TradeZero Review 2024: 0 Commisions! Is It Real?

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Every beginner level trader wants to become a Rockstar trader one day, right? But when it comes to putting effort accordingly, there’s hardly someone we can find who’s willing to put the effort into it.

Everyone is looking to get access to a funded trading platform and start options trading without any prior knowledge of the field.

Be realistic guys, life isn’t a movie and things don’t work that way any more. The first step of your trading journey should be working on developing skills and knowledge that’s going to aid you in the long run programs.


What are trading platforms?

Is post market trading even effective?

Experts believe that there’s quite a huge amount of hidden potential within post market trading, however, the lack of relevant trading platforms and investor rate options trading is something that is not working well to promote the PMT.

Post market trading generally occurs after the trade hours and the trading can be done through dedicated electronic communication networks (ECNs). From options trading to securities trading, post market trading hosts all kinds of tradings.

But remember, all these tradings will be done at investor rate.




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The best trading platform ever!

Isn’t it a bit early for this conclusion? Relax, I understand that it is indeed quite early without evaluating any popular trading platforms that can teach you about options trading and stock trading like a pro.

First, you need to understand what are the qualities that make a trading platform one of the best trading platforms of all times.

Well, it should be budget friendly no questions asked. Unlike majority of the other platforms, it should focus on providing knowledge and experience rather than quick tips of making money fast. And that’s all you need in a platform to label it as the one of the best trading platforms!

best trading platform
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Mastering the Art of Options Trading

As much profitable options trading actually is, it requires similar level of mastery and effort as well. Options trading allows the trader to deal in a specific security on a specified day and at a specified time.

But remember, you do need to make sure that your estimates are right on spot.

And by chance if they aren’t, not even your 5 star trading platform can save you from a bad trading day.

Personal Note

Now, you already know from the heading that this is TradeZero review. As a trading platform and trading knowledge imparting platform, there’s no doubt that TradeZero is on a whole another level.

But as a beginner, you shouldn’t dive deep into the world of trading without knowing about all the technicalities of a trading platform.

That’s exactly what we are going to do today. Plus, all of your popular questions regarding the platform are also answered in the end.

TradeZero Review: Shocking Results!

TradeZero 101!

If we talk about some of the popular trading setups in the US that offers zero trade commission, TradeZero is the oldest trading platform that began the whole ‘zero commission trade’ policy.

As strange it may sound, but it is reality. TradeZero indeed takes zero percent commission on the trades you have made on the trading platform with your efforts.

You can already imagine the impact it must have made on the day trading when this concept was launched.


How it all started?

It all started in the year 2015, the TradeZero platform was developed for stock trading and other popular diversions of day trading focusing on the non US-based investors. With the rise of day trading, the concept of going with a brokerage firm for non US-based investors finally came to an end.

The platform allows you to trade stocks, options, securities, etc., through its super powerful web based platform system.

In short, TradeZero put an end to the brokerage firm system long ago.

Working dynamics of the platform

Before jumping straight on the day trading working dynamics of the platform, there’s a slight confusion that needs to be cleared out.

In the US, there are two stock trading setups with the name of TradeZero. The first is TradeZero itself, and the second is TradeZero US. Both of these setups are different and have different localities.

Talking about the working dynamics the programs works through a web based platform and a mobile app that keeps all the day trading experts and investors connected with the market.

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Tools included in the package

Besides a super functional mobile app and a web operated platform, the real tool that took TradeZero to the heights of popularity was the ZeroPro.

Back in 2015, majority of the competitors didn’t have a ‘zero trade commission’ policy in action. This was the spot where TradeZero outshined them all.

For a 59 USD per month, you can have access to the ultimate stock trading tool ZeroPro with zero commission charged by the platform. However, this trick is not operational anymore.

