TC2000 Review: The Honest Thoughts Followed By Facts [2024]

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

TC2000 Review
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Stock trading necessitates logical reasoning, which is where trading and charting platforms such as TC2000 can help.

The software offers simply the best implementation of fundamental scanning of stock data. It’s highly praised by the stocks and commodities magazine.

How does it feel to use tc2000 analysis software? Below is an honest and thoughtful tc2000 review backed by facts.

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TC2000 Review: What is TC2000

Tc2000 software was developed by the Worden brothers inc. The company has existed for over 20 years. It’s regulated by the securities and exchange commission.

The software aims to remove the element of guessing from trading to assist all traders, new and experienced alike, in increasing their winning transactions.

Whether you are an experienced trader or a confused beginner, this is the perfect trading platform to start day trading stocks, mutual funds, equities, ETFs, and so on.

The TC2000 has received praise and honors from the stocks and commodities magazine, Liberated Stock Trader, Warrior Trading, and Bulls on Wall Street for being a well-thought-out tool for all levels of stock trading and analysis.

You can use the TC2000 software to access the following resources:

  • Stock charts and sketching capabilities are included in this charting program.
  • Free live day trading training courses for beginners.
  • powerful fundamental stock screeners.
  • Simulated trading
  • Services of a broker
  • Investment accounts
  • Easy to use trading interface.

TC2000 Review: Features

Organizing Elements Using Tabs

As a trader, being organized is essential for the success of your business. Tc2000 software provides you with a useful feature to keep your screen tidy. You can keep data from different markets such as options, stocks, watchlists, alternative time frames, and so on, in a separate tab.


From these tabs, you will get a clear picture of a lot of marketplaces without crowding your screen.

If you trade stocks actively, a tidy interface is important if you want to observe multiple charts and indicators from one screen. Using tabs to organize relevant information is becoming a wonderful industry sector drill day by day.




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Stock and Option Charting Software

Mastering the trading and charting platform takes time. TC2000 reduces learning time by providing its subscribers with free live training seminars.

Charting Software

Besides, the software has very intricate design details. You can use it to make investment decisions and determine trends in prices based on statistics you receive from;


Multiple plot styles, multiple charts, and chart template

In the chart properties settings, you can change the plot style of any chart. Some of the included charts are;

  • Candlesticks and line charts
  • HLC bars
  • Heiken Ashi
  • OLHC bars
  • Area charts
  • Bar charts

By following the sub-menus, you may choose a time frame, choose new colors, change plots, adjust the scaling, and much more from the data box.

chart template

You can also include personal notes in your charts to help you keep track of all trades. For easy access in the future, keep the personal notes and charts together.

TC2000 updates the stock charts in real-time with new market data. They also provide clients with all possible technical indicators. This is one of the reasons I love this TC2000 charting platform.

Drawing tools for technical analysis

If you need to conduct a thorough technical analysis, then you need a lot of basic drawing tools. TC2000 provides you with Fibonacci, Gann, and VWAP.

Drawing tools

To conduct a thorough technical analysis, not only do you need basic drawing tools, but also advanced tools such as trend lines. With the basic plan, you’ll have the Fibonacci, Gann, and VWAP drawing tools.

However, drawing tools such as trend lines are only accessible to gold and platinum subscribers.

Other things you can use to make decisions include:

  • technical and fundamental indicators
  • personalized indicators using personal criteria formulas.

Paper trading simulator

A trading simulator is much similar to a real money trading platform, albeit using fake money. With this paper trading, you can put to test any trading method or strategy before getting a live trading account and start hitting new profit targets.

Paper trading

Simulated trading training is a fantastic way to learn how to trade stocks. TC2000’s integrated paper trading account makes improving your trading skills much more economical, and it’s set up right into the platform for easy and intuitive stock trading.

In addition to all that, you can open as many paper accounts as you wish to practice trading.

Advanced order options

Most interactive brokers provide clients with limited orders when starting trading stocks. With the TC2000 trading platform, it’s different. You’ll enjoy a wide range of orders that include stop-loss orders, limit orders, buy and sell, trailing stops, and so much more.

Besides all that, TC2000 provides you with advanced orders and exit approaches. The trading menus access feature has all the common orders you need.

Multiples Exit Orders 

With TC2000, you don’t need to worry about any trade. The tc2000 trading platform offers you numerous exit orders. This gives you an opportunity to exit ahead of time rather than being compelled to.

Furthermore, Simulated trading helps reinforce and improve your exit plan. You can test plenty of exit orders using this approach.

Multiple-Leg Trading Strategies

On top of a visual depiction of the security, this software trading tool displays a graphic representation of different options trading strategies for the selected stocks. On the right, you can see the revenue sectors for stock upon the expiry of the relevant position.

The TC2000 software constantly updates this stack to match the specified valuation, allowing you to observe in real-time exactly your changes affect the potential revenue regions.

