MarketClub Review 2024: Is It Profitable?

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Are you going to decide whether MarketClub is right option for your trades?

Does it really work?

It is true that MarketClub helps all traders to identify trading opportunities which will probable be profitable in near future. In our market club review, you are going to read detailed information about Market Club offers, everything you need to know will be covered in the MarketClub review article.

Read carefully Market Club Review and decide for yourself!

MarketClub Review: Good Results!

MarketClub Review

MarketClub, known as a web-based trading tools, is actually established by traders for stock market traders. Adam Hewison is the fund manager and a former floor trader has always aimed for creating a set of web trading tools. He chose his trading strategies based on his 30 years trading.

With the aid of David Maher, co-owner, his companion trader,also private fund manager they two created MarketClub by collaborating together. The platform is centered on time time-tested trading tips, algorithms, market proven analysis and technical analysis of trading stocks.

INO Market Club, founded in 2002, which helps to trade signals. The service includes buy and sell signals, covering ordinary trade triangle technology, entry and exit signals. They are very easy to follow up for new users trading triangles. Additionally, Market Club provides a great tool for advanced traders which is smart scan. Also some market scanning tools, interactive charts and watchlists for experienced traders.

MarketClub review says that the analysis covers stocks, penny stocks, forex, futures and valuable precious metals market stocks such as gold and silver




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Costs of Club Market Products and Services.

MarketClub offers two pricing options: Yearly membership and quarterly membership.

The cost of Market club membership is $449 for a year.

The quarterly membership is $150. However, you have the chance to try out the platform for 30 days for $1. Mostly suitable for day trading and technical traders.

Free trial for 2 weeks is also available.



MarketClub Review


Subscribed members of Market Club are given access to daily, weekly and monthly trade alerts, market scanning tools, smart scan, e-mail alerts, interactive charts, blogs by other members,customer support and quality educational videos. All mentioned above are included one or another MarketClub membership.

MarketClub Review

The Options Bootcamp is good choice for traders who are interested in options trading. The Options Bootcamp estimated cost is $299 with additional 90-day MarketClub membership provided.

The Options Bootcamp full course costs $499 and also yearly membership for Market Club.


Features of Market Club

This trading software platform is designed as a trading tool for doing technical analysis based research and trading. Market Club offers various trading range opportunities to trade stocks. These trend lines can be used for both long term investments and day trading in financial markets.

Below most notable features of the program are explained:


Charts designed by Market Club are effecient canvas used for technical analysis. Usually, the trading style of lots of traders means using candle stick charts. However, other stock market tools are also available like line and bar charts. Time frame covers historical data of daily, weekly and monthly periods also data beyond 5 years.

The line chart is especially useful for different price indicating, mostly for trading triangles without having much noise and clutter.


Indicators known as studies also can be added on the cost of chart and below-chart. Don’t wait to get a collection of exotic studies, the platform only provides proven and popular ones. Including expotential and simple averages,stochastic, Donchian channels and Bollinger Bands. The most important proprietary study is considered as trading green triangles.

Trading Triangles

Most market club review says that the platform’s most unique indicator is known as triangles trading. Green triangles are uptrends, while red triangles indicate downtrends. Each one of the triangles are given dynamic score. By combining scores you can know whether the trend is strong or weak.

On the case of time frames which are individual, triangles may be also used. The most effective way of using triggers is entering new trade triangle when the short time frames trigger for aligning with wider ones. According to commonly used trade triangle entry tips, it is better to enter the long trades after green triangles are formed. This trend lines usually render +100 scores. The way to trade triangles effeciently is finding appropriate stock market with green triangles. That leads to use Smart Scan.

Smart Scan

The most innovative among other trading tools. Especially, useful to trade triangles at a profitable cost. The program will help you to find setups, new trends within Market Club.

The platform can be configured to search for any time frame and any trading vehicle used triangles. Such as cryptos, ETFs, currencies and stock market features.

This program to trade triangle one must learn the patterns of trading. The learning is hands-on eduactional process. As changes which the world of economics is going through will definitily volatile market.


Portfolios and Watch Lists

Users will have pre-created portfolios, however you are able to create multiple watch lists and portfolios. Help from certified portfolio manager is available. Then, users can pull up tools and charts easily.Their format design is easy to spot, read and sort out at one glance. Some column headers like % Change, Volume, Trend Score and Trade Triangles can be used to sort out the lists.

Market Club Alerts

What is the best feature of Market Club Membership program?

For sure the answer is trade alerts which make the work of any swing trader easy. Subscribers can set alerts to know the time when stock triggers. E-mail alerts can also be used. They will automatically trade alert users to trend scores, new triangles, net changes on your portfolios. These are useful to trade triangles and watching different ticker types at once.

