Am I In Love? 52 Signs To Authenticate

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely met someone wonderful and are beginning to question, “Am I in Love?” This can be a terrifying issue. After all, loving someone entails taking a significant risk and revealing your heart or feelings to them. As such, this guide is proven to help users provide effective love authentication.

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❣️ Am I in love? settle that burning the question in your heart with these 52 signs ❣️

There are many concerns that most individuals have about the subject of love. Because emotions are subjective, love signifies different things to different people. Thankfully, some characteristics are nearly identical for almost everyone. You no longer have to wonder, am I in love? You can answer all your concerns following this guide when you become attracted to someone.

❣️ 20 signs to confirm you’re in love ❣️

1. You keep them in your mind all the time.

When you start falling in love, your mind perceives the other person as irresistible and unique. As such, you’ll be able to find out if you’re in love if you keep thinking about your prospective love while imagining how loving, spending time, or developing interest in them would be.

2. You start giving them your undivided attention.

You may be able to tell if you love someone if you tend to give them your full undivided attention. You become interested in what one has to say, their daily routines, prospects, hobbies, likes, interests, among other aspects of their life.

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3. You perceiving everything about them as exciting, you become attracted.

If you are in love, everything about your partner appears excellent, and you start concentrating more on the positive things about their love. Their grin or fantastic laugh becomes interesting to you.

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4.      You become more open and freer to talk to each other.

Unlike speaking to someone you don’t love, love conversations are characterized by being open without the fear of being judged. Therefore, you may be able to tell whether you’re falling in love if you start opening more to the other person without worrying about guilt or judgment unlike in short-lived infatuation or sexual desires.

5.      You start trusting them.

Every connection is built on the foundation of trust. It is a sign that you are in love whenever you find yourself opening up to someone and revealing more than you typically might. As such, you may start losing interest in dating other individuals if you are in love.

6.      You consider introducing them into your circle of friends

If you want to introduce this person to your closest friends or family members, it is a sign that you have more than a passing attraction to your crush.

It is a big step to feel at ease having this someone among your family and close friends, especially if you want to invite them to vacations.

7.      Your plans seem to work perfectly.

You do not always feel secure investing in a crush or a hook-up since these kinds of relations are more about being ‘hard to get’ than about a genuine and raw commitment. As a result, you can tell if you love someone, you no longer make excuses for missing calls or texts due to missed catch-ups.

8.      You start caring about their endeavor.

This suggests that the person you’re thinking of is more than just someone you’re interested in or wish to communicate with now and then. It’s your crush for someone that makes you sad when you miss them, makes you wonder what they are up to at odd hours or maybe your crush is fun to hung around sexual encounters.

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9.      You start feeling jealous and possessive.

Being jealous and possessive is not healthy in relationships, but you may know whether you are in love if your crush makes you envious by flirting with other people.

However, admitting and letting go of these sensations can be a sign that you are in love or have a connection with your crush.

10.  Your feelings and interest in them are more than physical attraction.

Physical intimacy is crucial and significant, but being in love is about so much more than sex, infatuation, and sexual attraction. Instead, your potential partner means the world to you as you recall deep conversations you experienced, the first time you held their hand, went on a trip together, or watched the sun go down together, and other long-term goals you ever planned. These can indicate that you have a deep connection, desire, infatuation, or maybe attracted your crush.

11.  A thought of you getting enough of their company makes you insane.

You can tell if you are in love when all you want is to spend more time with your crush since loving them is more exciting. You seem not to get enough of their company. You find ways to meet and talk to them regularly or you just want to spend the time together doing nothing. Equally, the feeling of spending time alone makes you want them even more.

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12.  You sure care about their health and general wellbeing.

Whether in their career or health wellbeing, you start being concerned about the other person’s wellbeing. You frequently call and visits to ensure they are doing fine because their wellbeing means a lot to you as well.

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13.  Disagreements are no longer news that destroys the relationship.

Note that fighting is normal in most healthy relationships even when partners might not want it. You are in love if you feel a commitment sense even when you experience multiple disagreements with your partner.

On the other hand, crushing for someone only focuses on an individual’s perception, not about who they are. As such, you need to figure out that the union lacks passion or the feeling of empathy to one another.

14.  You may develop an emotional dependency.

Many individuals in love portray elements of emotional dependency on relationships. As such, you can authenticate your love for a potential partner if you exhibit features including but not limited to when you feel like passiveness, the fear of rejection, separation anxiety, and jealousy.

15.  You can start planning a future together.

When you love a person, you tend to long for an emotional union with your potential partner. This is manifested in how you start seeking ways to get closer with the person by planning a future together with the person.

16.  You develop feelings of empathy for the person.

It is a sign that you love a person if you start to feel like the union is more than just sex; rather, you develop a powerful sense of empathy towards them.

