What does love feel like? 31 Signs You’ve Completely Fallen In-Love

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Wanna know what does love feels like? When you are in love, you will experience different signs of love that will be a clear indication that you love someone. If you want to know what does love feels like, here are the 31 must-know signs for you.

💟 31 signs you’re in love 💟

Are you curious to know what does love feels like? Here are the 31 signs that you are in love.

1. Feel safe with him

One of the biggest signs that you are in love is that you feel safe with him. The feeling of being secure and safe comes with a person with whom you are falling in love.

2. Comfortable with him

One of the singular emotions of love is that you feel the most comfortable with him. If you love him, you would love to spend more and more time with him because he won’t give you any uncomfortable vibes.

3. Contentment

If you feel more content with him, it depicts that you have got romantic love. When a person is in love, he must feel content. Therefore, if you feel contentment by having him in your life, it means that you’re in love.

4. Relaxed

Another good sign to detect if you love a person is to see if you are relaxed with him or not. You would always find mental peace and good vibes with your loved ones.

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5. Develop an emotional connection with him

When love evolves in your life, you would notice that you have developed an emotional bonding with that person.

You would fail to stop yourself from thinking about him. His every little action would have a deep impact on you when you would emotionally connect to him in love.

6. Can’t imagine your life without him

A person falling in love with someone can’t imagine his life without him. If you see that you are overthinking about not losing him, you must understand that you’re in true love with him.

7. Want to engage in a long term relationship

True love doesn’t only mean spending a few hours or a few days with a person. Instead, it would make you think about changing these early stages of love into a long-term relationship.

8. You can’t afford to hurt him

In deep love, one partner can’t afford to hurt the other partner. If you see that you are caring more about his feelings, it means that you love him.

In such a situation, you would try your best to make him happy. At the same time, you would also try not to do anything that your hurt or make him sad.

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9. You plan things to make him happy

Not only do you avoid things that hurt him, but falling in love also makes you plan things to cheer him up.

To do so, you won’t need to have a special occasion, but you would plan little things almost every day that make him happy. CLICK HERE and know more what makes a man the happiest.

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10. You arrange little surprises for him

Just like you love to get surprises and gifts from your loved ones, he also loves to have it in the same way. Therefore, you would notice the strong urge to arrange surprises for him if you fall in love with him.

While arranging the surprises for him, you would also pay special consideration to your partner’s interests. All of these things show your utmost love for him.

11. You experience a roller coaster of emotions

When you love a person, you would see that there are always tons of emotions in your life. You would feel over-occupied with lots of thoughts all the time when you fall in love.

12. Increased sensitivity

Similarly, you would also observe an increased sensitivity to everything when you develop true emotions for him.

13. At times, you experience separation anxiety

When he seems the world to you, the fear of losing him would always make you worried. You would go through the severe anxiety of being separated at different stages of life even when he is closer to you.

14. You feel sad when he is busy

Another clear indication that you love him is that you feel sad whenever he is busy and can’t talk to you. In other words, you can’t bear it when he ignores you by being busy somewhere else.

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15. You feel warm when he is around

When he is around, you would experience the deepest feeling of joy and excitement. You would love to talk, play, or cuddle with him when you fall in love with this person.

16. Your intense feelings change into romantic passion

If you notice that your feelings are turning into passion, it means that you are in deep love with him. When you go through such feelings, let him know to positively prosper this relationship.

17. You keep thinking about him in your alone time

Do you keep thinking about him when you are alone? If so, it means that you have fallen in strong love with him. We interact with so many people in your lives but only those stick to your mind who touch our heart.

18. You can’t stop thinking about him even in your busy times

Not only in your free or alone time, but if you are thinking about him while you’re busy, it means that you love him the most.

19. He is more than a best friend to you

It is very difficult to find a true and loyal friend these days. However, you are in love with him if he feels more than a true friend to you.

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20. You find joy in doing everything with him

No matter what type of man he is, you would find intense joy in his company if you love him. Love doesn’t require any policies or rules to make one happy. If he is making you happy and joyful, it means that he has made a special place in your heart.