Member Blog

The platform offers exclusive member blogs, uploaded daily, having insightful ideas, commentary which is a way better than a typical blogs about stats. Users will get educational knowledge from each posting. Postings will delve to technical analysis on price action. The impact of the info is deep in Market Club.

Is Market Club Right For You?

The program is user-friendly, but you will need to acquire some technical skills. However, If you have good trading methods, learning process will take short time. Market Club platform is very suitable for beginner to advanced users, whose purpose is adding some quality triangles to their own arsenal tools.

Traders are expected to understand basics of technical analysis because this isn’t necessarily stock trade alert service. This is a stock analyzing tool mostly for self-directed investors. Market Club provides various powerful trading tools, if you prefer conducting your own research. You have the chance to make profit from long and short term tradings.

Free Trial Version By MarketClub

The program doesn’t offer any free of charge subscription, but MarketClub gives the next best option. By using a time-sensitive promotion, traders can sign-up for 30 days just for $1.

Obviously, the chance is a tremendous value, moreover a way to test the site features without any risking and worrying. After checking and using for yourself, you can decide whether to use it or not.

Alternatives to MarketClub. Which one is better?

In our MarketClub review, distinctive features of this platform is covered. Except itthere are numerous tools which traders can use to analyze the stock market.

Trade Ideas, FirstTrade, TC2000, Option Sonar are chosen by certified financial advisors and successful traders. Read our quick review of the programs to have a clear understanding of their usage.


Trade IdeasTrade Ideas

This is a scanning tool which has unique scanners of market, artificial intelligence and analysis technology. It provides to detect realtime trade opportunities.


The integration of artifical intelligence in trading performance is amazing

Unique trading ideas come from pre-market and post one.

The availability of customizable features, including backtesting and integration.

Free of charge live chat rooms, help of portfolio manager is provided, also.



You are more likely to trade all your ideas at once.

Charts must include some indicators.

For Mac the deskop version hasn’t been out yet.




FirstTrade is considered as having top picks features especially for discount brokers. It includes different mutual funds also 0% account. The platform doesn’t charge any commission for mutual funds. The program is best suited for Option traders, Beginning investors, International investors, Mutual fund investors.


The availability of commission free funds is a good option for different kinds of traders.

ETF, option traders, free-stock access.

For option traders the platform doesn’t charge any fee.

Chinese native speakers have advantage of using the FirstTrade.


Customer support service isn’t provided 24/7.




TC2000 is powerful analytical software, it offers suitable pricing options for any investor. The program mainly focuses on charting. TC2000 is established by Worden Brothers. Its services include trading by brokerage firm, analysis tools and screeners.

This software is originally designed for day trading, to be exact their charting service.


It has three options: Silver $9.99 for a month, Gold $29.9 for month, Platinum $89.98 for a month.


The software has excellent scanner whcih can be used for trading purposes.

Provided charts are totally unmatched before in market industry.

CPU and memory towards the application.

Every detailed is looked through carefully, passionate team memebers, comparing with other leading brokerage companies.


Currencies, crypto and futures aren’t provided, only supports stocks.

The absence of backtesting

Tc2000 deskop version isn;t preferred by many who like web-bsed apps.




OptionSonar helps to monitor unusual activity options and records how traders consider markets by using the options. This program boosts chances of having huge profits in your trading processes.

It is offered with different tools like charts and scanners, which will give useful trading information to fingertips. Usually two types of scanners: Order Scanners and Options activiyu scanners.


One free of charge plan and three paid ones.

Monthly: $35-provides starting points, usual activity scanner.

$75-multiple option scanners are provided, $109- access to all services of first two plans and trade alerts.


The main focus is on primary cheap options.

The highly customizable alerts will surely make your trading easy.

Navigation through the platform isn’t difficult, it is user-friendly.

The free of charge version.


Monthly pricey plans can be expensive to purchase.

The layout of pages can’t be changed.





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After reading our MarketClub review you have a clear understanding of all features and options. As it suggests your consideration for using MarketClub will hugely depend on which type of trader you are and which type of trade stocks you are looking for.

If you are a novice trader and want to find a steady stream of profits this software program will definitely meet your needs.

All that mentioned above, MarketClub is a powerful charting program, having quality visuals, presentations from professionals, affordable pricing structure, free of charge period, different community services.

If you are a novice trader in the sphere of day trade and searching for a charting software to begin with, The MarketClub is certainly the most suitable way on stock market nowadays by considering all features it provides.

The MarketClub’s free trial version denotes that anyone interested in trading, should use the chance to check if this platform is right option for their needs in trading.


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