23 Tips On How To Make Your Husband Fall In Love With You Again

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

How To Make Your Husband Fall In Love

Is your marriage in a rut? Do you feel like your hubby is falling out of love with you?

Of course, he is the love of your life, and he told you that when he romantically proposed to you. So, what can you do about your husband’s lack of passion?

The truth is that we all go through rough patches in our marriages, and men often get bored of the same old routines year after year. Therefore, your marriage is bound to become stale at one point.

Your husband may still love you sincerely, but boredom might make it seem like he doesn’t love you anymore. The good news is that there are plenty of tactics you can apply to make your husband fall for you again.

Many married ladies have faced a similar situation before, but they managed to turn the tables for their marriage to work in their favor.

All it takes is to understand male psychology and what makes a man’s heart pound in his chest. From then on, it’ll be very easy to make your husband love you.

In this detailed post, we’re going to tackle all the titbits of how to make your husband fall in love with you again.

If other women have done it, why not you? You deserve to have a happy marriage full of love and passion.

It’s a lot to take in, so keep your notebook and pen ready!

💘 Learn these 23 Tips On How To Make Your Husband Fall In Love With You Again 💘

1. Practice Self-Love

He fell in love with you before because you loved yourself and were contented with the qualities that make you. But somewhere along the way, you lost yourself to family life by taking care of everyone else in the world except you.

It’s time to bring back the self-love girl! Remind yourself of your awesome and beautiful aspects, because these are what made him tick.

When you learn to love yourself again, it’ll show your husband that you’re worthy of his love and attention.

2. Give Him A Warm Greeting Hug and Kiss Whenever You See Him

This may sound cheesy, given the fact that you’re used to routine married life. But it’s often the little things that count the most.

If you give your husband a big hug and kiss every day when he goes to work and when he comes home, he is bound to feel like a Superman! It costs nothing to do it, and he’ll always be psyched to get back home to you.

Do your marriage a solid favor and begin this simple routine today. The perks are immeasurable.

3.  Be His Number 1 Cheerleader

If you are a working wife, it’s easy to get caught up in your work challenges, and you can’t wait to come home to nag or complain to your man about that supervisor who is always on your neck every day.

But take a step back and remember that being a man is not easy. Society dictates that a man should be a pillar and the rock of his family (both nuclear and extended), the workplace, the church, and everywhere else.

Men are taught from their boyhood not to display their weakness but for any human being, bottling up issues and struggles can make one crack.

It is your responsibility to cheer him on and be his biggest supporter. Hold his hand through his aspirations, goals, and dreams. Let it be just you and him against the world.

You’ll notice how his feelings for you start to change drastically.

4. Create Time For Fun Activities

It’s said that inside every man, there is a boy. So, no man will be too old or grown-up for silly activities.

Breaking out of the mundane married life is refreshing and will certainly spark his inner boy. Something as simple as playing some tunes and dancing or twerking to music is enough to bring back that connection and bond.

Having fun is part and parcel of a healthy relationship. But don’t let it go overboard as Annie and Jay did in the movie Sex Tape. Making a sex tape in the name of fun and mistakenly sending it to everyone you know, including your boss can ruin your marriage.

5.  Show Him That You Need Him

Independent woman or not, men will always love to feel needed.

If your man feels like you don’t need him anymore, he can start to lose confidence in himself and the marriage.

Even though you have everything under control, it doesn’t hurt to ask him for assistance at least once a day. After all, he is your husband and innately the provider of the family.

The powerful Wonder Woman still needs her Superman, and you have one at home. So, make good use of him, and you’re sure to have a future happy life!

6.  Give Him A Little Space

If you spend every waking moment with your hubby, you run the risk of co-dependency which can be toxic for your relationship.

So allow your man his own life and let him miss you. Having time apart is healthy for couples. It gives you time to develop individually and have an independent and fulfilling life.

Having separate activities will also give you things to talk about when you meet. What’s more, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Being absent will remind him of how much he loves you and he’ll recognize how much he misses you. If he misses you, that’s set to reignite the spark in his heart.

7.  Make Your Husband The Hero of Your Life

Do you know what’s so great about heroes? They are so respected and adored by everyone. So, if you want your husband to fall head over heels for you again, let him be your captain America.

He thirsts for your admiration. It is wired into his DNA to be your hero. So, let him step up to the plate and earn your respect in return.

A man will be unhappy in marriage when his thirst isn’t quenched.

The hero card is a game-changer! When your man genuinely feels like your hero, he’ll be more attentive, loving, and invested in your marriage.

8.  Apply the 10-minute Tactic

Ever heard of the 10-minute rule? Well, it is a daily routine where you and your husband set aside some time to talk about stuff that doesn’t involve the normal routine things like work, family, kids, school, responsibilities, etc.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • If you had one more day to live, what would you do?
  • What do you think is the greatest movie of all time?
  • What is the main thing you want people to remember you by?

The idea is to talk about interesting stuff. You might think that you already know everything about each other but think again! There is more to learn about each other.

You could even reminisce about the good times you had together when you were newly married. That will surely cause his mind to wander on all the fun and romantic times you’ve had together.

9.      Don’t Strive To Change Him

There will always be those annoying things about your husband that make you go crazy.

That doesn’t mean you should try to change him for your benefit. Men who have wives who are constantly pressuring them to change tend to close off of them. This is a major contributor to a man falling out of love with a woman.

Simply learn to accept and embrace his annoying traits. It’ll make your life a lot easier, and he won’t feel like you’re always on his case all the time.

But don’t get it wrong, you should always speak up if he has the wrong concept about the decisions that he makes concerning the quality of life because it affects you too.

But constantly making suggestions about the small things, such as, his belching is what we are advising you to dial down.

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10.  Always Say Thank You

After many years of being married, you might start to take your husband for granted. But thanking him even for the small things he does for you goes a long way in making him feel appreciated.

All it takes is two words to prove your relationship. It’s your call!

Just think about it how many things does your husband do for you every day that you forget to say thank you? He changes the bulb; fixes your laptop and drops you off at work. If you learn to thank him for what he does, he’ll feel more acknowledged, which will lead to a more stable relationship.

11.  Resolve Issues By Communicating With Him

Instead of shutting down or being passive-aggressive, you should resolve any issues with your husband through open communication.

Engaging him in some communication exercises ensures you enjoy your problem-solving time.

Don’t let the sun go down when you’re angry with him. Whenever an issue crops up, ensure you sit down and solve it together immediately.

On top of that, focus on handling married life problems rather than proving that you are right or looking for excuses to place the blame on your hubby.

Such maturity in handling married life issues will impress him and guarantee a healthy and strong relationship.

12.  Gift Him The Things He Likes

Who said that only the man should be buying flowers for his lady? Women can do it too. But instead of the former, you could get your husband the things he likes.

You know him too well. Gifting him his favorite things lets him know that you adore him.

Such a love gesture will guarantee his heart beating for you, seeing how much effort and thought you are putting in to make him happy.

13.  Avoid Nagging or Being Needy

There is nothing that puts a man off other than a nagging wife.

Perhaps the observation that he loves you differently has turned you into a needy person. However, clinging to him as a desperate attempt to make you love him again will only push him away.

Instead, work on improving yourself and going back to the lady that he fell in love with before. Also, overcome any insecurity that you might be harboring and strive to make your temperament a congenial one.

14.  Compliment Him In Public

Complimenting your man in front of others shows that you love and accept him completely. It also helps to boost his confidence.

Therefore, it is a no-no to criticize him in public. Whatever complaints you may have, hold them until you get home and talk over them privately.

You must never air your dirty linen in public. You’ll only hurt your husband. Rather talk about all the wonderful things he upholds when you are out with friends, family, or colleagues, and he will love you madly for that.

15.  Learn To Compromise Differences

Your husband and you don’t have similar personalities, so differences are bound to crop up in your marriage. Rather than disputing over such differences, you need to embrace them.

