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If you have any prior know how about the forex market and how it works, you have the understanding about day trading and how to step in the foreign exchange market.

But for all the newcomers in the field, this article will cover all the day trading tactics as well as give you a solid day trading review to begin with.

Day trading is basically a term devised for traders that buy and sell shares over the time period of a single trade day.
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Do I need t have any prior knowledge before starting?

Having prior knowledge about day trading and how it works is surely a plus but not necessary. Many traders with their own day trading accounts are the ones who didn’t have any prior knowledge of the field.

Day trading is all about making futures trading projections and tallying the final results with the projections you have made.

In a sense, you can learn day trading only through the hit and trial method overtime. That’s why, most of the trading platforms also offer trial services like a demo account or a forex funded trading account to the ones trading for the first time.

Basics of forex trading

In simple terms, forex is a term used to describe the exchange of currencies going around the world 24 hours, 5 and a half days in a week.

That’s why, the forex marketplace is the decentralized global foreign exchange currency market that keeps the forex day trade active through and online system which connects various currency exchange firms/ day traders to stay connected.

Major forex currencies that are traded quite frequently throughout the globe in pairs are USD/JPY, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CHF, and the AUD/USD.

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Things to consider before diving right in the forex market

Already excited to get in the world of forex/stocks day trading? Well, if nothing else, the world of day trading is surely exciting enough to keep you in the game for the long run.

But before starting, here are some tips that will come in handy when trying to understand how day trading works.

First, there is a bright chance that you are going to get a funded trading account no matter which day trading software you choose to go with.

Second, keep an eye on the proprietary leading indicators from day one.

And third, try to learn as much as you could from the free forex day trading you will be getting.




Asia Forex Mentor Resize v3

#1 Forex, Crypto and Stocks trading course. Ranked most comprehensive by Investopedia and Best by Benzinga. Free to Try!


Here Are Reviews

I think that’s enough knowledge for you on the topic of forex day trade and how it works. Now, lets talk about one of the most well known day trading platform you might have been using without any proper guidelines.

Besides free forex day trading and the globally popular trader executive program, trydaytrading hasn’t been able to deliver much.

You might get excited with all the free day trading webinar and a loaded day trading account for first time users. But in the long run, the try day trading company is the last thing you would wish for.

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Popular services offered by the platform

The try day trading company was founded with a vision of providing forex related knowledge to anyone who’s completely new to this field.

From the start, the company was quite focused on this one goal in particular and designed the complete trydaytrading currency trading platform around this notion.

That’s why, you can still find tons of high quality lectures and courses once you have subscribed the services.

Because of these courses, day trading introduced itself as a major currency trading and investing opportunity to the people in the United States in particular.

Forex Day Trading Course: Pros and Cons

Including myself, all the experts believe that the trading courses offered by the try day trading company has definitely guided hundreds of experienced traders that were looking for a solid way of trading capital.

Since the day try day trading company began training students about the forex marketplace and how it works, US has been able to take the lead over the forex world.

But besides of all of these amazing student oriented training sessions and trader executive student subscription plans, try day trading company forgot the most important part of a day trading platform. The user interface.

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The trydaytrading’s one-on-one coaching program!

As part of the 3 step journey that you need to undertake in order to get access to the trydaytrading account and proprietary leading indicator software, one-on-one coaching is surely popular among the trading experts who want to learn directly from the experts.

The program allows the first time platform user to have a thorough interactive session with one of very well known global forex trade experts.

Of course it is a great opportunity to be mentored by an expert of such caliber, but if you want to continue, the student one-on-one subscription plan will cost you a whooping 15,395 USD including all the tools.

What experts have to say?

Lets keep the experts aside for a minute. If ask day traders about their view on try day trading company, the answer will be almost identical. ‘Super expensive and good for nothing’.

Well, the expert opinion on the subject is also more or less the same. Like, everyone do acknowledge the dynamics of proprietary leading indicator software, but many popular platforms today are offering similar services at a much lower price range.

Even the pro funding student subscription based coaching program is something that’s way out of the league of being justifiable.

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Why trydaytrading’s trader executive program is a flop?

There’s nothing wrong with the course dynamics, everything is spot on. The forex education, understanding of the financial markets, coaching program that deals with real money and and real account statements, everything is perfect.

But the real issue is the price tag that’s associated with these try day trading services.

The pro funding student subscription will cost around 6,995 USD without the perks of funded accounts and company indicators. If you need to get such facilities, pay up more.

