What is cheating in a relationship? (10 Main Types)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Defining the term “cheating” based on a relationship is quite difficult. The main reason is because the perspective or idea of cheating can vary from individual to individual.

But, if we account for an overall acceptable definition to which most of the people will have general satisfaction, then this cheating in a relationship actually means being unfaithful in a relationship.

Now, moving further, this unfaithfulness can be in both ways, either emotionally or even sexually.

Overall, the concept of this cheating is that if you are an individual living in a monogamous relationship with your partner, but after that, if you intimate emotionally or sexually with someone else (other than your partner0, then this is termed as cheating.

In order to simply define the term cheating, I would take the help of marriage rules. These marriage rules can also be called as the rules existing between couples that are related to their relationship. So, breaking of these rule will be considered to be cheating.

On similar grounds, the breaking of the trust of your partner by certain acts will also be referred to as cheating in the relationship.

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Henceforth, all of these are the significant definitions that can be said to define the term cheating. But despite all of this, even after going through all of these definitions with satisfaction, one can say that this term or phrase cheating in a relationship doesn’t have an exact or to the point definition.

Rather, we can conclude that this idea or concept of cheating can vary from person to person in a significant manner. This is mainly because each couple usually has some specific rules that can possibly vary from the rules of other couples.

Therefore, it all depends upon one’s thinking, reasoning or perspective.

Further, based on these various definitions regarding to the term of cheating in a relationship, there are significant types of cheating as well that can be distinguished. Thee types are usually based upon the actions that lead towards cheating.

In this article, we will take a look at these various types of cheating that exist in a relationship. Not only this, but we will also see some signs that can indicate a cheating partner and we will also look at some of the main reasons that why do people cheat even being in relationships.

🏴 Learn the 10 main types of what is cheating in a relationship 🏴

Following are the 10 main types based on the definition of cheating in a relationship. These are the types that are based on the various defining aspects of cheating. So, let’s take a look at these.

1.Physical cheating

This physical cheating is a type of cheating that takes place in relationships. Now, as the name itself indicates that this is a type of cheating that is based on physical aspects.

If we talk about this physical cheating in simple terms, then it will actually refer to being intimate physically with someone else who is not your partner.

This can also be referred to as physical infidelity.

Overall, we can define this physical cheating to be as an act in which a person becomes involved sexually with another person who is not their partner. So, this sexual act with an individual other than your spouse or partner is considered to be a type of cheating and is mainly referred to as physical cheating.

2.Emotional cheating

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This type of cheating is almost identical to the physical type of cheating with a main difference in its way of action.

As we have discussed that in physical cheating, there is physical infidelity while in case of this emotional cheating, instead of having a physical connection, a kind of emotional connection is established.

In this scenario, the emotional cheating is all about the establishment of an emotional attachment and connection with someone else,, and this someone else is not your spouse or partner.

Therefore, physical cheating is not everything, rather emotional intimacy with someone other than your partner is also a type of cheating.

Emotional cheating is also called as the establishment of an emotional affair.

Well, in my opinion, for the every up and down that you may face in your life, you should probably share it with your partner and try to connect with your partner instead of anybody else.

We can consider this emotional cheating to be the beginning of a complex and complicated cheating.

3.Sexual fantasies

As I have already described that there are different believes regarding to the types of cheating in a relationship.

Out of these various types and believes, one is referred to as the cheating based on sexual fantasies.

No doubt that most of us do fantasize those people whom we like or love, but this sexual fantasizing is a step ahead and there are certain people who do believe this to be a type of cheating.

So, fantasizing someone can not be said to be wrong because it is present in human nature to think about and fantasize those people whom we like, the problem comes in having sexual fantasies about those people.

Basically, these sexual fantasies lead to kind of dishonest behaviors and because of this, most people consider it wrong and count as a type of cheating that can happen in a relationship.

4.Object cheating

Now, you might be surprised by hearing this term of object cheating and you could possibly be wondering that what this type of cheating might be.

Well, to your surprise, this object cheating actually refers to a type of cheating that happens let’s say because of some object.

You can easily understand this by considering this example that even after being in a relationship, if an individual becomes obsessed with an object that is probably outside of the relationship, then it is referred to as object based cheating.

But still, you could think that how developing or establishing obsession with an object be considered as a cheating? Well, this object obsession is considered to be cheating if this specific obsession kind of shrinks the space needed for the relationship.

