23 Must-Know Ways On How to make your girlfriend happy

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

One of the greatest feelings in the world is being with someone you love and who loves you, especially when it’s the girl of your dreams. But as everyone knows, relationships can be a challenge to maintain as they progress over time. The better you know your girl, the easier it becomes to understand which actions will make her happy and which won’t. Once you master that, there is no limit to how much she will enjoy spending time with you. So if you want to make your girlfriend happy, keep reading this article for 23 must-know ways to make your woman happy.

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☝️ Wanna know how to make your girlfriend happy? Here are the 23 must-know ways for you! ☝️

Making your girlfriend happy is not a difficult task. It is pretty simple once you learn these crucial little things. If you want to be the most important man in her life, use the 23 tips below on how to make your girlfriend happy;

1. Tell Her That You Love Her

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Telling your girlfriend that you love her is the most simple yet crucial thing in your relationship. You will be surprised by how magical these three words can be. Look deep into her eyes and tell her how much she means to you.

You may have a routine of saying “I love you” when leaving the house or ending a phone call, but do you mean those words? Don’t say the words just for the brownie points. Instead, mean everything you say to her.

2. Leave Her A Love Note

Leaving a love note for your girlfriend may seem like old school trick, but it may be your ticket to making her happy. Girls love cute love notes from their boyfriends, and your girl won’t be an exception.

You can leave her a “You are such an amazing girl” note at the fridge door or an “Am lucky to have you” note on her desk. She will know that you are thinking about her and she’ll be happy about it.

You can also write her a love letter and paste it on her laptop or send it to her email. These small gestures will make her feel loved and appreciated, and she will miss you when you are not around.

3. Always Be Thankful

Always express gratitude to your girlfriend for everything she does for you, no matter how small it may be. Whether she has made you a special meal or taken care of your laundry, remember to say the golden words. It’s a normal thing to say, and it might not make her instantly happy, but in the long run, she will love it that you are grateful for her efforts.

Sometimes we get lost in our daily routines and forget the little gestures of appreciation that make our partners happy. Making it a routine to appreciate your girlfriend will make your lives happier. According to relationship psychologists, couples who remember to be grateful to each other are more likely to stay together.

4. Hug Your Girlfriend More Often

Give your girl a warm hug every time to run into her. Girls love hugs from their boyfriends because they feel safe. Give her random tight hugs when doing chores together because physical affection triggers oxytocin, the feel-good hormone.  A Random warm hug makes your girlfriend feel loved and closer to you, which makes her happy.  It makes her feel special because it indicates that you are comfortable in her presence and can’t stand being away from her.

5. Be Spontaneous

It’s good to have some predictability in your relationship, but surprising her once in a while will make your girlfriend feel happy. Call her when she least expects it and tell her sweet nothings that will make her smile and blush. Show up at her workplace with a bunch of flowers even when there is no special occasion. Small spontaneous gestures will make her feel special, and she will always look forward to seeing you.

You may not have the time or resources to do so, but small spontaneous surprises may not cost you much. For example, you can buy your girl something that she likes online and have the store deliver it to her workplace. Or, you can get home before her and surprise her with a ready dinner. Doing this will make her happy, and she will respond in equal measure.

6. Send Her Sweet Text Messages

Your girl will love to read sweet text messages from you when you are not together. First, let her know how much you miss her and that you can’t wait to see her later. Then, send her random sweet messages that will make her blush when reading.

Let her know your sexy and wild side by flirting with her through texts. Doing this will make her miss you more. If you are in a long-distance relationship, sending her a sweet text message will make her feel closer to you even if you are far apart. She will be longing for the day she will see you because your cute text messages mean that she is in your thoughts.

7. Pamper Her

No matter how independent your girlfriend is, don’t let it fool you. Women love to be pampered because it makes them feel special. She may not tell you, but she secretly wishes you knew how happy she’d be if you pampered her. Pampering your girlfriend arouses the small girl inside her, and it makes her feel happy and special.

You can pamper your girlfriend in many ways, like giving her a massage, thoughtful gifts, or spa treatment once in a while. Pampering means different things to different girls. Therefore, make sure to know what she likes before doing anything. For example, some women love physical touch, while others like being pampered by text messages.

8. Compliment Her

It’s no doubt that girls love compliments. So if you like something about your girlfriend, do not hesitate to compliment her about it. For example, maybe she has a new hairdo, or you like her new scent. In this case, tell her that you like it. Complimenting your girl shows that you notice the little details about her.

