African Dating Guide: Things to Know and Tips in 2024

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Dating a new partner in general, or trying to find love through online dating sites and apps is anyway a tricky business. There is a lot of fun and excitement associated with it, true, but you cannot deny that it can go in any direction. In the modern-day, many dating sites and apps have become quite famous for connecting like-minded singles throughout the world. And there are plenty of success stories too. If you are looking for a “change in flavor,” or if you want to explore more about the people in other countries and how they are like, you can also take this chance of online dating.

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If African men or African women intrigue you and you believe that you need to find African singles for your love quest, you are in the right place.

We are going to guide you all about Afro dating and how you can find your soul mate in deliciously gorgeous African men and women.

African Dating

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When we talk specifically about African dating, there is an air of intrigue surrounding it. The American media has portrayed Africans in so many different shades, that it is slightly difficult to see what these people are really like, especially, if we do not know them in person.

The minute we start thinking about African men and women as our romantic interests, the image of very tall people with exotic facial features, well-developed and perfectly toned muscular bodies instantly jumps to our minds, making us super excited to instantly log into the first available African dating app and find African singles in a jiffy.

However, there are a couple of things that we need to learn before we start dating African men and African women, and look at them beyond what the media portrays to see how these people can become a perfect match for us.

African Dating Sites

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In recent years, there has been a remarkable hike in the development of African dating apps and sites over the internet. These dating sites and apps specifically cater to the African gentry and provide chances for online dating to help people connect with like-minded singles, get into instant messaging with them, or engage in a video chat with them to find out if two people are a perfect match for each other or not.

There is no problem with online dating, as long as one does not become a victim of a romance scam.

The real problem comes when we enter this world of online dating without proper research, and without knowing what we actually are looking for in our mate.

So, in this guide, we are going to give you some online dating tips, especially if your interest lies in African singles, Afro dating, and will help you find sure shot ways for connecting singles worldwide.

Tips On Becoming Successful With African Dating

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To understand what dating African singles are going to be like, you need to first explore how these people really are.

Believe us when we say, these people are exactly like anyone else in the world! These are regular people, and there is no “dark” mystery surrounding them, as portrayed by the Western media most of the time.





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Of course, every individual is different and the way they have been brought up, their educational background, and lifestyles can change a lot of things. However, objectifying them and seeing them as a part of some experimental dating is definitely not a decent idea.

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Now, having said that, if you are still sure that you want to find single African men or women for dating through online sites, then follow us here for some interesting tips on how to become successful with African dating.

⫸ Be More Accepting

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Yes- There we said it. If you never interacted with black singles before, or anyone from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, or anywhere from the humongous continent of Africa, then you will probably find their culture very different from yours.

Before you start exchanging messages with black singles on African dating sites, you must get some basic information about how people from Africa mostly live like.

Their values may be slightly different from yours, and that may appear like a huge cultural shock for you.

So, the first tip to becoming successful in African dating is to be more accepting, unbiased, and open-minded.

⫸ Be More Courteous

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The Western media mostly portrays them as unprincipled, untrustworthy people. This is quite subjective, and these kinds of negative traits can be present in anyone belonging to any culture, race, or country. However, most African men and women are pretty courteous people, and they like the same traits in the people they date.

If you are a woman looking for single African men, then you can expect them to be quite chivalrous in their manners most of the time.

When you go out with them, nine out of ten times you might find them paying for your dates, opening the car door for you, and letting you inside the house first.

You may also find them a little dominating, but that does not mean that they are true chauvinists or consider themselves above you. It’s just the way that they have been brought up like that because this is quite normal in the African culture.

So, keep in mind that if you want to impress an African man or woman, you must show them your chivalrous and courteous side too.

⫸ Watch Out for Romance Scams

We can write an entire book on this particular point. While the internet is full of success stories through online dating sites and apps, we cannot stress enough that there are plenty of stories about how online dates turn into scams too.

This is quite ironic, that a beautiful notion like love should come with some negativities like that. However, some important tips to steer clear from danger are here for you to go through before you connect with or find a partner online:

◉ Check Informative profiles:

Before connecting with random people, it’s always a good idea to look into some informative profiles first that can help you set some expectations about what you are getting into. Browse through all those profiles that appear interesting to you. Look into their likes and dislikes, their interests. Try to get an idea about what people from different countries are like. Of course, it is all subjective and depends on one individual to another, however, you will find yourself quite knowledgable before you begin your search for love online.

◉ Look into the Basic Features:

When you come in contact with people in real life, before you become friends with them, you subconsciously check out if you connect with them on an intrinsic, basic level or not.

Similarly, when you join an online dating site and you meet people, you must check this thing there too. This is a general rule. But it is especially important if you are connecting with black singles for the first time too through an Afro dating site or app.

Apart from the cultural difference, before you delve into a more romantic realm with them, you must notice if you really “click” with each other or not.

◉ Don’t Fall for the Physical Features Only:

When you see their photos, you may set unrealistic expectations. Remember, a person’s personality and their entire demeanor is what matters the most at the end of the day rather than their physical attributes.

