Top 8 Best Pagan Dating Sites and Apps in 2024

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

It’s no wonder there are over 2,500 active dating applications and sites today. All kinds of sites for people of all ages, body types, and religious beliefs are available. Therefore, if you’re searching for love and fall into a particular demographic, you’re likely to find a site tailored to that group.

Pagan dating sites are plentiful, and in fact, there are plenty of people who identify as Pagan.

There are more than a quarter-million Pagans in the United States. Many dating sites cater specifically to those who identify as Pagan. Is it worth your time to use them? Below are a few of the most popular Pagan dating sites and apps reviewed.

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5 Best Pagan Dating Sites

According to, three people out of 1,000 identify as Pagans, so it’s unlikely you’ll encounter true believers on regular dating sites or in everyday settings. Pagan dates usually require a little extra effort to understand your beliefs.

We compiled a list of five online dating sites designed specifically for Pagan singles to narrow your search. Don’t hesitate to sign up for one of these free dating sites. You’ll be glad you did! Find a pagan partner with ease using any of the below-mentioned five pagan dating websites.





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12345 Review: Find Top Pagan Singles

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The match is one of the most popular online dating sites for almost every single person. Though it is not solely meant for pagan people, it is a good pagan dating site.

It has helped thousands of pagan singles meet their perfect match. There are a lot of members on the website with various backgrounds, and it is free to use.


The basic features of this dating website can be accessed for free. These features include photo uploads, profiles access, compatibility checking tools, and much more. It also provides suggestions to individuals related to their potential matches. You cannot expect to run into a perfect pagan partner in everyday locations, so dating sites like Match help spiritual singles find perfect pagan men or women. This dating site has made pagan dating a whole lot better.

Cons is not a particular pagan niche dating site. It is a dating site for everyone, so finding the perfect pagan single can be daunting. You may have a larger pool of people who do not hold similar beliefs than those who do. However, that doesn’t mean that your chances of finding someone with similar spiritual beliefs are smaller.

Is it scam-free?

It is a very safe platform to use, and there are no scams to worry about. There is a lot of dedication to singles on this dating site, as it is a paid membership. Accounts are verified, and everyone here is dedicated to finding their perfect match. It is important to take precautions while online, but is not a dangerous site.

Click Here to Create Account with Match (Official Page).

Pagan Singles Review

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Pagan Singles is one of the best pagan niche dating sites. Modern pagans can explore the online dating world with Pagan Singles dating sites and make meaningful online connections or build serious relationships. This website is more of a go-to community for pagan people than just a dating site.

A combination of matchmaking and social media sites, this site offers the best of both worlds. You can fill out your profile, add pictures, browse other members, and send virtual greetings with the free standard membership on Pagan Singles. The premium version enables instant messaging, audio and video chat, and search filters to help you find the right person.


A great feature of this website is that it’s free! The site offers a quick and simple registration process, allowing you to browse potential matches before registering, and then you can start contacting after creating your account. The majority of its members are over 30, which offers plenty of opportunities for long-term Pagans.


There are still some issues despite being a pretty decent Pagan dating service. It is difficult to use this site on a mobile phone, and most of the profiles you find as potential matches are inactive. Moreover, it does not contain any quotes that are LGBTQ-friendly and appear to be dominated by women.

Is it scam-free?

When people encounter so many inactive profiles, they think it is a scam. However, it is untrue. Pagan Singles is a genuine dating site for people following modern pagan religions and looking for like-minded people. It informs you when someone last logged into their account, which ranges from 1 hour to 1 week. The members appear to be real, and it doesn’t seem like an ideal spot for fraudsters.

Click Here to Create Account with Pagan Singles (Official Page).

Pagan Harmony Review

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Pagan Harmony is a website that provides dating services and helps people in creating friendships and build meaningful connections. The Pagan Harmony website’s motto is “Bring Pagans together. It aims to do that by providing a warm, nonjudgmental environment and free (or almost free) subscriptions.

It won’t cost you to register, browse, send virtual smiles, and communicate with other members, so you should find your perfect match in no time. The site’s founder, Crafty Tabby, says he hopes you will like it and welcomes any comments or suggestions for features.


This site has a blog and news section filled with informative articles, meet-up information, and a free tier and a paid tier. There is no restriction on how you communicate with either tier, so feel free to send a message without simply spending a penny. You can find a spiritual partner with their help. This site is considered the most reliable resource for worldwide Pagan meet-ups.


Even though they allow people from any English-speaking country to register and use their service, Pagan Harmony is based in the UK, which means most of their members will not be American. Also, full access charges money because it is a new website, and the membership base is tiny, despite the excellent quality.

Is it scam-free?

It is difficult to determine the genuineness of the members without transparent and secure privacy disclosures and website settings. As long as you use Pagan Harmony wisely, you won’t need to worry about scams. Pagan Harmony helps you block users easily.