21. You ignore his wrong sides

Not only in certain things, but you would try to cover him up in everything. Even if he is wrong at times, you would happily ignore it if you are in love with that man.

22. You’re highly concerned about his bad mood or bad day

Normally, another person’s poor mood or bad day doesn’t deeply impact our feelings or mood. However, you would feel upset or concerned about his bad day if you love him.

23. You forget about everything while spending time together

In love, you forget about everything when he is with you. His love deep inside your heart would make you focus on him only while forgetting about anything else.

24. You miss every moment spent with him

When you are away from him, you miss every single moment spend with him. Even the night before you sleep, you wonder for hours about those beautiful moments that you spent with him.

25. You always prioritize him

Even if you are going to a grocery store because your groceries are ending and he calls you meanwhile, you would rush to him immediately.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it means that you are in love with him.

26. You wish to plan your future with him

Another beautiful thing that happens in love is that you start planning your future with him. You would plan about engaging in a relationship, setting and establishing goals together, and exploring places together.

27. You hurt when there is a fight

You would also try to avoid fights between both of you. You would be willing to fight with the world to make him happy. You would immediately sense when a matter can lead to fighting and you control the situation right away.

28. You always go out of your way for him

The good news is that when you are in love, you would willingly go out of the way for him.

No matter if he calls you or not, you would sense if he needs you or not. If he does, you would rush to him without wasting a single minute if you love him.

29. You cook/order his favorite meals

Another sign of love is that you prioritize your favorite dishes over yours. If you like one flavor of coffee and he likes another one, you would prepare/order both cups of his choice.

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30. You dress up for him

A woman always dresses up for a man with whom she loves so much. When he has made a special place in your heart and you fall in love, you would for sure dress up for him.

31. Your positive brain chemical release when he is around

You would notice an increase in your serotonin levels and mental dependency when you start loving him. You would develop a strong emotional union with him after falling in love with him.

💞 First signs of true love 💞

Here are the five first signs of true love.

1. Increase in heartbeat

If you wonder what does love feel like, see if there is an increase in your heartbeat when he is around. If so, you are in love with that man.

2. You feel physical attraction

In love, there is also a noticeable increase in physical attraction towards that man. The feelings of being physically closer start dominating when a person is in love. Whether it is simply a hug or sex drive, you would want to physically engage with him.

3. You’re willing to become exactly what he expects

If you are willing to be exactly what he wants or demands from you, it means that you love him. Without falling in love, no one willingly changes himself to make others happy.

4. You prioritize him

Do you want to know what love feels like? It is when you start prioritizing the other person on you. You prioritize his likes, wants, and desires over yours just to make him happy with you.

5. You feel connected to him

You would feel a connection to him in every way or at every time. For example, you won’t emotionally disconnect from him even if you are designing an affiliate disclosure strategy for a major company.

◈ Physical signs of love ◈

The top five physical signs of love are as follows!

1. Feeling tensed or nervous

When you engage in a love relationship and spend time with each other, you would be a little nervous at the start. If you feel so, it means that you are in love with him.

2. Feeling boost in emotions

When you are in love, you would start feeling a boost in your positive emotions with that person.

3. Loss of appetite

Another physical sign of love is that you would go through the loss of appetite after falling in love.

4. Trouble in sleeping

Do you feel trouble sleeping? If so, it means that you are in love with the person about whom you keep thinking in bed.

5. Overthinking about that special person

Another sign is that you keep thinking or sometimes overthinking about that man with whom you are in a love relationship.

❂ Words express love ❂

You must also know the following words that one person must use to express love.

⫸ You always make me feel like the happiest person.

⫸ What I am today is because of you.

⫸ You are my reason to smile.

⫸ I am so blessed that I found my soulmate in you.

⫸ Would you be my lifetime partner because I love you so much!

❣️ Stages of love ❣️

Interested in knowing the stages of love? Here are these!

1. You feel attracted to each other

In the first stage of love, the love feels as if there is an increased attraction towards each other. You would feel more attracted to him than anybody else.

2. Your love regularly exhibit signs of likeness/infatuation

When you are in love, you would experience several different emotions such as infatuation. You would love to express your likeness to him or develop an infatuation with him.