If in any particular way, such an obsession to an object leads towards damaging the relationship, then it definitely counts as a type of cheating.

Further, referring towards these specific objects, then these can be anything. For instance, this object can either be a hobby or an idea that may be harmful to the relationship.

So, based on all of this, the object cheating is still considered to be a part of cheating that may take place in a relationship.

5.Cheating through text messages

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Your opinion can vary while considering this to be a type of cheating but indeed there are people who do consider this to be a type of cheating in a relationship.

What this basically implies that an individual betrays the trust of his partner by connecting with someone else through text messages.

Well, definitely there is nothing wrong in sending someone text messages, but the problem arises when these messages are of such a nature that these can prove to be harmful for one’s relation.

This aspect of doing cheating through text messages could include flirting through messages, having romantic talks on messages with someone else who is other than your spouse or partner. This could also include the sharing of personal and emotional things with someone else.

Therefore, all of this comes in the category of cheating that is done through text messages.

6.Virtual relationship cheating

Now, this virtual relationship cheating is also a type of cheating and as the name of this type itself indicated that it is based on the aspect of having a relationship in the virtual world.

Actually, the internet has indeed provided so many opportunities fro people to connect with each other. It provides space to individuals and serves as a place where they can interact emotionally and can make a kind of connection among one another.

You can call it is an unhealthy approach of using the internet for establishing connections emotionally with people other than your own spouse.

So, this establishment of online or virtual relationships is considered to be cheating in a relationship by many people.

7.Secret social media cheating

Social media is a place where people connect with each other. Although, there is nothing bad in establishing a connection with people on social media, but I would rather say that it depends upon your approach and perspective.

The main reason that this social media is considered to be a part of these cheating types is because people emotionally establish connections here without informing their partners and these connections are kind of affair connections.

Therefore, the secret use of social media, by establishing emotional and romantic relations with people and keeping it as a secret from your spouse or partner is considered to be a type of cheating. This is mainly because such connections can prove to be harmful for one’s marriage and relationship.

Another main aspect that can be linked to this type of cheating is that giving more time to social media sites as compared to your partner. Well, you would definitely be surprised, but there are people who do consider this as a cheating.

Because, if there is an excessive use of the social media, then it can generate various complications in one’s relationship and can cause some serious damage to it as well.

So, based on all of this, some partners do call it in the category of cheating when their partner spends more time on social media platforms. This actually arises different insecurities and damages the existing relationship of an individual.

8.Cyber affair

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This cyber affair is almost similar to the types that we have already discussed including the virtual relationships and social media connections etc.

Basically, this cyber affair is a type of affair that an individual establishes over the internet or virtual world. You can also call it as an online affair.

Such type of cyber affairs raise insecurities in relationships and lead towards some serious complications in the marriage lives of people. Therefore, most of the people do consider these type of cyber affairs as a part of cheating that is being done to them.

9.Micro cheating

Now, you might not have heard about this micro cheating term so I will explain it to you.

This micro cheating is actually a type of cheating that is considered to be a small based cheating mainly involving establishment of relations online, texting, having a dating profile, communicating with ex and so on.

All of these come into the category of micro cheating in which one person cheats their partner through any of the above mentioned ways.

We can also refer these acts as emotional infidelity but despite all of this, it is still a type of cheating.

10.Financial cheating

There are certain people who believe that hiding one’s finances from the other half is a type of cheating as well. The term used for this is financial infidelity.

This financial cheating basically includes lying about one’s finances and hiding your finances or expenditures from your partner.

Actually, this hiding of finances can cause various damages to relationships and can lead to serious complications as well. Further, it kind of looks much disrespecting and unfaithful.

Therefore, the financial cheating is a type of cheating that is associated with one’s hiding of his finances from his partner. This can cause damage to the relationship.

Henceforth, all of the above mentioned were the types of cheating based on the definition of cheating that could be present in relationships. Certain people may even disagree to some of these types but as I have already stated that the meaning or the implication of the term cheating may vary from person to person.

✋ The 16 Signs of a Cheating Partner

If you find out that your partner is cheating you in your relationship, then indeed this is one of the most difficult thing to handle or to go through. Affair of your partner can have serious emotional and psychological effects on you and can disturb you as well.

Well, following are some of the signs that can help you to identify whether or not your partner is cheating you.


