Contributing To Dumb Little Man

Contributing To Dumb Little Man

Dumb Little Man has very high standards for our writers. Our writers have been featured and published on sites such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post and more.  See some of our featured writers here. If you would like to be considered to contribute to Dumb Little Man please follow the steps below.

We read each submission that comes to us within two weeks of receiving it. If you don’t hear back from us within two weeks, assume it was not possible for us to publish you and feel free to submit another article.

  1. Create a Dumb Little Man account (click on the Facebook, Twitter or Google icons to register)

  2. Write an awesome article that you think would be a fit for the readers at DLM.

    • Do not submit the same article more than once.
    • Your article must be the final draft. Do not submit updates (see above).
    • Write about something specific. Do not submit articles like “How To Be Happy”.  For example, one of the most popular articles on DLM is titled “Ten Simple Ways to Make Your Boss Think You’re Brilliant (And Indispensable)“. It’s unique and a must read for nearly everyone!
    • We love lists and intriguing, insightful content you are proud to put your name on and people would love to read and share.
    • Your article must be original and not already published anywhere online. See our complete Writer’s Guide. You can also find a free plagiarism checker by Edubirdie HERE.
  3. Every Author gets a Byline and Bio

    Your Author Bio will show under each article of yours that gets published. To optimize your experience, we recommend that you fill out your author bio and add in your website and social media links so be sure to fill out your profile page.

  4. Promotional links are not allowed in the body of your article

    We reserve the right to reject articles that have links to ecommerce pages or homepages in the body of articles. Links that do not provide value or important references will be removed. If you are linkbuilding for your website, you may add in your website link in your Author Bio instead.

  5. DLM rights for editing

    DLM reserves the rights to make edits to the content without notifying the author.

  6. Requests to take back not honored

    Requests to take back your articles after they have been published will NOT be honored.

  7. More questions?

    Please check out FAQ for more frequently asked questions and our policies.

That’s It!  Submit your article using the following Article Submission Form (You need to login first to see the form).


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