Extra Ordering Choices

Profit goals, bracket orders, OCAs, and other complicated order options are also available in TC2000. Having these additional orders in the mix is a huge plus. They’re all accessible directly from the trade management windows.



As a stock trader finding the right financial market is important. You need a tool that will help you sort the stock market faster. TC2000 is the program for this.


With its prebuilt watchlists, you can easily sort for the best stock or option to trade. Besides that, you select from the most used watch lists. You also have the option of adding stock to your customized watchlists.

Tc2000 lets you create numerous watchlists, reorganizing them by columns to suit your needs. With columns, you can use your current variables such as profit and loss tracking, or technical indicators, options, indicator values, or your own formulas.

News, Alerts, and notifications

Day traders need a solid news service from popular market websites such as Yahoo Finance and Google Finance. The TC2000 doesn’t disappoint. It has a more powerful alerts engine than most trading platforms.


However, if you trade stocks frequently and need a sector analysis, you can upgrade at $8 a month and receive news from Mt. Newswire investor service.

Alerts are great for improving trade executions, especially when combined with amazing technical analysis tools. Tc2000 allows premium subscribers to create up to 100 personalized alerts and notifications.

Can you set alerts using different metrics?

Yes. You can use any metric. For example, you can also configure an alert to tell you when a stock’s RSI indicator hits a certain status.


Most basic services just provide price-based alerts, but TC2000’s indicator-based alerts give the service a unique twist.

Preset Option strategies

TC2000 has a unique set of built-in options techniques that come replete with an image-based depiction of each pick to help beginners overcome their options phobia.

This can be difficult on other charting platforms because industry index symbols differ from one platform to the next, prompting you to browse through documentation or utilize the symbol search to find it out.

This tool is utilized in conjunction with TC2000’s unique inter-currency trading feature. TC2000 aids in the comprehension of technical and fundamental analysis. It’s a lot easier to understand options if one can also see the concepts behind them.

Scanner- Easy scan

The tC2000 scanner scans the whole array of stocks in a matter of seconds. The app comes with a few scanners pre-installed that cover a broad variety of requests.

Scanner- Easy scan

However, once you’ve gone through that, the EasyScan tool provides a better way to create your scans. It achieves a fantastic balance of usability and control.

If you get into problems, there’s also a large community of people willing to help you.

TC2000 Review: Customer service support

A customer care department is important in any organization, and TC2000 does disappoint. The tc2000 staff are always available for prompt responses through their handy chat function.

Besides, they have a knowledge base with frequently asked questions organized by categories. Many of these include step-by-step instructions with screenshots of the broker’s software. Many day traders should find them to be extremely useful.

The customer care department is available from Monday to Friday. For technical assistance, tc2000 has a toll-free number. They also have a toll-free number for their discount brokerage services.

An easier way to find answers to any query on tc2000 analysis software is on their YouTube channel. It has over 6000 subscribers and over 80 videos.


TC2000 Review: Trading Platform

Chromebook and Mac

The tc2000 trading software has been optimized for MacBooks and Chromebooks. However, to use this trading platform, install parallels client first.


TC2000 ensures you enjoy trading on the go. The broker has a mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Desktop platform

TC2000 works perfectly on PC. It’s responsive, quick, and easy to use. It downloads very fast and it’s easy to set up.  As a user, you’ll enjoy the software’s resolution, which allows for very fine design features that are unmatched.


Clients who are unable to use the desktop platform for whatever reason can use a browser platform. It has the same layout and user experience as its desktop counterpart.

Within the browser, a workspace window can be moved about and resized. Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, and Firefox are all compatible browsers.

TC2000 Review: Plans and Pricing

The TC2000 developers had each trader’s needs in mind. Its pricing is very flexible and unmatched. Whether you want to save or spend an extra coin to gain access to premium services, it’s very affordable.

Plans and Pricing

Tc2000 has very competitive pricing starting at $9.99 per month. This is the cost of the silver plan, which is the beginner’s level. However, you’ll have to pay for any additional real-time data feeds separately.

Above the silver grade, there are two tiers- gold and platinum packages. Let’s take a closer look at what each one has to offer.

Silver Package

The silver plan, which costs $9.99 per month, has all of the essential features you’ll need to change your trading experience. You may experiment with over 100 stock chart indicators and explore different streaming charts.

What else does the silver package offer?

You have the freedom to add real-time data feeds, news, indices, and even options to your site. Besides that, while you test your strategies, you’ll have access to 7 prebuilt layouts.

At this level, tc200 doesn’t restrict market data speed. Also, you won’t be able to customize the charts unless you upgrade to the gold plan.

