How to tell someone you love them For the First Time Without Making Them Uncomfortable

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Have you fallen in love with someone, and you are wondering how to break the news to them for the first time? It takes courage and strength to face someone on their face and tell them ‘I love you.’ As you make this great step in your life, it is crucial to act with maturity.

Expressing love
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👩‍❤️‍👨 Tips on how to tell someone you love them without being awkward 👩‍❤️‍👨

Here are 8 tips that will help you to express yourself to someone you love in the best way possible;

📌 Tell them on the face if it’s the first time

Saying I love you directly
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As much as we are in the digital era, telling your partner that you love them face to face will be more romantic. Face them directly and tell them how you feel about them. It sounds more authentic when you stand up and tell someone you love them than texting them on Twitter or Snapchat.

Besides, facing someone on the face as you express yourself gives you a chance to see their honest reaction. As a result, you can be able to tell if they feel the same way. If they smile at you back, you can be assured of a new beginning in your life.

📌 Don’t stay for too long.

Some people are afraid of telling their partners about their feeling towards them. They hold on for days which turns into months and perhaps years. However, don’t stay for too long without expressing yourself because you might lose the opportunity. Besides, don’t wait for the right moment but rather create it.

When you keep the feelings and the words to yourself, you might be stressed up. Just say it because Susan Golicic, a relationship coach, advises that love is a gift, so consider that telling someone you love them is just that. Therefore, don’t worry about their response or how they will react to your words.

📌Be sure of your feelings towards them. 

Before you approach someone and tell them you love them, be sure of your feeling. Let it be that you truly love them, and you have feelings towards them. Do not play mind games with someone because love is a strong feeling that can make or break someone’s heart.

According to Dr. Carla Marie Manly, a psychologist, it is easy to confuse love with joy or infatuation, therefore, take your time and know if you love someone. It is not fair to tell someone you love them without being sincere.

Genuine love
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📌Show your love with actions.

Actions speak louder than words, and therefore, the way you handle a person can tell them if you love them or not. Besides, it is easy to tell someone that you love them but how you handle and talk to them means a lot.

A woman can show a man that she loves them by making them essential in their life. For instance, if you need your bulb fixed, invite him to help you out. He will appreciate that you need him because you turn to him when you want some help.

📌 Be confident

It feels awkward when someone tells you that they love you when they are shaking and sweating profusely. Although it is not easy to utter those three magic words, be bold when facing your partner to express yourself. Don’t shy away from them but rather look them straight into the eyes.

Confidence proves what you are saying, and it shows you mean it. Besides, it becomes easy for your partner to reciprocate your love without questioning themselves when you are bold.

📌 Do it in private

Find a space where only the two of you are when you want to tell someone you love them. Having privacy will make things simple for both of you because you won’t have any distractions. Besides, you will be free to speak your mind and pour out your heart without being afraid.

When only the two of you are involved, your partner has a calm environment to respond without fear. This is because they have the freedom to give an honest answer to your word. You shouldn’t force someone to love you back.

A romantic environment
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📌 Be creative

Most people wonder how to tell someone you love them differently. You can get out of the way and spice up the moment with your own creativity. It helps to express yourself in a romantic way that your partner didn’t expect.

You can tell someone, ‘I want to spend the rest of my days with you’ or ‘I want to be the president of the US, you can be the first lady’ Such words are special, and they reveal your love for someone. Be a creative man!

📌 Keep it to yourself at first.

It is crucial to hold back your feelings towards someone at first. Don’t go telling everyone that you love someone and yet you haven’t expressed yourself. However, you can speak to your close buddies to get some advice.

When your confession remains a secret, it is safe because some people might go ahead and reveal it to your partner. This can be awkward to both of you because your partner needs to hear the words from the horse’s mouth.

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📢 What to say instead of I Love You 📢

I love you
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I love you are three powerful words that mean so much to someone. Besides, how you say them to your partner is crucial.

🔊 Here are creative ways to tell someone that you love them and make them feel special 🔊

🎤You complete me. 

🎤 We were meant to be.

🎤 I’m yours.

🎤 My heart calls out for you.

