe (Official Page).

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4. Christian Crush Review

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Christian Crush is a relatively new dating site. It doesn’t mean you won’t get anything out of it.

Their user base is increasing, and with this sharp growth and improvement, they are all set to become the number one soon enough. It offers in-depth profile reviews which contain answers to personality quizzes.

Plus, you get to see the history of their faith, their favorite verse from the Bible, etc. You can even find short answers to questions like their personality type, denomination, love style, etc. Even more interesting is that you can record messages for your profile, making it more personalized.

It has a monthly subscription of just $12.99, which you can cancel. This means that you do not have to make a year-long commitment to the site. This provides flexibility and gains the trust of the users.

Moreover, you get a two-week free trial period if you complete your profile when signing up.

Click Here to Create Account with Christian Crush (Official Page).

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5. OnDaySix Review

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OnDaySix is a Christian dating site for people looking for serious relationships and possibly marriage. OnDaySix provides the perfect platform for single people who want long-term relationships.

You can connect with people who may or may not turn out to be their potential partners. This dating site is not for you if you are into casual relationships. This free Christian dating site aims to bring together people who share each other’s faith and wants to commit to a lifelong marriage. OnDaySix offers a great variety of features that help in simplifying online dating for Christian folks.

You can chat with the members regarding each other’s denomination and the Church you both attend and get to know each other personally. It is pretty easy to sign up on the site, and the whole process only takes up to 15 minutes to do so.

The site asks for your gender identification and the gender you are interested in. So, hop on to OnDaySix and sign up for a hassle-free dating experience.

Click Here to Create Account with OnDaySix (Official Page).

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6. Christian Cupid Review

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This is a free Christian dating site renowned internationally. It gives you a safe and fun experience of the world of online dating that is customized and made specific to the Christian community. It has been praised by hundreds and thousands of Christians who have found their soulmates through Christian Cupid.

The interface is easier to use and offers a variety of features, such as filtering out potential matches based on the level of religious significance that one prefers. You can narrow down your preferences to “religious” or “very religious” matches. And view how often the members have visited your profile.

Moreover, you are even provided with an option offering matches from a different denomination. Whether you are looking for a marriage or just a romantic foray Christian Cupid is the way. It caters to both types of people with its feature of choosing between marriage and communion while signing up. So, hurry and sign up to Christian Cupid for a memorable experience.

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7. cMatch Review

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The very cool thing about this website is not just that it is tailor-made for Christian folks, but rather it is entirely free to use. It is not just targeted towards individuals seeking out lovers but also toward establishing long-lasting friendships.

It is a purely religion-oriented dating platform owned and run by fellow Christians. Their only aim is to find you your perfect Christian counterpart. The dating pool of cMatch might not be as sizeable as other more famous Christian dating sites, but their success rate is incredible; quality over quantity, right?!

Currently, it has approximately 7,000 active members. Still, according to cMatch, they have successfully bonded over 130,000 Christians ever since its inception in 2006.

The verification process can be tedious as it takes a long time. Signing up is pretty straightforward and similar to other dating sites. You only need a valid email and a username.

On cMatch, you have to be extremely precise with your intentions. Why? Because you will have to describe your faith when it comes to Christianity.

Click Here to Create Account with CMatch (Official Page).

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8. First Met Review

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FirstMet has over 30 million members with a pretty good success rate. It is one of the lesser-known Christian dating sites, but it is impressive in finding the right partner for a person.

FirstMet provides a safe and friendly environment and puts no pressure on liking and matching with someone. It is a well-rounded, user-integrated dating experience.

FirstMet has not just a website but also a Facebook app, iPhone app, and an android app, all of which make matching with people even more accessible. You can connect with people through either of the previously mentioned apps via mutual friends and interests. This is a free dating forum.

Signing up for FirstMet is pretty straightforward. Users can register on the website either by their email addresses or by simply connecting to their social media. You have to input your gender, the gender you are interested in, and your zip code, and you are good to go!

Click Here to Create Account with First Met (Official Page).

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9. Compatible Partners Review

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This Christian dating website caters to Christians who are gays and lesbians. This dating service goes to look beyond hook-ups and offers serious and committed relationships. A guided communication feature on the site helps you hold intelligent conversations.

It also has several safety features which make the platform a safe space for queer folks to hang around and find their true love. Moreover, it has a relationship questionnaire feature that helps you find a partner as quickly as possible.

The signing up process for this dating service only takes 10 minutes. You get introduced to a world full of opportunities and safe dating if you bear through it. The process is fast and relatively straightforward. There is also the option of signing up using a Facebook profile.