Gold Plan

There are numerous reasons this tier outperforms the silver tier. With the gold package, you can generate a trend line, charts, and Fibonacci retracements. Pricing starts at $29.99 a month

The gold package also offers customers advanced features such as enhanced scanning.  Using the Easy scan stock screener, you can conduct thorough market research. However, you still have the option of using your own customized scanner.

EasyScan outperforms all market scans available. This is due to its capacity to add a rating system.

Lastly, this package grants all stock traders access to custom reports, a more powerful alerts engine, and the ability to create your own specific criteria formulas.


As a trader, having trading goals is important. One such goal is to transform your live trading experiences. Several charting platforms can help you achieve this.

The tc2000 trading platform is one of them. As a platinum member, you can conduct a  live scan of the stock markets with the inbuilt easy scan dashboard. This is in addition to enjoying all the features of the gold plan and the ability to track over 1000 trendlines, indicators, and price alerts.

The platinum costs $89.98 a month. With it, you can organize all EasyScan reports. The platinum package will help you stay on top of market moves in real-time.

TC2000 Review: What stands out from other trading tools?


TC2000 gives you access to a wide range of trading and technical analysis techniques. There are also stock chart indicators, a user-friendly charting system, and drawing tools included.

Highly customized prompts and updates, with a more advanced notifications engine than other trading platforms.

You can design a stock market crash detector and other distinctive signals using the option to generate your own indicators.

Has improved stock systems and a new options strategy tool that incorporates underlying stock combinations and gives simple visual options techniques.

Stock traders can use TC2000 to get faster market data, study, scan, trade, and perform technical analysis all from one place.


First, to generate customized market scans, you’ll need to know how to code.tc2000 also charges for the live data feeds.

Lastly, orders for stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options, and mutual funds are subject to trade commissions.

TC2000 Review: Who is the TC2000 Best for?

The following traders will greatly benefit from tc2000 analysis tools.

Focused investors

To compete on an equal footing with Wall Street traders, you’ll need system software if you run your personal accounts. The TC2000 levels the playing field with sophisticated fundamentals stock screeners and accessibility to top-notch add-ons including real-time data feeds, advanced options techniques, stock charts, and more.

Option Traders

TC2000’s proprietary multi-leg options methods will appeal to options traders. The stock scanner can scan both stocks and options, allowing you to swiftly locate fresh deals.

With just a few clicks, you can also see combined stock-option charts.

Day Traders 

If you love swing trading or day trading, then you’ll appreciate TC2000’s flash trading experience, provided by interactive brokers and powerful trading tools. Furthermore, TC2000 offers traders authentic trading accounts that follow FDA regulations.

Alerts, numerous exit triggers, and hotkeys make managing your transactions even easier.

Busy Traders

Most typical investors are just too distracted with their jobs and private lives to dedicate much time to stock trading or seeking investing advice. You may pre-set any exit orders using TC2000’s multiple exit orders, and you can employ a variety of approaches with the platform’s array of advanced order options.

Advanced traders

Tc2000 has a significantly higher rate for intraday trades, which is great for both swing and day traders. This service is well-equipped to handle even the most sophisticated trading schemes due to its margin capabilities.


Tc2000 review: Alternatives

Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is one of the most well-known financial services firms in the world. The Motley Fool provides 32 premium services with annual prices ranging from $99 to $13,999. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5G, IPOs, and real-estate investing are examples of services. It also offers investment advice to clients.


Trade Ideas

Trade-Ideas is the most complete stock trading software available. It costs less than $3 per day, and it includes a real-time market data feed as well. Trade-Ideas also offers high-quality trading education in the form of free live training seminars, how-to guides, and access to a chat room.


Benzinga Pro

Benzinga is one of the most well-known financial news websites and charting platforms. The site provides comprehensive market coverage as well as technical analysis, including charting and indicators. There’s also SEC-filing research and a built-in trading chat area.



Finviz is a great resource for free stock research. Extended hours quotes, elaborate charting software, and correlation analysis are all available in the subscription edition.

This trading program is also a Software as a service solution that is totally web-based. It is mostly useful for stock traders, but it also covers important metrics for futures, forex, and cryptocurrency markets.



SimpleFX was established in 2014 as a CFD broker. It allows users to trade commission-free on over 200 different financial CFD products, including Forex, Bitcoin, mutual funds, stocks, indices, and commodities.





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The range of trading tools and features offered by tc2000 is great. To experience similar services, sometimes you’ll have to combine two or more providers. The TC2000 is great for putting a variety of trading instruments in one spot.

It’s an excellent exclusive live trading platform that experienced traders will appreciate. As a subscriber, you have the option of selecting a subscription that best meets your needs.

If the price concerns you, you can start small and change at any time.

High-value features include multi-leg options techniques, advanced trading choices, numerous termination triggers, and simulation trading possibilities.

Overall, the TC2000 platform excels as charting software and is an excellent option for anyone passionate about day trading. If that describes you, go ahead and register.


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