The Correlation Between Stocks and Forex in 2024

By Wilbert S

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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The stock market is a financial market in which buyers and sellers trade stocks or shares of public corporations. Stocks are also called shares and represent an ownership claim on a business. Shares can be traded on a public stock exchange, or privately in the case of private companies. The stock exchange facilitates the interaction of buyers and sellers, this creates a free market economy by enabling easy access to the exchange of stocks and capital.

The stock market and stock prices are used to determine the performance of a business and the economy in general. Due to a large number of participants in stock trading, stock market transactions are regulated by national and regional regulatory agencies. The forex market is also known as the foreign exchange market. It involves trading currency pairs by buying one currency and selling the other. Commonly traded currencies are the US dollar, Japanese yen, British pound, and the Euro.

Trading the forex market requires an understanding of market correlations, fundamental and technical analysis, in order to speculate about future price movements with respect to a country’s currency.

In this review, we would discuss the correlation between the stock market and the Forex market, the different kinds of correlations that exist, and how they impact these markets.

The Correlation between Stocks and Forex: Do Stocks and Forex Correlate?

Theoretically, when the stock and equity markets of a country appreciate, there is an increase in the demand for that country’s currency and this leads to an appreciation of the currency. If the stock market performs poorly and stock prices begin to fall, there would be a decrease in the demand for a country’s currency and this leads to a reduction in its value.

The value of a company’s stock is also tied to its foreign currency exposure. Companies may hedge their foreign currency exposure in order to mitigate any losses that may be incurred from exchange rate fluctuations.

The economic situation in a country can be closely linked to the performance of the stocks of the major companies operating within. In times of economic boom, the stock prices tend to rise and the domestic currency rises too. This is due to an increase in foreign investments which increases the demand for the domestic currency. This leads to an increase in demand for that currency and further strengthens it.

Stocks and forex do correlate. This can be a positive or negative correlation, depending on the stock in question, and the condition of the economy and the financial markets.

How to use Forex-Stock Correlations

Forex-stock correlation can be used when trading CFDs and currency pairs as well as stocks. By analyzing the correlated assets, foreign investors and forex traders can decide the specific stocks or currencies to buy or sell. Fundamental analysis of the factors affecting a national currency can help determine the fate of the stocks belonging to companies that operate within that country.

For instance, if a company produces its goods in Japan and sells them in the US, then a strong USD and weak JPY would be beneficial for its stock prices because the goods would yield a great profit when sold in USD and converted to Japanese yen. In addition, if the company’s competitors produce their goods in the US then sell in Japan, a strong USD would be unfavorable for them.

In relation to the forex market, stock markets and stock prices are important tools of fundamental analysis. This means they’re analyzed before forex traders can trade certain currency pairs in the forex markets.

For instance, the news and economic data that affect a domestic currency would also impact the stock prices of domestic industries or industries that predominantly operate within the country. Therefore, if the US dollar increases in value, it can correlate with the rise of stock prices of companies in the US.

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Some Correlation Does not Mean Positive Correlation

The stock market and forex market may have some positive correlation as earlier explained, but there could be instances of divergence or ‘crack in correlation’ when the correlated stock price and currency markets move in opposite directions. This is also known as a negative correlation.

There is typically a strong positive correlation between the US dollar and the US stock market. When the U.S stock market rises, the dollar rises and appreciates against other currencies and forex traders buy the dollar and sell foreign currencies. If the U.S stock market falls, the dollar declines, and foreign currencies rally against the dollar. Forex traders would then sell the US dollar and buy foreign currencies in their retail investor accounts.

The Dow Jones Industrial average could be an exception because some US corporations are multinational and do a considerable amount of business outside the U.S. Hence the value of the dollar can greatly impact the company’s performance. If the US dollar appreciates, then profits from the company’s foreign transactions tend to decline and their stock prices decline.