Clothing is among one of the prominent signs that can help you to identify that your partner is cheating you.

What clothing here means is that if your partner is a type of person who spends his days in usual type of clothing such as t-shirts and jeans but despite that, if you see a sudden change in his behavior regarding to the clothing, then something might be fishy.

Also, you may observe that your partner has started wearing clothes of some specific color although they have never worn that color before.

So, it is a prominent sign that your partner is hanging out with someone else.

2.Changing appearance

Similar to the change in the way of clothing, if you observe that your partner is working so much on his appearance, then it is also an indication that he is trying to impress someone else.

This change in the appearance is a sign that indicates that something is not right.

This change in appearance can be related to the hairstyle, dressing and much more. But still, this overall change of appearance is an indication that they are trying to appear more desirable to someone.

3.Hiding phone

well, no doubt that this is also a very clear sign that can help you to find out whether your partner is cheating you or not.

Mostly, it has been observed that the people who cheat their partners usually hide their phone from them. This is a clear indication of something being fishy.

for instance, you may notice that as soon as you pick their mobile phone, they start to panic as if they don’t want you to take a look at their phone.

They might be afraid of you seeing some particular texts or some contacts as so on.


If you had been in the relationship for a long time, then you would probably know their passwords and accounts. You would probably have access to their data but if you suddenly feel that the access is being taken back by you instantly, then there is indeed something to worry about.

If your partner starts changing his passwords and doesn’t tell you about those, then it is a problem because something might be wrong. Therefore, it is a sign that tells you about your cheating partner.

5.Unable to reach

After being in a long relationship, you would most probably know about your partners activities and timetable. You would be well aware of their schedules and stuff, but despite this, later on if you are unable to reach them, or contact them when you want, then probably the things are wrong.

It might be possible that what they want is you to not be able to reach them. It is a clear indication that something is not going well.

6.Increasing distances

If you start to notice that nothing has happened between you and your partner, but still the distances between both of you are increasing, then there is a probability that your partner is cheating you.

What else could be the reason for the increasing distances between both of you. It is possible that your partner may be in a committed relationship or in some kind of affair.

7. Reduced intimacy

Another sign that can tell you whether your partner has someone else in their life is that if you observe reduced or lack of intimacy. This acts as a prominent sign that something is going on in your partners life that can be disturbing for you.

You might observe the lack of interest that they are taking into you.

This is surely an indication of the fact that someone else might be present in their life.

8.Angry around you

Another important sign that can indicate you that your partner is cheating you is that if you observe that your partner becomes angry around you. You will observe that your partner becomes more frustrated around you.

One of the main reason to think of the behavior of your partner as suspicious is because it can be because they are trying to project their fears and insecurities by being angry around you.

9.Change in schedule

You might be living with your partner for a longer time period and might be well aware of the overall schedule of your partner, but if you suddenly start noticing a prominent change in the schedule of your partner, then there are things about which you should worry.

You may observe that your partner starts spending more time in the office or at least tells you that. Similarly, has to go on an office trip where you are not allowed to come.

All of this definitely seems suspicious and needs discussion.

10.Being moody

Another sign that can indicate that your partner is cheating on you is that you may observe him being way much moody.

As it is mostly said that certain unexplained mood swings are the sign of cheating.

So, if you observe any such sign, you might need to think about these things as there is also a possibility of having a bad day but despite that, observe carefully and then reach to a conclusion.

11.Change in interests

This change in the interests is also an indication that the things are not going well. You may suddenly observe that your partners interests are gradually changing.

They might not be interested in going with you to your friends. clubs, gatherings and so on. All of these depict some serious change in the interest and needs consideration.

This probable change in interest can be because of a new individual in their personal life.

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12.Change in behavior

Some certain changes in the behavior of an individual do tell a lot of things about him. You definitely need to have a look doe such changes in the behavior of your partner as these observations can help you to some conclusion.

The sudden change in the behavior is definitely an indication to something wrong.

Maybe you’ll observe that their interests and priorities have changed. You may notice that your partner has changed into a completely different individual.

All of these prominent changes depict that definitely something suspicious is going on in their life.

13.Action change

The change in the partners actions is also a sign that your partner is hiding something from you. You may notice that the actions of your partner are changing. He may probably be acting weird and strange.

It is possible that your partner may not be being bothered by certain things that he didn’t used to like. Similarly, you may have a weird feeling about your relationship as for you, the things may not be going fine.


