Filipina Dating Guide: Things to Know and Tips in 2024

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Do you want to date and marry a Filipina woman? If so, you could be wondering where to begin, especially if you are a foreigner. There are numerous Filipina dating sites to find a girl to marry with advancements in technology.

However, online dating can be challenging because you don’t know whether a site is legit or you are about to land in the hands of scammers. Besides, you need to know some things before dating Asian women to keep a long-term relationship.

Here is a guide with dating apps to find Filipino singles, get a perfect match, and keep her. Stay tuned to the end!

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What is Filipina Dating

Filipina dating is an online platform where you can meet and interact with hundreds if not thousands of Filipino women. These dating sites help people looking for Filipino partners find women they have long waited for. Besides, users will meet women from Quezon City, Angeles City, Davao City, among other cities in Asian countries.

To find your dream Filipina woman on a dating site, you must create a profile. Once your account is up, you can chase after your woman. You can either be a free member or a paid one to search for ladies on these platforms. Since most Filipino women may shy away, initiate the first conversation. However, be on the lookout for scammers on some Filipino dating sites because you will end up heartbroken.

Meeting Filipinas in Filipina Dating Sites

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Finding Filipino singles has been made easier by dating sites. There are numerous online dating platforms with women from the Philippines and other countries in Asia. Sites that Filipino women are beautiful inside out as you interact with them. Besides, each is different from the other as some can be talkative while others may shy away. They also come from different religions. Start your dating success story with one site named above!





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Dating a Filipina: Things to Know

Before getting into a Filipina dating site to find a girlfriend, there are things you need to know about them.

Here are 16 characteristics of Filipina women ;

They are beautiful

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Women from the Philippines are known to be the most beautiful women in the world. Get into a popular dating app and check through some profile photos if you want to prove it. Compared to women from other Asian countries, these women have light brown to brown skin, a beautiful face, and a curvy body.

Besides, they have a beautiful soul. They are kind, loving, and people-oriented. This makes them a perfect match for men looking for good wives.

They are marriage-oriented

if you meet singles from Asia, you can attest that they have strictly followed their religion and culture. As a result, they understand that marriage is sacred and respect it. Besides, once they get married, they honor their husbands.

When a Filipino girl finds an ideal partner, she understands that discussing issues together is solving problems and not fighting. Besides, they do not bring up topics about divorce because they want to keep their marriage as long as they can.

They love their families

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As you get to a Filipina dating site to look for a woman, understand that they love their families. Their family comes first before anything else in this world. As a result, they can sacrifice all they can to see their family members happy.

This will be reflected when they get their families. They will love you and make you their priority. Therefore, if you want to have a long-term relationship with one, you need to love their family too.

They are educated

The Philippines has a lot of universities, and the Filipinos take education seriously. As a result, most modern women from the country are educated.

Therefore, as you look forward to having a serious relationship with a woman from this country, understand that they won’t depend on you when it comes to working. Most of them are doing well in their industries.

They love food

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They say the way to a man’s heart is through food. Filipinos have the best dishes, and they love cooking.

In times of celebrations, they cook as many dishes as possible. Besides, they will invite friends, families, and even neighbors during their gatherings.

They are not after money

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Most Filipino singles, if not all, are not after money. Therefore, you should not fear to send interest to the one you like. This is because most modern women are doing well in the career space and are making money.

However, be careful with scammers who may bring on excuses for you to send them money. Some may claim they don’t have a flight fee if you request them to come and visit, while others may ask you to support their families.

They are friendly

Filipinas are known for their friendly nature. As a result, the Philippines is recognized as the most hospitable and welcoming globally. They are easy to interact with and are charming.

Therefore, approaching a lady from this country is easier than getting to other singles from other countries. When it comes to online dating, you only need to send a message, and she will respond on time.

They are good at English Dialectic

The Philippines has two major languages, that is, English and Filipino. Besides, it is the 4th country with the most English speakers globally. Hence, you can guess that most singles are good at English.

Therefore, it is easy to find compatible matches on dating sites with whom you can communicate fluently. Furthermore, when you commit to a serious relationship, you won’t worry about how you will keep the conversation going because you have a common language.

They are faithful & loyal

Muslim, atheist, and Christian singles from the Philippines are known for loyalty and faithfulness. Since they highly regard their marriage relationships, they avoid anything that can lead to trust issues.

If you get a chance to date a Filipino woman, you will realize she will keep off from the guys around her. She believes that she is only supposed to be with her husband only until the end of the matter.

They are easy to approach online than face to face

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Have you ever approached a Filipino in a shopping mall? What was her reaction? Mostly, when approached for the first time physically, these ladies will just smile, giggle, and not say a word. Not that she hates you, but because she is shy and reserved.

But guess what, the internet has made everything possible despite your location. All you need to do is find a well-known Filipino dating site, create an account, and put on your profile photos. You can be a free or paid member to search for Filipino singles depending on the site. It will help you meet girls, interact with them and choose your viable option.

