Best Low-Interest Personal Loans of 2024

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best low interest personal loans

Many people use personal loans to pay various types of expenses such as weddings, home investments, medical expenses, all kinds of emergencies, and even vacations. If you’re the type of person interested in personal loans, it might be worth knowing that they can vary and fluctuate all the time.

If you’re someone that has a higher credit score, then these low-interest personal loans are the right thing for you.

Typically, you can apply for a low-interest loan at a traditional bank, but you can also apply at personal loan lenders and even at credit unions.

Once your application has been approved, you can comfortably for the loan to arrive in a few days. You might want to opt for a perfect personal loan for your financial situation and simultaneously offers the lowest personal loan rate.

Here are the best personal loans of 2024 that offer one of the market’s lowest personal loan interest rates.

Overview: Best Low-Interest Personal Loans

LenderAPR RangeLoan TermMinimum Loan AmountMaximum Loan Amount
Best Egg5.99%–29.99%3yrs-5yrs$2,000$50,000
SoFi6.99%-19.63%2-7 years$5,000$100,000
PenFedStarts at 5.99%1yrs-5yrs$600$20,000
Freedom Plus7.99%–29.99%2years -5yrs$7,500$50,000
LendingClub7.04%–35.89%3 yrs-5yrs$1,000$40,000
TD Bank6.99%–21.99%3yrs-5yrs$2,000$50,000
Marcus by Goldman Sachs6.99%–19.99%3yrs-6yrs$3,500$40,000

Best Low-Interest Personal Loan Lenders: Detailed Insight

LightStream: Top Consumer’s Choice

APRTermLoan AmountMore Details
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LightStream is an online lender that offers a secured personal loan for people that have a relatively strong credit rate history.

The main goal of LightStream is to use that loan funding for uses such as horse ownership, adoptions, and IVF financing. However, you can use those personal loans for generally anything you want.

What’s incredible about this lender is that the loan amounts can vary from $5000-100,000, and you can have loan terms up to 12 years.

↳ Best Feature?

The best feature about LightStream is that it offers fixed interest rates alongside competitive rates for those who have a relatively strong credit history.

What’s also great about this is that you can apply for this without the need to provide paperwork. You can use your mobile or your computer to apply and sign loan agreements.

↳ Who is it Best For?

LightStream is ideal for people that seek low personal loan rates with a minimum monthly payment. It’s even suitable for people that want to have longer loan terms and a secured loan.

Click Here to Know More About LightStream Low-Interest Loans.


Best Egg: Lowest Annual Percentage Rate

APRTermLoan AmountMore Details
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Best Egg is the perfect credit approval lender that eases the complex application processes, and it’s the best for debt consolidation.

The interest rates at Best Egg start from 5.99% for people that have excellent credit. Once it reaches 35.99%, the rate can go as low as 6% that the rest of the lenders on the market.

The interest rates are pretty competitive, which allows the costs of personal loans to be lower than usual. The only thing that is Best Egg’s downside is that it charges an origination fee.

These origination fees can go up as high as 5.99%, which might be too high for some people.

↳ Best Feature?

The best feature about Best Egg is that it has one of the lowest APR interest rates than many of its competitors. The APRS can range from 5.99%-35.00%.

What’s also great is that you can receive your funds within one day because there are no prepayment penalties here.

↳ Who is it Best For?

Best Egg is ideal for people that want to apply for low APRs and want to have that whole application process go as smoothly as possible.

Click Here to Know More About Best Egg Low-Interest Loans.


Payoff: Best for Credit Card Debt

APRTermLoan AmountMore Details
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Payoff classifies itself as a lender that allows people that borrow money to incorporate high-interest credit card debt into their loan.

The Payoff has high competitive interest rates that start from 5.99%. For qualified borrowers, the min credit score is  600. However, the best debt consolidation will go to the people that fit the most.

These qualified borrowers can take minimum loans of $5,000.

↳ Best Feature?