You need to readjust your needs to meet his. Arguing is okay but what matters is how you make up after a fight.

This is the most crucial time of your relationship and will go a long way in proving to your husband how much you value him.

One of the secrets to getting your husband to love you again lies in how accommodating and accepting you are of his personality.

16.  Create Boundaries That Support A Healthy Relationship

Knowing when to stop pushing and taking a step back is vital in every marriage. Particularly, when you keep fighting over the same things, the smart move is to set up boundaries that will promote a healthy and strong married life.

When your argument becomes toxic, you need to stay sane and cool so that you can handle things better than both of you yelling at each other.

Turn the situation around to work in your favor, and he will adore you for that.

17.  Maintain The Flirtations

Flirting doesn’t have to end the moment you say “I do.” It is also for those who are celebrating their 50th marriage anniversary.

Keeping your flirtatious relationship alive holds the key to unlocking your husband’s intense love for you. When you bring back the fun and playful side of you, your man will fall head over heels in love with you, and the connection between you will light up.

So, send your hubby a naughty text or a nude photo, and let his imagination run wild. When you are together, touch his hot spots and drive him crazy.

All this helps you add excitement to your marriage. Bring back the flirtation and watch the difference it makes in your husband.

18.  Surprise Him With Night Outs And Dates

You don’t have to always wait for your husband to take you out. You can surprise him with a romantic date as well. The outings should be well executed and planned so that he sees his significance in your life.

The role of the surprise outings is to help him discover you in a different light, separate from family activities and responsibilities.

You’ve been planning your kids’ birthday parties and organizing parent meetings, but doing something special for your husband outside the social obligations will make him fall in love with you again.

A short rejuvenating vacation without your children will reawaken your relationship. Find some new tunes to add to your road trip playlist. You never know you might find a new song to dance to during your newfound relationship.

19.  Pursue A Hobby That He Likes

To sustain a healthy marriage, you must grow and evolve with your husband. To accomplish that, you can consider pursuing a hobby that your husband really loves.

If he is enrolled in a golf club, you can join it and offer him company to spend more time together.

Investing in activities that interest your man will reignite the sparks that have fizzled out in your marriage and will guarantee he falls in love with you again.

Showing interest in the things that make your husband happy is a great way of displaying your love for him.

20.  Accept Your Mistakes and Apologize

If your husband has withdrawn his love for you, then it is time to assess yourself to see whether you’ve wronged him.

Owning up for the mistakes you made in the past and saying sorry can help rebuild your hubby’s trust and love for you.

Mistakes are inevitable in a marriage, but you shouldn’t let them destroy your relationship. Instead, try to see where you are going wrong and make amends.

When your husband notices that you are genuinely making a positive change to become a better you, his love for you will overflow.

21.  Bring New Moves In Bed

Want to capture your husband’s attention again? Bring back the bedroom adventure.

Forget the vanilla missionary position and lie like a starfish as he pounds away. Even something as simple as making the first move or offering to switch positions during lovemaking can pique his interest in you again.

First things first, stop making excuses for why you can’t get intimate with your husband. Your baby won’t die when you devote an hour a day to passionate lovemaking with your man.

Besides, learn to be adventurous in bed. Buy furry handcuffs and a blindfold and get your kinky on. Try sex positions you’ve not done in years and do it in new places, such as his office or the restaurant’s restroom.

See if that won’t make him fall madly for you again! He will be elated.

22.  Dress To Impress

Women can take their looks for granted when they get hitched.

You might have changed your wardrobe to prioritize comfort over sexy and chic. But it won’t hurt to look glamorous to create a lasting impression on your hubby’s mind. Make changes in your wardrobe by getting a new haircut, buying stylish clothes, and some sexy heels.

That will make your husband feel important as he knows you are making an effort to impress him. He will reciprocate by loving you back in every way. He might even dress up for you and take you to dinner to show that he loves you.

Such simple changes as investing in a good self-grooming kit, makeup, and accessories hold the answer to making your husband swoon over you just the way he did when he first met you.

23.  Balance Your Personal and Professional Life

Want to win back your husband’s commitment? Simple- don’t get too engrossed in your professional life in a way that you sideline your husband.

If you get a pay raise or a promotion, let him be the first to know.

As you celebrate his successes, ensure you share your joys with him. Remember it’s you and him against the world, and without each other’s support, your marriage cannot work.

Learn to balance between your professional and personal life because a career can’t bring you happiness if your husband is unhappy.

💞 How can I regain my husband’s love? 💞

How can I regain my husband's love
Photo credit: skynewsngr.com

Let’s be honest, regaining your husband’s love is a long hard road without quick fixes.

So, let’s dive directly into the steps you can apply to enthrall the passion in your marriage.

❣️ Take A Step Back

Try and gauge what those new and exciting years of your married life were like. Ask yourself what went wrong and how you treated each other. Maybe you had an enormous fight that changed everything.

But with the help of your husband, try to relive the good moments of your marriage. You could go to the same restaurant you went to on your first date and perhaps order the same meals.

Rebuild the love and passion! Such small things are essential in triggering your husband’s mind to remember how he once felt for you.

❣️ Learn To Compromise

We can’t stress this enough. Compromise is a crucial word in marriage. After several years in your marriage, you have built upon automatic responses to counter things that you don’t like: “No, I don’t want to go to the party” or “We are going to church, whether you like it or not.”

These sorts of impromptu responses are detrimental to a successful and happy marriage. What’s worse is that they can stop you from regaining your husband’s love.

Rather than giving the first response that comes to your mind, stop and consciously think about the answer to your husband’s requests to give a clear and calculated response.

Hopefully, over time you can learn to compromise on some things even if you end up disagreeing or saying no, the fact that you have thought it through before answering will do you good. Besides, you might enjoy some of the activities you keep overlooking.

❣️ Discover Your Outside Life

Making new friends and broadening your horizons will make your man start to crave attention. When you spend time apart and focus on your separate social lives, he will appreciate your time together all the more!

These outside interests, except an affair, of course, could be joining a gym, enrolling in a club, or just getting in touch with girlfriends whom you haven’t met for so long.

Rather than worrying too much about how your husband doesn’t love you anymore, spend time in some creative time to take your mind off the relationship stress.

Your hubby can also join in on some of these pursuits. This is even better because you can spend some extra quality time with him, and you may land a shared interest or skill.

Even if he doesn’t join you, spending time on such hobbies will make you happier, and when you are happier, it will ignite his love for you.

❣️ Stop Playing Mind Games

All the passive aggressiveness and digs have to stop honey! Such verbal battles and hostile body cues may make you feel justified but over time, they not only make you weary but also kill your husband’s love for you.

Make it your aim, to be frank rather than beating about the bush.

Mind games are best reserved for fun situations such as play fighting and bedroom teasing. These can help boost your relationship and be a healthy reminder of your passion.

But doing or saying hurtful things to get back your man will inevitably lead to regret.

❣️ Communication Is Key

Communication is one of the most crucial elements for regaining your husband’s love and is important for a push to rekindle your marriage.

Talk to your man honestly and openly about anything, from the weather to the TV show you want to see. Ask him about his day and tell him about yours.

Though obvious, you’ll be surprised at the number of couples who forget to communicate with each other. Small conversations are often taken for granted, but they can help you open the channels to the more important things about your married life that you need to discuss.

❣️ Be Honest

Honesty is the most crucial aspect of a relationship and a critical part of regaining your husband’s love that may have lapsed.

Sure enough at some point in your relationship, you could tell your hubby anything there was to know about your life. But as you grow, things change.

For example, you begin to feel uncomfortable disclosing some things, such as about a colleague who hits on you or a sexual smothering you’ve been experiencing.

Because you don’t want to hurt his feelings, you may conceal and hide some information. It may seem harmless, but it’s often the little dishonesties that cost you loving married life.

Always strive to be completely honest and open with your man. You’ll find that he will do the same for you, which boosts his affection for you. It’ll also get you opening up and communicating easily with each other.

