CedarFX Review: Is it the Best for Social Traders in 2024?

By Wilbert S

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CedarFX Review

CedarFX is the world’s 1st and only eco-friendly broker that makes trading highly convenient and gives back to the planet. It allows you to open several accounts or opt for eco accounts or a 0% commission account according to your needs.

It provides its customers access to a vast range of tradable securities like stocks, major and exotic forex pairs, cryptocurrency trading, futures, and more. CedarFX is a unique choice for traders who want to invest in giving back, although the broker can introduce many extra educational resources.

Customers of CedarFX are allowed to trade up to 183 financial assets in various global financial markets such as stocks, forex, metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, and futures. The broker is mainly popular for its competitive spread and the zero commission policy.

CedarFX broker is an independent platform that offers access to more than 170 tradable assets, including the cryptocurrencies that are popular throughout the globe. Compared to other brokerages, Cedar FX has no policies to limit the number of live trading or demo accounts that the customers can use. Let’s consider in detail the review!

CedarFX Review: What Is CedarFX?

It offers commission-free and below-average spreads across the entire asset classes. Moreover, these regulated forex brokers offer CFDs for multiple cryptocurrencies containing Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. The forex platform trades within CMC markets in pairs allowing you to trade forex in different currencies like Bitcoins and others.

CedarFX Review
Photo: CedarFX

The most exclusive feature of CedarFX is that the forex trader utilizes the MetaTrader 4 as a web platform to provide novice traders the excellent forex trade services. Many forex brokers use a proprietary trading platform that’s less flexible than this publicly-traded platform and is beloved by every advanced trader to enjoy beneficial benefits.

What’s more? You can enjoy access to 30 different technical indicators containing the Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Bands, and other options to provide exclusive forex pairs. In addition to this, you can also enjoy access to while market orders, different kinds of loss orders, and retail investor accounts for trading forex reliably.

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How does CedarFX work?

One of the most innovative forex trading platforms, CedarFX, is an online broker that includes major currency pairs with advanced trading tools with a broad range of tradable assets. You can easily trade CFDs within the trading market, thereby enabling you not to lose money. The U.S. stocks, free demo account, copy trading, currency pairs offer the most suitable services within a forex trading market.

CedarFX Review
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The full-service brokerage allows users to fund the account using Bitcoin to provide excellent trading services within the trading platforms. In addition to this, Bitcoin is an optimization technique that offers rapid clearing enabling users to access funds within five minutes.

These forex traders are the most attractive platform for advanced traders from ultra-low spreads to high leverage, allowing users to offer excellent customer service and crypto options. This forex broker includes low spreads on six multiple classes for more than 180 assets.

Traders can enjoy a range of instruments, including metals, commodities, futures, indices, and stocks. This generation trading platform includes 55 Forex currency pairings, 38 pairs, 73 stocks, and much more agency broker services.

What are the Features of CedarFX platform?

MetaTrader 4 is one of the most well-known platforms for trading nowadays. CedarFX also uses MT4 like all other brokers due to its vast spread.

With time, MT4 has gained so much popularity in the financial industry due to its easy-to-use interface, high security, good customer support team, vast analytical options, and range of tools.

CedarFX Review
Photo: CedarFX

The MT4 can be accessed using mobiles and tablets, desktops, and other devices and provides its user with a high level of flexibility.


By using the MT4 trader’s mobile version, the mobile trading option is easily delivered on CedarFX. You don’t have to download a separate app to access CedaeFX; instead, you can simply use the MT4, which comes in both Apple and Android versions.

In contrast to desktop trading, the mobile trading version has fewer tools and analytical options. However, it’s quite easy to make trades and buy and sell while using a mobile account. If you are a busy trader, then this platform is your ideal choice. By using the mobile trading platform, you can easily make trades anytime and anywhere.


MT4 is a highly customized and detailed, and well-developed platform. For creating an excellent performance trading portfolio, it is significant to use charting and analysis tools. With the growth and development in the industry, more and more individuals are beginning to trade through forex brokers. The analytical tools are increasingly improving and have become accurate and nuanced.

MT4 has a wide range of charting options and analytical tools for traders who love charting and data and different tools, including the Gann and Fibonacci for charting. In addition to these tools, MT4 also provides its users with several different oscillators and indicators like RSI, MACD, Stochastic Oscillator, Moving averages, etc.


CedarFX recommends its users seek independent advice to trade conveniently. In the form of a FAQ, the broker provides its trader’s answers to basic questions related to education. Moreover, this is not the most significant resource in the market. This broker might not be your go-to broker if you are a novice trader, have no idea where to begin trading with, and are finding a detailed insight, including guidance for your learning.

Other than the educational resources, the demo accounts provided by CedarFX help the traders acquire more knowledge about the platform and learn by error and trial without rapidly losing money.