◉ Rushing into the Relationship:

When you find someone with whom you feel an instant connection amongst the profiles of the members that you have browsed on an online dating site, the next thing that you should NOT do is to rush into your relationship.

Take it slow. (Not too slow, though!) But yeah, the point is, first enjoy the phase of your relationship where there is an exchange of flowery pleasantries, you wait to receive messages from them with giddy anticipation, you cannot wait long enough to exchange photos with each other, or get into some more advanced messaging features that different apps and sites provide.

Companies like Cupid Media Ltd. and different other dating sites and apps provide very interesting features too. Some of these apps measure the compatibility between two people on the basis of basic information like comparison of one zodiac sign with the other, common goals, the types of movies that are liked by the potential partners like, etc. There are many other sites that give you the best bet on finding your perfect match through some amazing new features.

Look into all these aspects that a dating site caters to. Enjoy all these phases and take your time before you are one hundred percent sure that this person is your perfect match right out there.

◉ Avoid Fake Profiles:

In the real world, when we interact with people, we can mostly see their faces and understand a lot about them through their mannerisms and expressions.

However, in the digital realm, this becomes quite difficult as you cannot completely ascertain whether the person you are talking to through your computer screen is real or fake.

The world of the internet is full of stories where people interact with fake profiles and end up getting scammed. Well, this really doesn’t happen to everyone as accounted by many success stories of inter-racial and cross-cultural relationships, however, one can never leave this on pure chance. So, make sure that you research well before getting ahead in your relationship over the internet.

⫸ Show Interest in their Interests

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This is important. You must show your willingness to learn about their lives, their past ( if they want to share it with you), their ambition in life, their inspirations, their aspirations.

Many African men or women you are trying to reach out for a relationship may have lived a very different life than yours. Their experiences may be different than yours. It’s always good to show them that you are a good, attentive, and interested listener. You don’t need to pry into their lives in a creepy way. But just letting them know that there is someone who is interested in them as a person will surely make them more comfortable with you, and warmer in their approach towards you.

Thousands of African singles may have had failed relationships before, and they might show a little hesitation in opening up to you completely. So, this tip will help you tip them in your favor too.

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⫸ Appreciate Your Partner

Yes, that’s important. In any relationship, it is important to give due credit to people if they do something nice for you, or influence you in some way. When you go online to meet people and find love, if you are stingy with words and do not appreciate your partner enough, your relationship will not be able to survive for a longer period.

Despite their rough and tough exteriors, African men and women are generally quite sensitive and emotional. Again, this is just a subjective analysis, but if an African man or woman is interacting with a person from the USA, Canada, Australia, or any other European country with a romantic prospect, they may feel an initial shyness or reluctance in their communication with them. This may stem from their insecurities or because of their cultural influence, but regardless of the reason, make sure that if you meet with an African partner, do appreciate them for who they are, how they work, and if they have influenced you in some way or the other.

⫸ Do Not Try to Change Your Partner for Better

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Once you have found the right match amongst various people you come across online on one of those dating sites, and now you are comfortably progressing in your relationship with them, it is important that you understand the dynamics of your relationship completely.

Remember, dating does not necessarily mean marriage. If the person with whom you are building a relationship now is like that and has their priorities set, you must not try to change them or mold them into something that you perceive to be better. This specifically goes without saying that you may find many things, habits, or values in African people that are probably going to be different than yours. Do not try to change them.

⫸ Surprise Your Partner Often

When you view singles out there for a possible match, you basically make a mental commitment that you are going to give your all to your relationship. Sometimes, people make this commitment after meeting their soul mate through a dating site or app. Once that happens, and you end up being lucky enough to find a partner for yourself, make sure that you prove to be a keeper.

Treating them with kindness and surprising them with sweet gestures is always going to be a sure-shot way to amp your relationship and make it successful. This is especially important when you date an African man or a woman because they are mostly pretty traditional in their ways and expectations from their partners.

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⫸ Don’t Expect Your Partner to Complete You

Despite common belief, this is not something that is advised, especially when you are into an inter-racial, inter-cultural relationship. If you both feel that you complete each other and make each other better human beings then that is a plus. But setting this expectation when you are just entering a relationship is not a good idea. It may even suffocate your boyfriend or girlfriend too if you project this on them a lot. Remember, if your priorities are important, theirs’ matter too!


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⫸ Don’t Just Get into a Relationship for Sex

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Again, this is a subjective matter. However, many Western people find themselves attracted to African men and women as they expect them to be exceptionally good in bed. This is also a product of how the media portrays African people most of the time. So, our point is simple. Just try not to enter into a relationship with African singles just for the sake of physical pleasure. See them as a whole person rather than as a sex object only.

⫸ Respect

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This cannot be stressed enough! It is one of the key elements in any relationship. Unless you respect your friends, or family wholeheartedly, you will not be able to receive respect too.

When you interact with many member profiles on a dating site, you will “click” with only a few. One of the things that you intrinsically and subconsciously will be looking for from the other person is RESPECT. Respect for who you are, your choices, your decisions, etc. Similarly, they also expect the same from you.

When you are in an inter-racial relationship with someone, especially an African man or a woman, this is going to be especially important because of your cultural and lifestyle differences.





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