❣️ Trust Him

Working hand in hand with honesty, trust is another key to unlocking your man’s love again. Trust is always a choice, so don’t allow distrustful thoughts to consume your mind.

It is impossible to regain his love without first winning his trust, and you can do this by working through your feelings of insecurity.

Ask yourself why you lost trust in him and think of what either you or he could do to regain what you once had and make things better.

❣️Reignite The Romance

Remember the first dates you went on where you would play footsie, hold hands, and smooch in the rain? It’s time to bring it back and generally make a fuss of the hubby you love so dearly.

He may need a boost, especially if he lets go of such romantic acts himself. He still has it in him; you just need to coax the romantic young man out.

Generally, to reignite the spark in your relationship, romance is important. This, together with other steps listed offers a good foundation for regaining love in the marriage you don’t want to give up.

✎Ways on how to win your husband back ✎

It stings when your marriage goes down the drain. Even worse, it is heartbreaking when your husband gives up on you, and you are left asking whether he will ever come back.

So how can you win your man’s heart again? It boils down to you- how committed you are to making things work for both of you.

Well, here are some pointers to help you get started.

💓 Try To Understand Why He Left You

Have some compassion and empathy in your heart. Unless he was too embarrassed from being unfaithful, you need to find out the missing aspect of your marriage.

If you don’t get to the root cause of the issue that needs to be solved from your end or it’s just in his nature, winning him back may not work. So, the first step is to understand why it happened to get him back.

If it is something that you can work on, be compassionate about it. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and move on from there.

💓 Give Him Time

If he hurt you, give him some breathing space instead of complaining and resenting over your issues. You need to be the spouse your husband wants to come back to.

Understand that he left you for someone else because something was missing in your relationship. Or if you feel like it was entirely his fault, this is not the time to lament about it.

If you desire his love again, you will have to give him some time before talking through the issues.

💓 Be Happy

It’s normal to be sad about your hubby leaving you, especially if he left you for another woman.

But try to focus on the things that enrich you and make you happy. Winning your man back can be much easier if you focus on feeling great and deciding to get happy first rather than applying the tact of getting him back.

He will feel your sudden burst of energy and be drawn to you again.

💓 Don’t Be A Drama Queen

No man likes a wife who causes drama all the time. Yes, the situation is delicate, and it’s a huge deal, but it’s not good enough reason to credit a messy outrage.

Winning back your man’s love can be a challenge but please, sister, for the love of God, don’t vent about it to your family. This is the first call for drama.

Leave your parents and cousins out and sort it out with your husband alone.

💓 Think Positively

If you believe in a higher power, this may be an appropriate time to write a prayer letter for your man to come back home and say it daily until you believe it.

You can also write about all the good times you shared, all the things you love about him, and your plans. Doing so will make you feel positive about your life and marriage.

You might not be sure he will come back to you, but it helps to make an affirmation that he is coming back.

💓 Be Strong

Don’t have meltdowns, especially in public. Play it cool.

Easier said than done, but you have to understand that losing your temper and crying isn’t going to help the situation. It’ll only make the hole deeper and contribute to depression.

💓 Ask Yourself Why You Want Him Back

Sometimes it helps to ask yourself why you want to work on your marriage so badly. If your relationship can be salvaged, then it is worth your effort.

But if the situation is beyond repair, say, your husband filed for a divorce, it might be time to let go and let nature do its course.

Don’t fight it. It’s said that if you love someone, you have to let them go free. Sometimes fighting for someone means releasing them, and if they truly love you, they will come back again.

So, give yourself some grace and stop beating yourself up trying so hard to get him back.

💓 Listen To Him

When he is ready to talk, give him a listening ear, and don’t be too quick to express your opinions. Get to know how he feels, what he needs, and what was the reason he left you.

If you’ve always been the talker in your relationship, this time reserve the role and learn to listen. This will have a big impact on him.

💓 Don’t Be A Control Freak

Trying to control the marriage all the time can be a huge turn-off and will drive him away even more.

Controlling him also shows that you don’t trust him and you’re doubting his abilities. No man likes to be controlled, especially if his wife makes him feel he isn’t good enough.

Make him come back to you by trusting him completely. Tell him you trust him with his decision and that you support him.

Call it reverse psychology or not, but telling him you trust him to do what is best for him will make him wonder if he made a good decision.

He will notice a better side of you that is not controlling, but understanding and empathetic.

💓 Focus on Your Personal and Spiritual Growth

Focus on enhancing yourself spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Join a yoga club or the gym, enroll in a new course, and establish new connections with people who will reframe your mind. That will take the weight off blaming him for everything and help you grow into the best version of yourself.

Doing so will not only attract and inspire your husband but will guarantee that you win him back from the other woman.

In the end, you will win without a single petty catfight!

💓 Consult A Relationship Coach

Rather than complaining about your failed marriage to your psychiatrist 1 hour per week, we advise consulting a relationship coach who will recommend future solutions separately and during joint sessions.

If you want to win your man back, you don’t want to recap all the reasons why he left in the first place but focus on rebuilding your relationship.

💓 Learn His Love Language

If you never learned your husband’s love language, it’s time to invest in the book, The 5 Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts by Gary D. Chapman. This book will revolutionize your life and your marriage.

There are five primary love languages; namely, words of affirmation, acts of service, affection, quality time, and gifts. Based on this, you must know your husband’s love language.

But perhaps he left you because you took his love language for granted and tried to change him into someone he is not. Knowing his love language, learn to embrace the efforts he makes to show that he cherishes you.

Simple! So, don’t pressure him to gift you when his love language is to invest in spending extra time with you to make you happy.

Remember, the aim is to appreciate him for who he is rather than change him into who you want him to be.

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💫 How to Reconnect With Your Spouse 💫

It’s easy to take the small things for granted but staying creative, being interested, and finding new interesting ways to keep the fire burning is more crucial than ever to power through.

Incorporate these pointers into your lives, some of which only need five or ten minutes to get back to that sweet spot again.

✹ Give Yourself Some Space

Aside from work, your kids, and family responsibilities, take some time every day to focus exclusively on each other.

You need to feel connected, so do what works best for you because every couple is different. Before the day ends, have a make-out sesh or snuggle in bed before sleeping.

✹  Compliment One Another

Complimenting your spouse will make them feel desired and attractive. Acknowledging your physical attraction is helpful. Your spouse will be ecstatic to know that after many years, you still find them sexy.

Even something as simple as touching your spouse or holding hands can help spark the reconnection.

✹  Make Time For Silliness

Laughter and silliness can initiate the same chemical connection as romance and intimacy. So, set aside time for silly activities such as hide and seek, strip poker, and scramble with a romantic twist.

If games aren’t your thing, you can form a healthy habit of blowing off steam through a playlist of classic YouTube flops.

✹  Prioritize Friend Calls or Texts

Reconnecting with some random friends goes a long way in reconnecting with your spouse as well.

Checking in on a friend you haven’t talked to in a while will make you happier and elevate your mood.

We all love it when others check in on us, don’t we? The randomness of a call or text from a good old friend will create a good chuckle and brighten your day.

At the end of the day, you’ll have something interesting to share with your spouse.

✹ Make A Joint Daily Journal

Journaling your daily emotions and feelings is a simple exercise that can bring you and your spouse closer together. Writing is the best way to confront your emotions and figure out why you feel what you’re feeling.

The goal is to enlighten each other, create laughter, and journey through your emotions as a couple.

To make it more interesting, you can prob emotional or silly questions such as “How can I add more happiness to this relationship?” “Who do I need to learn from, and why?” “Which movie sums up our sex life?”

✹ Arrange For A Get Away Together

Trips and mini-vacations help to escape the everyday roller coaster of work, family, and kids.

Depending on your schedule, plan for a place you and your spouse would like to go to enjoy new experiences together.

Your relationship will never go stale if you do this every couple of months!