If you want to know whether your partner is cheating on you or not, there is another method that you can give a try. You should have a talk with your partners best friends with whom he shares everything.

If you notice a change in the behavior of those friends, then something is definitely fishy.

It is possible that you may observe that those friends are unable to make a direct eye contact with you during the conversation.

Hence, this can also tell you much about the things going on in your partners life.

15.Lack of eye contact

This lack of eye contact also implies on your partner. What this means is that during your conversation, you may observe that your partner is unable to make a direct eye contact with you.

This can probably be because he might have a fear in his heart or is ashamed and is unable to make a direct eye contact with you.

16.Other related signs

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This is also an important point that can tell you much about the things going on in your partners life.

If you fee a sudden change in the behavior, attitude or dressing sense of your partner, then definitely something is wrong. You may observe that your partner now puts more focus on his dressing and physical appearance as he may be trying to impress someone.

Definitely, this more focus on the physical appearance is to try to be prominent in someone’s eye and in order to impress them. But for you, it is a clear indication about something being wrong and fishy.

All of the above mentioned are the signs and indications that can tell you about the cheating of your partner. But apart from these, there definitely are some other signs as well that can collectively help you in this regard.

You should also look for these other signs as well because these may provide you with better grounds in understanding the situation. Therefore, some of the other signs that you need to look for are as follows.

It has also been observed that a partner who is cheating usually becomes more aggressive and start yelling on you for small reasons. Well, if that’s the case with you, you probably need to think about certain things.

If you observe this specific change in the behavior of your partner that he now yells and screams on you for small reasons, then it is definitely not good.

This can usually be because of the reduced space between you and your partner.

Similarly, there is also a major sign that can tell you whether your partner is cheating you or not?

You may feel that your partner is not giving enough time to you. You may observe that he usually ignores you, doesn’t spend time with you and it appears to you that you are getting a kind of cold shoulder.

You may observe that the contact between both of you is being limited or the contact is being reduced.

It may appear to you that your partner is kind of ignoring you and is not taking interest in you.

All of these are the indications that the things are not heading in the right direction.

Similarly, another one is that you might be hearing from your partner that they are not going to be around for a few days. Maybe because of some office work or business trip, and further, you are not allowed to go with them because of certain departmental restrictions.

If this is something that you hear, well, something is definitely fishy there.

It may appear to you that your partner doesn’t feel to be around you. He may look at certain opportunities to be away from you. Well, this is definitely a clear sign that the things are not going good.

Furthermore, it is also possible that you are observing a change in the behavior of your partner, and specifically, if the behavior is being more kind of hostile, then you need to worry.

You may feel that your partner is blaming for everything happening in the house or may be being rude or aggressive to you. Al of these are the signs and indications that he might be cheating you.

Henceforth, concluding these signs that can tell you whether your partner is cheating you or not, definitely it is not easy to deal with the cheating of one’s partner but my suggestion would be to rethink your decision and take deep observation while looking for the signs that might help you in knowing about your partners actions.

The thing is that it is possible that your partner may be having a rough time and is unable to cope up with certain things and as a result, he just needs some time and space to let the things work out for him. So, there is a possibility that you might confuse this condition of your partner and consider that he is cheating on you.

Therefore, what I suggest you to do is to look for numerous signs and observations. Rather than making your decision based on the presence of single sign, lookout for multiple signs so that you might be in a better position to access the things.

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👉 How to handle a cheating partner 👈

Well, there are certain ways through which you can handle your cheating partners. But in my opinion, all of this depends upon your approach. It all kind of depends upon you. You are the one who has to make the decision.

So, following are some of the ways that might help you in this regard.

⏺ Understand the cheating nature

This is definitely a very important point that needs deep consideration.

What you actually have to do is that once you find about the cheating of your partner, you have to understand about the nature of the cheating.

This is because not all of the cheating are for sex. It is possible that the cheating was all about an emotional affair. Maybe emotional affair was everything in that specific cheating.

What I am trying to prove here is that you have to understand the nature of cheating before making any specific decision.

It is possible that your partner only had a kind of attraction to the someone else or may be just cheating through conversation only without involving sexual infidelity.

By understanding the whole cheating scenario, you will definitely be in a better position to understand the things and workout them in a proper way.

