Tradervue Review: Will it really improve Trading Performance?

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Tradervue Review

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TraderVue is a blend of social media platforms and dealing journals. It is made for you to track your dealing activities over time and share your deals with other people on this network.

The platform provides an astonishing range of features like the power for analyzing data, how outgoing individuals trade, and the trading strategies are working.

The social platform features help the user share activities with another user on TradeVue and publicize your deals, pick up tips for your deals for serving a reserve against making emotional deals.

Tradervue Review: What Is Tradervue?

Our Tradervue review will start with basics. This software is not only a journal for trading. It is a journal as well as a social media platform for traders.

Tradervue Review
Photo: Tradervue

By using it, you can keep tracks of deals you made as well as share trading history with other dealers around the globe. The founder of this software is the former CTO and founder of NewsGator, Greg Reinacker in 2011. this platform came into existence due to the necessity of the founder to have a tool that will enable traders to review the trading history of their own.

When he got to know that this solution can benefit the dealer’s community, he introduced this certain platform to everyone. You may think that when it is possible to write deals in MS Excel then why to spend money on such a service.

Yes, you can keep track of such profile analysis, if you are having the skill as well as it will be free of cost. However, most of the traders don’t possess such skills day by day.

You can keep a track of your trading history with the support of automated import trades directly from a broker. The best way to upgrade your game is by the help provided by it in such a way that your all history is in one place and is organized. You are also allowed to receive feedback from your dealers and share deals with other fellow traders or you can also you can use them to give advice.

How does Tradervue work?

It is also supporting options so let us take a look at this TraderVue Review about options. While importing trading data includes options by the particular supporting platform/broker, your summary about every deal you made will reflect the traded contracts. Over here, we have two different options for a contract we are dealing with and stock.

Tradervue Review
Photo: Tradervue

You can import files in the TraderVue journal; you can add tags of your choice and notes for later analysis and filtering. For more eye-opening results, you have to enter more data. When ready for analysis, you will filter the deal with side, date range, tag, duration, and symbol.

TraderVue offers three major categories, the rewarding of all 3 is the sharing feature. It is a social platform. When you post a trade, you can add a note, which describes why you took a certain position. Both the losing trades as well as winning trades are allowed to be posted.

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What are the Features of Tradervue platform?

Tradervue Review
Photo: Tradervue

Let’s consider the features in detail!

Trade Journal

It is TraderVue’s heart. Over here, the trading platform lists all entered deals in chronological order. The journal provides many options to filter and sort data and tag, stock symbol, or data range. It also views that lists do not matter if you share a deal publicly or notes about your deal when you enter it. The search box option is also available so that you can search among notes and journal trades for comments.

A good feature is the power for customizing a template that the note text box use with the settings of your account. However, You only get one template that you can apply across all notes in the future. This saves you from entering repetitive typing while you enter a text.

Entering new deals is not that straightforward; it depends upon how you usually record deals. Trades are not typed directly into TradeVue.


The analytics from the free version is not this useful because it does not provide a strategy. The basic view comprises loss and profit overview charts and ideas that are the trading strategy you use works on the whole.

You can toggle charts over many timescales to provide more insight but do not give much detail about specific setups and trades that are falling and are successful.

Sharing Feature

The social media platform feature gives you several opportunities. The first is to choose whether to share your trades and tell others more about what your plan was, whether you stuck to it, and what the outcome was.

Make sure to share not only your successful trades but also your losing ones. Not everybody is a winner, and you will always learn more about your losing trades than on your winning ones.


Displaying charts with the exit and entry point while viewing a historical record of your trades is one of the tick-based reports on the chart. Customization of these charts is limited, available in a large range of timescales, and you can see the design you were dealing with on the trades in the past.

More than two charts side-by-side on various timescales can be displayed to get a clarified picture of your deal. Silver and Gold plans enable you to display a run of profit and loss charts for every stock you traded in the past.

Mentoring and Coaching

You can share the account in a very innovative way with coaches or mentors. The Silver and Gold plan members can use account settings to enable the mentoring tab; then, they can invite others through Email. However, the other person must also have a Gold and Silver plan membership.

Mentors and Coaches are trustworthy people who have the read-only option to your journal that lets them enter comments.

