Asia Forex Mentor Review 2024

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

Asia Forex Mentor Review

Forex trading continues to grow and present more opportunities to traders with a $6.6 trillion daily turnover in 2019 alone. The rate of growth of the forex industry means more people are aiming to start trading for quick and easy cash with little to zero knowledge.

While the sector is well and truly well-positioned to accommodate the increasing numbers, the majority of them end up disappointed because they lack the know-how required for successful trading. Their situation is also not helped by numerous brokers who shell out regular adverts with unsubstantiated claims.

This means many aspiring forex traders approach the forex market with the wrong trading psychology and end up falling flat on their faces. Successful and professional traders recognize the importance of proper forex training before venturing into online trading.

Forex courses will not only help you understand the forex market and trading platform better, but they will also help you develop a trading strategy, get a better grip of technical analysis, apply the correct trading psychology, get needed trading experience, understand the financial markets, and become a successful trader making real money.

However, choosing the right trading course may not be straightforward, considering the number of online courses that refuse to deliver on their promises. One forex course that continues to equip new and old traders with trade secrets that elevate them to advanced traders is the that from Asia Forex Mentor.

In this Asia Forex Mentor review, we will reveal everything you need to know about this online course and why it is regarded as the best course for forex trading.

What is Asia Forex Mentor?

What is Asia Forex Mentor?

It would be a huge mistake to toss this course aside based on the name. Asia Forex Mentor is not just for people in Asia. They have trained and are still training people from all parts of the world. Hence, they are regarded as the top provider of forex education worldwide.

Asia Forex Mentor is the brainchild of Ezekiel Chew, a six-figure per trade forex trading guru with over two decades of trading experience, who also owns the Golden Eye Group and a proprietary One Core Program that aims to train forex traders how to make money from trading forex.

Ezekiel’s success is undoubtful and the AFM was created as a way of imparting his knowledge, skills, and experience to others. Ezekiel revealed himself that the journey was borne out of the requests for trading lessons from his close friends. The classes expanded online and he has never looked back ever since.

As part of Ezekiel’s love for teaching forex trading, he offers free five-part lessons anyone can access directly from the website with their email address. This should offer a quick look into the value on offer when you finally enroll in the trading program.

They not only have powerful strategies, their proprietary One Core Program transforms you from an inexperienced trader into a professional fund manager that knows how to be profitable regardless of what happens in the market.

Their system focuses on the returns you get from your investment and is one of the best we have seen. They have also trained bank workers and the DBP, one of the largest banks in the Philippines is among their long list of clients.

Through our review, if you follow the system, you WILL be profitable. It’s hard to go wrong with the Asia Forex Mentor. That’s because they are the legend in this field and not some new guru who just learned trading two years ago.

Forex Trading Awards and Achievements

The perfect way of starting this Asia Forex Mentor review is by listing some of its awards and achievements. It should help you realize this is not just any forex program, but a gem among stones.

The entire course is so helpful that it continues to generate rave reviews and be a recipient of numerous awards. Some of the most notable ones are listed below.

1. Most Comprehensive Course Award

They achieved the rare feat of being crowned the most comprehensive course by Investopedia, a leading website as far as financial contents are concerned. In their words, Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program “is as extensive as you will find, making the list as the best comprehensive forex course offering.”

2. Best Forex Trading Course

Recently, Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program was named the best forex trading course for beginners by Benzinga. Benzinga is another reliable site for financial, business, and stocks information. It awarded the AFM the best course and affirms it is the best for beginner to advanced forex trading program.

3. Best Forex Mentor

The BestOnlineForexBroker website also awarded Asia Forex Mentor the best forex mentors of 2021. According to the statement on their website, Asia Forex Mentor will help you “make massive gains from forex.”

4. Best Forex Trading Course

In a recent review of all the top forex trading courses by top forex traders and platforms, Asia Forex Mentor came top thanks to the trading strategies and excellent trading system it teaches.