It’s normal to forget complimenting your girl, especially when the relationship grows older and you get busy. Remember to compliment her for a delicious meal or her personality because it shows you are interested in her and appreciate her.

9. Cook For Her

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If you ask most women, they would love to taste their partner’s cooking. Even if you are not a professional chef, she will love the effort you put in making her happy. So surprise her once in a while with a ready dinner, and shell loves you for it. Let her sit and relax, knowing that you will take care of dinner.

Even if you are a bad cook, you can improve your culinary skills with time. You can learn to cook her favorite meal through a YouTube channel and surprise her one day. So don’t let your poor cooking skills get in the way of your girlfriend’s happiness.

10. Help Her With The Chores

If you stay with your girlfriend, helping with house chores will make her happy. When a couple stays together, it’s essential to share household chores because it eases the pressure and creates time to love each other. For example, if your girl spends most of her time doing house chores, she may not have time for herself and maybe disgruntled at the end of the day.

Identify some of the chores that you enjoy doing and relieve her. Doing this makes her feel like an equal partner in the relationship, and it makes her happy. In addition, you can spice things up by doing chores together because, as research indicates, couples that do chores together fight less and enjoy sex more.

11. Spend Time With Her

No matter how busy your schedule is, always make time to spend with your girlfriend. She’ll love it when you always create time for her, even if it’s a few minutes in a day. Skip that night out with friends and spend the time with her. Take some time off work and take a trip together to spend quality time knowing each other.

If there is something you love doing together, make sure to create time for it, and she will be very happy. Also, create time to talk about things that concern both of you and improve your relationship, and she will feel happy and appreciated.

12. Support Her Dreams

Even if you are in a committed relationship with your girlfriend, you must accept that both of you have their own lives and dreams. Your girl deserves someone who believes in her dreams without feeling threatened. Even if you have different goals, the best thing you can do is to support her unconditionally.

Your girlfriend may have achieved more in life than you, and she’d appreciate it if you supported her. Instead of competing with her, cheer her on, and she will do the same for you. Women love men who support their dreams and are more likely to be happy in relationships with such men.

13. Have Fun

Remember when your relationship was new. You had so much fun back then, but you have developed routines that make your relationship boring. It’s normal to slow things down as you edge deeper into the relationship, but your girlfriend may get unhappy if you are not too careful.

If you have reached a point where you feel like your relationship is boring, set a date night and spend time together as you rekindle your relationship. Make a little effort to do things you loved doing together, and your girl will feel happy once again.

Make it a regular thing to have fun with your girlfriend, like having a weekly date night or going to the movies once in a while. But, whatever you decide to do, don’t let your romantic relationship turn into a boring union with an unhappy girlfriend.

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14. Be Nice To The People Around Her

Everyone has an important person that they look up to. It could be a best friend or relative, and these people are important in our lives. If you want to make your girlfriend happy, start with making the people that matter to her happy. Treat her close friends and family with respect, and you will put a bright smile on her face.

Make an effort to get close to her family because she probably listens to them and takes their opinions seriously. Don’t distance yourself from her family but instead, ensure that you relate well with them. Your girl will be happy knowing that you respect her family and regard them highly.

15. Respect Her

You can never make your girlfriend happy if you don’t respect her. So treat her with the respect and dignity she deserves. Most people believe that women love compliments, but they also crave respect from their boyfriends. So listen to her and respect her decisions questioning her intellect.

Involve your girlfriend when making decisions that concern both of you. For example, if you are planning a holiday, ask for her input before finalizing any arrangements. Also, make her a priority in your life. Finally, make your girlfriend feel secure by protecting her physically, emotionally, and financially.

Avoid flirting with other women because it will only make her feel insecure. Instead, be honest with her in all aspects and do not betray her. Respecting her will make her feel loved, and she will be happy to be in a long-term relationship with you.

16. Communicate Effectively

Lack of communication in a relationship causes misunderstandings and unhappiness. For example, maybe your girlfriend is unhappy because you don’t communicate effectively with her. Share your thoughts and stop hiding your feelings from her. Maybe she feels like you don’t take her seriously because you never listen to what she has to say. In this case, start actively listening to her.

