How To Get Rid of Toenail Fungus : The Complete Guide 2024

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how to get rid of toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is rarely the cause of your headache. It seems trivial compared to other health concerns.

But, when it happens, it does cause a lot of inconveniences. Also, staying on top of your health game requires strategies to keep even a minor health problem at bay.

Moreover, the presence of fungus everywhere makes it easy to catch it. This does necessitate getting yourself accustomed to necessary tidbits of info.

So, let’s start exploring this fungus and its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

What is a Toenail Fungus?

how to get rid of toenail fungus

Toenail fungus also goes by the name onychomycosis. These refer to common infections in the toenails.

Its typical non-severity may cause affected individuals to continue without treatments. But, this worsens the condition of the toenails.

Its Prevalence

These fungal infections are more common compared to fingernail fungus. This seemingly trivial problem is estimated to be present in every 1 out of 10 people.

It reaches 50% prevalence among individuals aged above 70 years.

Moreover, this toenail infection is more prevalent among males compared to females.

Also, it is more common among certain diseased groups. Like people with HIV, autoimmune diseases, or ongoing cancer treatments have high chances of having toenail infection.

Besides, location seems to influence its prevalence. Like, people in a tropical climate are less inclined to wear tight or guarded shoes. This makes onychomycosis less or rarely prevalent in tropical areas.

What Are The Symptoms of Toenail Fungus?

The symptoms and impacts are evident in the toenails. It is not always accompanied by severe pain.

As the infection progresses, it can cause pain and discomfort. It may cause difficulty in walking.

The common symptoms include nails becoming more brittle and ragged. This may cause cracks in places, leading to breakage of nails. Also, the nail shape may get distorted.

The affected nails lose normal color and natural luster. They may also bear white markings.

Its severity

These usually do not cause pain. But, if left untreated, the mild infection can lead to severe cases.

It can spread to the surrounding skin and cause skin conditions. Also, it may invite cellulitis, a bacterial skin infection.

Moreover, leaving the fungal infection in affected nails may make it worse. It may cause long-term effects ranging from nail removal to recurring infections.

How does it spread among people?

Fungus in the toenails may seem unlikely to spread from affected people to non-infected ones. But it does happen.

Sharing the same bed sheets or bathroom may cause infection transmission. So, try keeping things separate when someone in residence or family is affected.

What Are Its Causes?

Fungal nail infections involve various agents. The most common fungal growth includes Dermatophyte.

Also, it encompasses molds and yeast.

But, age seems to encourage any case of toenail fungal infection. With the increase in age, the nail has more chances of becoming brittle.

This makes nails prone to cracks and breakage. Cracks give easy entry points for the nail fungus.

Besides, any prior infection may facilitate fungal infections in the toenails. Like, the athlete’s foot may encourage the infection.

Apart from these, a weak immune system or poor blood circulation may increase its chances. Also, diabetes may encourage its spreading.

Its Diagnosis

The diagnosis involves a proper examination of the affected nail. It includes properly checking the nail scraping.

However, certain health conditions can mimic the symptoms of toenail fungus. This includes Psoriasis, Darier disease, Alopecia Areata, Skin Cancer, and Yellow nail syndrome. So, it necessitates detecting the type of fungal infection.

How Is Toenail Fungus Treated?

To treat nail fungus, doctors prescribe topical antifungal creams. Prescription medications include the use of medicated cream.

But, topical applications may have limited efficacy. It may not be effective in killing fungi if it has penetrated deep into the nail bed.

Oral antifungal pills have a comparatively high success rate, but then again, they may include side effects. So, you may need blood tests to track any impact on the liver.

The toenail fungus treatments also include the use of an antifungal drug like Lamisil. It helps in forming a new nail and replacing the affected part. Other drugs include Sporanox and Diflucan.

But, it is wiser to avoid over-the-counter pills and drugs. These have mixed responses. So, it is important to seek a doctor’s advice before opting for over-the-counter medicines.

Also, the fungal infection can be difficult to eradicate and may have repeated occurrences in the future. This makes it necessary to focus on seeking a doctor’s expertise from the beginning.

Apart from these products and treatments, the laser treatment for toenail fungus has been gaining momentum. Doctors use this in combination with antifungal pills and creams. Most notably, the laser treatment has been giving good results in people struggling with this issue.

Moreover, it is proven to be safe and effective. One such choice is Clear Toe, having high success rates.

Besides, nail removal is one of the best choices. It is apt for treating infections that have heavily damaged the nails or deeply penetrated the nail bed.

Sometimes, the affected parts are removed. This may be followed by the application of any cream having antifungal activity. This enables easier penetration of the medicine in the nail bed.

Home treatments for Toenail Fungus

There are multiple home remedies available for this condition.

Ancient Egyptians opted for crocodile dung for treating toenail fungus. But, surely not everyone has access to crocodiles or their dung.

Tea tree oil is known to have antifungal properties. These make it suitable for treating any fungal infections.

An interesting choice among home remedies is Vicks Vaporub, a mentholated ointment. Despite being used as a remedy for cough and cold, it may treat toenail fungus. The antifungal properties most possibly come from its components like eucalyptus oil.

Snakeroot extract, an antifungal developed from the sunflower family, has been gaining attention. One study found it to be as effective as Ciclopirox medicine.

But, using menthol rub is a comparatively known home treatment. It is thought to ease the feeling of discomfort and pain.

Also, using oils is thought to be an effective curing method at home. These include cloves and sunflower oil. Besides, people rely on the application of water-based baking soda on infected nails.

Moreover, the recipe for thieves oil from Healthline seems like an intriguing novel treatment.

But, more research and scientific evidence is required to establish the effectiveness of the mentioned home remedies.

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How to Prevent the Growth or Spreading of  Nail Fungus?

There are some easy health tips to prevent toenail fungus.

All these majorly start with ensuring the good health of your feet. This requires you to wear shoes with a wide toe area.

Also, you need to keep your shoes dry and clean. Sprinkle shoes with baking soda to draw out any retained moisture.

Moreover, keep your nails trimmed and clean. Having nails short prevents breakage that may aid in fungal nail infection.

Most importantly, keep some smart strategies while using communal areas. Wear shower shoes in locker rooms, swimming pools, and public bathrooms.


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How To Get Rid of Toenail Fungus FAQs 

Are shoes responsible for fungal nail infections?

Something seemingly trivial like shoes can be the factor behind encouraging the growth of the fungus. Wearing so-called fashionable footwear makes the toe region cramped up.

This creates a warm and sweaty moisture-filled environment for extended periods that feels like heaven to the fungus. That is why you need to wear shoes that properly fit and feel comfy.

How far can my lifestyle go in treating fungal nail infections?

It is unwise to carry on with activities like running or hiking with the affected nail. The associated movements cause your nails to get pressed with boots. This prevents treating the infected toenail.

Also, avoid pedicures or salon treatments while having the infection. This helps in preventing the spread of fungal infections from one toe or one foot to another.

Can nail polish influence the fungus in the toenail?

Nail polish helps in trapping moisture in the nail bed. It aids in the growth of the nail fungus. Also, applying cosmetic products on nails may reduce the effectiveness of any treatment.

So, it’s wiser to avoid these with an infected nail. However, medicated nail polishes are available to treat mild cases of toenail infections. But then again, it’s medical care, not for the beautification of nails.

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