If you are scared of the high risk of losing money and are interested in strategies, then CedarFX allows you to open as many free demo accounts as you want and make trades using the demo account. Once you are comfortable enough to use the platform freely, you can open a live account.


CedarFX is not integrated with any huge financial agency. The broker follows St. Vincent and the Grenadines rules, where Cedar LLC, the parent company, is based. This country does not follow any strict regulations.

On a wide variety of assets, the CedarFX provides high-leverage and low-cost trading. The broker is known for providing traders with leverage of 500:1 on major forex pairs and leverage of 200:1 indices and commodities, and leverage of 20:1 on the stock market. In addition to this, CedarFX is appealing to customers who like zero account fees, a zero-commission trading model, and low spreads.

Unlimited Demo Account

When you talk about online brokers, an unlimited demo account is an unexpected and rare bonus. Many platforms provide customers with a limited amount of virtual funds that new traders offer to practice with. The live trading starts as soon the funds are deleted or a time has elapsed for traders.

CedarFX is confident and provides friendly customer service. As a plus point, all the demo accounts are made limitless in both time and virtual funds. Frankly, this is considered a spectacular feature.

The new traders are allowed to use as many demo accounts as they want after learning everything they need to know about investment trading. It also provides a handy experience to seasonal investors who can use this as an advantage to make different trading strategies in a safe environment.

These are the most exclusive features explained in this CedarFX review and will help you get the best results. Have you got that?

How much are CedarFX Commissions and Fees?

Here are the commission and fees! The trading includes a 0% commission account with no minimum deposit or withdrawal options. Moreover, if you want to fund the account through Bitcoin, the forex broker offers no hidden charges.

CedarFX Review
Photo: CedarFX

Are you looking for the environment? Or do you want no investor accounts lose money? Many retail investor accounts lose money, but this is the most innovative forex broker that charges only $1 commission on every trade. What does it mean? If you deposit $10 in Bitcoin, you can purchase securities of almost $5000.

CedarFX offers its users the latest and unique option that is the eco account. While you are in the long run of meeting your financial goals, this eco account supports the environment. On all the trades you make, a commission of $1 is charged that CedarFX will donate to an ecology organization that has a firm motto of eliminating corporate carbon by planting trees. With the help of all the Eco Account holders, CedarFX has planted more than 111,000 trees.

Although CedarFX does not have an official minimum necessary to store in your account, the broker has different minimums for deposits. While funding your account with bitcoin, there is a minimum deposit of around $10, and for other payment methods, the deposit is $50.That’s all about the fees and commissions!

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Who is CedarFX Best For?

CedarFX is appealing to various types of traders. The veteran and novice trader will value the lack of fees, low spreads, and the 0% commission in the Commission Accounts. Traders who are curious and like to experiment with various trading strategies without any risks also value the option for different educational resources and unlimited demo accounts.

In addition to this, CedarFX is a broker for eco-friendly individuals who want to bring a positive change to the world while trading. CedarFX is a new and smaller broker compared to other forex brokers that offer multiple features such as a wide range of social trading and VIP accounts. So traders who prefer multiple features might need to look elsewhere.

CedarFX Pros and Cons


  • No withdrawal fee or minimum deposit
  • It offers multiple assets and forex pairs
  • You can get same-day withdrawals using Bitcoin
  • Tiered leverage enables traders to maximize exposure with a minimum deposit


  • You will find the forex brokers unregulated
  • It only involves Bitcoin withdrawals

CedarFX User Experience

CedarFX does not provide an integrating trading app. However, the trading CFDs broker has merged its system with the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform. At first, you will need to download MetaTrader 4 app on your mobile then sign in to your CedarFX account for details.

If you are familiar with trading, then you will know what MT4 offers. If not, then the platform has many account types with tools and features. This consists of a wide range of technical indicators and advanced chart reading tools.

In addition to this, MT4 provides automated trading robots. For accessing the robots, you need to add the robot software to your desktop then install it into MT4, and algorithms will do the rest. You can keep a check on the performance of your robot by sighing into your CedarFX trading account through the MT4 app.

CedarFX is a new and refreshing addition to the market of online brokers with its different features and account types. It grants users access to 200 countries around the globe while providing a wide array of tradable assets. And one more exciting feature is that they have the most well-known cryptocurrencies available, including bitcoin transactions.

CedarFX vs Competitors

Here we have compared CedarFX with different competitors!

CedarFX vs. FXCC

CedarFX Review

CedarFX makes it very easy for traders and brokers to trade and give back to the planet. It offers access to tradable securities, including major forex pairs, futures, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

While FXCC online trading platform gives traders from all over the world access to over 150 financial instruments including over 5,000 available instruments. There are over 20,000 customers that have taken advantage of the FXCC platform.