✹ Integrate Work Breaks

If you’re both working from home, this is even better as it becomes easier to schedule mutual break times to catch up. If you go to the office, you can set aside at least five minutes on your lunch or tea breaks to interact via phone or video calls.

If you do this every day, we guarantee increased connection and satisfaction with your spouse.

✹ Ask Thoughtful Questions

It’s easy to get caught up with the usual routines that you forget to learn about your spouse, assuming you already know what there is to know about them.

We often assume we know what our spouse is feeling or thinking, but that’s an assumption.

Use the opportunity to get closer to your spouse through inquisitions you might not usually ask. Examples of such questions are, “What would you write in a letter to your future self 10 years from now?” “What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to share with me?” “If you had a do-over in life, what would it be?”

Such kind of probing questions can help you explore your relationship in less obvious ways.

✹ Write Thank You Notes Every Week

More often than not, we notice our spouse’s flaws than their strengths. But writing weekly thank you notes to each other is a recipe for resentment.

You need to form a habit of expressing gratitude to your partner so that you don’t lose sight of all the beautiful things about your marriage.

When you feel appreciated by your spouse, you’ll feel more connected to them.

Make the note delivery more interesting by finding creative ways to express yourself, such as packing them in their work briefcase, sticking them to their windshield, or hiding them under their pillow.

✹ Check-In With Each Other Everyday

A happy and well-connected couple recognizes each other’s daily accomplishments.

Not every day is going to be a burst of sunshine, but digging deep for anything that you can celebrate will help you positively bond with your spouse.

Take a few minutes before sleeping to check in with each other, snuggle in bed, and show gratitude for the things you went through during the day.

This simple routine is quite involving. It is a moment to get rid of the day’s negatives and unwind for a peaceful night’s rest.

✹ Learn New Skills Together

Acquiring random hobbies can be perfect for reigniting connection and fun. There is no shortage of choices, from cooking classes, painting, pottery, traveling, baking, and many more.

The internet also offers a sea of information and skills to learn that you can do together.

When you take a new skill together, it takes the pressure off your relationship and brings back the fun and innocence.

🌠 How can I attract my husband physically 🌠

How can I attract my husband physically
Photo credit: pandagossips.com

☝️ Update Your Wardrobe

To spark his interest again, change your wardrobe and start making it attractive and sexier. You will be surprised at the effect looking gorgeous has on your kinship with your husband.

Kick the mom bras and grannie undies to the curb and invest in lace panties, sexy bras, and clothes that emphasize your best physical features.

Do your homework and look around for clothes that are best suited for your age and those that will make you beautiful and sexy.

Improving your wardrobe will surely turn him on and enhance your sex life.

☝️Be Open-Minded

One ultimate way to capture your man physically is to be open-minded. The most common issue among a couple is being close-minded, predictable, and rigid. It is time to light it up by trying out new things.

Be open to your hubby’s suggestions, including things in bed and his sexual fantasies. When you open yourself up to exploring new ideas, the possibilities in your married life will be endless.

Furthermore, be willing to bring something new to the table as your husband does so. You never know- your ideas may collide, which will set the stage for some fun times in the bedroom.

Come up with something new and better and watch your husband beg for more of you.

☝️ Talk Dirty To Him

Men love it when you are a naughty girl in the bedroom, so why not try your luck?

Whisper dirty things into his ear to drive him wild with passion and lust. When you are at work, send him naughty texts of all the things you want to do to him when you get home. This will get his blood pumping all over and to other organs if you know what we mean😉

Tease talk is one of the smartest ways to breathe new life into your marriage. Keep things spicy by doing this now and then.

☝️ Admire His Physical Qualities

Tell him what turns you on about him physically. This is the time to admire everything about him, including his dreamy eyes, his huge arms, the way he towers over you, and anything else that draws you to him.

This will not only make him feel cherished and loved but will also make him want to tear your clothes off and be the hero of your dreams.

You will be surprised at how well admiring your man’s wonderful features works out for you!

☝️ Make Yourself Gorgeous

The problem that causes a lot of husbands not to be attracted to their wives is that women stop beautifying themselves. It gets even worse when you have kids.

To keep things alive, you have to beautify yourself as often as you can. Schedule your mani-pedis, put on red lipstick and sweet-smelling perfume.

Beautifying yourself is one of the best ways of ensuring your husband remains attracted to you physically.

☝️  Invest In Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie that brings out your best sexual features is a must-have if you want to awaken your husband’s physical attraction to you.

No matter your body size or shape, there is lingerie that will bring out the sexy you.

No excuses for the baby weight you gained- buy lingerie and sizzle your hubby this instant!

☝️ Be Spontaneous

When your sex life becomes predictable, your husband is bound to lose physical attraction to you.

Men usually fall head over heels for those ladies who are unpredictable and spontaneous. You should therefore try to keep him guessing to keep your sex life alive.

Leave out the date schedules and specific days to have sex. Surprise your man at work dressed to kill and bring out the sex toys every once in a while.

Furthermore, if you’ve been doing the same things in bed, it is time to learn new moves to spice up your romance. Come up with something new to keep him on his toes every time, and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

He will crave more and more!

☝️ Take Charge

You have to learn to be in control if you want to keep things alive physically between you and your man.

Men love to feel wanted, so why don’t you step up to the plate to make your husband feel that he is the most desired man on the planet?

No need to see a shrink to get advice on how to keep your relationship alive when you can take charge to improve it.

Believe it; things will work to your advantage as soon as you take control.

☝️ Make Your Man Your Priority

Somewhere along with your marriage, your husband might have dropped down your priority list due to other responsibilities. It is time to make him your number one priority again to attract him physically.

You will see how automatically and naturally your marriage will improve when you make your husband a priority.

Take him out and make him feel cherished and loved by giving him all your affection to change things for the better.

☝️Set The Mood

Physical attraction comes with the right mood, and it is up to you to create the mood and set the stage for something deeper.

Our remedy is to turn the main lights down, light scented candles, play some smooth, light music, and create the ultimate environment for ideal romance and lovemaking.

☝️ Be Flirtatious

If you want to lure your husband physically, try flirting with another man in his presence. You can even flirt with another woman if that will turn him on.

Flirting with other people will make him a little jealous and pique his interest. The thought of you in the arms of another person will stimulate his instincts to have you all to himself.

☝️ Keep Your Libido In Check

Your libido determines your sex drive, which serves to retain your husband’s physical attraction.

Things such as unhealthy foods, stress, and lack of exercise can lower your libido and affect your sex life.

Therefore, try to work out as often as you can and eat foods that promote a healthy libido overall.

☝️ Remain Attractive and Beautiful

We know that age comes with its gravitational wonders on your body. But your husband will notice it when you make an effort to remain sexy and attractive.

Keep your body, face, and skin alive. There are body and skin care products for women in all age groups, so you are well covered!

Ensure that you remain beautiful throughout so that your hubby will want to come back to you and no one else.

Being attractive also means keeping your health and weight in check. So, exercise as much as you can for a better you. The good news is that you don’t have to join the gym to work out if you don’t want to.

There are many ways to exercise, and the internet offers a wide array of ideas, including home aerobics and dance workouts.

So be attractive and see how fast it lures him!

☝️  Be Positive

Having a positive mindset will give you power over your situation rather than your situation having power over you. So, if things are not working in your favor in your marriage, the best way to tackle this situation is to be positive.

The most crucial trait that men love in women is positivity. Having a positive disposition and outlook on life and your marriage will make your man more inclined towards you.

So, change things up and start being positive, and you will be surprised at the impact this has on your marriage.

☝️ Role Play To Spice Things Up

Role-playing is an important aspect of having a solid kinship between you and your husband.

Role-playing will keep your man on his toes. He will be so excited that he won’t have to think of going to other places for love or sex.

Moreover, another key to physical attraction is to come on strong. If your man is constantly initiating things, switch it up by being more dominant. He will love the change.