It has an extensive membership, making the dating pool sizeable, so you have many great options for Christian dates. There is a feature called the compatibility test, which aims to match you with your perfect counterpart. The great thing about the test is that it is concise and specific. So, hop on to Compatible Partners and experience the fun of online dating!

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Best Cristian Dating Site NOT Exclusively Christian-Based (Top 5)

The dating sites and apps mentioned above are specifically designed for Christian people. It is not necessary that your Catholic match can only be found on Christian dating sites. You can experiment with other more general dating forums and take upon your luck.

However, well-known dating platforms and apps may not be specific to the Christian faith but can also cater to the Christian people. All you will have to do would be to filter out and narrow down matches on these non-Christian dating websites that are compatible with you. You will have to put in filters such as “Christian” to find someone you are actively looking out for.

This helps diversify your options and gives you a much higher chance of matching with your one true love. So, do not worry if Christian dating forums and apps have not been able to find you a partner. There are many other sites for you to dig up the one true love of your life.

1. Zoosk Review





America’s leading and most recognizable dating site. Free to Try!


Wondering if Zoosk is legit or not? Let’s go through some noteworthy facts about Zoosk and have a clear vision of this dating app. It provides free trial membership which makes it one of the best Christian dating apps.

You may not fancy Zoosk like eHarmony but Zoosk has a vast number of male and female members who are using it all over the globe. When it comes to connecting people and keeping a track record, Zoosk offers brilliant matching tools. If you really want your Christian relationship to be serious and successful, Zoosk is your remedy! However, Zoosk is also open to people who wish for casual dating and hook-ups. In short, it is the jack of all trades. You can have a sassy mixture of all three.

So, isn’t it nice to use a dating app that offers choices for everyone?

You can even search for your matching partner before upgrading your account to a paid one. In this way, it helps you decide whether Zoosk is the one you want to settle your dating life, or it is something that you are doubtful about? If you still wish to remove your doubts, get started with a free trial and test your luck.

Click Here to Create Account with Zoosk (Official Page).

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2. Match Review

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Here comes another dating website that you must be familiar with! Match seems to be one of the longest-running dating apps. However, it’s not as cheap as you think. It may cost you a few dollars, especially when you want to engage with all of its features.

On the other hand, if you are keen to find a life partner, the match will help you find one of your tastes! Having membership in-match means you have the fastest access to people. You can receive contests daily, send a handful of lovey-dovey picks and even send appreciations. But, going beyond it needs a paid account.

If you are worried about monthly subscriptions, there is no need. It starts at $44.99, but if you commit to the site for the long run, it progressively lessens its expenses. It also allows you to boost the profile for $5.99 if you want to be in the spotlight.

So, let’s get started with a match and grab the opportunity of finding a loving partner.

Click Here to Create Account with Match (Official Page).

3. OkCupid Review

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In a cluster of dating apps, OkCupid has gained recognition by some people. It is a dating app that prioritizes Christian values making the dating scene safe for Christian women and men.

However, some people disagree that it’s a user-friendly website. The users of OkCupid often complain about app limitations. The most significant issue users face is that they cannot settle deal breakers. And, they can’t send a message to another user unless they like their account. Pretty absurd, isn’t it?

Secondly, frequent complaints from users about the minimal exposure to the dating pool have become an obstacle to the site’s rating. The dating scene becomes difficult to navigate around if such complaints become regular.

But, if we take a look on the brighter side, this site offers an inclusive dating platform. Without demeaning any gender, it provides its services to different paradigms. Polyamorous couples can also connect with each other to find their other half on this dating platform.

Nevertheless, each and every site has its pros and limitations. So, why not give it a shot? Who knows, it may become your good luck charm?

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4. eHarmony Review





Top dating site with over 16 million active members. Free to Try!


You must have wondered about all the fuss and hype created by eHarmony. But, did you ever know it’s actually the best online dating website so far.

The only thing that would hold you back from using this dating forum is expenses. But its extraordinary features are totally worth it. The overall quality and experience definitely outweigh the little extra money that membership costs.

In fact, if you really want to find a suitable life partner, a few extra dollars are worth it.

However, this dating website may not work for those who are into casual relationships. Such users might suffer in finding any relevant suitors. But the site is a bonus for all those love birds out there struggling to find a better and genuine life partner.

So, don’t even waste a sec and get yourselves registered on eHarmony to find your soulmate.

Click Here to Create Account with eHarmony (Official Page).