The best feature about Payoff is that it has a 5.99%–24.99% APR interest rate range and only a 0%-5% origination fee.

Payoff also allows you to check your credit score rates without affecting your credit at all.

Who is it Best For?

Payoff is ideal for people that want to have a minimum monthly payment but have an excellent credit score. It’s perfect if you have the willingness to pay off a high-interest credit card debt.

Click Here to Know More About Payoff Low-Interest Loans.


SoFi: Best Online Loan Experience

APRTermLoan AmountMore Details
6.99%-19.63%2-7 years$5,000-$100,000
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SoFi is the type of personal loans lender requiring a minimum credit score of 670 to offer incredible loan funds to the most qualified customers.

It is one of the best personal loan companies that offer interest rates that start from 4.99% and require no fees to borrow secured loans.

All you need to do to apply for a loan is show your credit profile and meet some other minimal requirements.

However, it would help if you took notice that you cannot use SoFi for investments, real estate, buying securities, and such.

↳ Best Feature?

What makes SoFi so incredible is the fact that you can still borrow loans even if you happen to lose your job. You can even put the loan into abstinence for three months, and you can even suspend payments of the loan.

Who is it Best For?

SoFi is ideal for people that want to pay off high-interest debt and even cover one. It’s [perfect if you have relatively good credit and want to pay no fees with low rates.

Click Here to Know More About SoFi Low-Interest Loans.


PenFed: Best Credit Union with Small Expenses

APRTermLoan AmountMore Details
Starts at 5.99%1yr-5yrs$600-$20,000
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PenFed is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a personal loan that has no origination fees, no prepayment penalty, and it’s suitable for fast funding.

This lending solution offers loans for people that have the patience to wait for prepayment penalty to fund their loans.

You can use PenFed personal loans no matter what your credit score is and cover costly expenses.

↳ Best Feature?

The best thing about PenFed is that you can even borrow funds for small expenses such as fixing cars and other miniature costs.

With this service come no origination fees, no monthly payments, and has a no prepayment penalty.

↳ Who is it Best For?

PenFed is ideal for people that are more interested in a credit union rather than typical banking. Anyone with bad credit can opt for taking a smaller loan that might cost around $600.

Click Here to Know More About PenFed Low-Interest Loans.


FreedomPlus: Best For Fast Approval

APRTermLoan AmountMore Details
7.99%–29.99%2years -5yrs$7,500-$50,000
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Freedom Plus is the best personal loan lender if you want to make more extreme purchases, use loans for home improvements and consolidate debt.

The APRs here can start from 7.99% and go up as high as 29.99 %. You can also pay off your loans within two to five years.

There is only one origination fee that ranges from 1.99%-4.99%.

↳ Best Feature?

The best thing about Freedom Plus is that you also get approved the day you submit your application, which is unseen in other loan lenders.

Not only that, but you can also add a co-borrower. This way, you can get an even lower interest rate than you’d usually get on your own.

↳ Who is it Best For?

Freedom Plus is ideal for people that don’t have the time to wait a lot for approval. With Freedom Plus, you will get a low-interest rate as it is a competitive option.

Click Here to Know More About FreedomPlus Low-Interest Loans.


Upstart: Best for Min Credit Score Interest Rate

upstart reviews
APRTermLoan AmountMore Details
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Upstart is ideal if you have poor credit scores but still want to apply for unsecured loans.

Upstart loans include APRs ranging from 4.37 percent to 35.99 percent, with loan amounts ranging from $1,000 to $50,000.

Although it has minimum credit score requirements, it is not entirely based on the credit score only.

↳ Best Feature?

The best thing about Upstart is that you can get your credit score rate in just five minutes. Not only that, but the main focus on the application isn’t the credit score but rather than education and job history of the applicant.

↳ Who is it Best For?

Upstart is ideal for people that already have a minimum credit score of 720–850 credit score and want to qualify for a low personal loans rate.

Click Here to Know More About Upstart Low-Interest Loans.