Stay engaged in the conversation by using non-intrusive verbs like “uh-huh” or “I see” to show you follow. Have open body language when having a conversation, and avoid looking at your phone because it indicates that you are distracted.

Remember to tell your girlfriend what you want too. Don’t let her keep guessing your next move or how you feel about an issue in your relationship. Any healthy relationship is based on an effective communication from both partners.

17. Plan The Future

Your girlfriend may be crazy in love with you, but she also needs to feel secure about her future. Maybe you are a few months into the relationship, and you want to make every moment count. But as your relationship progresses, you need to plan the future together and establish your long-term goals.

Even if you are in a long-term relationship, she needs to know that she is a part of your future. She doesn’t want to give the relationship her all and get disappointed later on. Your girlfriend will feel happy knowing that she has something to look forward to in the relationship. Share your expectations with her as she shares hers to ensure you are on the same page.

Many things will change as you edge deeper into the relationship, and your goals may change. Ensure that both your goals align as your relationship grows to avoid any problems in the future. Your girlfriend will be happy to spend her whole life with you, knowing that she’s a part of your plan.

18. Give Her Space

Even if you are in a committed relationship, you need to have a life for yourself. Don’t lose your passion because you are in a relationship. Your girlfriend needs space to pursue her goals and hobbies, as you also need to pursue your passions.

It’s easy to get carried away by your love for her, and before you know it, you have lost all your friends, and she is the only thing that matters to you. Women get attracted to powerful men that have a life of their own. She wants a man who has control over his life because a relationship gets boring if she has her way all the time.

Love her but also don’t forget your passion and dreams. Go out and meet your friends, as she goes to meet hers. Doing this will make your girlfriend happy to know that she is in a balanced relationship with you.

19. know What Your Girlfriend Likes

You cant make her feel special and happy unless you know what she wants. Learn the little things that make her happy and the ones that upset her, and you will be the best boyfriend she’s ever had. If you are new in the relationship, get to know things about her childhood, hobbies, romantic, and ugly side.

Getting to know your girlfriend indicates that you are interested in her well-being and ready to commit to her. It will get rid of any misunderstandings, and you’ll know how to love her better. In addition, your girlfriend will feel at ease sharing her innermost feelings and secrets with you, and you’ll both enjoy a happy relationship.

20. pay Attention To Her

Pay attention to your girlfriend’s feelings and needs, and she will feel loved and happy. For example, don’t spend all your time on the phone when you are together because she will feel like you are not interested in her. Instead, pay attention to her physical and emotional needs and listen to her without judging.

If you are at a party, don’t leave your girlfriend alone as you talk with your friends or ignore her presence when around your colleagues or family. Instead, make her your priority, and she will be happy with your efforts. Likewise, avoid giving your attention to other women when she’s around because it will only make them jealous. Instead, identify her as your girlfriend, and she will feel appreciated and happy.

21. Compromise For Her

However much you love each other, there are times you will not agree on everything. Will you be willing to compromise for the sake of the relationship? Most conflicts among couples begin when both partners are unwilling to give in to save the relationship. If your girlfriend feels like she has to compromise all the time, she may not be happy.

You may not like all the TV shows she enjoys, but it will make her happy if you compromise for her once in a while. For example, eat at her favorite restaurant once in a while to make your girl happy. It’s the little things that make or break a relationship, and they may stand in your way of happiness.

22. Be Chivalrous

Your girlfriend may not tell you, but she will love it when you treat her like a princess. Open the car door for her, and she will feel special and loved. Save the last bite of food for her, and she will know that she’s more important than the food. Make an effort to know and spend time with her family, and she will know that you appreciate her.

It’s the little things you do that will brighten up your girlfriend’s face. Protect her from any physical or emotional harm, and she will feel special being with you. Offer your jacket when it’s cold, and she will feel safe to be with you. Don’t forget to show romantic gestures like giving her random kisses on the forehead or pecks on the cheek, and she will feel like you’re the best boyfriend she’s ever had.

23. Make Promises And Keep Them

It’s normal to make promises to your girlfriend when you are crazy in love, but do you intend to keep them? Maybe you promised to throw her a party for her birthday, or you assured her of spending the weekend together. It’s good to make promises but keeping them is the most important thing.

Girls love men who keep their word. Your girlfriend will appreciate you more if you make promises intending to keep them. Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing that you can count on your partner. Your girlfriend will feel special to know that she is in a relationship with a man she can trust and depend on.

