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  • 3 Stock Order Types – Explained By An Expert 2022

    In the financial market, traders and investors are always looking for ways to make profitable returns. However, there are many steps an investor has to go through to achieve this success. From analyzing the market through technical analysis and using multiple indicators to gauge the market conditions to the final order executions there are numerous actions involved. However, the last and final step is the application of the appropriate stock order types.

  • How To Profit From Inflation – A Complete Expert’s Guide 2022

    The gradual increase in prices of commodities, goods, and services with a risk of a loss of purchasing power over some time is known as inflation. Inflationary periods are part of every economy, but a quick diversion from the normal inflation rate poses a big challenge to investors. Investors are then faced with how to profit from inflation because it affects the economy and tends to cause significant economic disruption, negatively affecting many investments.

  • Megaphone Pattern – A Complete Expert’s Guide 2022

    Traders love chart patterns, and for a good reason. They’re easy to spot, offer clear trading implications, and can be found in all time frames. No matter the pattern type, investors know entry and exit points. One of the most widely followed patterns is the Megaphone pattern which can be bullish and bearish.

  • How To Use McClellan Oscillator – Explained By An Expert

    Any investment market moves in cycles; a rising momentum provides an excellent opportunity to buy the asset and see your portfolio rising. However, a falling momentum suggests a shorting possibility that can convert your investments into profits. The McClellan oscillator is a popular momentum indicator used by experts around the world.

  • What Is Jigsaw Trading – An Expert’s Take 2022

    The use of computerized software applications by traders in the current period facilitates the execution of trades and the monitoring of market dynamics. The capital market is highly lucrative, and numerous derivatives trading strategies are offered as software packages with various features that guarantee good outcomes. However, one of the most well-liked open interest products now available on the day trader trading platform is Jigsaw Trading, which is perfect for both novice and seasoned traders.

  • OHLC Chart – An In-depth Expert’s Guide 2022

    In the world of financial markets, many strategies are used to achieve the most profitable trade. However, these strategies are simply ways to make price predictions based on chart patterns. Among many charts are the Open High Low Close price chart (OHLC), which is commonly used by financial analysts.