These are just some of the notable mentions. The AFM and its One Core Program have continued to surpass the expectations of those who enroll, including advanced and new traders.

The One Core Program

The One Core Program

The One Core Program is a forex lesson course created by Ezekiel Chew as a part of his forex education program known as Asia Forex Mentor. This is a complete course that combines every form of knowledge Ezekiel has gathered for over 20 years as a forex trader. It opens you up to the techniques that work and others that do not.

The course delivery comes in form of training sessions via videos, mentorship, and real-life examples with personal touches. Unlike many forex programs, the One Core Program covers more than just forex. It consists of trading for all vehicles including stocks, indexes, crypto, commodities, etc. The system works for anything that has a chart.

Another remarkably uncommon feature of the course is that it is backed by mathematical probability. Not only is this rare, but it also presents unique opportunities, such as being able to calculate risks and rewards to a reasonable extent.

It does not matter if you are completely new or already experienced. The One Core Program caters to all traders from beginner levels to advanced. If you are looking for the best forex trading course, or the best trading course that works in all vehicles. Then, look no further.

Many people who have spent years hopping between courses reveal that landing on this course proved to be their final spot for learning to achieve success in forex.

One of them, Regan Lim has this to say about the course: “I’ve completed the home study program, all I can say it’s simply MARVELOUS! I’ve been through many forex & stocks courses, online and live seminars, but none of it can be compared to the level you taught me.”

“My initial status was a deficit and I was losing money in my live account. After implementing the things you have taught me, I’ve got positive for the first time in my trading career. It was a nice 14% profit of my capital! And guess what, I have a trailing trade that has been going on for the last 2 weeks using your Road to Millions formula. If there’s anyone contemplating Ezekiel’s course – think no further, compare no further, this is the BEST. Don’t waste your time like me going through other courses and end up wasting years trying a system that doesn’t work.”

This comprehensive course is divided into 26 lessons with 63 lesson videos. These lessons discuss everything from trade management principles to price action, fundamental analysis, free trade, point system calculation method, etc.

Maggie Hiew, a student from Malaysia was full of praises for the program and her review goes thus: “I must say it has been a wonderful and rewarding experience to learn Price Action system and strategies from a real professional forex trader and great mentor like you. This is the best forex course out of the last 10 (courses, seminars, online training, etc) that I have attended over the past 5 years.

“Your Signature Masterclass Price Action System is simple, clear, and very powerful. I started trading my live account using your system and strategies and it has grown by 10% over the last 2 weeks. I have confidence now and have a better understanding of how to read the charts like a book. I will recommend your master class to anyone who is interested in learning forex trading.”

However, the video lessons are not the end of your training. While many courses would leave you to figure things out on your own, Ezekiel Chew offers the chance to have you sit behind the scenes and see how does he analyse and plan the trade setups for the week through the Golden Eye Group. The group is a channel where you can see what exactly does Ezekiel trade in the live market week after week. And he shares his continued teachings as well on the live market on why he skips certain trades and why certain trades are a must to trade.

This ongoing ‘behind the scenes’ program opens up new opportunities for participants. You get to see Ezekiel plan his live trades with his entries and take profit levels with insights on how he makes his moves. He shares his thoughts on assets and gives regular updates that any retail trader would find highly beneficial for their forex journey.

We all understand the stark differences between theory classes and practicals. That’s why the Golden Eye Group serves as real-life examples for the forex trading basic lessons you’ve taken. This is another reason you should enroll now before these mentorship programs go down.

Another benefit of the One Core Program is that each new trader can take the lessons at their own pace. The proprietary One Core Program can take you between a couple of weeks to a month, depending on your pace, how much time you use for the lessons, and understanding of the lessons.

A glance at the course content may look intimidating to a new trader, but that is only because the course covers everything there is to know. However, the course is comprehensive enough for even the most inexperienced traders and you can experience everything with the live trading sessions with Ezekiel.

Ezekiel Chew begins the lessons by explaining the basics, like how to set up an account, selecting trading platforms, how each one works, among other basics that new traders may find trouble understanding. He also mentions basic information on all market types and using the MT4 platform for trades.