🤳 How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy over Text 🤳

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If you want to make your girlfriend happy, telling her sweet things over a text may do the trick. You can make your girlfriend feel special when you know your way around words. If you want your girlfriend to feel like the queen she is, use the tips below, and you will be surprised by how happy she will become;

❣️ Make Her Curious

Maybe you send your girlfriend the usual “good morning” or “how was your day” texts, and it’s starting to get boring. Why don’t you try to be more creative and mysterious? Drop her a text that will leave her curious to hear more. For example, if you were in a meeting with your boss, you can leave her a text like “You won’t believe what my boss just told me.”

Leaving your girlfriend curious makes the conversation interesting. She will always look forward to seeing you because she wants to hear the whole story. Such texts make your girlfriend feel special because you are willing to share interesting stories with her.

❣️ Ask For Her Recommendation Before Making A Decision

Your girlfriend will feel happy when you text her asking for her input before making a decision. For example, if she is good in fashion, asking her to help you pick an outfit through a text will make her feel flattered.

If she is into interior designing, you can send her a photo asking her to recommend the best theme for your office. Doing this indicates that you value and appreciate her opinions, and she will be happy with her decision to date you. In addition, it indicates that you notice little things about her and she will be happy about it.

❣️ Girls Love Compliments – Compliment Her

Complimenting your girlfriend through a text message will put a smile on her face. For example, maybe you met her earlier, and you didn’t get a chance to say how great her outfit was. Or maybe you couldn’t resist the charm of her beautiful smile. In this case, send her a text and say, “You really looked gorgeous in that outfit.”

If she has posted a cute photo of herself, you can send her a text to compliment her and say, “I love your beautiful smile on this photo.” You don’t have to compliment her physical aspects all the time. Instead, compliment her personality by saying,” I really like how you bring out the best in people.”

Be careful not to shower her with too many compliments because you may not sound genuine. But, on the other hand, honest and timely compliments indicate that you are interested in her and notice things about her character and personality.

❣️ Send Her Memes

If your girlfriend is having a bad day or she’s feeling distraught, sending her funny memes and jokes may brighten up her day. Send her a funny joke that you can both relate to, and she won’t resist smiling or laughing about it.

Maybe you haven’t texted her in a while, and you want something to break the awkward silence. In this case, sending her a funny video is a good way to do it. Also, if you are stuck in a conversation and feel too much tension, a random meme or funny video might ease things up.

Use the opportunity to bring out your funny side and tease her a little. However, avoid sensitive topics like religion, politics, social class, or race because you may not have the same views and opinions.

❣️ Ask Her Questions About Herself

Asking your girlfriend questions about herself indicates that you are interested in knowing her, especially when the relationship is new. It will make her happy and give you a chance to know and love her better.

Send her a text asking what she likes or dislikes, her passions, goals, and hobbies. When asking these questions, be careful not to sound like you are interrogating her. Instead, you can choose to ask about a particular aspect and have a conversation about it. Use the opportunity to know what you have in common and make it work in your favor.

💌 Tips on how to cheer up your girlfriend 💌

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You cant guarantee that you will have a smooth relationship. However, there are times when your partner will go through a rough patch, and you must support them as they would support you.

Maybe your girlfriend is going through a tough time in her life, like losing a loved one, job loss, or sickness, and it has affected her moods. In this case, there’s something you can do to cheer her up and get her happy again. You can  give her physical and emotional support using the tips below;

◉ Talk To Her

Maybe your girlfriend is an introvert, and she’d rather keep her problems to herself instead of sharing them with you. In this case, talk to her, and you might put her at the ease of expressing herself. In addition, talking to your girlfriend when she has problems or low moods might take the load off her shoulders and get her to cheer up again.

If she opens up and shares her concerns with you, offer advice and provide a solution, only if she asks for it. She may not be ready to share everything with you at the moment but don’t force it. Instead, let her know that you will be there regardless of any outcomes and eventualities. Your girl will be happy to know that she can count on you as she gets over her issues and goes back to her cheerful self.

◉ Listen When She’s Talking

If your girlfriend is ready to share her innermost secrets with you, don’t disappoint her by not listening. She may be emotional and upset at this point, pay attention to what she says, and respond effectively.

Actively listen to her without distractions, and avoid interrupting her because it could worsen the situation. Listening to her shows that you care and are willing to help her overcome whatever she passes through.