Click Here to Create Account with Pagan Harmony (Official Page).

Pagan Dating Site Review

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Pagan Dating Site is a completely free online dating site that offers exceptional features. You can also become a premium member, though. But, the free membership is enough to explore the basic pagan dating services. This Pagan dating site is a way to meet other people who do not adhere to any particular religious belief.

Instead, they practice multiple religions, respect nature, and look for companions who share those principles. They encourage anyone who falls into this group to register for free right now and become an invaluable part of our community – regardless of your sexual orientation, race, or color.


It is one of the best pagan dating sites that are LGBTQ-friendly and simple to use. Most valuable features are available to a free member, and there is no need to purchase a premium membership to interact with people. This makes it the most reliable and unique among other dating sites.

A free basic membership lets you view profiles, send messages or flirts, and edit your profile. If you purchase a premium membership at the time of creating your profile, there will be charges.


The website was launched recently, so some limited people know about this pagan dating service. The chances of finding pagan partners are likely to be less than other sites. Apart from accessing basic features, you need to upgrade to a paid membership to access the site fully.

Though it can maintain reliable data, the possibility of ending up with a pagan partner is very low because of a lack of awareness about the website.

Is it scam-free?

Yes, it is free from scams. As very few people know about this site, you will find only genuine pagan individuals looking for a significant other to go on a pagan date.

Click Here to Create Account with Pagan Dating Site (Official Page).

Pagan Dating Service Review

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This site caters to all those under the Pagan umbrella, whether Druids, Odinists, Wiccans, Shamans, Heathens, Sacred Ecologists, or anyone else. Besides sending you daily matches, the site gives you all the tools you need to conduct your search.

As Online Connections own pagan Dating Service, your profile will appear on all of the sister sites after you create an account here – at no extra cost! Signing up for this pagan dating service is the ideal way to meet compatible people who share your Pagan faith.


While this website has a pagan name, it happily accepts all forms of pagan worship. You can wait another 24 hours if you are not happy with the morning’s pick because the website offers matches every day. It has separate rooms for gender preferences, as well as the ability to browse by location or interest. Best of all, it’s free to use!


It may start to feel a bit stale when you start using one of these dating sites for Pagans. The platforms may differ, but the design remains the same. Pagan Dating Service is an umbrella account with a separate domain. Therefore, signing up for it does not just give you access to Pagan dating and many other dating services. This may not be to everyone’s taste.

Is it scam-free?

It’s challenging to tell if these websites are legitimate and safe, especially if they’re free. Since niche dating sites, however, have a smaller membership and require more knowledge to pass as a real member, they are less likely to be targeted by fraudsters and scammers. That means you’re in pretty good hands.

Click Here to Create Account with Pagan Dating Service (Official Page).

Best 3 Pagan Dating Apps

When it comes to meeting others who share your beliefs, online dating is the easiest method. Millions of Pagan singles have found their special someone and happily ever after using these dating apps. Each of these apps caters to a particular religious faith. There are a handful of Pagan Dating Apps you can use to locate Pagans in your area.

Most online dating apps offer their members a mobile app, but not all of them. If you’re seeking the most effective online dating apps that can be accessed anywhere through your smartphone, keep reading!

Zoosk Review





America’s leading and most recognizable dating site. Free to Try!


For over a decade and a half, Zoosk has been a leading online dating app serving clients in the US and abroad. There are three ways to access the site: desktop, Google Play, and the Apple App Store.

One word sums up what Zoosk is and what the site really excels at: options. If it comes to options, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store with over 35 million user accounts. Zoosk takes a broad approach when it comes to singles. From casual dating to serious relationships and everything in between, you’ll find the perfect match on this pagan-friendly dating app.


There are several ways for you to fill out your profile and promote it to reach a wide variety of people. Unlike other dating apps, this one is fast and extremely refined! Besides enhancing your online dating experience, you can use a variety of unique gadgets.


There is no Pagan option on Zoosk, nor will there be a Pagan chatroom. It’s best to start by scanning through the vast majority of members and hoping for the right match. If you want to message anyone, you will need a subscription, just like the Match dating website.

Is it scam-free?

Being scammed on Zoosk is next to impossible due to the app’s monitoring and security measures and the premium service being a tad pricey. When using any dating site, you should always be cautious, but Zoosk poses no fraud risk.

Silver Singles Review

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Whether you are a Pagan over 50 or just starting out, SilverSingles is the way to go. These great matches will have you smiling from ear to ear in no time. You’ve come to the right online dating site if you are older, mature, or a senior pagan single seeking quality over quantity.

Over 2,000 couples a month can be matched by SilverSingles with more than 50,000 registrations every week. How effective is SilverSingles? Here’s everything you need to know.


