8 Best NFT Developers in 2024

By Wilbert S

January 12, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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On 9th December 2019, the biggest NFT-marketplace purchase was made by Vignesh Sungredan; it was worth about $69 million, and it shook the world. Investors and creators were surprised by NFT’s potential; they started to evaluate how digital assets can be outrageously expensive. In an interview, Vignesh mentioned that Beeple’s everyday NFT was a bargain for the price; he believed that once metaverse develops, the NFT would generate more than $1 billion in an NFT museum.

Metaverse has been in the news since Facebook changed its name to meta; it is simply a virtual world where real estate property could be traded. As metaverse is digital, it requires 3D development to transform the land into a revenue-making zone. NFT marketplace or museums are the most famous landscapes in the metaverse; they not only generate revenue by selling NFT arts, but they also make money from buyers’ entry fees.

Recent NFT developers have started to come up with innovative NFT marketplaces to increase revenue streams for businesses. While most of them have focused on recreating the conventional NFT marketplace, the others have reimagined unique landscapes that create an attractive atmosphere for NFT trade, helping higher price sales.

Businesses have been interested in adding revenue lines by including continuous virtual income flow; however, their search for the best NFT developer often ends in ruins. If you are a similar investor, you don’t have to look further. In this blog, we are going to talk about the eight best NFT developers that can help you redesign your virtual real estate and make the most of it.

8 Best NFT Developers in 2024  

#1. Team Intelligence

General investors root for in-demand NFTs that will sell for profits; however, NFT businesses come with a bigger goal. They aim to create an efficient NFT marketplace where NFTs can be traded regularly. NFT marketplace development is complex; the lack of infrastructure and uncertain future prevents prospected growth. However, Team intelligence has set out to end the woes for NFT businesses.

Team Intelligence is a group of highly skilled designers and developers that can help you develop a working NFT marketplace at an agreed time. With CGI technology, they have the power to shape your fortune for decades to come. The NFT development company aims to redefine how businesses look at the NFT marketplace.

Team Intelligence’s NFT developers shall help you craft an NFT platform that works the way you want; they connect businesses and developers to share the same vision and produce the perfect NFT marketplace.

The developers can help you develop NFT smart contracts and audit reports that would help you keep your records intact; the ease of trade shall possibly attract more investors, helping you make more money.

#2. Metaverse Architect

Photo: Metaverse Architect

Metaverse Architects are one of the most famous names in NFT architectural firms; the recent expansion of the architects has spread their services as an NFT development company.

Metaverse architects are home to the finest designers and developers that can help you skyrocket the revenues of your business. The free consultation service allows a company to evaluate the experience and skills of the developers and determine whether they will be the right fit.

With a history in virtual designing, metaverse architects don’t only create an effective NFT platform; they design it to look more attractive to the viewers. The NFT Marketplace development company is also famous for its blockchain network; some of the NFT marketplaces contain embedded- blockchain add-ons, which create NFT tokens internally. It saves the cost of NFT development, helping in higher profits.

Besides the primary NFT marketplace, Metaverse Architects are famous for their foundational services- metaverse architect. They help businesses develop interactive landscapes on their virtual platform; these sites are designed to generate additional revenue for the investors.

The play-to-earn platform allows metaverse members to study their favorite subject on the site, paying a fee in return.

#3. Noor Architects 

Photo: Noor Architects

Noor Dhamesh Singh founded Noor Architects in 2009 from Chandigarh, India. It started as a general architectural firm that focused on real-world businesses. It worked in the tourism, transport, and commercial sectors during its first ten years.

However, the rise of crypto markets saw Noor turn into a crypto enthusiast. He started exploring various virtual possibilities that could help him blend into the future.

He found the ray of hope in 2020 after NFT and metaverse gained popularity. Noor architects decided to utilize the time to move into virtual world development services that will help them reinvent their goal and rewrite their part of history.

The architects started expanding their workforce with the finest blockchain developers that can help them with NFT development services.

Today, Noor architects have found themselves in the public eye for high-quality services; the company lets you create your own NFT marketplace to allow the trade of NFTs.Although the company isn’t based in the US, they are well-aware of ERC-721 & ERC-1155 standards to develop a reliable and profitable NFT platform. Their specialization in urbanism and photography can also help businesses with distinct platforms that replicate their ideology.

#4. Grimshaw

Photo: Pax.world

If you have been following the crypto news lately, you would have heard about the development of pax.world development. It is a virtual world that shall contain four different metaverse spaces; Grimshaw was the first architectural group selected to design the space for pax.world. Founded by sir Nicholas Grimshaw, it began its services as a conventional architectural firm in 1980.

However, the recent NFT craze also lured Grimshaw to try their art in the virtual world. They expanded their portfolio to provide NFT marketplace development services. Grimshaw has helped several businesses draft unique marketplaces that resonate with their philosophy. The latest audit system and smart contracts ensure that NFT data is confidential and can be utilized whenever needed.