◉ Distract Her

Sometimes we torment ourselves by overthinking through situations we have no control over. Your girlfriend could be too busy worrying, and she could use a little distraction to cheer her up. Engage her in activities that keep her off the negative thoughts and emotions. For example, you can get her to go jogging with you or engage in an activity she loves.

Distract her by taking a walk to the park or taking a long drive to a place she loves, and it could bring her moods up again. If she doesn’t want to go out, you can watch a movie or prepare dinner together to take her mind off things and cheer her up again.

◉ Cook For Her

Nothing will cheer her up than a plate of a sumptuous meal prepared with love. Maybe she has had a bad day at work, or she’s grieving. In this case, cooking her favorite meal will give her some time to relax and cheer her up.

We all love to be pampered, especially in our lowest moods. Your girlfriend will feel special and loved when you cook for her, and it will give you a chance to spend quality time together. You can get a bottle of her favorite wine to accompany the food, and she will be happy to be with a caring man like you.

◉ Give Her A Thoughtful Gift

A thoughtful gift might cheer up your girl when she’s feeling down and troubled. No matter how small, it will show her that you care deeply and would do anything to make her feel better. Buying her flowers or chocolate might not have the same effect as getting her something that reflects her life, passion, or hobbies.

Showing a thoughtful gift will brighten up her mood because it indicates that you know little details about her life. She can relax knowing that she can overcome anything with your support and love.

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💝 How to make your girlfriend love you more 💝

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Photo credit: Unsplash

You love your girlfriend so much, and you can’t imagine a life without her. But, on the other hand, she seems to be less interested in the relationship, and you feel like the spark is dying down. In this case, you should do all you can to make your girlfriend feel special and loved and give her reasons to stay in the relationship.

If you want to rekindle your spark and make your girlfriend love you more, you could use the tips below;

❣ Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

Maybe your girlfriend doesn’t love you as much because she no longer feels loved or special. In this case, you must show your true love, and she will reciprocate equally. You can make your girlfriend feel special by listening to her when she’s talking and appreciating her for who she is.

Make her life easier by offering to help when she feels overwhelmed. For example, if she’s working late, you can offer to pick her up instead of calling an Uber. If she has a busy day at work, offer to surprise her with lunch, and she will feel special. Show interest in her life and support her dreams in every way you can. Gestures like this show that you care, and she will love you more for them.

❣ Make Your Girlfriend Feel Safe

Your girlfriend will love you more if she feels safe around you. So, to protect her from any physical and emotional harm and remain loyal to her. Don’t do things that make her feel insecure, like giving your attention to other women.

Protect her feelings by being sensitive and respectful towards her. Be trustworthy and faithful to her, and she will know that she can always count on you. Avoid lying to her because she might hate you when she finds out the truth. Provide leadership without controlling her, and she will feel safe to share her innermost feelings with you.

❣ Be A Gentleman Around Her

If you want to make your girlfriend love you more, you must be a gentleman around her. You don’t have to play the perfect guy or prince charming, but you should treat her with respect and give her the attention she deserves. Don’t let her get cold while you can offer your jacket.

Show your girlfriend that you care, and she’s the most important person in your life. Pull a chair for her at the restaurant, and open the car door for her. Treat her as your priority, and she will love and cherish being in a relationship with a gentleman like you.

❣ Spend Quality Time With Her

Your girlfriend will love you more if you spend quality time with her. Your schedule may be tight, but you can create time just to hang out with your girl and do something you love. If you are in a long-distance relationship, spare some time each day to call or text her, and she will know that you care.

When you are together, make it worthwhile and memorable. Spend time learning something together or taking classes, and she will yearn to be with you. Don’t spend all your time at work or hanging out with friends because she needs to spend quality time with you.

❣ Make Your Relationship Interesting

A girl may lose interest in a relationship when it becomes boring. It’s your duty as her boyfriend to spice things up and make your relationship interesting and spontaneous. Do interesting things together and do it differently. For example, maybe she’s used to going out every Friday and feels like it’s a routine. In this case, try going out on random days to break the routine.

You can also invite her to your house and cook dinner for her instead of taking her out to eat, and it will sound more interesting and romantic. Finally, start hanging out with your mutual friends and acquaintances instead of being together all the time.