You can trade a journal with successful traders to help them plug leaks into their trade. The mentors are more experienced traders, helping and spotting specific trends before losses occur.

Broker Compatibility

While using TraderVue, confirm that it is working with an online broker of your choice. Many well-known brokers like TradeZero, LightSpeed, Centerpoint Securities, Interactive broker, etc.

By assuring that it works with an online broker, you will not face problems like manual trade entries instead of populating them automatically and importing them.

Customer Support

It is a great service for the questions in the user’s mind to be answered. For instance, the major Help center on TaderVue’s main page has very helpful FAQs and articles for various aspects of their trading platform and video tutorials to guide you through a few features.

 Social Trading

The social aspect is very simple, along with a bare-bone feed, which tells you about many recent trades across the platform. Every deal has charts made by the user and allows them to see clear entry and exit points just as they would in their trade journal.

A shared deal can be searched by entering stock symbols and usernames, though it is impossible to follow an individual user as for any other social feed.


The platform doesn’t enable saving chart layouts throughout many sessions and equities. Recreating a chart is faster as there are some options, and drop-down menus can access all. Templates can be saved for comments and notes under account settings, though one template can be saved at a time.

Tradervue Memberships and Prices?

The users have a choice from choosing among three subscription packages.

Tradervue Review
Photo: Tradevue

Free Plan

The free plan is the best fit for starters. However, for advanced features by paid plans. You can sign up to start a free trial with TraderVue.

TraderVue’s free plan dives the users access to 100 stock journals to trade entries 31 days and access to data and limited reports. The shared tracking is enabled for you, so the ones on other plans can be accessible to this feature along with their team members or clients for an additional fee.

This plan has the following features

  • Hundred stock trades every month, along with the reports for showing performance from various periods.
  • Trading journal for keeping track of reflecting and progress on past mistakes.

Silver Plan

TraderVue provides a sliver plan every month of 29 dollars, along with many advanced features such as your ability to alter base currency and unlimited deals. This is a great fit to get access to asset classes and the stock market for non-US exchange.

It includes an enhanced journal, which saves all dealing activities that let you make financial reports easily by using the built-in download data in Excel format, P&L charts that are up to 1GB large.

  • Stocks, Forex, Options, Futures
  • Advanced reports
  • Capability for altering base currency
  • Sharing
  • P&L Charts
  • Unlimited deals
  • 1GB of image storage and upload
  • Enhanced journal
  • download data to excel

Gold Plan

In contrast with the Silver plan. The gold plan provides more risk analysis tools for risk management and risk tracking and exit strategy for the times to sell. This plan is more costly as it is 49 dollars every month. The liquidity reports are available, if you want them later, down the line

  • Fee and commission support
  • Exit analysis
  • Liquidity reports
  • Risk analysis

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Who is Tradervue Best For?

It has a lot of features, but it is a little similar to the Profitably platform. It proves to be very useful to refine performance and spot improvement in dealing methodology, all thanks to the tags. It is best for people looking for trade insights and offers an actual mentoring services with trade notes and automatic price charts.

Tradervue Review
Photo: Tradervue

If you want benefits from TraderVue, you should possess an existing trading methodology. Every report, otherwise, offered by the platform will be useless.

TraderVue will prove to be useful for experienced traders, beginners, and active traders. For example, the journal feature will help beginners because of trades and historical index, which they might be referring to as settlement in trade.

Pros and newbies can use advanced analytics tools for identifying profitable and loss-making trades. TraderVue platform is a good fit for professionals who do day trading, tech-savvy individuals and advanced traders, and newbies. The abundance of educational materials, as well as first-timers, can speed up keeping trading journals functional. The unlimited trade entries make the process more effective.

Tradervue Pros and Cons


  • Identify the defects in your trading methodologies
  • It consists of a trading community where traders socialize and share ideas
  • Has highly competitive pricing strategies


  • In-activity of social network
  • Manual importation of your trades

Tradervue User Experience

Tradervue is one of the best trading journals you will ever use. It is pretty the same as the Profitly platform but has additional trade analysis features. People find it highly beneficial, and it helps you refine your performance and points out the improvements in your trading methodology. There are multiple reports available, 300 reports for Gold and 200 reports for Silver members.