Subscription and work plans

As discussed earlier, it was the year 2015. Day trading setups didn’t have any kind of ‘zero commission policy’ in action. So eventually, paying a 59 USD per month trading fees for a program like ZeroPro wasn’t much for the day traders when they were getting TradeZero trading tools as well as direct market access under this one price tag.

But things changes, and they didn’t changed in a good perspective for TradeZero.

Today, almost every popular day trading setup has a ‘zero trade commission’ program to trade stocks and options. And comparatively, these are much economical than TradeZero.

The power of ZeroPro

Moving forward in our TradeZero review, it’s time to talk about the ultimate program/tool that put TradeZero at the top of any popular day trading platform back in the day.

According to experts, the real power of ZeroPro lies within its one of a kind streaming quotes technology and affordable per month trading fees.

Not that much affordable as other popular trade stocks platforms offer, but still it lies within the range of a good effort.


How ZeroPro works?

When you get the direct market access through the ZeroPro day traders interface, the first thing you are going to notice is the one of a kind charting system and a level II day trade information desk.

The complete window is customizable and you can adjust it according to your cash account dynamics or to target the active traders growth just the way you prefer.

The whole day trade setup offers around 6 windows depicting level II trade and around 10 windows loaded with real time charting.

The level of functionality offered by ZeroPro

If you are a day trade enthusiast who prefers to rely on technical data analysis offered by the platform than any other thing, you are going to fall in love with your trading account under the ZeroPro program.

The customer support is also quite exceptional whenever it comes to resolving an issue as soon as possible.

But for beginners who just don’t know much about day trade or how stocks trading is done through technical analysis, handling the ZeroPro program can be a tricky job.

Subscription Charges

The complete ZeroPro suite can be yours for a 59 USD per month subscription plan.

From dealing with exchange traded funds to any kind of day trade market related intel gathering, you can access the complete power of the platform under this single price.

Remember, we are talking about the real TradeZero ZeroPro program and not about the TradeZero America program which is completely different than the prior one.

What’s included in the package?

There are four key features that you are going to get with the ZeroPro commission free trading program.

First, the real-time news reporter keeping an eye on all the important happening going around the market even after the market hours.

Second, the cash account stock screener to keep the dynamics of your trading account under check.

Third, the stock trading option traders setup to help you act on the right opportunity at the right time.

Fourth, the alerts system that helps you stay aware of any major changes going around the stocks trading world.

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The power of ZeroWeb

After the ZeroPro setup, we have got the ZeroWeb program that shook the world of beginner level trading account holders throughout the globe.

The program doesn’t ask you to have a fixed minimum account balance all time. You can work on your trading account/cash account with any amount you prefer.

Plus, the ZeroWeb program also include almost all the features of the ZeroPro setup except for the lack of some prominent ones.

How ZeroWeb works?

in this TradeZero review, we will be discussing all the amazing programs and tools included in the TradeZero commission free trading suite. Yes, we are talking about ‘The TradeZero’ and not the TradeZero America.

The ZeroWeb setup has the same commission free trading features of the ZeroPro but the number of features are lower than that of ZeroPro.

You aren’t going to setup any kind of trade alerts within the market hours as well as after it. you can still use the mobile app but no more stock screener for you as well.


The level of functionality offered by ZeroWeb

As compared to the ZeroPro, the functionality of the platform within market hours and through the mobile app remains same, but the overall range of the functions do gets diminished.

For example, you can enjoy all the benefits of commission free trading, but the number of charting windows will be reduced to only six windows.

Similarly, you are going to get the exceptional customer support, but the number of level II information windows will be reduced to four.

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Subscription Charge

Even with all the diminished within market hours working features, the subscriptions charges for ZeroWeb are the same for that of ZeroPro. You still need to pay around 59 USD monthly fee for the trading tools included in the suite.

This is something that even experts don’t understand much about.

After all, there’s a clear difference between the number of windows available on both platforms along with several other online trading tools. But still the monthly fee trades is the same.

What’s included in the package?