If you are friends with other couples, you can do double dates or play games together, which will be more fun. Doing this will help you make new friends as a couple and expand your circle. In addition, your girlfriend will feel lucky to be in a relationship with an interesting guy, and she will love you more for it.

Beautiful things to say to your girlfriend to make her happy when she’s sad

Vladimir Tsokalo - Unsplash.com
Photo credit: Unsplash

Life is full of ups and downs, and we sometimes find ourselves in difficult situations. When you fall in love with someone, you have to comfort them when they are sad and celebrate with them when they are happy. When your girlfriend is sad, sometimes you may lack the right words to tell her that you understand and are there for her.

If your girlfriend is sad, using the right words may turn the situation around. Ensure to say the following sweet things to her, and you may brighten her day;

1. I know things are tough right now, but I also know that you are a tough girl. So cheer up because you will overcome this and emerge victoriously.

2. I want you to know that you can count on my support and presence throughout this time. Call me whenever you need anything.

3. You are such a strong girl, and I know you will get through this.

4. Am sorry for what you are going through right now. Would you like to talk about it?

5. I know it’s not about me right now, but it pains me to see you like this. Is there anything I could do to help?

6. I am at the winery. Can I bring you a bottle of wine? It might cheer you up a bit.

7. I watch these movies whenever I feel down and sad. Would you like to try it?

8. Can I take you out for a drive? It might make you feel better.

How do I treat my girlfriend on her period?

Sasun Bughdaryan - Unsplash.com
Photo credit: Unsplash

Most women have their periods every 28-35 days, and they often experience intense physical and emotional changes. However, when it comes to periods, every woman is different. Some women experience physical pain and emotional stress that could interfere with their daily lives.

It can be confusing and overwhelming for your girlfriend, and she may seem like a different person to you. Maybe she gets moody and irritable or gets terrible cramps during her periods, and it gets overwhelming for you too.

You can support your girlfriend by Understanding what happens to her body during periods to know how she feels and why she acts the way she does. Women’s bodies are different. Thus, don’t compare her with any other woman because you might worsen the situation.

The best thing you can do to make your girl more comfortable in her periods is to make her feel loved and appreciated. You might require to put more effort during these days, but it’s worth it.

If you are not sure of how to treat your girl during this time, you could use the tips below to pamper her and make her feel better on her periods;

1. Ask Her What She Needs

The best way to make your girlfriend comfortable on her periods is to ask her if she needs anything and provide it for her. Don’t guess your way around her because you might not know what she wants at the moment. For example, maybe she needs sanitary pads or tampons, but she has severe cramps. In this case, it’s good to ask her size and brand to get her exactly what she wants.

Girls get crazy food cravings when on their periods, and she may want you to get her something at this time. Just make sure to ask her first before getting anything for her. Besides, she may want you to stay with her or give her a massage to make her feel better.

Sometimes she may want to be alone. In this case, let her be, but stay around in case she needs anything. If she wants to talk, listen to her, and if she doesn’t, don’t force it. Making an effort to ask if she needs anything shows that you care and you could do anything to make her feel better.

2. Don’t Blame Anything On Her Period

If your girlfriend is irritable or moody when on her periods, it’s because her body is going through intense hormonal changes. You may feel like she’s being irrational, but it’s overwhelming to her too. Don’t use ‘Are you on your periods’ phrases on her because it shows a complete disregard for her feelings.

Don’t associate her current behavior with periods because it shows blame for her biological processes. Instead, try to understand what she’s going through and support her unconditionally. Be patient and compassionate without complaining, and she will feel comfortable knowing that you have her back.

3. Prepare Her Favorite Meal

Periods can be physically and emotionally draining, especially when they come with severe cramps and mood swings. Your girlfriend may be in too much pain to prepare a meal for herself, and she could use your help. Prepare a meal that she likes, and it could soothe her. Remember, she’s losing blood, and she needs to stay hydrated.

If you don’t have the time to prepare a meal, you could order her favorite food and eat together. However, ask her before ordering because she may be craving something different from what she likes. Your girlfriend needs you most during her periods, and the best thing you can do is care for her.

4. Be Careful With Your Words

Menstruation may not be a big deal to you, but it may be to your girlfriend. Her body is going through numerous changes, and she may be experiencing low moods and pain. So, don’t act like she’s bothering you if she tries talking about it. She has girlfriends to talk to, but she chose you over them.