⏺ Requesting them to end everything that happened with the third person

Now, this is a very good way to handle the situation. If you think that the things between you and your partner can work out if you two can start over the relationship, then you should go for this method.

In this method, what you have to do is that you need to ask them to end everything that happened in the past. You need to ask them to end every contact that they had before. What this means is that they should end their affair, end every type of contact with that another person so that both of you can have a new and better life ahead.

Removal of the connection with that other person is a must thing to happen as only after this, you will have peace in your life.

If your partner agrees to this thing that he will cut off the relationship with that someone else, then you need not to worry. Then you should definitely give them the chance. But if we take this into consideration that what might happen if your partner doesn’t agree to cutting off the relationship with that third person. Well, sadly then the only option left for you is to separate.

The main reason is because if your partner doesn’t cut the contact off, then he may probably get involved in that affair again. Therefore, making it difficult for the relationship to work out properly.

⏺ Communicate with your partner

When you might come to know regarding to the affair that your partner had, it might be much difficult for you to sort things out in the first place. Hearing about the partners cheating is definitely not an easy thing to deal with Well, what you should probably do then?

The answer is that you firstly need to give yourself some time and space, because you might be undergoing emotional distress. If you start acting in such a distress, then you won’t be able to sort things out in your relationship.

Rather have some time and think about the situation. Then after becoming emotionally stable, thing that you need to do is to sort the things out. You need to have a communication with your partner and both of you have to sort the things collectively. It is not one individuals job. Rather, both of you have to play the part in order to get the things working properly again.

Therefore, what you need to do is the communicate with your partner much effectively and sort the things. You should take your time and talk when suitable.

⏺ Mark boundaries

Well, this might seem to be odd, but this is a very important step for the relationship to work properly. After coming to know about the partners relationship with another person, what you should do is to set boundaries or mark line.

Basically, cheating happens when the boundaries are not respected. What you need to do in such a situation is to mark your boundaries, make a line and make your partner follow these boundaries.

By marking and setting up certain boundaries, what you are actually doing is making certain rules that will help you out in your future relationship.

You should set these boundaries and make your partner fulfill these boundaries so that both of you can have a better life ahead.

Therefore, if your partner will remain within those marked boundaries, then it will be much better for the healthy life of your relationship.

⏺ Forgive but upon certain terms

This point is almost identical to the last one but the thing here is that you should forgive your partner if you think that he won’t do something like this again.

I definitely know that forgiving the partner once finding out about their affair is not an easy thing to do. The scars of cheating definitely take a lot of time to heal up.

But what if your partner has realized his mistake and is seeking for forgiveness? What if he is continuously asking for forgiveness and is apologizing?

Well, I think that in such a situation, you should go with your heart. If your heart makes you feel that your partner would never cheat you again, then I think that your partner definitely deserves a second chance.

So, what I am trying to say is that you should forgive them? well, actually yes, but that’s not it. Rather the wound that you had is very deep so you should take your time before forgiving.

Based on this, you could tell the that you are appreciating their apologizing nature but as you have been hurt deep, so you need time to think and sort things out.

Hence, this will make your partner feel sorry and he will realize his mistake, and once you will forgive him, the things will workout much better for both of you.

🔴 Reasons why someone cheats in relationships 🔴

Well, there certainly are some specific reasons that can serve as the basis that why someone cheats?

Out of the various reasons, one common reason is falling out of love. Love usually never remains the same. Although, I am not saying that it ends after sometime, rather what I am trying to say is that its intensity usually fades away.

As the intensity of love may fade away, then the things might be a bit off. It is possible that your partner gets interested in someone else. Therefore, for having the urge to get more love, your partner may cheat you.

Another possible reason that can justify why people do cheat in relationships is that when people have unmet needs. Definitely in a relationship the things don’t workout always fine. Rather there are certain times when you feel like having some issues in the relation. But such situations do demand sorting things out. But still, it is possible that because of certain unmet needs, your partner may start cheating you in your relationship.

Another most important aspect that needs to be considered here is that the sexual desires also act as a factor that can make a person to cheat in a relationship.

Similarly, another reason that is very common that leads towards cheating in a relationship is that when one person has a kind of dissatisfaction in his marriage. If the marriage life of the person is not going well, then he may probably think or consider cheating as an escape route. Therefore, this also serves as the basis of cheating in a relationship.