The One Core Program costs $997, which is a long way below the value that is on offer. It should not take long for retail traders willing to invest in their financial freedom to see the many benefits of this course.

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The Man Behind Asia Forex Mentor Academy

The Man Behind Asia Forex Mentor Academy

Ezekiel Chew is one of the biggest names as far as the forex industry is concerned. He is the founder of Asia Forex Mentor who has trained numerous forex traders in the art of trading to make massive profits.

One of the factors that help him achieve this is that Ezekiel is a natural teacher. He speaks well and articulates clearly. He is also able to explain complicated topics in an easy and relatable format. His teaching methods have been refined over the years and it’s why students are able to absorb his indirect and direct coaching so easily.

However, Ezekiel himself makes 6 figures a trade. This is a huge difference to “gurus” who makes 3, 4, or 5 figures a trade. He taught himself forex and started trading when he was just 16 years old with a forex account that had only $500. He became a full-time trader afterward and has been growing stronger mentally and also experience-wise while optimizing his trading strategies.

Ezekiel is at a different level, having traded for over 2 decades through the Asia Forex Mentor that he founded in 2008. With the One Core Program, he has successfully helped many traders pass the different funded trader programs, such as FTMO.

Ezekiel Chew founded his company, the AFM, in 2008 at the request of friends before growing it into a community of expert forex traders, first online, and now physically. Among his clients are banks who hire him to train their workers. One of the most notable ones is the Development Bank of the Philippines with assets of more than $13 billion.

When he isn’t teaching students his forex strategy and investment objectives, Ezekiel is speaking at international conferences and seminars. He has a busy lifestyle but that does not stop him from continuously teaching others, either through his courses, mentor groups, live trading, or YouTube videos.

However, it wasn’t always like this for Ezekiel. He started from a family average background. The conditions were challenging for him and his three siblings but he was determined to take charge of his future. Banking on basic investment lessons from his father, he decided to trade forex. Ezekiel set up a forex trading account and started making small trades while learning at the same time.

It also wasn’t an instant success. Ezekiel Chew states that he traded for 42 months without profits. However, non of those long days was a waste. They helped him learn how the market moves, fundamental analysis, trade management methods, and risk management.

Eventually, Ezekiel gained financial freedom and points that assessing risk-reward ratios helped him get through the albatross. His profitable trades cover for the calculated losses he makes. Today, financial institutions want to pay as much as $25,000 to contract their services.

Royston Poh had this to say about his program: I started out with Ezekiel’s home study program. At first, I was very very skeptical as it was my first time trading and know that there are a lot of fake programs out there which won’t work! But ever since I took that step in purchasing the home study program, although being a first-time trader, I’ve already made a profit from USD30k to USD65k in just 2 months! All these, just by following the strategies and by being diligent in completing every task he has set do too. I really couldn’t believe it!”

Among some of his famous feats is his approach of making $3 from $1. Professional traders and banks have used the same system for years and Ezekiel Chew manages to break it down to the level of a seven-year-old. He also personally explained how he made 950% profit in only two weeks and another 1250% profit when he converted a $24k capital to $300k.

During the Trump Presidential Election, Ezekiel made $100k and at another time, a whopping $159,432.25 within 24 hours. His story, failures, and successes can serve as inspiration for new traders but his lessons can do even much more.


Forex trading can seem pretty daunting but with training from Asia Forex Mentor, you have an in-depth program that helps you get knowledge about the basic concepts and advanced methods.

Meanwhile, this course is not a get-rich-quick scheme. A forex trader still needs to put in hard work, diligence, and perseverance to become a profitable trader. After all, Ezekiel Chew also did not master all the trading patterns at a go. It took a while and although the task has been simplified through his course, you still need to put in adequate effort.

That said, the Asia Forex Mentor forex training package is so good, you do not want to waste too much time before enrolling. You may start by creating a demo account before committing yourself fully to a trading platform.

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