Tradervue Review
Photo: Tradervue

Tradervue offers several tutorials that will demonstrate to you how to utilize them and their basic journal. Based on the Tradervue review, it enables you to import the trading data across 70 compatible brokers. Trades from Excel or text file is easily up-loadable to the journal.

Tradervue’s social media aspect allows traders to analyze together and gain knowledge from one another. It permits you to share trades with the community in whatever way you prefer. Tradervue enables the users to control how much information they want to share about their trades.

If you have consistently struggled to keep a trade journal at the start of your trading career, then this Tradervue review is highly preferable for you.

Tradervue is an amalgam of a trading journal and a social media platform. This system permits you to share your trading history with all other traders worldwide.

Tradervue vs Competitors

Tradervue vs Edgewonk

Tradervue Review

Both edgewonk, as well as Tradervue, have a free trial. Unlike Tradervue, edgewonk had on-time membership charges of 187 dollars, and there aren’t any ongoing charges. Tradervue will help you get the maximum stock trading on a social media trading platform than Edgewonk.

Tradervue doesn’t possess software like EdgeWonk but has a great social network, whereas EdgeWonk doesn’t include a good social network. Tradervue is far more effective in providing intraday trades, making it more beneficial for the customers.

Tradervue includes effective and reliable costing than EdgeWonk making it stand on top for better accessibility. Tradervue enables the users to have entire control over how much information they want to share about their trades.

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Tradervue vs Tradersync

Tradervue Review

Unlike Tradersync, Tradervue makes tracking of dealing performance easier, improve dealing, analyzing risks. Tradervue provides every feature needed for journal trading. Tradersync does not offer a vast range of benefits, whereas you will find many benefits with Tradervue.

Tradervue also has the advantage of maintaining a relationship with a proprietary firm such as Apteros or SMB and free educational material via webinars from a professional trader. At the same time, Tradersync does not offer such advantages. With Tradervue’s affordable price point, easy use, and stellar reliability, most dealers can improve their performances up to a greater extent.

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Conclusion: Is Tradervue really helping to improve Trading Performance?

We all can agree upon the fact that Tradervue has brought stock trading to a new dimension. Instead of merely dealing with financial instrument exchange, this platform allows you to socialize with other traders to share ideas and information.

Other than that, you can stalk your trades and recheck the trading strategies so that you can decide whether to stick with them or abandon them. Tradervue has done an excellent job by adding more things to buying and selling financial instruments. It has competitive prices. But in contrast to other noteworthy rivals who offer more access in some areas, it may be severe competition.

Tradervue is well known for its journal features that brag over other similar platforms; the journal is absolutely free and gives side-by-side charts that permit you to check your previous entries and exit points rapidly.

Although the makers should give serious attention to the platform’s social media side, other rivals show massive interest in that side. Tradervue is an easy-to-use tool that needs previous trading methodology and the user’s involvement to earn more benefits.

Tradervue FAQs

Is Tradervue Safe and Legit?

Tradervue is one of the best tools for traders; it doesn’t matter whether they are beginners or experienced traders; they can use it conveniently to analyze their trades to improve whenever required. This is a highly recommended and outstanding program.

Where can I find trading data?

The data for trade is normally gathered from different stock exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ. This could be a good option for trades made from the listed exchanges and may offer several different data points such as trades time and price.

The other U.S Government origins for trade data are USITC’s Data web, the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ International Transaction Accounts, and the Census USA Trade Online. Trade data resources are present at both the state level and local level.

What do you mean by trading community?

A trading community offers the participants a structured and organized method for trading, selling goods, bartering, and services. For smooth communication between the members, these communities have designed forums and chatrooms.

The forex has four main trading options: scalping, swing trading, day trading, and position trading. The trading style is based upon the timeframe and the period the trade is open. A regular trading community includes a website or a network of websites that ease the trading facilities and track the transactions.

What is a trading journal?

A trading journal is an effective and popular tool used for performance management. It is the site where the recording and reviewing daily trades occur for good output and future reference. A journal helps you to track the study mistakes and progress when exiting or entering a trade.

A trading journal should consist of all the necessary key features that describe a trade, such as a date and time, the direction, the traded instrument, position sizes, entry and exit prices, and the trade output when it is closed.





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