Therefore, though some positive correlation exists, a negative correlation between the forex market and the stock market can be seen in some instances. Before trading stocks or any currency pair, make sure you understand the dynamics of these two markets in terms of the company’s operations, the strengths of individual stocks, and their relationship to a domestic currency.

How Currency Values Affect Industries

The value of a currency is a key determinant of business operations and performance as well as investment decisions made by investors.

If a country’s currency increases in strength, then the domestic companies become less competitive when they export goods. But if a country’s currency reduces in strength then the domestic companies become more competitive when they export goods. This is due to the impact of the foreign exchange rate on the company’s income. When profits are made in strong currencies, then a company makes huge returns when this is converted to the weaker domestic currency.

In addition, the value of a domestic currency can be affected by the commodities predominantly traded and exported by that country. Commodity currencies are currencies whose values are strongly correlated with certain commodities, such as the positive correlation of the Australian dollar with gold, or the correlation of the Canadian dollar with oil.

Trading the financial markets requires a good understanding of these factors and how they impact the value of a currency and industries within that country. The correlation of an industry’s stocks to the currency market can be a positive or negative correlation. Stock markets do not exist in isolation but are connected to various aspects of the economy, all of which need to be understood for profitable trading of the forex market and stock market.

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Finally, the forex and stock markets are critical components of a country’s financial market. Theoretically, the correlation between these markets is a positive correlation. However, some situations can lead to a negative correlation which makes it difficult to trade one market by simply analyzing the other.

To determine when this positive correlation is valid, it’s important to carry out other forms of market research and analysis. This can be done via fundamental and technical analyses to ensure that the market trends and cycles are in alignment with the speculation about future price movement.

Stocks correlate with forex because the stock prices of companies influence the growth of the economy and the supply and demand for the domestic currency. This is due to an increase in investor confidence in a specific currency and the consequent increase in the investments made in domestic companies. Despite this correlation, there are instances in which a crack in correlation occurs.

The Correlation between Stocks and Forex FAQs

Can the stock market affect forex?

Yes, the stock markets can affect the forex market. There is some correlation between the forex market and the stock market but this isn’t always a positive or direct correlation. Both markets may move in the same direction, but when a crack in correlation occurs, they move independently.

In relation to industries, the impact of forex on an industry depends on the company’s foreign currency exposure.

The performance of the stock market is closely tied to the state of the industries within a country. Since these industries attract foreign investors and engage in the exportation and importation of products and services, their activities impact the flow of currencies and subsequently affect the currency market.

Forex Trading better than stocks?

Forex trading involves trading a currency pair by selling one currency and buying the other. Stock trading also involves trading stocks for profit. Both markets are unique and none is inherently better than the other.

As parts of the financial markets, traders need to carry out sufficient fundamental and technical analysis in order to trade them successfully.

The tools of technical analysis are usually similar. These include indicators, chart patterns, and other trading systems. Technical analysis helps traders and investors to determine the best times to enter trades or buy and sell a specific stock or currency pair. Technical analysis can be applied to exotic forex pairs, major currencies, and several aspects of currency trading.

Fundamental analysis involves the use of news reports, economic data, seasonal tendencies, and other reports or data to determine the likely direction of a stock or currency pair.

What pairs correlate in forex?

The correlation of forex pairs can be caused by a variety of reasons.

Firstly, some forex pairs correlate positively due to their ties to a specific currency. A forex pair contains two currencies, the quote currency, and the base currency. Pairs that share the same quote currency or base currency tend to have a degree of correlation. These are pairs like EURUSD and GBPUSD. They have a positive correlation due to the presence of the US dollar.

Some currencies correlate because of the close ties between their economies. Hence, forex pairs containing these currencies tend to correlate. For instance, the Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar tend to correlate positively due to the strong ties between these economies.

Finally, forex pairs may correlate for fundamental reasons. For instance, the Japanese yen and Swiss Franc are known as safe-havens, and tend to appreciate during times of uncertainty, during which they correlate positively.




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