The NFT marketplace lets external sellers upload their own NFT; it creates a mutual benefit for the three parties. Every sale means a portion of its commission is transferred to the platform owner; hence, a business can generate additional revenue without playing a significant part.

#5. Zaha Hadid (ZHA)

Photo: Zaha

Zaha Hadid is named after its founder Dame Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi-British architect. She began the firm in her early 20s, and within several years, the firm earned a famous reputation amongst British nationals. It was formed in 1980, and about 40 years after its inception, the company decided to include virtual designs into its service panel.

Zaha Hadid’s digital art has a unique touch inspired by cultural diversity and various landscapes. Recently, Zaha Hadid presented ‘NFsm’ in Miami. In this digital art library, designs from diverse creators are published for NFT enthusiasts.

The gallery revisits the metaverse and possibilities of a virtual world. The inaugural of MMO also followed the launch of NFsm; it is an online game where numerous metaverse members can communicate and play.

Zaha Hadid is also expected to initiate its development services with the NFT smart contract. Businesses will be able to achieve a diverse NFT platform that can be used to trade NTFS without any hassle.

The smart contracts shall allow easy- recording procedures and efficient check-and-balance. The blockchain platforms may also equip the ‘NFT-token’ mechanism, which can be a source of additional revenue.

#6. Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

Photo: BIG

BIG, or Bjarke Ingels Group, started its operations in 2005 when the founder’s previous company, PLOT, was closed down after legal complications. It began as a group of designers and architects; soon, the company was regarded among the best architects in New York.

As of 2022, the company employs more than 600 employees and has projects spread across Europe and the American continents.

After the NFT craze, BIG decided to spread their operations to involve digital development procedures; they began as digital architects, but the development services were soon added.

BIG has made a name for its services in the industry; its unique design and remarkable efficiency have bought great results for various clients.

Their vast expansion allows a more straightforward adaptation of NFT standards, thus allowing all NFT transactions to be in accordance with legal rulings. The platforms are designed with particular emphasis on selling NFTs; hence, more buyers are attracted to them.


Photo: PIICO

PIICO takes NFT development to a more desirable level; it was founded in 2018, and its modern ideology is replicated in its designs. It is named after Pico Vazquez, who began the company intending to redefine the future.

PIICO has made a name as an NFT development company; its talented designers and developers are experts with blockchain networks and can help create illustrative stores for NFT products.

The company’s goal is to connect and bridge the metaverse to the real world; it aims at utilizing the limitless capacities of the metaverse to produce designs in an earthly fashion.

PIICO’s architecture is unique, vibrant, and commercial; they have helped various businesses create efficient NFT platforms to attain additional profits. PIICO has a widespread customer base, including Google, Vogue, and Samsung.

#8. Voxel Architects

Photo: Voxel Architects

Voxel started as a group of designers specializing in automotive construction; however, they soon diverted their attention to the virtual world to recreate the possibilities of the virtual world.

Today, Voxel architects have become famous for their 3d animations and modeling for decentraland. Nonetheless, their services as NFT developers are no lesser.

As the company has a particular focus on the virtual world, they employ experts in every niche; the talented developers and designers have helped various businesses in developing their unique NFT platforms. These NFT platforms come with adequate accommodation for all types of non-fungible tokens.

The company aims to focus its time and effort on creating a visually pleasing and functional virtual world; its commitment to the goal is commendable.

Customers have reported great feedback for their services; Voxel architects take pride in developing unique landscapes that are attractive and sound.

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Conclusion: Best NFT Developers in 2024

Photo: Canva

After our above discussion, you have learned about the best NFT developers worldwide. An NFT marketplace is the need of your business if you wish to trade in NFTs.

The right NFT marketplace will help you boost your revenues and minimize losses. Several popular NFT businesses have shifted entirely to their newly built marketplaces.

NFT development is a technical job, and it requires excellent expertise to fulfill the task. A single loophole may look unappealing to the viewer, and they may seek other alternatives. Inexperienced designers would often miss essential aspects that may lead to problems later.

Team Intelligence is our preferred NFT developer; they not only provide excellent NFT development services, but they are equally skilled in crafting a revenue-generating landscape for your virtual land.

Best NFT Developers in 2024 FAQs

What is an NFT developer?

An NFT business needs to pitch and sell NFTs to potential buyers. However, selling NFTS at other secondary marketplaces results in extra costs, which minimize the profits. As the number of NFTs traded is significant, the business has to bear the price of a separate NFT marketplace.

NFT developers are technicians who specialize in blockchain platforms and networks; they craft a metaverse-based platform where NFTs can be traded. The NFT marketplace has several additional features, such as smart contracts and audits, which adds to the perks of investing in them.

How much does it cost to create an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens are tokenized versions of graphics or art; the NFTs can be developed for a minimal cost of about $1. An average NFT graphic requires about $25 to tokenize; however, the central portion of the cost goes into trying to sell them.

A platform demands a commission fee based on your total price; similarly, you need to pay extra to get your NFT featured. Hence, cheaper NFTs usually cost more than they sell for.




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