As discussed earlier, the package includes all the web platform based features of the ZeroPro including advanced charting options. But the number of windows available as well as the real time insights of the financial markets is lower in number as compared to ZeroPro.

Plus, the 59 USD monthly fee regulated by the securities was quite a huge blunder from the side of TradeZero management.

So, the platform decided to include the ZeroPro and the ZeroWeb within a single 59 USD per moth subscription price.

The power of ZeroFree/ZeroMobile

According to experts, if you are serious in dealing in the stock markets, both ZeroFree and ZeroMobile are not for you. As the name can already indicates, the ZeroFree setup gives you access to some of the online trading gadgets with any charges, but it is not going to offer any free trades.

As there is no such thing as free trades, you will be charged around 25 USD per month for options and stocks trading.

On the other hand, the ZeroMobile is only an added-on feature with the web based online trading program that keeps you in touch with financial markets wherever you go.

Image from

How ZeroFree/ZeroMobile works?

When you get access to the ZeroFree setup, you might think that this is going to get you an access to cash accounts as well as global stock markets regulated by the securities where you can trade and earn huge profits in a matter of minutes. unfortunately, that’s not the case.

ZeroFree doesn’t allow you any access to the level II trading financial markets and the ZeroMobile is more like a quotes monitoring tool.

The level of functionality offered by ZeroFree/ZeroMobile

As discussed earlier, there’s nothing much you can do with ZeroFree. After all, that’s why it comes with the name tag ‘Free’ in the first place.

However, if you want to switch to trade dynamics that are regulated by the securities, you will have to pay up and upgrade your free plan.

While the ZeroMobile can help you get access of the latest market trends/news and nothing else considerable.

Subscription Charges

ZeroFree is completely free for the beginners. That’s why , majority of the beginner level traders who are looking for educational resources or a functional TradeZero account go with the ZeroFree program.

But still, if you think that ZeroFree TradeZero account is not somewhere you can lose money, you can upgrade it to the level II trading level to compete with retail investors and international traders. it will cost you around 25USD for upgrading it to level II and 25USD more for enabling options trading.

You don’t need to pay for any subscription charges related to ZeroMobile as it will still locate stocks whatsoever.

What’s included in the package?

If we talk about the ZeroFree TradeZero account that’s completely free, there’s nothing much you can do.

Sure you can play around all day with your account as much as you want. But if you are looking for a real trading deal, this is not for you, period.

However, you can upgrade it to near the high end trading programs level by paying around 50 USD per month. But what’s the point in that?

Are the experts happy?

When it comes to the level of trading dynamics and features TradeZero offers, there’s no doubt majority of the experts are a fan of this platform. But still, there are some prominent irregularities in the platform that aren’t understandable.

First, TradeZero needs to work on the bank wire transfers as well as the penny stocks dealing. These are the two domains that needs extra work and effort.

Second, TradeZero offers to upgrade the ZeroFree setup to a Level II setup for roughly 50 USD per month. However, you can access the complete ZeroPro+ZeroWeb suite for 59 USD per month!

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Some popular options to choose other than TradeZero

TradeZero has its own pros and cons. The platform is surely getting outdated each year as the ‘only limit orders’ ratio is increasing drastically. But still it is like a safe heaven for every pro level trader out there.

The technicalities included in the charts, the working windows customizable options, etc are like blessings for retail investors and international traders.

But if you are a beginner level trader who doesn’t know much about all of this, you can switch to any of the given platforms,

1) Edgewonk

For everyone who’s just starting to get his/her hands in the market and doesn’t want to lose money this early, Edgewonk is the real deal.

Besides monitoring bank wise transfers like a pro, there are a list of features that makes Edgewonk the ultimate trading journal.

Plus, the planform is developed by some of the renowned trading names to make things simpler for you to understand.