An online dating site dedicates itself to matching mature singles with mature men and women based on a personality test. They ban suspicious accounts immediately after finding them within a few hours.


It is almost pointless to have a free membership since all its features are limited. You can’t even send messages for free. Almost every useful feature is paid for.

Even now, bots are still slipping through the registration process and creating fake female profiles. There are few members outside the major cities.

Is it scam free?

Members must portray themselves accurately to gain access to the platform, so members must undergo profile verification and fraud detection to secure their accounts. SilverSingles’ safe environment fosters dating for pagan men and women.

Click Here to Create Account with Silver Singles (Official Page).

Elite Singles Review






An innovative new matchmaking service designed for sophisticated and ambitious professionals of all ages in the US. ! Free to Try!


Pagan singles should consider Elite Singles as another online dating option. It has a large user base, diverse user base, and a high percentage of Pagans. Elite Singles is unique because it is dedicated to professionals with a successful career and a full educational background.

With Elite Singles, you have the option to connect with a wide array of accomplished, educated, and career-oriented singles who don’t wish to play games. According to the dating app’s homepage, more than 85% of the people who join Elite Singles have some form of college education, a university degree, or a higher level of education.


Elite Singles makes online dating a breeze with a fun personality profile and a direct, upfront approach. There’s so much to do on our site to make it easy to find what you’re looking for, plus we have a no-nonsense member base, so finding a date is super easy.

There are some of the most attractive singles available, especially if you are interested in matching with someone who has similar spiritual beliefs, educational backgrounds, or interests. A staggering 381,000 members sign up for the site every month. Does this affect you in any way? Quality matches are in abundance at Elite Singles.


Sadly, Elite Singles is a paid service, so you have to be a member before you can communicate with other members. You may also have trouble finding a date that is specifically Pagan since there is no specific spot for religions. It’s intuitive, but the interface hasn’t been updated in quite some time

Is it scam free?

Many professionals in the online dating industry have vetted Elite Singles, including me. There is almost no chance of being scammed, as their account verification method and paid service are genuine and legitimate. You should see how qualified their members are!

Everything You Need to Know about Pagan Dating

It is imperative to understand how to date in communities and find love within them. But to understand that, you need to know the community entirely. There is much more to explore about paganism than just pagan dating sites. What kind of partners do Pagan singles seek, where they come from, what they believe in, and how many are they?

Let’s dive deeper into the matter before concluding: are the pagan dating sites successful or not?

What is Paganism?

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Paganism originated during the pre-Christian period in Europe. In Britain, its reemergence is consistent with its rapid growth in other western countries since the 1950s. A pagan community’s social infrastructure shows its appreciation of unity within diversity. It is a collection of interrelated traditions and groups served by a series of larger organizations.

Among the oldest and fastest-growing religions in the USA is paganism, along with Wicca, Eckankar, and other traditions. A great deal of the folklore used today has existed for thousands of years, much of which has been preserved orally. Paganism has the characteristic of being so diverse that practitioners do not adhere to a single set of beliefs but rather a wide range of beliefs.

There is no way to describe all the different modern pagan subcultures in detail due to their diversity. Most of the discussion on modern pagans focuses on the beliefs and trends of the largest groups.

Pagan Singles

It is difficult to determine exactly how many pagan singles there are. U.S. government statistics on religion don’t come directly from the government; they come from third-party sources. Paganism, along with other subcultures like Wicca and Druidism, has become more readily understood, accepted, and accessible as a result of modern society. The Pagan community is growing, which makes online Pagan dating sites a necessity.


According to the American Community Survey conducted by the United States Census Bureau in 2008, there were 340,000 Pagans in the United States. About 0.4% of Americans identify as Pagans or Wiccans. About 27% of pagan people have reported living in an urban area, 22% in a suburban area, and 15% in a rural area. Ninety percent of American Pagans are white/caucasian, 9% are Native Americans, and 2% are Asian.

You can meet people from all over the world through a Pagan dating site, even though the majority of the members are Caucasians. Technology has made finding a pagan partner easier than ever.


The popularity of pagan religion is one of the fastest-growing religions in the United States. There has never been an easier way to connect with people who share your beliefs. If you’re interested in meeting other Pagans, try Elite Singles, Pagan Partners, Match, Pagan dating service or Zoosk. You can also have an intimate setting for Pagans.

The online dating world can offer Pagan singles a solution by connecting them and helping them find the appropriate match by understanding that only 3 in 1,000 people identify as Pagans.

Online dating has eliminated the need for singles to shuffle across the globe or even around their city to find a Pagan date. Creating a dating profile on a dating platform allows them to meet people of their kind and begin romancing them.

It is quite a joy to realize how widespread this belief system is just by glancing over this list of free Pagan dating apps and sites.





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