LendingClub: Best Brokerage Service

APRTermLoan AmountMore Details
7.04%–35.89%3 yrs-5yrs$1,000-$40,000
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Lending Club is another peer-to-peer lending platform that matches borrowers with loan investors and acts as a brokerage service.

To apply for a loan, you only need a few minutes as the application is entirely online. You can use these funds for all kinds of services such as home improvements, refinancing an automobile purchase, and even for consolidating debt.

There is only one origination fee that ranges from 3%-6%, and you’ll need a minimum credit score of 600.

↳ Best Feature?

The best thing about Lending Club is that it gives you the ability to have a joined account, which means that your chances of being approved can become much higher, even if you have a bad credit score.

And once you’ve applied, you’ll get to access your funds in just 48 hours after the initial application.

↳ Who is it Best For?

Lending Club is ideal for people that have a bad credit score and no credit report but still want to be eligible for personal loans from multiple lenders.

Click Here to Know More About Lending Club Low-Interest Loans.


Upgrade: Best For a Prepayment Penalty

APRTermLoan AmountMore Details
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Upgrade is another peer-to-peer lender that mainly offers loans to people that have a minimum credit score of 580.

This means that it is good for fast funding and a high APR interest rate that goes from 7.95% to 35.99%. You can repay all of your loans within three to five years.

This means that you can save up on interest, and you don’t have to spend so much time being in debt. Once you fulfill all of the requirements, you will receive your money in just one day.

↳ Best Feature?

The best feature about Upgrade is that it has no prepayment penalties. This means that you can save on interest rate costs and pay off the loan much earlier.

↳ Who is it Best For?

Upgrade is mainly suited for people that they can meet the repayment terms and pay back the funds quickly.

Click Here to Know More About Upgrade Low-Interest Loans.


Prosper: Best Peer-to-Peer Lender

APRTermLoan AmountMore Details
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Prosper is one of the best personal loan lenders that offers loans to people that have high-interest debt and good to excellent credit scores.

What makes Prosper stand out from the rest is that its APR interest rates range from 7.95 %- 35.99%.

You also can get loans for a minimum of $2,000 and a maximum of $40,000. You can repay these loans within three to five years most.

You can easily apply for a loan, and once you’ve completed all of your applications, you will receive your funds within a day.

↳ Best Feature?

The best feature about Prosper is that it is a  peer-to-peer lender, which means that you’ll have to wait for other people to be your investors and fund your loan.

However, the trick is that if you don’t get at least 70% funding within two weeks after you’ve applied, you might have to reapply again.

↳ Who is it Best For?

Prosper is ideal for people who don’t have to take loans with such high amounts and can repay these loans very quickly. The personal loan interest rates are pretty high, but there is a low origination fee.

Click Here to Know More About Prosper Low-Interest Loans.


TD Bank: Best Brick-and-Mortar Banking Experience

APRTermLoan AmountMore Details
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TD Bank is a unique banking experience designed for people who want to consolidate debts and have a low Low APRs.

What’s excellent about TD bank is that it only charges one origination fee and offers a complete brick-and-mortar banking experience to its customers.

Although it charges some late fees, it has pretty long loan terms so you can repay on time.

↳ Best Feature?

The best feature of TD Banks is that it doesn’t have a prepayment penalty, monthly payments and doesn’t provide strict repayment terms.

↳ Who is it Best For?

TD Bank is ideal for customers that are more drawn to a more personalized service than regular banking services.

Click Here to Know More About TD Bank Low-Interest Loans.


Marcus by Goldman Sachs: Best for Minimum Credit Score

APRTermLoan AmountMore Details
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Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers a wide range of personal loan options that come with no fees.

What makes Marcus incredible is the fact that when you take out a loan, you don’t have to pay any special fees. The only fees you have to pay are the fees to the principal balance and the interest.

Once you sign a loan agreement, you can take loans that range from $3,500-$40,000. You can even check your credit scores to see whether you’re eligible for taking loan funds.

