How Entrepreneurs Make Money In 2024

By Wilbert S

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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In today’s fast-paced world of technologies and advancement, entrepreneurs make a huge impact in accelerating the growth of any economy. Entrepreneurs come up with new ideas, products, and services. These innovations not only help in generating wealth for the entrepreneur but also adds their contribution to the overall national income of a country.

With the ever-changing technology, it is very easy for any individual or a group of investors who comes up with new ideas to start a business. Most entrepreneurs invest in new companies and work on them so that the company could reach a certain level of a successful business and gain experience. Once the company becomes profitable, either the entrepreneurs outsource the company or sell it all together and start working on a new venture.

Other than this strategy there are also entrepreneurs who believe in making sustainable business and emerging with a brand name through which they can make massive profits. Some of the strategies which successful entrepreneurs generally use are discussed in this review which would guide new investors who want to start their venture and earn considerable profits.

How Entrepreneurs Make Money: What they’re doing differently  

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Entrepreneurs these days have an image of money-makers among investors which is not entirely true. Out Of the countless business ventures that entrepreneurs introduce every year, many never get off the ground. Others do get a spectacular start but crash soon after. In all these commotions only a few business ideas materialize and are executed successfully to earn enticing rewards.

Usually, investors prefer investing in stock markets and other safe investment options like mutual funds, bonds, EFT, etc. However, this notion keeps the investor at the mercy of the market trends and any fluctuation in the market could cost them tremendous losses over limited profit margins.

In contrast, entrepreneurs invest in services and products which they believe could earn them desirable profits. Entrepreneurs do not rely on the market but they are rewarded for taking on the risks involved in transforming an idea into a business. Moreover, entrepreneurs make their destiny by thriving through an enterprise, depending on their skills and leadership to turn an idea into reality.

Investors and entrepreneurs are generally seen as interdependent yet distinct. Entrepreneurs seek investors to invest capital in their new business. However, they equally focus on other factors such as land or infrastructure, labor, natural resources, and financial backup to new earn profits from the new business ventures.

When a business gains momentum and start earning profits, entrepreneurs tend to start their careers in both of these roles where they start a company and invest in new ventures at the same time. Hence, entrepreneurs have leadership qualities whereas investors are usually market-dependent.

What can Entrepreneurs Teach Investors?  

#1. Setting a Strategy

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Many entrepreneurs come up with a business plan to acquire short-term goals without giving a thought to a more sustainable long-term strategy. Successful businesses, however, realize the importance of a strategic orientation towards a business idea to hold potential clients and other resources. Hence, the importance of a sound strategy for entrepreneurship is inevitable.

A well-thought-out strategy provides clear and concise direction to the company. It shows the ways forward including the entrepreneur’s aspirations along with clear-cut long-term policies about the obligations the company will fulfill, the potential new customers, technological capabilities, business goals, and other strategic considerations.

Creating a sustainable strategy is more important to small business owners than many other ways such as manpower issues, getting more clients, designing control systems, etc. It is observed that ventures which struggle with inadequate leadership and start-up hurdles can survive with the help of a sound strategy. However, sophisticated infrastructure and massive investments cannot compensate for a weak strategy.


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All successful Entrepreneurs give great importance to a sound strategy when they start a business plan. However, it is impossible to have a single recipe to follow and make any venture profitable. On the contrary, strategies can be changed over time when it does not make desirable results.

Whether it is about changing product design or altering food items on a menu, finding the perfect strategy takes trial and error. Sometimes notions that are conceived by the entrepreneurs do not work well when it is executed and does not receive the same consumer response as expected. In these scenarios, entrepreneurs generally, come up with alternatives by changing their strategies.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that the consumer needs, demands, and the world in which they work are constantly changing. Even when the target is to make the venture successful and earn substantial profits, it is inevitable for the entrepreneurs to adapt their strategies and offerings to meet changing market conditions

#3. Get Expert Advice

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Some Entrepreneurs are innovators and inexperienced businessmen who are looking for an opportunity to gain experience. In contrast, serial Entrepreneurs look for smart ways to first start a business turn it into a successful business, sell it later to earn profits, and invest in the next big project. Regardless, of the type of entrepreneur, the smart way is to go for professional or expert advice from a financial advisor.

Entrepreneurs need to make a lot of important financial decisions. It is a difficult job that cannot be done alone. Hence, seeking a financial advisor is a wise move entrepreneurs make, especially those who are new to a business or are dealing with multiple ventures at the same time.

Since entrepreneurs are committed to maximizing their wealth accumulation, consulting a financial professional is an important part of the process. Without the help of a professional advisor, an entrepreneur is likely to make wrong decisions under the internal pressure of the business.

#4. Understand the Liquidity of your Investments

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The role of liquidity or cash flow of capital is key to any business. As a result, it is seen that Liquidity constraints often become the cause of entrepreneurial failures. For this reason, any company or business requires to create a flow of capital to survive in the consumer market.

Additionally, an entrepreneur is also concerned with how to deal with liquidity. For instance, how things such as selling off stocks would affect their financial outlook. A weak financial outlook may create a negative impression of the company and so such steps are taken with consideration of the financial advisor.

The business’s liquidity is its ability to cover short-term financial liabilities. Consequently, it is often seen as a company’s strength. Entrepreneurs who lack liquidity in their own business would be bound to take loans from banks to pay off their liabilities. In this scenario, Banks and investors also may not give a green signal to companies whose liquidity is low.

