Love And Pain Significance of a relationship

By Nakul Manchanda

May 24, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

What is love?

This is a question that has come across our mind once in life it is generated from the curiosity to know the unknown but where does that curiosity lead us, it leads to finding the answer on our own many people have confused love with materialistic things, things that please eyes not soul, things that satisfy body not heart for what is love if it can not complete your soul for that it is not love just transaction many modern day couples expect each other to meet their needs and they have a hint of selfishness in their relationship making it a transactional relationship that becomes a burden and a prison to both the partners ultimately leading to toxicity and resentment in the relationship

But what is love do we really need it?

Love is nothing but a sweet pain a pain that satisfies the soul a pain that aids itself love is not about I, it is always about US selfishness never exists in love if it does it is not love every action done in love is to make the other person happy but many people nowadays has lost the ability to love, love requires a lot of courage and strength of mind it is about enduring the endless storm for the wait of a shore to relax love and pain go side by side if one wants love they must have the capability to bear pain otherwise they will be just a liability to themselves and their partner.

Modern-day men and women and love, Most Men and women in this generation do not love they just use each other whether it is for emotional support physical needs, or for whether for ego boost situations may vary for relationships so is it their fault for being like this? Somewhat yes as we all have different circumstances we overcome and our mind adjusts to that accordingly for our survival what we lacked in those situations is what we seek in other people thus making us bitter and the relationship with them also as we intend to use them for the sake of our own from the day one that is why we must feel fulfilled in ourselves only then we can love someone with our heart as no matter the pain love gives it is worth every single pain

But most people nowadays are afraid of that pain due to their past experiences and its ok to fear but we should not let that fear control our actions as we are not afraid of love we are just afraid of the same pain if one fears too much then they can’t love as love is free we must be free in order to love in order to make our partner ecstatic but shall we not fear losing them? absolutely we should but that should not restrain our love each person is different and so does their love language and it is our duty to not discriminate them for their love language and we must love them as they want so they feel comfort and love.

We should always remember to love without attachment as love means doing and wishing the best for your partner whereas attachment only limits to me and you rather than us as attachment is the basis of regret and pain one should not themselves to anybody for a happy and healthy relationship nowadays many people mistake and attach themselves to results humans and other materialistic things and thus suffer very badly and while this attachment seems good at one point it usually brings destruction in someone’s life one must not attach themselves to anything and should always remember to love and provide as loving someone is not the norm nowadays so deviate yourself from others and become what you are.

Nakul Manchanda

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