5. Bumble Review

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Bumble is one of the finest dating apps that you will ever use. The most significant advantage of this site is that it somehow gives feasibility to women. Male users can’t approach female users without their consent. Unless a female user shows up, Men won’t be able to send any messages unless a female member shows genuine interest. The particular feature adds a safety layer for all the female users that other dating apps lack.

Suppose you are a male user content with women controlling all the interactions. In that case, bumble should be your priority.

And if you are a female user, who wants to cut down all the nonsense and irrelevant messages, bumble is definitely your choice. Therefore, refrain from any doubts about this site and start using bumble to find the partner of your choice.

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Niche Sites for Christians (Top 4)

1. Elite Singles Review





An innovative new matchmaking service designed for sophisticated and ambitious professionals of all ages in the US. ! Free to Try!


This is a niche Christian dating platform, but it does not just connect you to people with similar religious beliefs. Still, there are also individuals who are very successful and educated. Elite Singles caters to people who are more established and accomplished in their lives and are looking out for people with similar attributes. These accomplished Christian men and women are not just academically focused but also want faith-focused dating.

Their dating forum shows that over 85% of the members have some form of college education and are well ahead in their careers. They need people who are equally ambitious and will be able to push them towards achieving their goals in life.

So, suppose you are one such single Christian who wants a partner with similar academic and professional standing and someone who shares their religious beliefs. In that case, Elite Singles is the way to go.

The dating site is geared only toward people seeking serious relationships which makes Elite Singles a great dating site. The interface is made to put off people who just want to play games and are only interested in casual hook-ups. The experience on the site is excellent for people with intentions of finding long-term partners and investing in healthy and compatible relationships with like-minded Christian singles.

Click Here to Create Account with Elite Singles (Official Page).

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2. OurTime Review

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OurTime is another Christian dating site that caters to Christians of all denominations. It is an online dating app that caters to your dating preferences. However, what’s different is that it’s oriented toward finding matches for Christian folks above 50. It has more than 8.9 million senior users, but their hearts still ache for that one person to complete them.

It is an ever-growing senior dating site that is very easy to use and manage. It only takes a few minutes to create your profile, and once it is made, you can start chatting and connecting with people who are the perfect Christian match for you.

Whether you are seeking out commitment or just a friendship, OurTime will help you find the perfect Christian partner to be by your side through thick and thin over a very long period. It is an excellent thing for single men and women aged 50 and above as it is already difficult for them to date at that age. On OurTime, you can connect with people without fear of judgment or pressure.

Click Here to Create Account with OurTime (Official Page).

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3. Silver Singles Review

Photo credit: Silversingles

Silver Singles is another Christian dating site for people aged 50 and above. It is one of the biggest online dating platforms out there. The fantastic thing about Silver Singles is that it provides a wide range of matches. For example making new friends, looking for casual dating, serious dating, or people looking to find their soulmate later in life.

It does not matter if you are divorced, separated, or widowed. Silver Singles is a great place to find your soulmate. It is one of the ancient dating sites and has paved the way for other such sites.

It completely caters to people above 50, which means that the environment they provide on its dating site is accepting and non-judgmental.

As the interface is easier to use, it does not cause hindrances for senior people. Sometimes, they are not well equipped with using such sites, so it is great that they have a user-friendly site.

Click Here to Create Account with Silver Singles (Official Page).

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4. Single Parents Meet Review

Photo credit: single-parent-meet

This dating site is the perfect place for single parents to look for potential partners. It connects you with other single parents who are also single Christians so that you have something in common to share with each other. Being a single parent is tricky, and getting back into dating with kids is even scarier. This is where Single Parents Meet comes into play. It provides you with a safe environment where you can connect to other Christian members who will be able to much better understand your situation.

This Christian dating site makes dating easier for single moms and dads who already have a lot going on their plates with their kids. They do not want dating to be another burden. Such a dating site also ensures that the person you have matched with is truthful and can be trusted around your kids.

You can have dates on playgrounds with each other’s kids having their own cute little playdates. So, do not wait up and join Single Parents Meet and have fun dating online.

Click Here to Create Account with Single Parents Meet (Official Page).

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Wrap Up For Best Christian Dating Site

Online dating is difficult, but these best Christian dating apps can help you make the dating world easier for you. If you are looking for faith-focused dating and Christian marriages, this is it for you. Whether you have been in a relationship or not, these dating apps and online dating websites are a great way to start off as they are one of the best out there. So, test out your luck and have fun while doing so!





#1 Dating Site. Largest active member base at 16 million. Free to try!


An innovative new matchmaking service designed for sophisticated and ambitious professionals of all ages in the US. ! Free to Try!

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