The liquidity may be in cash form or in assets that could be quickly and easily turned into currency for example stocks, bonds, etc. Assets can be sold quickly, so those investments would be considered liquid. An entrepreneur needs to invest, through high liquidity assets in the stock market. Healthy liquidity will help your company overcome financial challenges, secure loans, and, plan for your financial future.

#5. Have an Exit Strategy

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Like a start-up strategy, entrepreneurs usually have an exit strategy. A business exit strategy is the entrepreneur’s plan to take either sell the ownership of the company altogether to investors or other buyers or reduce their stake in the business by selling shares of the company in the stock market. However, both these cases are only possible for ventures that are successful to make a substantial profit.

An exit plan means at which point entrepreneurs plan to get out of an investment. They liquidate their position in a financial asset upon meeting certain criteria. A sound Entrepreneur will create an exit strategy even before going into business because the exit plan influences the major business choices in the long run.

Similarly, some entrepreneurs are not looking for a permanent hold of their own business or company. Instead, they are looking to create opportunities to gain more profits from new startups. As a result, such entrepreneurs start a business to sell it when it becomes profitable and then invest in a new venture. These types of entrepreneurs are also known as serial entrepreneurs.

The exit plan selected by the entrepreneur is influenced by the key position they want in the future of the company. For example, a strategic acquisition will entail giving up the all roles and responsibilities of the entrepreneur in their founding company as they give up control of it. By having a well-defined exit plan, entrepreneurs also have a clear goal for the company and themselves.

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Conclusion: How Entrepreneurs Make Money

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Entrepreneurship is all about potential profits or considerable losses. Some ventures gain momentum and boost making massive profits while others couldn’t last enough to cover the initial investment. The same situation is with investors. Their investment either earns money or can lead them to suffer tremendous losses. However, both entrepreneurs and investors with the right strategies to make their ventures and investments successful.

What can be learned from entrepreneurs is their planning and execution of effective business strategies, seeking help from financial experts, having liquidity in assets, and most importantly coming up with a clear exit plan from the beginning.

Similarly, investors can follow entrepreneurs who are looking to make profits and are not concerned with long-term sustainability rather they are looking for quick profits from in-and-out deals.

Some entrepreneurs enter into a venture only to make money and hope to sell their businesses eventually. In contrast, Some entrepreneurs enter a business to build trust with more clients and to build a sustainable business and a permanent brand name. Both types of entrepreneurs have different business plans and strategic orientations.

All in all, Entrepreneurs make money by introducing new products, services, or technologies that may outcome in valuable development of productivity, depletion in costs, and improvement in the quality of life. Entrepreneurs are fully aware of their offerings and understand the customer needs, as a result, the entrepreneur can charge a premium for their innovations, which can translate to big rewards.

How Entrepreneurs Make Money FAQs

How do entrepreneurs get paid?

The idea of being an entrepreneur seems fascinating to most people however, a business owner knows well how much hard work is put into building a successful company. The CEO of a company may be imagined as one who is taking large salaries but that is not so true. Specifically, small business owners suffer a lot financially in the initial stage of their venture.

Sometimes the small businesses owner take no salary at all because they are passionate to invest in their business rather than enjoying rewards. However, as the company progresses and business boosts the entrepreneur also enjoys big rewards. So the salary of an entrepreneur depends on the success and failure of their business idea.

Entrepreneurs enjoy ownership of their businesses. Consequently, those who own huge companies and brands can take out anything from their business in their pockets. Statistically, an American Express survey found that the average entrepreneur’s salary is just $68,000, down slightly from the previous year. According to Payscale, that number is closer to $72,000.

How do entrepreneurs make money fast?

There is no shortcut to making money fast when it comes to entrepreneurism. Whether there is a serial entrepreneur, one who enters into a business only to earn extra money and hope to sell their businesses eventually, or, typical entrepreneurs who build a sustainable business, both require time.

All entrepreneurs have to go through the initial investment period also known as the pain period. Then the introduction period which is for building sales. Lastly, the profit period which is the peak period of the entire business and this is the time when entrepreneurs are making more money.

Before passing through all these stages an entrepreneur cannot earn money. Moreover, profits vary greatly during all these stages. Some entrepreneurs can reach the profit stage more quickly than other entrepreneurs but skipping the stages altogether is not a choice for any entrepreneur.  Hence making fast money is not an option when it comes to entrepreneurism.

What type of entrepreneur makes the most money?

Since there are so many types of businesses, there are also many kinds of entrepreneurship. There are small and large business entrepreneurs as well as innovator and imitator entrepreneurs. However, generally, entrepreneurs can be narrowed down into two types. The first is a serial entrepreneur and the second is a typical entrepreneur.

A serial entrepreneur is the one who comes up with a business plan only for making money and hopes to sell their business eventually to some other company. On the other hand, typical entrepreneurs are those who want to build a sustainable business and work on growing their venture to the desired level of success.

Both types of entrepreneurs make a certain amount of profit after reaching a certain success level. However, comparatively Serial entrepreneurs earn more money through the opportunity afforded by the current economic environment.

The economic scenario, due to the technological advancements, is most feasible to start companies, grow them to profitability and then sell them off and start the cycle over again. This process is long and tiring however, serial entrepreneurs make the desired profits from a company and then move to the next venture. Hence, serial entrepreneurs have better chances to earn money compared to typical entrepreneurs.




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