Image from


2) Benzinga

I don’t think there is any trader out there who haven’t heard or considered using Benzinga Pro suite at least once in his/her career. Of course you can lose money in large sums if you aren’t going to use Benzinga Pro effectively.

But the level of international exposure that Benzinga Pro offers is far more greater than even what TradeZero offers.

But still, you are going to need a considerable amount of assets in the form of money to pay for the Benzinga Pro subscription plans.

Benzinga Pro
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3) Trade Ideas

Trading CFDS, monitoring bank wire transfers, etc., if there is by chance an platform out there that can compete with what TradeZero offers in the above mentioned domains, it is going to be Trade Ideas or no one else.

The platform offers an in-depth knowledge and insight on the US markets and unlike popular TradeZero accounts, you can actually trade options on your own like an active trader with step by step investment advice.

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The Ultimate Battle : Trade Zero vs Sure Trader

This where our TradeZero review in respect to various trade options and suites offered by the TradeZero Website comes to an end. Again, make sure that you are accessing the ‘TradeZero’ and not TradeZero America. Don’t worry, TradeZero knows all about the US markets as well!

Now, lets take a look at the ultimate battle that almost all the TradeZero Customers kept on fighting. Yes, we are talking about the infamous comparison between Trade Zero and Sure Trader for the spot of number one trading CFDS platform.

Trade Zero

What makes it unique?

Lets forget about trading CFDS in general and talk about one feature that makes TradeZero so exceptional and popular in the world of trading.

I went through as much verified statistics I could go through before getting to a conclusion. According to majority of the users and experts, the feature that makes TradeZero unique is its knowledge on the US market.

As an online broker, TradeZero knows about the US market more than any platform that’s currently functional.

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Expert review

I asked the same question from every single high-end financial professional I was able to find. The answer was same, the amount of knowledge and experience you can get from a TradeZero brokerage account is unparalleled in terms of its benefits

From online chat system to commission free trades, TradeZero has been able to create an environment that can take you to the heights of trading with the right approach.

However, the TradeZero setup is indeed getting outdated with each passing year and the advancement in technology.

Popular Features

All the popular features that make TradeZero fees worth it are included into 3 sperate suites that are offered by the platform.

The first one is indeed the ZeroPro which is also regarded as the number one TradeZero work suite ever to exist. The program gives you access to a margin account with 24/7 TradeZero support and advanced features that only experts can access or operate.

The second one is the ZeroWeb. Similar in features to the ZeroPro with a margin account that does include all the features of the ZeroPro but in a smaller number.

And at number three, we have got the ZeroFree/ZeroMobile which is totally free to use and is limited to market monitoring alone.

Subscriptions Plans

You can pick up any credible TradeZero review these days and it will be giving an impression that the subscription plans TradeZero offers are expensive than most of the other platforms. But why is that?

Well, TradeZero is still following the 59 USD per month plan for ZeroPro and ZeroWeb that it was using back in 2015. On the other hand, all the competitors have worked on making their plans more economical than what TradeZero offers.

My review

TradeZero have surely got something that other platforms don’t have. When I was researching on the topic, there was one thing that i was quite easily able to understand about TradeZero.

When TradeZero was launched back in 2015, it was like a platform that took the world of trading and online brokerage firms to a whole new level of innovation.

You can call TradeZero as the platform who started all of this trading advancement we can see in the trading world.


Sure Trader

What makes it unique?

Even though SureTrader and TradeZero doesn’t have much in common, but still traders keep on debating on either TradeZero review or the SureTrader review.

According to my research so far, the most prominent feature offered by SureTrader is it’s advance charting ability even for traders for a low capital.

It will not ask you for any fixed amount of capital in reserve or something like that.

Image from

Expert review

According to trading experts, the SureTrader setup is for someone who will be trading with a lower than 25,000 USD trading pattern per day. That’s someone who got the experience but still hasn’t got that leverage.

So eventually, if you are looking to get some leverage in your account, SureTrader will be your perfect partner to do so.