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CedarFX vs. Interactive Brokers

CedarFX Review

CedarFX is an online broker that includes major currency pairs with advanced trading tools with a broad range of tradable assets. In contrast, Interactive brokers offer the customers global as well as US-based trading.

The most exclusive feature of CedarFX is that the forex trader utilizes the MetaTrader 4 as a web platform to provide novice traders the excellent forex trade services. However, The interactive brokers are proficient enough to exceed security values within the global markets. The mobile app features fully secured characteristics as you can only log in with fingerprint or biometric recognition.

The interactive broker attempts to widen the appeal by creating new services and products aimed at less active investors. In contrast, CedarFX is a broker for individuals who are eco-friendly and want to bring a positive change to the world while trading.

In CedarFX, you can enjoy access to 30 different technical indicators containing the Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Bands, and other options to provide exclusive forex pairs.

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CedarFX vs. Avatrade

CedarFX Review

Let’s compare CedarFX to AvaTrade! Both the options have competitive spreads and offer live accounts features to satisfy the customers. CedarFX is an exclusive option that offers 183 assets to trade, whereas AvaTrade is one of the safest online brokers offering clients worthy selections for trading platforms.

Moreover, CedarFX includes eco-account with different matching contributions than AvaTrade that offers an easy account opening process.

CedarFX also includes more rapid withdrawals than AvaTrade. Yes! The plus point is that CedarFX uses MetaTrader 4 trading platform, making it far more effective and reliable than AvaTrade.

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CedarFX vs. Robinhood

CedarFX Review

Lastly, we will compare CedarFX with Robinhood. CedarFX promotes effective response while trading 183 assets, whereas Robinhood offers zero balance requirements for opening brokerage accounts and is easy to use. Isn’t that amazing?

Moreover, CedarFX features 24/7 customer support making it more accessible than Robinhood. You can use Robinhood if you use a device to manage accounts. Both platforms offer significant options in making the trading process effective for active traders.

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Conclusion: Is CedarFX a Good Platform for investors and traders?

Cedarfx is the latest Forex and CFD brokerage account that provides users access to a wide range of tradable assets via the advanced and leading trading platform in the financial markets. The broker was established in 2020 and provides traders with CFD trading tools without any commission and tight spreads.

If you want to know everything about this latest and unique broker, then you are at the right place. We are providing a detailed insight on the CedarFX broker review. We will look upon the products and markets accessible on this platform, such as fees and commission, payment methods, regulation, customer support, and trading platform.

Do you know about the st vincent bank building? These trading accounts are second to none, and we have explained the Cedarfx trading review in detail. Get the right investment advice and direct access with charting tools, making it one of the best trading options. You won’t lose money when trading. Therefore, constitute investment advice will help you.

CedarFX broker is an independent platform that offers access to more than 170 tradable assets, including the cryptocurrencies that are popular throughout the globe. Compared to other brokerages, Cedar FX has no policies to limit the number of live trading or demo accounts that the customers can use.

CedarFX FAQs

Is CedarFX regulated?

A big financial agency does not manage CendarFX. Cedar LLC is the parent company based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and follows all the rules. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a country that does not have strict financial regulations.

CedarFX was founded in 2021, so it is difficult to tell whether the brokerage is trustworthy or not. The company has not published anything about the financial information, nor has it stated whether it keeps the client’s funds and its funds strictly separated like most other regulated brokers do.

What is the minimum deposit for CedarFX?

On CedarFX, when you are funding your account with Bitcoin, the minimum deposit is $10. The amounts below this may not appear in the client’s account, which happens because of the Blockchain network, which costs up to 0.0005BTC per-transaction fees. For all other payment methods, the minimum deposit is $50.

Is CedarFX a good platform for Forex trading?

The CedarFX offers its users leverage of 1:100 for crypto pairs and 1:500 on fiat. Normally the withdraw and deposit using BCT is superb compared to other brokers that provide five-day bank transfers. CedarFX enables users to have 0 commission accounts while trading and have a tight spread that is good for day trading.

As compared to other CFD brokerage firms, CedarFX offers its users a high leverage ratio as it is not yet a regulated broker. For individuals who don’t know what leverage is, it enables the users to get a particular percentage of capital for opening a position and be exposed to a huge amount of money in contrast to initially deposited.

How do you get a CedarFX eco account?

To open a CedarFX account is rapid, easy, and smooth. Want to start trading with CedarFX? All you need to do is to observe the following steps. The option to sign up for a demo account is always available before you opt for real market trading.

The first step is to visit the website of CedarFX and sign up for a free trading account. The information that the broker needs is to submit your email address, first and last name, and a password. Remember that you can sign up using your Facebook and Google accounts as well.

Click Here to Open an Account with CedarFX (Official Page)

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