Unless you are a doctor, don’t try to give her a piece of menstruation-related advice because she understands her body more than anyone else. Instead, follow her lead, and she will feel comfortable around you. If you notice that she has low moods, avoid bringing up topics that could upset her because you might make things worse.

Don’t bombard her with issues that could lead to anger and confrontation at this time. Instead, keep your topics uplifting and interesting, and she will feel more at ease talking to you.

5. Don’t Act Disgusted

The last thing that your girlfriend wants is period stigma, especially when it’s coming from you. Don’t make your girlfriend feel embarrassed of a natural process taking place in her body. If she talks to you about it, your facial expression will tell it. If you start showing disgust, she will think that you don’t care about her feelings.

Your girlfriend is on her period doesn’t mean that you can’t get intimate with her. She’s only having periods, not sickness. Don’t make excuses if she wants to get intimate because the period is not as gross as many think.

Though it will be messy, periods should not stop you from enjoying sex with your girlfriend. Besides, it may help ease the cramps, not forgetting oxytocin-the feel-good hormone. On the other hand, if she is not in the mood, don’t try to coerce her into it. Instead, understand her as much as possible during this time because it will only last a few days.

Text Messages to send to your girlfriend when having a bad day

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We all have bad days at least once in a while. If your girlfriend is having a bad day, things could get tough for both of you. Its the duty of both partners to cheer each other up and provide a safe space for each other. However, you might not always be around when she’s having a bad day, but a simple text message might just turn the day around.

Maybe she could use your reassurance listening when she lets out her anger and frustrations. If she feels overwhelmed and upset, sending her empathetic text messages will make things easier and put a smile on her face.

You don’t need to be a relationship expert to let your girlfriend know you understand and offer your support. These simple text messages will make your girlfriend appreciate your efforts at making her feel better when she is having a bad day;

1. Acknowledge What She’s Feeling

When your girlfriend is having a bad day, the best thing you can do is validate her feelings. Sending her a text message to acknowledge what she feels shows that you hear, understand, and accept her feelings. Examples of text messages to acknowledge her feelings include;

  • I can’t imagine what you are going through right now. This must be your worst day ever.
  • You don’t deserve what you’re going through right now. Am so sorry

2. Offer Your Support

Once you validate your girlfriend’s feelings, offer to support her. Whether it’s physical, emotional, or financial support, she will be happy to know that she can count on you.

The following are examples of text messages to offer support;

  • Is there anything I can do to help? Please let me know
  • Can I take you to the park? You could use some fresh air
  • Would you like to get diner later? Am buying

3. Pamper Her

A little pampering can turn anyone bad day around, and your girlfriend will appreciate one of those texts. Examples of text messages to pamper her include;

  • I know you are going through a lot right now but remember, I am here for you.
  • You are the most resilient girl I know, and I am lucky to be your boyfriend.

4. Allow Her To Vent

Allowing your girlfriend to let out their frustration reduces the tension and stress from a bad day. When you send her an empathetic text message, you provide a safe space to pour anger and feel better about the situation.

Examples of such text messages include;

  • You can talk to me, my darling; I am here for you
  • I am so sorry that you have to pass through all these frustrations. Would you like to talk about it?

5. Remind Her That You Are There

It feels better to know that someone has your back. When your girlfriend has a bad day, text her that you are there, and she will feel less lonely. Examples of such texts include;

  • I would be lying to tell you that I can fix this right now, but I can assure you that you are not alone.

How Can I Melt My Girlfriends Heart With Words?

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When you love someone, you want to use every opportunity to make them feel special. But, unfortunately, there’s no perfect way to tell your girlfriend what she means to you, and you don’t have to be a poet to pass your message across.

By knowing your way around words, you can win your girlfriend’s heart and steer your relationship in the right direction. If you want to meet your girlfriend’s heart, ensure to use the following magical words and see how things turn out;

1. Call Her By Cute Names

If you are not already using cute names on your girlfriend, you will be surprised by how much they can melt your heart. Most couples are used to calling each other ‘babe,’ and it already sounds too obvious. Surprise your girlfriend by calling her a cute name that will make her blush. Identify something special about her and give it a pet name. For example, if your girlfriend has beautiful eyes, try calling her ‘angel eyes’ and see how it melts her heart. And if her beauty carries you away. Call her ‘miss fabulous’ or ‘babelicious, ‘and she will be smitten.