☝️ Flaunt Your Body

Most women have no idea about how good their bodies are designed to feel. So, our recommendation is to focus on your body and start flaunting.

Show a little more skin such as your cleavage, flaunt your curves, sneak a view of your thighs in your dress or skirt, and he will automatically be invested in you physically.

Therefore, be proud of your body and focus on it as much as you can, and you will notice how it enlivens your relationship.

☝️ Don’t Be Unfaithful

One of the key reasons why marriages fall apart is that one of the spouses has cheated on the other.

If you suspect that your husband is getting some on the side, which is why he is no longer attracted to you physically, the solution is not to join in.

Unfaithfulness will make things go out of control in every possible way. A healthy marriage is based on trust, but if both you and your husband are playing games rather than communicating and talking through your issues, things will change for the worse.

So, if you want to regain your husband’s physical attraction, focus on the rest of the pointers we’ve offered for you instead of getting back at him.

Besides, if you suspect he is cheating, it’s only an assumption. Focus on getting to the root cause of the issue first before you choose to retaliate.

♦ Ways To Impress Your Husband ♦

Good news! It’s no rocket science to find ways to impress your husband and make him fall head over heels for you. All you need to do is to learn how to string the correct chords in his heart.

So here are a few tips on how to impress your husband:

➬ Wear The Apron!

Not just a sexy apron when role-playing, we mean wearing an apron and getting busy in the kitchen.

In a world of gender equality and feminism, it’s easy to overlook basic wifey roles such as cooking for your hubby. But the old common saying still applies today, “the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach.”

Amid your busy work schedule, give your maid a break on Friday nights or a Sunday afternoon and cook his favorite dish. This is a steadfast way to impress your man.

Though your cooking skills may not be on point, he will certainly appreciate the lengths you’re going through to impress him.

➬ Gain New Knowledge

Men find intelligence particularly mind-blowing. If you want to impress your husband, work on staying up to date with the world’s events, as well as gaining historical knowledge and any other relevant information.

The essence is to stay informed! And lucky for you in this digital age, you have so much information at your disposal with just the touch of a button.

Talking about things that are relevant to today’s world with your husband will for sure gain his interest.

➬ Do Something Pleasant For His Family

If his family is close-knit, they must have held a high place on his priority list. Therefore, one way to impress your husband is to do something nice for his family.

Buy them gifts for Christmas, take his mom out on a spa date, host his family for dinner at your home, plan a shopping date with his sister, take their dogs for grooming, etc. The list is endless.

These simple acts of kindness towards your husband’s family will touch his heart and get him to warm up to you all over again.

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➬ Be His Best Friend

Don’t limit yourself to being his life partner. Work on being his best friend to create a lasting connection that will never fade out no matter the circumstances.

And what do best friends do? Simply, start by being his biggest cheerleader when he needs support to accomplish his goals. Lend him a listening ear when he needs to talk, encourage him when he is low, and just have fun and joke around with him.

Let his male buddy come second because you’ve already occupied the best friend’s seat. Occasionally go out for a beer with your husband and talk about other stuff apart from the kids and family.

Being his best friend comes with other perks-obviously he can’t make love to his male buddy!

➬  Enjoy the Pillow Talk

Want to make a lasting impression on your man? Bring back the pillow before bedtime.

No matter how bone tired you are by the end of the day, try to create at least 30 minutes of exclusive one-to-one talk between you both. Reopen those gates that got jammed along the lines of your married life due to lack of attention and effort.

Pillow talk doesn’t have to involve sex. You could talk about your day and laugh over little mishaps at work or tell him about the funny thing your fur baby did that morning.

Those minutes of pillow talk are sacred, and when you make it a habit of doing so, he will feel more connected to you than ever.

➬ Take Interest In His Favorite Activities

Whether your husband likes video gaming, fishing, golfing, gadgets, or mechanics, take the time to learn a little about his hobbies.

Your husband will be awed if you suddenly start talking about horsepower or the new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500SE in the market.

For sure, he will see you in a new light and will be aroused.

➬ Surprise Him With Love Notes

Find opportunities to slip love notes into his jacket pocket, his lunch box, or his work journal. Rest assured, when he sees it, he will be as smitten as a love-struck teenage boy.

Alternatively, you can send him a love voice note over the phone or call him during the day just to tell him you miss him.

He will love the fact that you’re always thinking of him.

➬ Work on Your Hygiene

It’s often the little things that make or break your relationship.

Things such as foul breath, untamed pubic hair, or body odor are a huge turnoff. If you want to reignite your intimacy, it is about time you pay special attention to such things, especially if you’ve been slacking off lately.

Shave or trim unwanted body hair, freshen up before bed, and brush your teeth twice a day. This will make you more desirable to your husband. Additionally, splash a little body spray to smell immaculate when you go to bed.

Of course, he’ll return the favor by upping his hygiene himself.

➬ Be More Thoughtful

Men love to be showered with gifts just like women do. He may not expect you to get him a gift, but doing so shows that you’re thinking of him and will earn you an extra star on his impressive list.

Being mindful of deeds and words will impress your husband big time. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts. You could be out shopping and see a pair of shoes that you think will look awesome on him, buy them.

It’ll let him know that he is in your mind at all times.

➬ Be Independent

Men will never stop falling for women who can pull their weight. Want to impress your man? Be an equal and independent partner in your marriage.

Rather than depending on your hubby for emotional, financial, or spiritual support, strive to be a wife who can support him in any way possible should the need arise.

➬ Bring Back The Flirting Game

Shed your inhibitions and rediscover the good old days of playfulness and romance.

Touch his thigh when you’re out on a double date with your friends, steal kisses when no one else is looking, caress his tushy when he passes you by, and nibble on his ear lobes. It’ll get his blood pumping.

Buy sexy lingerie and send him a sultry photo of yourself in it with the caption ‘There is a well-packaged gift waiting for you to unwrap when you get home.’

Watch how quickly he comes home to you!

➬ Allow Him Some ‘Me’ Time

Rather than cringing when he wants to hang out with his friends, strive to give him his space. This will show that you trust him and will make a big change in your relationship.

Men go through a lot of challenges, and your husband will often need some time to unwind with his buddies after a tough day. Show your support by letting him go to have some ‘me time, and he will be inspired.

➬ Brandish Yourself

Work on flaunting yourself when with your husband. Wear a short skirt when doing your usual chores. Unbutton a couple of buttons on your blouse or wear an apron alone when cooking. Your hubby’s eyes will light up and follow you all over the house.

Don’t worry about your pot belly or your flaps. We encourage you to exercise and eat healthily, but it is generally about how confident you are in your skin.

So, do a little twerking while mopping and show off that fabulous booty. Your man will love it!

➬ Keep Up With Your Looks

Baggy pants and t-shirts, crocs and messy buns-look in the mirror, like what you see? Chances are you wouldn’t take yourself on a date looking like that.

To impress your husband, start paying attention to your looks. Neat hair glossed lips and a perfumed body go a long way in reigniting your hubby’s love interest for you.

Eat healthy for a fit body and to feel good about yourself. Not only will these changes impress your husband, but they’ll also nurture your body and mind and put a spring in your step.

➬  Offer Him A Smile When He Comes Home

This is a minor change but, smiling will cost you nothing. If your husband often gets home after you, greet him with a sweet and welcoming smile.

This simple gesture will melt his heart and guarantee to impress him.

➬ Say Yes To Bedroom Experimentation

Variety adds to the spice of life, especially when physical intimacy is involved.

Shake off your inhibitions and be open to your husband’s crazy suggestions. As long as it doesn’t compromise your moral values, then go with the flow.

From bondage, dirty talking, blindfolds, role-playing, and eating off each other’s erogenous zones, there is so much you can do to blow your man’s mind in bed.