Plus, the investors working on the platform contains a considerable amount of international investors that are looking to get the next big fish.

Popular Features

Some popular features that make traders compare it with the TradeZero platform include features like no pattern day trading rules, maximum 50 USD under the banner of free trade and stuff like that, etc.

Plus, you can even start trading with a min account balance of 500 USD that’s quite low even for low brokerage accounts.

Also, you can get access to considerably powerful trading tools that can surely you put you at an advantage under minimum account balance.

Subscriptions Plans

SureTrader is a commission based platform. Unlike TradeZero, it is going to charge a per trade commission and contract charges from the trader.

The general options commission is around 4.95 USD plus 0.5 USD in terms of contract. For cash account, the fees can go all the way up to 500 USD. Same fees is applied in the case of a margin account.

With the new commission rates in action fortunately, there’s no routing fees charged by the platform anymore.

My review

As compared to TradeZero, SureTrader looks like a pretty basic level platform with no exciting features at all. Of course for traders who can’t afford high end trading platforms like TradeZero, SureTrader is quite economical and that’s the main reason why traders try to compare it with TradeZero.

Remember guys, if TradeZero is charging for something, it is providing exceptionally well-structured services that have stood the test of time and market trends.

In my opinion, SureTrader still has a lot of homework to do before reaching the level of TradeZero or any other high end platform.

Final Verdict!

If you have gone through this TradeZero Review up to this point, you can already tell what the outcome of this TradeZero vs SureTrader battle is going to be.

In simple words, TradeZero is on a whole another level and SureTrader still has got a lot to prove to reach that level.

Plus, the 25$ equity call fee per day is surely one of the areas SureTrader has to work on crazily.





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This concludes our TradeZero Review with all the possible details you can find on the platform. Remember, we are talking about ‘the TradeZero’ and not ‘TradeZero America’. These are two different platform within two different localities.

It’s true that TradeZero is getting outdated with every single and if the team is not able to do anything fast about this, there’s a solid chance that it can lost its number 1 spot.

But for the amount of experience and the quality of tools this amazing tool offers, there’s a hardly a chance that this is going to happen anytime soon. For traders throughout the globe, TradeZero is going to be the number one choice!

Image from


Is TradeZero a good broker?

Of course, it is! Founded in the year 2015, TradeZero offers the most advanced and high quality market analysis tools that can surely give you an edge over you competitors with the right approach.

The platform offers young traders the exposure they were looking for when it comes to dealing with the international market and investors.

Plus, the setup works on a zero trade commission policy. in other words, all you need to do is pay a fixed monthly subscription according to your plan and enjoy the fruits of your trading efforts in the form of undivided profit.

Can a US citizen use TradeZero?

Yes, a US citizen can open a TradeZero account and experience the full benefits with it. However, there are certain factors that may affect your choice and decide whether your decision to go with TradeZero is going to be beneficial for you or not in the long run.

First, you need to get access of the ‘TradeZero‘ account and not the ‘TradeZero America’ if you are going to act as an investor.

And second, try to go with the ZeroPro 59 USD per month plan whether you are an investor or a trader. The plan allows you to use both of the ZeroPro and ZeroWeb suites within a single price tag.

Is FreeTrade a zero commission?

Whenever someone discussed about TradeZero and all of its amazing benefits, there’s a good chance that people are going to compare it with FreeTrade. You can consider FreeTrade as a copy of TradeZero but it is designed to provide investment opportunities only to the people of UK alone.

The platform is quite new and does indeed offers zero commission and platform fee trade for a general investment account. But both the investors and the traders are limited to the UK on this platform.

What is a zero trade?

The term ‘Zero Trade’ is generally used to refer to a platform that doesn’t charges any commission for its trades. TradeZero is a zero trade based platform that doesn’t charge any kind of such charges. Instead, all you need to do is pay the monthly subscription charges according to your plan as part of the platform fees.


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