Equally, you may feel like someone’s pain as your own and become more than willing to sacrifice your happiness for their wellness.

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17.  Your interests start to align.

While being yourself may strike you as unique, falling in love will make you feel the need to align or rearrange a few daily priorities to match those of your crush for healthy relationships. Thus, you may be able to find true love when you meet a person whose interests align yours.

18.  You start compromising your perception.

When you fall in love, you start compromising your perspective to view things from the side of your potential partner. This is an attempt to understand, agree or reason with your potential partner.

19.  You no longer feel insecure about your relationship.

It is a sign of love and trust that you no longer feel insure about your new found love. When you are in love with aa deep connection with your partner, you trust the person enough to overlook minor insecurities. Instead, you feel like you trust your new crush even more.

20.  You start encouraging them.

You have deep feeling for your crush when you start to care more whenever you find yourself supporting them. You will know you have feelings for them when you start reminding them of their life’s objectives and aspirations

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🔆 What does real love feel like? 🔆

True love gives you a sense of security and stability. However, if you still wonder what does real love feel like, consider the following.

21.      You cannot intentionally hurt them.

While most people would never purposefully hurt another person, being angry or upset in a relationship sometimes brings out the worst characteristics. True love, on the other hand, indicates that you’d never intentionally harm your lover.

22.    You want the best for them.

When you fall in love, it’s normal to want to make sure your spouse has everything they want. As a result, you’ll notice that you support your partner and that it’s natural for you to do so you are finally able to find true love.

23.      You no longer fear failure in front of them.

The fear of failure vanishes in the presence of genuine affection. Because you know your spouse is on your side, you will feel free to take more risks and fail even more if you are able to find romantic love.

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24.      You no longer worry about them ending the relationship.

Many of us share a fear of being abandoned. However, in a genuine love connection, the fear of being forsaken would gradually fade away.

25.      You become more patient with them, and the relationship.

When you’re in true love, the things that used to worry you don’t bother you any more since everything feels good with them. If you are willing to go to any length to save your relationship, you can know your love is genuine.

26.      You stop questioning the legitimacy of your love or the relationship.

True love is rare, and most individuals feel that it only occurs once in a lifetime. However, when it does, these indicators will assist you in recognizing that it is meant to be.

27.      Your stress levels reduce.

You can tell if you are in love when the positive feeling helps to enhance your moods. Equally, the support companion you get in a relationship can indicate you are in love, consequentially enabling you to handle stressful life encounters.

28.      You no longer play the victim or blame the other person for shortcomings.

When you are in love, you do not believe that your loved one is mistaken since love is a collaborative effort and it takes responsibility. As such, true love forgives without shifting blame or playing the victim.

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🔎 Signs when a man loves a woman 🔍

A man’s body language and actions will reveal whether or not he loves a woman. Here are some symptoms that a man is in love with a lady.

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29.      He puts you first.

A man loves a woman if he lets a lady pick her favorites even when the outcome affects the relationship; for instance, a guy who likes a woman will allow a woman to choose a favorite dinner spot.

30.      He can’t stop smiling at you.

It is a subtle sign that he likes you if he constantly finds you amusing. Even with lame jokes, he finds them attractive.

31.      He starts revealing intimate personal information.

Intimacy entails details you wouldn’t mention to others. As such, when a man starts sharing most of his intimate information with her, it is a sign that he loves a woman.

32.      He starts investing more time in the relationship.

If a guy goes out of his way to spend more time with a woman, she can bet that the guy really likes her.

33.      He includes you in his plans.

Even with minor plans, the man who likes a woman will always use the term “we” when referring to their goals or future.

34.      He becomes protective.

It is the nature of men to protect women they like. A such, he could be falling for her when he starts portraying protective behavior. For example, he would not let other people disrespect you.

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📝 Tips to test a girl to see if she really loves you 📝

Women are known for concealing their feelings, unlike men. Therefore, the following tips to test a girl to see if she really likes you will unveil her innermost feelings.

35.      See if she takes without providing.

It is not real love if she sets high expectations for you, but she does not reciprocate with the same level of enthusiasm.

36.      See her priories.

If she has placed other people’s priorities over yours, it shows the relationship is not built on true love.

37.      See whether she is enthusiastic about meeting you.

When a woman truly loves you, she will be interested and enthusiastic to meet or spend time with you. You cannot this from how she responds to your invites or dates.

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38.      Is she always distracted in your company?

She is distracted because her mind is elsewhere. To her, she’s instead be attending to other things than enjoying your company. Equally, she is delighted because she is not interested in you.

39.      Does she give you excuses?

When she always has excuses for failing to meet her end of the bargain, it is a subtle sign she does not like you.

40.      She talks about other people a lot.

A woman is no interest in you if she keeps talking about other men or her EXs. It could show that she is not done with her past and wishes to re-experience it.