🎤 You are my soulmate.

🎤 You are my sunshine

🎤 I have feelings for you.

🎤 I am here for you….always.

🎤 With you, forever isn’t long.

🎤 You are my baby.

🎤 I yearn for you.

🎤 You are my world.

🎤 We make a good match.

🎤 You are mine, and I am yours.

🎤 You are simply the best.

🎤 I am addicted to you.

🎤 We have amazing chemistry.

🎤 We were meant for each other.

🎤 I love you to the moon and back.

🎤 You are my angel.

🎤 You are the person I want to spend life with.

🎤 I have got a crush on you.

🎤 I will always choose you.

🎤 I am fond of you.

🎤 You are my favorite.

🎤 Every time I see you, you leave me breathless.

🎤 I’m crazy about you.

🎤 You turn me on.

🎤 I’m drawn to you.

🎤 You are my everything.

🎤 You are my other half.

🎤 You mean so much to me.

🎤 You rock my world.

🎤 As long as I have you in my life, I am okay.

🎤 You are the only one in my mind.

🎤 I dream of you.

🎤 I value you.

🎤 You are my one and only.

🎤 I love being around you.

🎤 You are my treasure.

🎤 I’m thankful for you.

🎤 You are special to me.

🎤 You are one in a million.

🎤 You’re all I want.

🎤 I have totally fallen for you.

🎤 You are the reason I am alive.

🎤 You hold the key to my heart.

🎤 You’re the light of my life.

🎤 You are an angel from God.

🎤 You’re a miracle in my life.

🎤 I’m blessed to have you in my life.

🎤 I’m the luckiest person in the world.

🎤 I will do anything to make you smile.

🎤 You are my favorite distraction.

🎤 We go together like biscuits and gravy.

🎤 Life would be boring without you.

🎤 You’re my partner in crime.

🎤 I just called to hear your voice.

🎤 I always have an amazing time with you.

🎤 I think you are the one.

🎤 I have got a thing for you.

🎤 You are incredible.

🎤 I picture growing old with you.

🎤 I wouldn’t feel complete without you.

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📜 15 Ways to Tell Him You Love Him Without Words 📜

How to tell someone you love them
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Whether you are married or dating, making your man feel loved should be your main goal. Apart from telling him that you love them, you can use non-verbal language to show it.

Here are 15 ways many people use to show someone love without saying a word;

🖌 Surprise him

Are you thinking of how to tell someone you love them in a special way rather than word of mouth? Surprise them with what you can. You can throw a surprise party for your man, take him for a date or buy him a personalized gift.

Men treasure gifts or memorable moments from their women. They feel honored, and they will want to stick with them all their days.

🖌 Cook for him his delicious meals

Definitely, you know what your partner loves to eat. Prepare him such meals as much as you can as a way of telling him you love them without saying a single word.

As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through food. When your man gets home after a long day at work, let him find his favorite meal on the table. Besides, serve him in style.

Preparing a meal for your husband
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🖌 Support him

Men love ladies who support them in their endeavors. Therefore, you can say I love you by supporting your man’s dreams, career, and business. No matter what he is passing through, show him that it is possible to make it through. Be his biggest fan!

Also, when you support your man, he will be glad that you believe in him. As a result, he will keep up the spirit and remain positive because he knows someone is behind him.

🖌 Give him your ear

Do you sit down and listen to your person even when what he is saying is not urgent? If yes, that is a way to tell him that you love them without saying a word. When your partner is speaking, listen to them without undivided attention.

It will be easy to know what he wants and doesn’t want when you listen to him. As a result, you will build your relationship and make a beautiful home for your family. Besides, listening is a sign of respect for your man.

🖌 Brag about him

Sometimes tell the world how your man protects, provides, cares, and fights for his family. Let people know that he is there for you and his children, and you appreciate what he is doing.

When you brag about him, other people will respect him, and also, he will have the confidence to keep pushing harder. Let him know that he is that one person who has made a difference in your life.

🖌 Give him quality time.

Another way to tell someone you love them without words is by giving them quality time. Despite the demands to raise your kids and pursue your career, create time for him, and you won’t go wrong. Let him know that he is special by talking, visiting places, visiting friends and family together.