On the other hand, the ‘trader’ exclusive student subscription will cost you around 15,395 USD with funded accounts and practice with real money.

Forex Funded Trading Account : A positive point

Even after getting reputed as a ‘hotshot’ platform among day traders and financial markets, there are still some positive aspects of the try day trading platform.

For instance, the forex funded trading platform account. It’s true that you will be asked to go through the previous super expensive steps to reach this point.

But still, the platform will provide you a fully functional and forex funded trading account as a ‘graduation gift’.

Surely this ‘graduation gift’ has cost you a lot of money, but with the expert insight you have got so far, you surely will have an advantage over the majority of day trading experts.

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Trading platforms you should opt for instead of

If you have reached this far with the day trading review, you sure have got some prior experience with try day trading and the super expensive try day trading learning system.

Instead of simply allocating cash for something than you can learn through many free resources, I would suggest you to directly learn from experienced trading experts who know exactly how currency pairs work and all the basics related to it.

Platforms like Benzinga Pro, TraderSync, etc are truly exceptional when it comes to quality knowledge useful for a day trader.

But here are the top two platforms that I have personally tried out myself back in my initial days as a day trader,

Trading platforms
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If you are looking to learn how forex/stocks are day traded in a corporate office in order to attain consistent profitability, earn2Trade will be the perfect platform for you.

Simulation accounts, hands on trading experience, immediate access, the art of simply allocating cash in order to get steady margins, and many more.

These are some of the key areas introduced by Earn2Trade in order to facilitate a new generation of trading experts the world hasn’t seen yet.

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Topstep Trader

Also known as the ‘trader lite’, the Topstep Trader platform is like a complete trader in itself. There’s no possible way that you can get such an affordable one on one coaching from anywhere else other than Topstep Trader.

If we take a look at the critical aspect of the platform, subtracting the upfront costs, the coaching sessions offered by Topstep Trader has built a team of trading experts that have withdrawn around 2.9 million USD in the year 2021 so far.

This shows the success of company introduced coaching phase that comes with a low risk and equips you with valuable experience day trading.

Topstep trader
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Asia Forex Mentor Resize v3

#1 Forex, Crypto and Stocks trading course. Ranked most comprehensive by Investopedia and Best by Benzinga. Free to Try!



So far in this day trading review, we have discussed the possible pros and cons associated with try day trading and what’s the general try day trading review both in the eyes of the general trading community and trading experts.

If you are looking for my try day trading review, I think my stance on the matter is quite clear from the very start. If we take a look at the number of successful graduates as well as the google reviews, trading journals, try day trading is charging a huge sum of money for almost nothing.

The trade lessons/tips they mostly impart are the ones that are already very well known among the general day trading community.

Is day trading even worth it?

Of course it is. You don’t need a ‘successful graduation’ certificate for a platform that charges such money for providing no effective knowledge.

The main point of the trydaytrading review is for you to understand the low risk trade dynamics of the forex marketplace and how you can ace too with your sheer will and a knack for knowledge.

If you look at the overall day trading review, you can easily find reasons to stay and invest your efforts in the forex trade market but only with the right trading platform.

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What have we learned so far?

If you have thoroughly gone through this ‘try day trading review’, you have already learned a lot of things about finding the right platform and approach to start with.

Remember, you can even have the subscription for a platform like Topstep Trader that’s quite reputable and respected among the trading community.

But still if you haven’t got the ability to learn from your mistakes and move further after a set back, there’s no way this ‘try day trading review’ or any other major trading knowledge providing can help you out.

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Should I try day trading company?

If think you already know the exact answer to this particular question. if not, you need to go through this try day trading review once again. But this time, try to be a bit more thorough.

The team puts I have gathered around to write down this trydaytrading review has been quite beneficial for myself as well.

There are new dynamics that I have explored in order to get final trydaytrading review that covers everything that’s wrong with the try day trading and its approach.

But If you ask me about one reason in particular to not go with try day trading platform as a beginner, it will be the lack of maximum trading knowledge and exposure for me.

If not try day trading website the what?

In the light of all the team puts I have gathered, including my very own, platforms like Topstep Traders and Earn2Trade will be the perfect choice for you as a beginner level trader.

Of course you can go with any other platform of your choice, but the level of trading knowledge you are going to get here is something truly valuable.

Plus, you get a special student discount if you are a first time trader trying to set your foot in the global forex trading marketplace.



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