3. Express your love

In the next stage, you would for sure express your love for him. Whether it is in the form of gestures, sentences, or physical signs, you would express your love in any way to him.

4. Become partners

The next stage of love involves the feelings of becoming partners with each other. You would focus more to turn this relationship into a long-run relationship by becoming partners.

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5. Make plans for a long-lasting relationship

Love means to make plans together for the rest of your life. This stage of love comes up with an intense feeling or desire to become his partner for the rest of your life.

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💘 Body languages of a human in love 💘

When human beings are in love, they would have the following body language.

1. Eye contact

You would love to make direct eye contact with him several times.

2. Frequent smile

You would smile frequently to arouse the same love feelings in him too.

3. Touch for the deep connection

You would feel physically attracted to him or try to develop a deep connection through touch.

4. Protective gestures

In love, you would give protective gestures to him to protect him from the world. Such relationships would always last longer where each partner protects the other from the cruelty of this world.

5. Proximity

Proximity is about coming closer to each other. In love, two people must want to engage in sex relationship or sex talk. Not only sex-related things, but they would love to come closer to each other in every possible way.

💗 Signs when a man loves a woman 💗

To check if a person loves a woman, here are the following sign.

👀 He prioritize you

If he prioritizes you, he is in love with you. He cancels out his important plans for you whenever you call him or need him for anything.

👀 He cares for you

If he cares for you, it means that he loves you the most.

👀 He protects you

When you see that he is protecting you in all situations, it is a clear indication that he loves you.

👀 He buys gifts for you

Does he buy gifts for you? If yes, you must know that he loves you so much.

👀 He asks you about your future plans

Just because he wants to spend his life with you, he asks you about your future plans.

🎭 Signs He’s Faking His Love For You 🎭

If your partner is faking his love for you, here are the following signs to detect it.

✏️ He is impatient or moving too fast

When you notice that he is moving on too fast and lacks consistency and patience, he may be faking his love for you.

✏️ He doesn’t show romantic attraction

Every pure love relationship involves the feeling of romantic attraction. If it lacks in your relationship, his love is not pure.

✏️ He sometimes avoid spending time with you

If he keeps on ignoring you at times, he is not in love with you but might be just passing time with you.

✏️ He behaves in the same way with other girls

If you notice your partner dating other girls, you must realize that his love is fake.

✏️ His love is really just lust

Try to figure out if your partner’s intentions and love are pure for you or not. If it is only lust, you must reconsider this relationship.

🔆Difference between love and lust🔆

When you love someone, it becomes mandatory to find out if your partner also loves you or just having a lust for you.

Love means having a deep emotional and physical connection developed with each other. Love involves true emotion/feelings, care, respect, and all positive aspects of making each other happy and protected.

In contrast, lust is only about developing a physical or sexual relationship with the other partner. Additionally, these sexual or physical contacts would be temporary and won’t last long when there is no love but only lust.

💠 What does being in love feel like? 💠

Being in love feels fantastic because it evolves with so many positive changes in you. For example, being in love makes you feel happy, overwhelmed, and excited. It makes you care more about yourself, dress up more beautifully, and welcoming good vibes.

💥 Conclusions 💥

When you are completely fallen in love, you would see numerous signs/changes in you. Top 31 of these signs have been discussed in this article that would serve as proof.

Loving him the most would make you forget the world while only remembering him all the time.

However, make sure to differentiate between love and lust before you proceed further in this relationship.

🔰 Relevant Questions 🔰

Q: What is real love?

A: This type of love is basically a strong emotional bonding with the other person. This emotional bonding is long-lasting, pure, and full of passion. It may also turn into a lasting physical connection if the other person also loves you and develops an interest in you. This type of love also welcomes happiness and prosperity in your journey.

Q: Why do people in love have sex desire?

A: People in love have sexual desire because it is a natural phenomenon and nature’s discipline. Whenever people love each other, they develop intimacy and physical attraction for each other.

Q: What is an emotional dependency?

A: It is when you fail to take full emotional responsibility for your own feelings. In this, you fail to fully monitor and control your thoughts that are occupied with the thoughts of your partner.

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