When you spend time with your man, it will not only be an act of love, but you will bond together. Most relationships are breaking because of a lack of communication and companionship. Therefore, show him that you love him by spending quality time together, and you will enjoy the outcome.

A weekend with your love
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🖌 Dress up for him

Which of your clothes does your man love? Wear that red dress that he likes most when going on a date. If you are watching a movie together in the house, put on that top and short he loves. He will appreciate your effort to make him happy even with your dress code.

Besides, when you dress up for your man, you will attract him and make him want to spend more time with you. Don’t struggle to tell him that you love him, whereas you can express it through the dressing.

🖌 Keep around the things he likes

You can say I love you to you guy by keeping around the things he likes. Stock the fridge with the wine or the dessert he likes. It will show that you think about him and you care for his needs.

Also, switch on TV programs he likes or plays the songs he likes listening to. He will know that you want to please him and make him happy from deep down in your heart.

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Showing how much you love him
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🖌 Compliment him

Do you have feelings towards a man, and you don’t want to tell him by word of mouth? Compliment him each time he achieves something, dresses well, or does something excellent, and the message will be home. A man will smile when a lady acknowledges him because it makes him feel a man enough.

Complimenting a man also raises their ego. As a result, your man will walk shoulders high when you compliment him frequently. Finally, he will not wait to come back home to the woman that appreciates his efforts.

🖌 Never change him

Change comes within, and it feels irritating to be around someone who tries to change you into something you aren’t. Never try to change your guy to look like your friends because people are different. Let him change what he has decided but don’t try to change how he talks or walks.

Your man will feel loved in your hands when you can accept him the way he is. Show him that you truly love him from deep down your heart by embracing his strengths and weaknesses.

🖌 Connect with his friends

This is another way to tell someone you love them without uttering a single word. When he comes with friends at home, you meet them at a function and interact with them. Through this, he will know that you love him and want to have a good relationship even with his buddies.

Besides, it shows that you appreciate and love those around him, and you are ready to welcome them into your life. A man will find it challenging to be around a woman who doesn’t like his friends because it might bring conflict.

🖌 Include him in your activities

Are you going to a concert over the weekend? Buy two tickets and invite him to attend. He will know that you love him without saying I love you. This is because it shows that you want to be around him even in your free time.

Including your guy in your activities is an added advantage to your relationship. It gives you a chance to learn one another deeper. You are likely to know what he loves, and he will also understand you better. As a result, you will honor each other boundaries and leave at peace.

Spending time together
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🖌 Write him a thank you note

Send him a thank-you note when he buys you a gift or does something for you. Tell him that you appreciate his present or time spent together to put a smile on his face. When you reciprocate to love, relating with each other becomes easy.

Also, thank you note are a way to tell someone that you love them because of their actions. Therefore, do not sit there wondering how to tell someone you love them, yet you can craft a beautiful thank you letter.

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🖌 Try something he loves

Love is a sacrifice between two people determined to make things work between them. Which is that one thing that your man loves even though you don’t like it? Try it out to show that you love them and you are determined to comprise for your relationship.

If he loves football, sit down and watch the EPL matches together to show your love towards them. You will win his heart, and he will also sacrifice when it is his turn.

🖌 Be there for him

A man will fall in love with a woman who is always there for him when he needs him. A lady who shows up through thick and thin expresses love without saying it. This is because you show him that he is special to you.

Therefore, it is not a must to say I love you to that guy you have fallen for, instead be by his side when he is happy and passing through challenges. Associate with all that surrounds him, he will know that your love for him is authentic and not fake.

💏 Guide to make a man feel loved 💏

Making him feel special
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Your man needs to feel loved in your hands as his woman. He needs assurance that you are a person he can count on whatever the case.

Prove to him that you love him through these 10 romantic ways;

◉ Get to know him

You cannot truly love your guy if you do not know him in and out. Be deliberate to know what he likes, what he doesn’t like, his love language, his dreams, his hobby, and all that surrounds him. When you have an understanding of who you are dealing with, it becomes possible to please him.