🤔 Can my husband fall in love with me again? 🤔

Can my husband fall in love with me again
Photo credit: marriage.com

First, you need to remember that you cannot make or force another person to do anything. You can lead a donkey to the river, but you can’t make it drink. That’s the bitter truth that you have to accept even as you apply all the pointers we mentioned on how to make your husband fall in love with you again. So, fighting the truth that there is a possibility your husband will not love you again will only make things worse.

Second, it’s difficult to accept that your husband doesn’t love you again when his behavior is contradictory or inconsistent. For example, if he has confessed to you that he’s not in love with you anymore but hasn’t left, then your guess is as good as ours. He is probably confused about what he wants and what to do next.

Third, to guarantee your husband falls in love with you again, you have to draw or attract him back to you, not coerce him to love you. The key is to focus on making yourself better and happier than fixing him.

Though you can’t control his feelings or responses, there is stuff you can do for yourself to foster contentment, happiness, and wholeness. When he observes that you’re invested in yourself rather than him, it will likely capture his attention.

Your husband most likely has plenty of things he needs to change about himself too. But it’s a huge mistake to focus on his weaknesses at first because he may not be willing to hear them from you.

However, it is possible to regain your husband’s love again. By introspecting and ensuring that you are the best version of yourself, your husband is likely to see the qualities that attracted him in the beginning and regain the love for you he once felt.

So start where you can. Shift your energy to yourself and create your happiness that doesn’t revolve around him.

😔 Signs you’re in an unhappy marriage 😔

Unfortunately, many people out here are in unhappy marriages. Usually, the problem starts with communication issues where one partner acknowledges the need to talk about things and the other doesn’t. This might occur because one spouse’s ambitions no longer align with their partner’s, or they feel like their needs are not met in the relationship.

In some cases, both spouses find themselves trapped in unhealthy habits such as constant nagging or complaining and retreating because they’re too tired to fight anymore.

Whatever the impact, by identifying the crack in your marriage, you’ll have the chance to bring back happiness with your spouse.

These are the signs to help you figure out if you are in an unhappy marriage:

➽ You Downplay Each Other’s Concerns

Oftentimes, unhappy marriages are rooted in inequalities where one partner thinks their needs are more important than the other and so dismisses their spouse’s expressions.

Minimizing your spouse’s concerns is a huge deal in marriage because it kills the whole equal partnership thing.

If you find yourself constantly striving to gain the upper hand in your marital discussions, you should consider seeing a therapist who will help you figure out why you don’t value your spouse’s concerns.

➽  There Is No Fun Anymore

You don’t laugh or do silly things with each other anymore. That’s a huge sign of unhappiness in your marriage.

Despite all the compromises and disagreements that come with married life, couples need to laugh together at the end of the day. But if you and your partner can’t seem to find light when things get heavy, it means that both of you are in a negative rut and need help to find a happy place.

➽ You Feel Isolated

If you’re constantly feeling neglected and hurt in your marriage, try to get to the root cause of the matter.

There could be several reasons, such as your partner’s endless narrations about how awesome this new job is, focusing too much on the kids and leaving you in the dust or being too preoccupied with work.

Once you identify the source of your unhappiness, you’ll be able to inform your spouse why their actions make you feel isolated and what changes they can make.

If your partner doesn’t relate to your feelings of loneliness, you’ll need to seek assistance from a counselor.

➽ One Of You Has Been Unfaithful

Even if you and your partner had dealt with an affair one of you had, you might be keeping in feelings of anger and resentment.

The pain of unhealed wounds can profess itself in a myriad of ways, including avoiding intimacy with your partner or guilting them over an issue you had worked through.

One cannot forget that infidelity once occurred, but for a happy marriage, the victim partner has to learn to trust. But if you can’t seem to move past it, the best thing to do is admit you are unhappy and consider getting third-party help or separating altogether.

➽ Most Of Your Discussions End Up In Arguments

If you can’t seem to agree on anything and simple conversations end up in bickering, this indicates that you and your partner don’t value the same things in life anymore.

Rather than downplaying your spats as normal couple happenings, think about what you’re fighting about, whether you’re igniting arguments to cover up your resentment, and how many times you fight over the same things.

What you might think are the healthy motions of marriage may be signs that you and your spouse are no longer a good fit for each other.

➽ You Can’t Commit Anymore

Marriage is a long-life commitment to be with just one partner. But oftentimes people get into marital ties all for the wrong reasons, such as to avoid loneliness, pressure from family, peers, or society and to deal with an unwanted pregnancy, etc.

Rushing or being pressured into marriage before one is ready often leads to unhappiness later on.

If you find yourself in this category, it may be time to come clean with your spouse and discuss the options you have to take to be happy again. The choices are many, including separation, divorce, an open marriage, etc. Do what works for you.

➽ You’re In Denial

Being in denial about your marital issues can be frustrating, especially if one of you refuses to acknowledge your concerns.

Such denial is a major stumbling block to your relationship. For a marriage to work, both of you should be willing to compromise, shut up to listen, and make a genuine effort to consider your partner’s point of view.

Marriages also need a high level of empathy. So, if your spouse doesn’t empathize with you when you are hurting and refuses to seek help to improve your marriage, then it may be time to call it quits.

➽ You Find Yourself Falling For Other People

When you are newly married, you only have eyes for your spouse, despite the advances and flirtations from other people.

But if you find that you’re increasingly attracted to other people sexually or spending time with someone in a manner that would cause guilt if your spouse found out, it’s an indication that you’re unhappy and slowly pulling away from your marriage.

It’s most probable that something is missing from your partnership that you think you’ll find in your relationship with other people.

➽ You’re Not Getting Intimate

If you and your partner used to make love several times a week and suddenly it changes to every couple of months, you are upping the chance of one of you feeling lonely and unwanted.

Sex is a big contributor to feelings of happiness and satisfaction in a marriage. So, when the desire for physical connection with your spouse begins to peter out, it can stir up resentment that drives you apart.

➽ Time Together Feels Like Time Alone

Rather than communicating, time together with your partner means you’re preoccupied with your things. One of you spends time watching TV, and the other is more interested in the latest on Facebook.

If you talk less and less whenever you are together, it’s a sign that your marriage is on shaky ground.

➽ You Constantly Imagine Divorce

Routinely fantasizing about your divorce or your life with someone else is a major sign that you’re no longer feeling your spouse.

If the idea of singledom makes you happy, you probably don’t want a life with your partner anymore.

➽ You No Longer Confide In Each Other

Marriages need openness and transparency to last. But if you find yourself sharing more details about your life with your friend or colleague than your spouse, you might have trust issues that you need to deal with for a healthier marriage.

➽  Everything Your Spouse Does Get On Your Nerves

When little things about your partner start to get under your skin, there’s a chance your attraction towards them is beginning to fade away.

Do you suddenly notice how loudly they chew? Does their snoring annoy you? Does your wife’s high-pitched voice make the hair on your body stand on end? In these situations, there’s always an underlying issue, and often the problem is you.

If this sounds like you, consider taking one-to-one sessions with your therapist. Maybe your partner has taken on more responsibilities at work that you hardly see anymore, or you feel taken for granted.

Getting to the bottom of the issue will help you stop bracing yourself for your partner’s every move and go back to embracing.

➽ You Are Keeping Secrets

Being vague with your partner offers the ground for suspicion and mistrust.

Be it substance abuse struggles, job loss, or an affair, keeping secrets is a common relationship stressor, and if not handled head-on might shove your marriage towards Splitsville.

➽ You Avoid Arguments

If you and your partner repeatedly sleep in separate rooms when you’re upset, you might be so detached from each other that arguing doesn’t seem worth the hustle anymore.

Though overboard fighting is worrisome, no fighting at all isn’t the lesser evil. That shows that the two of you have nothing left to fight for in your marriage.

You could try to invent a different strategy for conflict resolution like writing a letter to each other expressing your feelings rather than storming out on each other in anger.

When you agree on an appropriate method, try to hear out your partner while keeping an open mind. You can then come up with a solution together.