2. Use The Three Magic Words Differently

It’s essential to tell your girlfriend that you love her but using ‘I love you all the time may become dull. If you want to meet your girlfriend’s heart, make your love intentional and tell her about it. Don’t shy from telling her all you love about her. For example, instead of telling her, ‘I love you all the time, tell her, ‘I adore you or ‘I am addicted to your cute eyes.’ She will think of you as interesting and thoughtful, and it will melt her heart.

3. Be Humorous

The best way to sweep her off her feet is to show her your funny side. Girls love dating funny boyfriends because they are interesting, irresistible, and friendly. So keeping her on toes with your funny text messages will leave her looking forward to seeing you and listening to your jokes.

Instead of the usual ‘how are you?’ or ‘how was your day text message, why don’t you tell her this?;’ Do you want to know what I cherish most in the world? Read the second word loud’. Your girlfriend will read this with a smile and blush on her face.

4. Talk About The Future

Texting your girl about your future together can mean a lot to her, especially when you do it in a way that puts a smile on her face and makes her blush. Girls love men who think about the future, and your girl will be happy to know that you consider her a part of yours. For example, you can text her about the possibility of moving to a different city when you get married or ask her opinion about the number of kids you’d like to have. She may not have an answer now, but she will be happy to be in a relationship with a thoughtful guy like you.

5. Be Genuine

Expressing your genuine feelings to your girlfriend through a text message can melt her heart. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to your girlfriend means that you are giving her a chance to know all your likes, dislikes, strengths, and flaws. Being genuine in expressing your feelings provides an opportunity for your girlfriend to love and accept you. Examples of words to use when expressing your genuine feelings include;

  • Being with you is the best thing that ever happened to me. Knowing that I am yours puts the brightest smile on my face
  • You are the greatest gift I have ever received from the universe, and I feel lucky to be your boyfriend


Your girlfriend deserves a man that will love her genuinely and make her feel like the queen she is. If you love her, you should do everything in your power to make her feel loved and appreciated and put a smile on her face. You don’t have to be an expert to make your girlfriend happy because it’s the little things that melt the hardest hearts and put bright smiles on the dullest faces.

She needs to hear the three magic words more often, get more cute notes, and feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Don’t forget to express your sincere gratitude, pamper her, and compliment her because it’s the least she could expect from you. The romantic gestures will make her happy, and you can expect to receive the same love and happiness that you give her.

 Relevant Question

How do I comfort my crying girlfriend?

It can be terrifying to see your girlfriend crying, but she needs you the most at this time. Your girlfriend needs emotional support through words and physical support through your actions. Start by asking her what’s going on and express her feelings about the situation. You can also express how you feel about the situation but avoid offering your advice unless she asks for it because it might upset her more. If your girlfriend doesn’t want to tell you at that moment, don’t insist.

Acknowledge her feelings and show her that you understand and that you are there for her. Also, show positivity in the situation and remind her that things will get better within no time. Hold her hand or hug her and stay patient. Offer to take her for a walk to get fresh air as she clears her head because it might make her feel better.

How do you make your girlfriend want to kiss you?

There’s no need to worry if you want to take your relationship to the next level, but you are not courageous enough to take the lead. You can make your girlfriend  want to kiss you using the simple steps below;

First, you have to be in the best state for kissing by brushing your teeth, showering, putting on nice clothes, and smelling nice. Second, set the mood right by moving to a more private place, watching a romantic movie or comedy together. For example, try moving closer to her, taking her arm, hugging, and cuddling. Your manly scent could do the magic for you and get her to kiss you.

Try dropping her hints by drawing attention to your lips or whispering sweet nothings to her ear to catch the warmth of your breath. Be careful to read her body language. If she leans towards you, lean towards her and get close.

If you notice that she wants to kiss you but is unsure, be confident to ask her if she wants you to kiss her. She might get the courage to kiss you first if you make an effort to ask.

Why does my girlfriend hate me on her period?

Some women go through severe menstrual stress and tension accompanied by anger, irritability, and depression. Your girlfriend may have severe premenstrual tension that may cause headaches, back pain, and fatigue, and she could also have low moods.

During menstruation, estrogen levels drop in a woman’s body, and it may make her feel like you are less attracted to her, making her anger towards you. The best thing you can do is understand that her body is going through intense hormonal changes.

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Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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