Besides, it becomes easy to relate and communicate in your relationships when you know your man well. This is because he is not a stranger but someone you can associate with.

◉ When you get something for yourself, get one for him too

When you go to the store to buy a hoody during the cold season, get his too. It is a sign of care and concern, and it could be he also needed it badly.

Do not assume that he does not want what you are buying for yourself; in fact, he will be happy that you think of him. He will feel loved, and hence, your relationship will grow better.

◉ Appreciate him.

When your guy does something for you or your kids, learn to say thank you. Besides, you can write him a note or buy him a gift in return to appreciate his efforts. He will be glad to know that you acknowledge his contribution to the family.

Besides, when you appreciate your man, he will have the boldness to keep on doing the best for his family. As a result, he will pursue his dreams and passion for his loved ones.

◉ Fulfill his sexual needs

Sex is a central part of marriage relationships and especially to a man. To make your man loved and never go to search for another woman, satisfy his sexual needs. Give yourself to him when making love, and let him enjoy that moment to the fullest.

Besides, when you give yourself to your partner, it helps him remain true to your relationship. This is because you keep him from lust and sexual temptation when he goes out of the house. Therefore, if you are looking for the best way to tell someone you love them, be there for their sexual needs.

◉ Give him space

Every person needs time and space to rewind and do personal stuff such as meeting friends. Therefore, as a woman, you should balance giving your guy quality time and allowing him to do personal stuff. Don’t be all over him every time.

When you give him some space, he will rethink, connect with friends and plan his future well. As a result, he will grow socially, spiritually, and financially for the benefit of your relationship.

◉ Make him a priority

Instead of saying I love you to him directly, make him a priority, and he will recognize your love. Men love women who make them a priority and not an option in their lives. When you are deciding on any family issue, engage him to show him, love.

Also, making him a priority in your life gives him a reason to stick by you always. This is because he knows you value him and his contribution to your life is important.

Appreciating your man
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◉ Trust him

Trust is one of the things that builds or breaks relationships. As a woman, trust your man as it is a prove of how much you love him. Avoid condemning him of any mistrust issues but rather sit down together and sort the issues.

When you keep showing mistrust, he will feel offended, and your relationship will grow cold. Besides, when he tells you something, trust him instead of asking him if he is sure what he is saying. Women are encouraged to love them without any doubt or fear.

◉ Be his closest friend.

In relationships where the man and the woman are best friends, love reigns. As a woman, make your guy feel loved by making him a friend you can count on through thick and thin. Let him be that one person you can tell everything and at any time.

It becomes easy to settle your conflicts when you relate well with your man, and communication becomes effective. This is because you don’t fear each other and you are free to him. with him and not against him.

Best friends
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◉ Fight with him and not against him.

Besides telling someone, you love them, fight your battles together. When the world turn against him, support him instead of joining the crowd to throw stones at him.

When the wife and the husband walk together and protect each other’s reputation, their family thrives. They don’t show the world the weak side of their partner, and hence, the world will have no evidence of attacking their spouse.

⍢ Conclusions ⍢

Love is a beautiful thing, and telling someone that you love them takes courage and effort. When it’s time to say I love you to your partner, do it right to make them happy and comfortable.

? Related Questions ?

Q: What to text to make him think of you?

Sending a message to your man that makes him think of you day in day out is crucial. You can send him a message like, ‘I was thinking about you all night last night,’ or ‘ I had an interesting dream about you the previous night.’

Q: What makes a man happy?

It is the joy of every man to have a partner who loves, supports cares and encourages him. Besides, a man will be happy when his lady walks with him through ups and downs without giving up on him no matter what comes in their way.

Q: How do you make a guy regret hurting you?

It is painful when a guy dumps or cheats on you, and you may want revenge. However, as you make him regret, never do anything reckless or destroy his livelihood. Instead, make yourself better by focusing on your life. In case you meet again, he will regret his actions.

Q: What are the 3 words better than I love you?

Other than ‘I love you,’ there are other words you can use to express love to your partner. You can say, ‘I appreciate you,’ ‘you complete me,’ or ‘I respect you.

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