Bull Market Investing: 6 Best Investing Strategies

By Wilbert S

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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The financial market cycle plays a very crucial role in the economy of any country. In the absence of financial markets, all economic activity would be affected including capital gains and distribution, trade and commerce, and investment opportunities. Consequently, the economic growth is based on the stability of the financial markets, including the stock market, bond market, forex market, and derivatives market, among others.

However, the financial markets have trends that mean that the market can go up which is also called a bull market, or can go down or bear market. Many factors affect a market trend to go up or down such as supply and demand, interest rates, fiscal policies, and inflation rate. Hence, these bull and bear market trends influence investors and traders to either earn profits or suffer losses.

When there is a bull market, traders have more opportunities to earn maximum profits. However, due to a lack of direction and guidance many investors cannot seize the opportunity. From this review, investors and traders can learn 6 effective strategies that will help them to gain maximum profits from bull markets.

Bull Market Investing: 6 Best Investing Strategies  

#1. Growth Investing

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The growth investment strategy refers to capitalizing on bull market trends. This strategy entails investment in growing companies. The strategy allows the investors to invest when the market is predicted to have prices rise. Working through this strategy the investors can take advantage and invest in young companies that tend to have a rising growth rate.

Companies which are relatively new but have a promising growth rate can be ideal for investment during the bull market. Along with the growth of the company, there would be strong chances of earning substantial profits for the investors. Nevertheless, this sort of investment requires data analysis and thorough research.

It is essential to analyze the target company’s records and present growth rate before making any investment. The perfect situation would be if the company’s earnings are growing and it is above the average growth rate of the market. Hence, before using this strategy it is vital to make sure that the company has strong indicators of successful future results.

#2. Value Investing

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This investing strategy involves chasing companies that have undervalued rates in the market and can be bought with some discount. Consequently, when the value rises along with the bull market, these stocks could be sold at a higher price which would result in profits for the investor.

This strategy requires three steps. The first is to scrutinize the market for stocks that are devalued and could get hold of stocks with discounts. Secondly, the timing of buying these stocks is of great value. These stocks should be bought right after the bear market and at the beginning of a bull market. Only then the investor could get the opportunity to buy the stocks which have suffered devaluation from the bear market and have not been able to bounce back.

Thirdly, before buying any devalued stocks it is important to consider the valuation metrics to get accurate valuation data. The precise value of any stock can only be measured through the price-to-earnings ratio, price-to-book-value ratio, and price-to-sales ratio. Hence, after weighing the correct value, one should invest in the stocks that they are considering.

#3. Buy Call Options

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The buy call options strategy involves call (buying) or put (selling) of stocks. This strategy provides an opportunity for the traders to buy or sell stocks by paying an initial premium with an expiry date. Moreover, it allows the option traders to face limited risks in case of falling share price and receive unlimited stock gains if the underlying stock price goes up. For this reason, it is an appropriate strategy for a bull market.

Using this strategy investors can earn maximum capital gains from investing in multiple stocks at the same time by investing a little amount upfront. Additionally, there is potential for maximum gain of profits if the stock’s price shoots of the betted stock which probably would be the case due to the bull market.

Moreover, with the help of this strategy, the premium paid by the options traders serves as an insurance policy for the options traders as only the premium money is at risk if maximum downside occurs and the trader’s prediction of market trends goes wrong. As a result, it is a great strategy for investors who want to risk and earn more in a bull market.

#4. Invest in Cycling Stocks

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Cycling stocks are relative and interdependent. The rise and call of cycling stocks are dependent upon economic activity. As a result, when the economic conditions are stable then cycling stocks tend to rise and move towards the bull market. Whereas, when the economic activity slows down it downright affects these stocks and their price falls as well.

The most complex task for investors is to predict the value of any stock. However, The best part about cycling stocks is that their value is predictable. Since they rise and fall in harmony with the economic activity, it becomes easier for the investors to predict their valuation and invest accordingly.

The most common cycling stocks are technology stocks, travel stocks, automobile stocks, and real estate stocks. These industries are directly affected by economic conditions. If the conditions are stable then these stocks would rise as people would buy more cars, gadgets, and houses and would travel more. Hence, this strategy can result in higher returns during times of economic strength.

#5. Invest in Index Funds, ETFs, and Mutual Funds

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It is commonly suggested to investors and traders by credible financial advisors to diversify their investments. By diversification, it means not investing in the same assets within the same company and having the investments widen. It is a finance management strategy that incorporates different investments in one portfolio.

Consequently, investing in index funds, ETFs or Mutual funds can serve the purpose of diversifying an investment portfolio. The index fund is an asset of stocks or bonds created to follow the composition and performance of a financial market index. Similarly, EFTs and Mutual funds are pooled investments into bonds, securities, and other underlying assets that provide capital gains.

These funds are known for providing broad market exposure and minimal operating costs. As a result, Index funds, EFT, and Mutual funds are reasonable choices for investment in a bull market since they provide exposure to an expanded portfolio which is bound to turn into massive returns.

#6. Allocate more to Small-Cap Stocks

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Small-Cap stocks is the name given to stocks of young and small-scale companies which have yet to prove their worth in the market. Small-cap companies sometimes only require investments to boost their value. Simultaneously, small-cap stocks can also be very risky as there is no method of measuring the potential and future growth of these stocks in the stock market.