➽ Your Spouse Constantly Criticizes You

If you never seem to do anything right according to your spouse, and you always have to walk on eggshells to avoid their criticism, there is a good chance your relationship is lacking in some compassion and TLC.

It seems like your partner can’t accept you for who you are anymore, which might make you feel very unhappy and dissatisfied.

➽ You Have Different Goals

It’s important to talk about goals before you say ‘I do.’ If you get hitched for separate reasons, those opposing values will likely drive a wedge between you two.

So you want kids, and your partner doesn’t, or you got married for companionship, but your partner only did it for ideal tax purposes.

All these little agendas that we overlook are the very reasons that contribute to unhappiness in marriage. If you can’t find a middle ground in your partnership, then you’ll have to find other people whose goals match yours.

💔 How do you know when your husband no longer loves you? 💔

As time passes in a marriage, how partners show love for each other evolves. But you might be wondering if your husband still loves you at all.

If you have doubts, then look at the signs we’ve listed for you below. The more signs you see in him, the more likely it is that your man doesn’t love you anymore.

Here they are:

▷ He Blames You For Your Marital Issues

When you talk about the current state of your married life, he places the blame entirely on you. It’s your fault for not fighting harder. He condemns you for pushing him away.

He blames you for changing from the woman he fell in love with. Everything seems to be your fault.

▷ He Doesn’t Want To Talk

When you try to hold discussions about the state of your relationship, he doesn’t want to hear it or talk about it.

He clams up and refuses to talk about the problems you are going through. He is disconnected and shows no willingness to try to work on your marriage.

▷ He Doesn’t Get Jealous If You Flirt With Other People

You may try to get his attention by trying to flirt lightly with someone else, but your husband doesn’t even bat an eyelid. That shows that he’s not in love with you any longer and doesn’t consider the other person as a threat.

Chances are high that he is also flirting with another woman, and who knows what else he is doing out there.

▷ He Flirts With Other Women Openly

He doesn’t hide the fact that other women flirt with him. Whether he does that to hurt your feelings or not, the message is crystal clear; he is attracted to other women but not you.

You may even have evidence to prove that he has been unfaithful to you, and it doesn’t bother him.

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▷ He Tries To Make The Kids Hate You

This is a mean and shitty thing to do if he can stoop this low!

He tries to play the victim card with the children and turn them against you. He will say that you no longer care for him and them and that you want to throw him out of the house. He will do whatever it takes to have the kids on his side and not yours.

Honestly, if your man can do this, then it shows that he is malicious and vindicated and not worthy of your love and affection any second longer.

▷ He Doesn’t Make Any Effort Any Longer

He doesn’t want to go the extra mile to salvage your marriage anymore, such as seeing a relationship coach together.

He has simply checked out emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

He lets the relationship run by, but there is no zeal for him to try to fix things. He doesn’t want to take accountability and prefers the easy way of letting your marriage fail gradually.

▷ He Overlooks Important Dates

Anniversaries, birthdays, and other important events- your husband will claim to forget the big days that mean a lot to you unless you constantly remind him.

And despite marking them in bold red on his calendar, he’ll somehow find excuses to overlook them.

▷ He’ll Disrespect You In Small Things

When your husband begins to disrespect you, this shows that his love for you has dried up. And there’s nothing more hurtful than living with a man who lacks respect for you.

He may come home conspicuously late without telling you where he was, he will frequently lie to you even about small things or spend your joint funds without consulting you.

There are lots of ways to show his disrespect towards you, and they all point to the fact that he’s got no love for you.

▷ He Doesn’t Mention About A Future Together

There were times when talks about the future consisted of ‘we.’ He would mention plans to buy you a better car, take you on a vacation, or buy a bigger house for you and the kids.

But those talks no longer happen and he doesn’t mention a future that includes you anymore. Why? Because your husband doesn’t envision you together in the long run.

▷ He Doesn’t Long For You

When you are apart, your man doesn’t call or text to show that he misses you and doesn’t appear to have missed you at all when you meet again.

No hint that he wished you were around, no desire to ask how you have been… nothing!

Things just go back to how they were when he gets back from his long trip.

▷ He Rarely Communicates When You’re Apart

You could text or speak on the plane for hours during the early throes of your marriage.

But lately, when you are not together, he avoids communicating with you altogether. What’s worse is he never picks your calls or answers your texts.

It’s a very hurtful way of showing that you are no longer important for him even to spare a few minutes of recognizing your presence.

▷ Nothing You Do Makes Him Happy

You can go to hell and back for him, but he doesn’t seem to be happy.

You may go to great extents to meet his needs, but nothing is good enough for him. He completely takes you for granted and doesn’t offer you even a single thank you for the efforts you make. Yet he has a fit if you don’t recognize the little things that he does for you.

He expects you to be grateful for his little effort but doesn’t retaliate the much you do for him.

▷ He Bad Mouths You In Public

It’s downright cruel for your husband to speak ill of you in front of others, especially when you’re around to hear every word.

It can leave you feeling humiliated and attacked. He may disguise those digs as jokes, but they are far from amusing.

▷ He Magnifies Your Faults

Any marriage works when you learn to live happily with your partner even though they don’t always do things the way you’d like them to do.

So, one way to tell if your husband doesn’t love you anymore is he’ll point out all your faults. He will criticize your way of doing things and call you ‘stupid’ for not doing things his way.

Worse still, he will pinpoint the physical qualities that he doesn’t like about you. From your hair, jiggly bits to wrinkles will bewail that you’ve stopped trying to make yourself more attractive whilst refusing to recognize that his body doesn’t look the same as when he was 20.

▷  He Finds You Irritable

Anyone can be exasperated with their spouse from time to time. Every relationship has its peak and plunge where everyday life stresses can aggravate us.

But if your man seems increasingly infuriated by you, it can be a sign that he no longer loves you. He seems to have no patience with you and is often vexed even at the slightest things.

You will notice how he quickly raises his tone and makes hurtful remarks when you do or say something that he doesn’t agree with.

▷ He Treats Others Well Except You

Everyone else gets 5-star treatment, but not the woman he once claimed to love.

Your husband doesn’t compliment you but will comment on your neighbor’s amazing new haircut. He shows interest in what other people have to say, but not you. He can even devote his money and time towards helping others, but not his dear wife.

This serves to show how little he values you lately.

▷ He Doesn’t Compliment You Anymore

It’s nice when your partner notices and compliments you when you buy a new outfit, change your hairstyle or get glammed up for date night.

It can be so hurtful when your hubby doesn’t seem to notice anything about you anymore.

You can’t even recount the last time he complimented you, even when you tried your best to impress him.

▷ He Doesn’t Want to Take You Out

Not only is he avoiding spending time with you, but he is not keen on taking you out on dates.

Those special occasions where you set everything aside to focus on one another are now few and far between. He keeps putting it off for whatever reason until months pass by.

He may petulantly organize something for your anniversary or birthday, but he’ll make sure to keep it out of the limelight.

▷ He Has So Many Plans That Don’t Include You

Though it’s healthy to have a life separate from your marriage, your man is now taking it a notch higher.

He is always out every weekend, he spends all his evenings with his buddies, and he is overly invested in his hobbies.

Gone are the days when he would spend a lot of his time with you.

You have been marginalized in your marriage.

▷ He Has Become Increasingly Selfish

He will do things that please him and not care if they please you or not. He’ll put his needs and wishes first and be more adamant to find a middle ground for your sake.

So, your needs take a back seat as you do what he wants to do, you eat what he wants to eat, and you go where he wants to go.

▷ He Refuses To Do The Things You ask Him To Do

We all request our partners time and again. When a marriage is blossoming with love, those requests are granted happily. But if your husband doesn’t have eyes for you anymore, he will grumble at the slightest favor you ask him.

It will take him a ridiculously long time to follow through, or he’ll find excuses why he can’t do it.