Well, the list of reasons involved in the cheating in a relationship is very long, such as the lack of commitment can also serve as a basis for this aspect. Because, the people who are usually less committed in their relationship may probably cheat in the relationship that they have.

So, all of these are among the prominent reasons that can describe that why people cheat in a relationship.

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📳 Mobile Phone apps used to spy a cheater 📳

well, there definitely are certain apps that can help an individual to spy a cheater. Following are some of these mobile phone applications that you can use for such a purpose.

“mSpy” is definitely among one of the most famous spying apps. You can actually make use of this specific application to spy onto your spouse or partner. One good thing that is related to this specific application is that you can use this spying app to track almost all the data of your partner. This mSpy app lets you track the call logs of your partner and not only this, rather you can have access to your partners whatsapp chats and other related data. This application can also allow you to get access and visibility to your partners social media and his chat as well. Definitely, this is an amazing spying app that you can get from their official website.

Not only this, but there are certain other applications as well that you can use in this regard. An app named as the “text message spy” can also be used to see for the text messages and their chat that had been sent by your partner to someone else. This is also a very good app.

Similarly, “pcTattletale” and “Spyine” are also amazing spying apps that you can use in order to spy on to your partner. These apps will allow you to monitor your partners activities and the messages and data that they send to anyone.

By using such spying apps, you can easily catch a betraying partner with proof. So, all of these are the applications that you can use to catch a cheater in a relationship.

🔰 Conclusions 🔰

Now, all of the above conclusion leads us to our conclusion. What I am going to conclude is that definitely knowing that your partner is cheating you is a very disturbing thing to know.

It is like having a scar that is really deep and it will definitely take some time to heel. But still, there are various types of cheating and we have also looked at some of the signs that might help you to identify a cheater in a relationship.

Overall, cheating is a thing that can definitely be quite disturbing for an individual. If you are a person who has been cheated, then my suggestion would be that you should take some time prior to reaching any specific decision. As in such a situation, you are emotionally disturbed and while you are not stable emotionally, you wouldn’t be able to make a satisfactory decision.

Further, if you think that your partner has realized his mistake and error, and would not do anything like this in the future, then you should probably forgive him, forget the past and think for a bright future.

🔱 Relevant Questions 🔱

Q: How to forgive a cheating partner?

A:In my opinion, if you think that the cheating partner has realized his error and mistake, and is asking for forgiveness, then the best thing to do is to forgive him. But prior to forgiving make sure that your partner will end all of the contacts with that third person with whom your partner was having an affair.

Once your partner agrees to this, then you should forgive your partner and both of you should think for a better future that lies ahead you.

If your partner is able to gain back your trust, and promises to be honest with you, then you should probably forgive him.

One important thing that needs to be considered here is that do not forgive your partner instantly, rather tell him that you have been hurt deeply and that you will take some time in order to make a decision. By doing this, your partner will kind of realize his mistake and will feel sorry.

Overall, forgiveness is a very kind thing that in my opinion should be given to one’s partner. If they seek forgiveness, then they do deserve a second chance to prove themselves.

Q: How to tell if your partner is lying about cheating?

A:There are certain aspects that can tell you that your partner is lying.

For instance, if you observe a change in the behavior of your partner, then this is definitely an indication that they are lying to you. For instance, if you observe some serious changes in the behavior and habits of your partner, but when you ask them or confront them, they straightforwardly deny it, then it indicates the presence of a lie.

Similarly, a lack of communication also indicates that the partner is lying about something. This is because communication is an essential part of a relationship, and if in your relationship, communication lacks, then definitely something is not fine in that.

Furthermore, if your partner is unable to make a direct eye contact with you while having a conversation, then it is also an indication that he is trying to hide something from you.

Lastly, having deflecting and projecting behavior is also an indication to the fact that your partner is lying about something.

Q: Why do people cheat on people they love?

A:There are certain reasons that can justify this question that why do people cheat. Well, out of these various reasons, some include that there is something wrong in the relationship that you are having.

It is possible that you might not be able to love them back enough and as a result, they try to find this love from someone else. It is possible that they are not getting the things that they need from this specific relationship. Maybe, there is a probability that they want respect and praise from their partner, but you are unable to provide them these things, so because of this, they will take the escape route and will search for these things somewhere else.

Further, these reasons can definitely vary from person to person but still, they are all related to the needs that they require in their relationship.

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