Bull markets offer a perfect condition for small-cap companies. As there is more capital in the market, these inexperienced companies also get a chance to show their potential by getting support from the investors. Moreover, it is during the bull markets that man new companies emerge with high return potential stocks.

Small-cap stocks are a reward opportunity to take advantage during bull markets. This strategy is ideal for those investors who are willing to take the risk of investing in small-cap stocks as the chances to earn maximum returns are high. Investors and traders who play safe might not approve of this strategy.

Investment to Avoid in Bull Markets

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#1. Precious Metals

Precious metals are the best options for investing in low-risk stocks across the globe. These stocks are reliable compared to others in the stock market. The reason is that during the bull markets, the first stocks that investors sell are precious metals to gain high returns from the rise prices. So these stocks are ideal to have during a bull market.

Conversely, after a bull market when a bear market occurs and the overall prices of the assets fall, investors usually turn to precious metals to buy them and save their portfolios from potential losses.

During bear markets, investors look for a safe and secured investment option which have minimum risks involved. Precious metals usually stand out especially during extended bear markets because their value remains constant and offers a hedge against inflation due to their finite supply.

#2. Fixed-Income Investments

Fixed-income investments are like any other insurance agreement where the buyer is offered a fixed interest rate on their investment in the company. These annuities are more commonly used as retirement plans as it offers the assurance of a fixed income regardless of market trends.

Since these annuities offer a predictable amount of income to the investors, it is considered a very safe investment option during a bear market. Moreover, the market’s volatility, for an extended period, does not affect the fixed annuity-like other investment options. As a result, investors who want certainty and peace of mind in their investment during a bear market, consider it a valuable and risk-free asset.

Fixed-income investments serve as an essential part of an investor’s portfolio during any market situation. Nevertheless, asset allocation aimed at fixed-income investments should decrease considerably as the bear market disappears and the bull market takes control over the stock market.

#3. Money Markets

Money-market accounts are very much different than the other typical bank accounts. It does offer high-interest rates like high yield accounts. Moreover, money market accounts are not related to the stock market which makes them a safe option for investment, especially during a bear market.

Both savings and money market accounts provide investors with a method to earn high returns without the risk of market volatilities. Money held in cash or money market accounts can easily be invested back in the financial markets once the investor feels comfortable enough with the market trends.

For any investor, when stock prices fall, even for a short time is an indication to remove risky investments from the heavy portfolio and keep it secure till the market settle again. For this reason, the safest place to set aside funds from sold assets is a cash or money market account. Hence, the Money market is a secure place to hold funds temporarily during a bear market.

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Conclusion: Bull Market Investing

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Bull and bear markets are referred to as the movement of the market. The terms bull and bear are indicative of how these animals attack. Usually, a bull attack by thrusting its horn in the air, and a bear swipe down its paws. Similarly, in a financial market, a bull market is when the market trend is up and a bear market is when the market trend is down.

Typically, a bull market is identified when the market has risen 20% after a fall of 20%. Moreover, bull markets usually appear when the economic conditions are stable and the economy is growing. Additionally, bull markets promise future expectations of a rise in stock prices resulting in maximum capital gains and profits. As a result bull market is often considered to be an ideal situation for the investors and traders to invest in the stock market and earn substantial profits.

Although a bull market is an enticing time for investors to invest in the financial market, not all investments would prove profitable. There is always a chance of investments that may not get any returns even when the overall market is performing well.

Bull markets give access to earning profits however, it involves some amount of risks as well. For this reason, it is very important to do market data analysis and proper research before taking any investment decisions. Similarly, the bull market investment strategies can also help investors to make strategic investments to attain maximum profits.

Bull Market Investing FAQs

What should I invest in a bull market?

Cyclical stocks are considered to be the most profitable and safe investment when it comes to investing in a bull market. Cyclical stocks mirror the economic conditions, as a result in a bull market, cyclical stocks tend to rise according to the economic activity.

Cyclical stocks usually have higher volatility and are expected to produce higher returns during periods of economic strength. As a result, stocks industries which flourish during stable economic conditions are ideal to invest in during a bull market. Most prominent and promising cycling stocks include stocks in the technological, automobile, real estate, and travel industries.

Is it good to invest in a bull market?

A bull market is indicative of a booming economy which means there is low unemployment, and people have more money to invest in the financial markets. As a result, bull markets encourage investors, give them the confidence to invest, and provide positive signs of the future of the market.

As a result, it is considered an ideal time to invest in a bull market. A bull market can lead to some massive growth and it has also been observed that Stock prices go up 112% on average during bull markets. Nonetheless, any investment cannot be claimed totally risk-free and this applies to bull market investment as well.

How do you profit from a bull market?

In order to earn maximum profits and get the most out of the bull market, correct timing is most important. The probability of making a successful investment is more when the investor invests or buys as early as the bull market begins so that the prices are not at their peak and sell when the bull market is at its fullest.

Although it is hard to predict when the beginning and peak will take place, having a look at the economic conditions can certainly give some clues. Moreover, investors can also take advantage by following the bull market strategies to make fruitful investment decisions.




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