▷ He Doesn’t Want Physical Intimacy With You

In many marriages, it is the man who has a higher sex drive and often instigates physical intimacy.

But if you man isn’t eager for the trips to the bedroom anymore, it’s a huge sign that should leave you worried.

And even if he agrees to get between the sheets, it’s through all your efforts. More often than not, he’ll have sex with you just to get the job done. Leave out the intimacy and emotional connection.

That mechanical act will leave you feeling emptier and more unloved than ever.

▷ He Has No Affection Left For You

Couples have different ways of showing affection for each other. It could be kissing before bed or before leaving for work, snuggling up on the couch most nights, or texting lovey texts now and then.

But your man has stopped showing any affection for you. What’s worse, if you try to show him affection, he shuts you out.

▷ He Stopped Listening To You

He zones out of any conversation you try to hold with him, including the basic ones about the kids or the kitchen pipe that needs fixing.

You get a “hmm” or a nod, but you can tell he is not engaged with you. His eyes are fixed on the TV, or his phone or his mind just shifts to something else.

▷ He Doesn’t Ask About Your Life Anymore

You truly miss those days when you and your husband used to share about your everyday happenings. You try to keep the conversation going, but he doesn’t seem to care.

Apart from you voluntarily talking about your day, he never asks how it went, and this makes the conversation one-sided. You ask him about his day, but he never reciprocates.

⚜️ How can you make your husband miss you? ⚜️

How can you make your husband miss you
Photo credit: bonobology.com

You can make your husband miss you in simple but creative ways. That means you have to make yourself valuable to the extent that he can’t picture a life without you.

You can make an impact on your man when you offer a value that cannot be derived anywhere else.

If you want your husband to express how much he misses you, then keep in mind these tips to make him start longing for your presence.

💡 Celebrate Him, Not Only On Special Occasions

You don’t need to wait until Valentine’s or his birthday to celebrate your man. Take him out on a random night and celebrate him.

Appreciate him for being a wonderful husband and father.

You can also cook his favorite meal, or make his favorite snacks. Your effort will certainly arch a good memory in his mind and heart, and he would want to have you by his side.

💡 Go Out With Your Friends

Don’t cling to your husband 24/7, no matter how strong your bond is. Take some time out and have fun with your family and friends too.

Post a couple of photos on social media of you having the time of your life with other people. He may have started to take you for granted lately, but when he sees you enjoying yourself, he might miss the fun you used to have together and long for you.

💡 Have An Unforgettable Time When Together

Always strive to create wonderful memories when with your husband. This will come in handy when you are far apart from each other.

So, when you spend quality time with each other, make sure to refrain from arguing or fighting.

Make good and happy memories that your man will long for. This will guarantee he misses you when not around.

💡 Have A Signature Scent

Certain fragrances and scents remind you of someone. If you have a specific perfume that you like to wear, try using it to your advantage.

Choose to apply the perfume whenever you plan to meet him. That way, when he encounters ascent of the same perfume somewhere else, he will be reminded of you.

A signature scent also applies to the air freshener you use in your home or the fragrance of your bathing soap. Let it be a fragrance that will make him think of you when he senses it elsewhere.

💡 Check Up On Him Often When Not Together

Call your husband when he’s at work or when he takes a business trip. Remind him of the funny conversation you had before he left or the comedy movie you watched together and chuckle at him a little.

The aim is to create happy moments with him that will keep him laughing even long after you end the call.

You could also send cute and funny messages or drop a voice note where you disguise and try to imitate the way he talks.

💡 Hold Intriguing Conversations

Strike interesting conversations with your husband as often as you can. It could be about something intriguing about your past that you’ve never shared with anyone else or his view of reincarnation and if he thinks he’s had a past life before.

You can choose to end your conversations midway to do something else such as attend a meeting or do some shopping.  Let some time pass by before going back to the topic.

He will probably yearn for the next time you continue with your conversation and even initiate it when you meet up again.

💡 Put Yourself In His Face

Wear his cologne or his shirt when he’s home, sneak your lingerie in his luggage when he’s going on a business trip, or send him a cute selfie highlighting your smile when he is at work. This will make him miss you.

If you are living separately, try to leave some of your stuff at the place that will make him think of you. It could be your earrings, lipstick, or lace panties.

💡 Be Independent

When you’re doing your own thing and not always by your husband’s side, he’ll start to wonder what you usually do and will surely miss your company.

It’s perfectly normal for spouses to have their independence, and this makes a relationship deeper and stronger.

Be a busybody who does something productive, and your hubby will be proud of you as well.

💡 Be Yourself

You don’t have to alter your personality to impress your husband or make him miss you. If he is in it for the long haul, he will love and appreciate who you are.

Such distinctive qualities and traits are what will make your man miss you when you are away.

💡 Give Him Space

Don’t hog all your husband’s time by spending every minute of every day with him.

Keep in touch but give him liberty as well. Let him be on his own and do his own thing. He will love you more for that.

Every man loves his “me-time,” but when you give him this freedom to be on his own, he will eventually get tired of the solitude and desire to have you back in his arms sooner or later.

🔮 Can Love Fade Away and Come Back? 🔮

Can Love Fade Away and Come Back
Photo credit: marriage.com

The answer is a vibrant yes! Love may fade away, but you can fall in love again with the person you once loved. Often love fizzles because one partner has a change of attitude or behavior, which deviates from what lured you to them in the first place.

Romantic attraction isn’t always sustained in a relationship. Over time, the excitement and romance could dwindle, leading to reduced love and attraction.

When you’ve been married for several years, the ups and downs of everyday life can make you forget what is truly important. When we start to take our spouses for granted, the level of attraction we have for them will often dissipate.

One thing to note is that loss of romantic attraction does not mean that love no longer exists. This can be challenging for couples because you will want to stay with your partner but struggle with intimacy.

The good news is that there are various ways to reignite the spark between you and your spouse and regain the connection and love. We mentioned most of these pointers in previous sections, but to recount a few, here they are:

📌 Bring back the date nights.

📌 Start a hobby together.

📌 Kiss more often.

📌 Be spontaneous together.

📌 Don’t shy from being naughty.

📌 Renew your marriage vows.

📌 Seek the help of a professional.

🔅 Can you stop loving someone if you truly loved them? 🔅

The truth is you can never order your heart to love someone or stop loving, even though you’re aware that person isn’t right for you.

The heart is stubborn and tenacious. But it can also get tiring after a while. When you keep loving someone who constantly crushes your heart into a million pieces, your heart realizes that letting go of that love is the best thing to do.

Having to stop loving someone you truly love is one of the hardest life lessons that no one deserves to go through. But love is confusing, messy, and unpredictable.

One of the most soul-destroying moments in life is when you realize that the person you love so much doesn’t love you back or lost the love they had for you.

People experience love in different and unique ways. That’s why it’s so difficult to define what true love means.

However, no matter how much you show your affection and love for someone, you have to accept that not everyone we love is meant to stay in our lives.

If you loved someone who broke your heart, your ability to stop loving them or decide to move on depends on several factors, including your past experiences, family values, and your emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

If the loss of love is processed the right way, you can learn that the feeling of love, even when not reciprocated, can produce even more love within yourself.

Every time you love someone and open yourself up to them, you add to your life experiences. You can genuinely love so many people in your lifetime, and all those experiences are real even if they don’t last.

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

If you’re feeling like your marriage is on the rocks, we encourage you to take action to turn things around before the situation escalates.

Many complications can come into marriage, including distance, letting yourself go, sexual issues, or lack of communication. If not addressed correctly, these issues can mutant into disconnection and infidelity.

However, just because your marriage has problems doesn’t mean you’re headed for divorce. Now that you have all the helpful information, the key is to act now before matters get worse.

We have one goal with this post to assist you in salvaging your marriage!

Get some tips and ideas on how to awaken a man’s most secret and powerful desire to earn your love, prove his devotion to you, and give you romance that lasts a lifetime, HERE!

Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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