They care for their loved ones

Another reason you need to create a profile on an online dating site to find a Filipino woman is that they are good nurturers. They will hold their family members, despite the hardships they are going through.

This is what will be reflected in your relationship if you win her heart. The lady will take good care of your family because it is her number one priority.

They are well-mannered

If you happen to visit one of the cities in the Philippines like Quezon city, you will realize many Filipinos use the word ‘po’ or ‘opo.’ These words show that you respect the person you are speaking with. They are used to show specific affirmation of something or answer a question.

Therefore, they also expect you to respect them as you chat on Filipino dating sites. Hence, as you go through the dating profile of a Filipino girl and decide to speak to them, show respect in your conversations.


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They need time to know you

After meeting a Filipino girl on a dating site, viewing her photos, and liking her, understand that she needs time to know you. Since Filipinos consider marriage sacred, they take time to learn the person they want to get married to because they don’t like divorce.

Therefore, as you approach her, give her time to think about it, tell her family, and make the final decision. Please don’t give her pressure because you might end up losing her. Besides, be real to her, and create time to chat to learn more about you easily.

They are strong and independent

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At their tender ages, Filipino girls are taught by their mothers how to be good homemakers. They know how to cook, take care of their kids, and do household chores. On the other hand, most of them are well-educated.

However, Filipino singles remain to be wife materials even after making achievements. They will perform house chores and keep their families in order.

They will introduce you to their families

As you have seen earlier, Filipinos love their families, prioritizing them first. Therefore, it is uncommon for her to date you long before introducing you to her family.

Don’t worry when she introduces you even to her cousins and the extended family because they value families. Besides, they are welcoming, and hence they will make you feel comfortable.

They have a great sense of humor

Most Filipino singles on a dating site are humorous. They will use humor in most of their conversations, and you will need to do the same.

However, in all this, remember respect for them is number one. It would be best if you waited for her to finish what she was saying before you picked up because interrupting her is a sign of disrespect. Besides, show her that her ideas are important.

Tips for a Successful Relationship with a Filipina Woman

After searching and finding a girl on a Filipino dating site, you need to do some things to have a long-term relationship.

Here are the 7 tips for successful relationships with Filipino singles;

Know and respect her beliefs

The Philippines is one of the most religious nations. It has 80% deeply devoted Catholics, and hence, you will find a lot of Christian singles from there. However, there are other religions like Muslim and atheists.

Therefore, if you are lucky to win a heart of a Filipino woman in a dating app, respect her religion to keep the relationship. Give her time to practice her religious beliefs.

Be generous

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Even when you go to other sites without Filipino women, you will realize that ladies will fall for a generous man. You don’t need to have all the money but just give her what you can afford. You can buy her flowers or chocolate. On the other hand, be present for the family.

Besides, be kind enough to pay for the entire date when you take her on a date. However, some may prefer to pay for their share. Finally, find her something special on her birthday or any other special day. And remember, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one.

Avoid PDAs

As you have learned earlier, most Filipino women are shy and reserved than ladies from other countries. Therefore, public display of affection is not their cup of tea because they may be uncomfortable.

Therefore, men who want to have successful relationships should avoid being touchy. When in public, just make her feel comfortable by being kind and respectful.

Understand her

The Philippines is a developing country, and there might not be so much advancement compared to your nation. Therefore, if you happen to visit your Filipino girl whom you met at Cherry Blossoms, don’t expect much in her way of living and that of her family.

If you find her in a small house, don’t make her feel bad because of her lifestyle. Instead, show her that you like her living standards and the environment if you want to keep the relationship moving.

Be kind and respectful to her family

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One thing about Filipinos is that they put their families first, and their families are big. Therefore, Filipino women love men who will handle their family members with respect.

Besides, her family’s opinion about her relationship matters. You need to accommodate her family by all means possible. It hurts her if you don’t love her family as she does.

Be Polite

As you have seen earlier, Filipinos are well-mannered people. They speak politely when conversing, and they are reserved because of their cultural practices. Of course, you can’t lack one or two bar girls from Philipines who have no regard for themselves.

Therefore, when you meet a Filipino girl you want to have a long-term relationship with, be careful about your behaviors. Watch your language, and don’t use offensive words that might hurt her.

Learn her language

The language a certain group of people speaks is part of their culture. And Filipinos value their culture so much. When looking for a Filipino lady to marry on dating sites, it would be good to show interest in her language.

You can request her to teach you some words in her language and use them when communicating with her. That way, you will win her heart and have a successful relationship.


With the availability of technology, it is possible to meet girls on dating apps from different nations. Get a legit Filipino dating site like Filipino cupid if you look forward to marrying a Filipino. Besides, you need to know about Filipino women and how you need to handle them to maintain successful relationships with them. We hope that our guide has helped you and will find a lady from one of the great Philippines cities like Cebu City.





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