41.      Are you in her plans?

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When you two have different life goals, it is always essential to align your interests, plans, hobbies, or even careers. When she keeps including you in her life plans, then there are high chances she likes you.

42.      Do you fight frequently?

While it is normal to have few arguments and misunderstandings in a relationship, something might sure be wrong with the relationship if you experience frequent disagreements because they could show that you two are not meant for each other.

43.      Does she brag about you?

When a woman is happy with how the relationship is proceeding, she might talk about it to her colleagues, close friends, or even family members. See the way she brags about you because it indicates how genuinely she loves you.

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44.  Is she attempting to support you?

Offering support ranging from minor house chores to mental and financial support is a reflection of a woman’s truest feelings for you. Therefore, it is a sure indication that something is lacking in the union if she does not support you in any way.

Signs you’re in a fake relationship

Although men are easy to read when in love, some have mastered the cheating art so well that you’ll never suspect them even. As such, you may experience challenges to tell if a guy is pursuing for sex or for his personal motives. Thanks to the following list as you can figure out subtle signs he’s faking his love for you.

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45.      Is he always busy?

While it could be genuine when he says he is held up in a late meeting, most men who have mastered the love faking skill will always pretend to be busy to avoid you the moment you need them the most.

46.      He might be faking body language.

Even the best liars cannot effectively fake non-verbal cues. When a man is insincere, his body will give you subtle clues even when he says different. Perhaps he might lose the excitement you meet, or your success news doesn’t cheer him up in the moment.

47.      His actions and words are inconsistent.

Although he promises you better things, he invests very little or no effort to meet such promises. Equally, he might frequently and easily disappoint you but he still says he love you.

48.      Has he ever cheated on you?

The cliché that a man who loves you can never cheat on you is accurate. Cheating is always decision and never an accident. Therefore, he does not love you if he can cheat on you.

49.      Does he trust you?

He is most likely unfaithful to you, making him unconsciously unable to trust you. He believes you are doing what he does when you’re not watching.

50.      Does he put you down or make you feel bad about yourself?

There’s a high chance he doesn’t like you if he constantly tries to make you feel bad about yourself. He is not interested to see you at your best.

51.      He does not express his innermost feelings to you.

You can tell if a guy is cheating from the way he talks or express his innate feelings. For example, when he is comfortable lying to you then he has no genuine love feeling for you. Probably he’s keeping you for his motives.

52.      Does he initiate and sustain conversations?

A man who likes will always try to get in touch with you and see how you are doing. He will go further to check exciting events in your day and build a meaningful conversation.

📌 Conclusions 📌

An individual in love can be identified by certain behavioral traits and cognitive processes not visible to someone else in different relationships. When you find yourself wondering, am I in love? You can settle that burning question in your heart with these 52 subtle indications since the guide can help users provide reliable love affirmations in romantic and sexual relationships.

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📍 Relevant Questions 📍

Q: How Long Does It Take to Fall in Love? Men Vs Women

A: Even if it is scientifically proven to feel love within the first seconds you meet someone, falling in love is still a journey.   When it comes to falling in love, developing connections, and eventually creating a romantic relationship, there are several phases that individuals, irrespective of their sex, might first go through with varying time frames. Men may be able to take at least three months to tell if they are in romantic love, while ladies take almost four and a half months.

Q: Why do guys act rude when they like you?

A: Whether a guy wants it or not, his desire for a potential partner becomes powerful and pervasive. As such, he becomes ashamed by how strong his affections for her are. Equally, he may not want the other males to know he’s having feelings for a girl and he doesn’t want to disappoint them.

The masculine team mindset pervades such men’s lives at all times, and the last thing guys want is for a female connection to be perceived as compromising the men’s team spirit. Men act rude once they like you but feel you are too good for them. Such men lack the confidence to approach you or else they fear you might turn them down.

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Q: Do guys pull away when they catch feelings?

A: Yes, some men can pull away after realizing that they are catching feelings for you. When men find someone they like, they change the vibe or pull away. Since they don’t learn how to handle their feelings, guys frequently break away abruptly. Most men struggle to control their emotions. As a result, mood swings and erratic conduct become common. They may not know how to convey their own sentiments; they pull back to avoid getting too attached since it makes.

Equally, guys drawback when they have feelings because they are terrified of being hurt. pulling back is a protective mechanism that keeps them secure and prevents them from getting too involved, risking being rejected and being humiliated.

Q: Does true love exist?

A: Yes, true love does exist, although rarely. Failing to meet your suitable match or long-term partner does not mean true love does not exist. True love, according to popular belief, does exist, although it is difficult to define. It may be easier to work on features or characteristics that may be able to indicate of your partner loves you rather than trying to achieve this in words.

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