↳ Best Feature?

The best thing about Marcus is that the loan terms are pretty flexible, and you can even skip payments if you make payments one time for a year.

It comes with a low APR that ranges from 6.99%–19.99%.

↳ Who is it Best For?

Marcus by Goldman Sachs is ideal for people that want to take a low-interest rate with low fees and give a good credit score.

Click Here to Know More About Marcus by Goldman Sachs Low-Interest Loans.



What is a low-interest personal loan?

First, we need to clarify what a personal loan is. It is an unsecured personal loan. You can make money from some type of lender, and you have to pay it back within some time frame.

The person that lends you the money will charge you interest.

This means that you have to repay the money that you’ve taken from that person, but at the same time, you’ll have to pay some amount of interest.

A low-interest personal loan typically has an APR rate under 12%.

How does the low-interest loan work?

Low-interest loans work pretty simply. In most personal loans, you borrow money from a personal loan lender. Then, based on your credit history, you apply for a loan and wait for loan approval.

If you have minimal to no credit history, you have to choose a lender that has a minimum credit score requirement.

And, once you’ve taken the loan, you agree to return the loan in a specific time period and pay an interest rate that your lender has set.

Who is a low-interest personal loan best for?

Low-interest personal loans are perfect for people that want to take student loans, have poor credit scores, and people that want to use these personal loans to pay off medical bills.

Because of their nature to have quite long loan terms to repay the money, minimum monthly payments, low-interest personal loans offer competitive interest rates that anyone can get a hold of.

They even have a minimum credit score requirement that is ideal for people that don’t have a rich credit history but still want to be eligible for taking out loans.

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Loan Categories base on Credit Rating

Excellent Credit Loan

The best personal loans for excellent credit loans are LendingClub, Best Egg, Payoff, and PenEd. The credit score range for this category is 720–850 credit score.

Good-Credit Loan

The best personal loans for good credit loans are Upgrade, Best Egg, SoFi, and PenEd. The credit score range for this category is 690–719 credit score.

Fair-credit loans

The best personal loans for fair credit loans are PayOff, Best Egg, SoFi, and PenEd. The credit score range for this category is 630–689 credit score.

Bad-credit loans

The best personal loans for excellent credit loans are Upstart, TD Bank, Upgrade, and Lending Club. The credit score range for this category is 300–629 credit score.

Debt Consolidation Loans

A debt Consolidation Loan is the type of unsecured loan. You can borrow money and use that money to pay off other loans or buyer debts. For example, this debt consolidation works by combing several debts into one larger one. And this combination is most commonly comes in the form of a loan.

This type of debt consolidation has lower interest rates, and the payoff terms are more flexible. They can typically range from 2-5 years. What’s excellent about debt consolidation personal loans is that you can use this type of loan funding to solve credit card debt, medical bills, and even student loan debts.

You can apply for a consolidation loan through your bank, credit union, or credit card company. However, don’t worry if you happen to be turned down. You can also apply through other private lenders and even mortgages.

You have to know that if you consolidate debt, the loans don’t get rid of the original loan. They mainly transfer the loans to an entirely new lender.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an online lender that provides good, if not better low-interest personal loan rates, then the right option for you might be LightStream. LightStream is ideal for unsecured personal loans that require monthly payments.

You don’t have to have incredible credit scores or long credit history to earn interest rates. You can take up to a $100,000 loan amount, and you’ll still get to return your money in long repayment terms.

You won’t have to pay any prepayment fees or build a unique credit profile to get the chance to take a loan.

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Which bank is offering the lowest interest rate on a personal loan?

LightStream is the perfect bank if you want to have a low personal loan interest with long repayment terms. Once you get loan approval, you can use it for student loan refinancing, adoption, and even horse ownership.

Can I get a 0% personal loan?

It is possible to get a 0% APR if you apply for a 0% APR credit card. But for that to come true, you’ll have to have an excellent credit loan, and you’ll have to repay that borrowed money.

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