9 Most Effective Stock Chat Rooms: Detailed View [2024]!

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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Stock trading is among the best ways of increasing your wealth as an investor because it can furnish you with good returns in a short period.

Stock Chat Rooms

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If you’re thinking of investing in the stock market without much experience, what can you do to make sure you don’t lose your money?

You will need to access information to help you make informed decisions. Stock chat rooms have come to ease your stock trading experience by providing valuable stock tips, picks, and alerts from a community of experienced investors.

In this review, we will look at the top 9 stock chat rooms savvy day traders should watch out for in 2024.




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Stock Chat Rooms

A stock chatroom is an online community of stock traders at all skill levels discussing strategies and the best stock options in the market.

A stock chat room is a place where people can also trade ideas and learn from those who have been in the game for a longer time than the rest.

You will get to avoid many rookie blunders as you learn and discuss with experienced investors along the way.

Best Stock Chat Rooms Review

Most stock chat rooms will cost you subscription fees which is fine as they will give you insights into excellent strategies for moving your stocks.

Let us look at the nine most effective stock chatrooms today.

1. TradingView


This is among the most useful free stock chatrooms with lots of free features and a huge client base. You can use the free features without having to register.

With TradingView you can only open one chart room at a time however you can have eight more if you subscribe to the premium version.

This swing trading room has more than 50 drawing tools which include geometric shapes, annotations, trends, and patterns.

These are the tools you use to make technical analyses as they let you understand and note the technical aspects of the market.

The server-side alerts of this trading chat room help you to know the price levels of your particular trades. These alerts are usually delivered through a push to your phone, or through SMS and email.

The paper trading chat room feature helps investors evaluate new trading strategies without having any direct risks to their trades.

Currently TradingView Pro will cost you $14.95 or $29.95 per month. However professional traders can view even more markets at a premium monthly price of $59.95.


2. Black Box Stocks

Black Box Stocks

This is a society of traders offering day trading chat rooms concurrently with a discord chat room. Other than that, it also has two private Twitter groups that provide free education on how to trade options.

When you open a Black Box all the unknowns start making sense because they claim to provide equity market revelations.

Day trading is their specialization however they also have multiple trade alerts for stocks and options being announced by the moderators in the chat rooms.

Its analytical plugins are institutional grade and they help users get untold trends in the market which potentially have huge price swings.

This chat room application also lets people exchange trade ideas and trading strategies through its network.


3. Benzinga Chat Room

Benzinga Chat Room

This is among the best chat rooms for stock trading to get trading ideas and strategies by interacting with other investors and sharing information.

This is more than just a chat room as you can also run a stock screener, and check market movers, news feeds, and charts. You can also separate a chat and interact with it on a different monitor.

Comments by the moderator are usually identified by the small admin label placed right next to your user name.

it is mostly a text-based chat however you can also use Benzinga Squawk to tune in to the latest market releases.

The following are the chat rooms you will find at Benzinga;

  • #bz-benzinga-tv
  • #bz-crypto
  • #bz-options
  • #the-strat
  • #benzina-pro-lounge
  • bz-day trading
  • bz-pro-community-support

It will not make sense for stock traders who have more than $5,000 to invest to take the essentials package because it will eat up their money so they should choose to go for the Benzinga Pro package.


4. Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes

This is a day trading platform that teaches people how to deal in penny stocks. Timothy Sykes has appeared in many publications such as The Larry King Show and CNN.

Through the trading room, he is offering products such as trading courses, penny stock trading room, and the millionaire trading challenge.

Timothy Sykes’s subscription includes access to daily chat rooms, trade alerts, and watchlists. It also has a mobile app version to gain access to the same.

Tim Alerts subscription is currently priced at a monthly fee of $74.95 while the Pennystocking Silver goes for $149.95 per month.

The Pennystocking Silver will help you gain access to weekly video lessons and a library of more than 7,000 videos.

Sykes loves to use aggressive marketing methods to woo new members into his day trading chat room by flaunting his riches in the form of hotels, vacations, and exotic cars.


5. Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders

This is an excellent day trading chat room that provides education and strategies for day trading funded by Andrew Azis.

Bear Bull Traders provide first-class swing trading coaching as well as a live trading room with scanners, streamed charts, and live trade executions among other services offered.

Experienced traders moderate the chat room between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern time.

They start the day by providing a watchlist based on the most current trading catalysts followed by market analysis and live trading.

Members in this chat room exchange ideas with other experienced traders and moderators while asking and commenting on the current situation in the market.


6. StockTwits Premium Chat Rooms

StockTwits Premium Chat Rooms

This is a remarkably affordable chat room with monthly subscriptions priced from $7.99 to $100 per month.

This platform does a great job of giving a free trial to day traders on most of its chat rooms.

You get to have access to some of the best minds in the business and finance sectors without having to break the bank.

The chat rooms available on this platform include;

  • Spade Traders offers observant and disciplined strategies for managing risk.
  • Swing Trade Elite provides technical analysis, actionable opportunities for trading, and swing trading.
  • Day Trading provides a real-time market and stock analysis.
  • Share Alpha applies quant-powered algorithms to analyze hedge funds.
  • E-Mini Futures offers price, stop loss, exit, and entry alerts.
  • Elliot Wave provides trading alerts for metals, S&P 500, USD, and oil.
  • Option Pattern Recognition provides specific and empirical option strategies.
  • Hammerstone Markets gives trade ideas, market intelligence as well as news.

The list is long and therefore new traders can find it hard to choose the right chat room within the platform.


7. Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading

This is an excellent day trading chat room owned and funded by Ross Cameron who is also a moderator in it.

It is one of the largest chat rooms with more than 5000 day traders of whom at least 1,000 actively participate in the daily activities.

This warrior trading’s chat room focuses more on momentum trading to help traders make a living day trading.

Warrior Trading chat room members get a watch list of at least 3 to 5 stocks that have potential winnings daily before the market opens.

Ross Cameron goes a step further to explain the setups and analysis of all the stocks in play at the chat room for informational purposes.

Warrior Trading offers beginner options advisory as well as for experienced traders the same way Investors Underground does.

It is good to know that Warrior Trading scanners are formatted using proprietary technology from Trade Ideas which is among the best.

Any professional Trader will tell you that this is among the best chat rooms out there with tons of trade ideas however you are encouraged to come up with your own trading style and specifically use Cameron’s trading style.


8. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas

This is a free live trading room that is open between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET where new traders can interact with advanced traders together with the in-house team and its leader Barrie Einarson.

Trade Ideas is known by traders for its free advanced Artificial Intelligence technology alert and scanner software just like BuySide Global. The AI is used on Wall Street and by savvy options traders such as Warrior Trading’s Ross Cameron.

With this stock trading chat room, you won’t need to pay a lot of money just to join a trading community.

The free chat room gives you access to settings for the stock scanner, charting tools, trading strategies, and a trading community that you can chat with and learn from during trading hours.

This is an excellent options trading room for beginners because it is free as you learn to become a better trader.


9. Investors Underground

Investors Underground

This is an outstanding platform owned by Nathan Michaud and has been in existence since 2008.

Investors Underground is one of the largest chat rooms on the web being home to over 1,000 advanced traders who share trade ideas after scanning the market.

Its moderators are both experienced and successful with different trading styles such as Tim Grittani and Eric Wood.

Investors Underground provides three chat rooms namely Momentum, Swing, and OTC but to gain access, you have to subscribe to a premium plan.

Among the three trading Chat rooms, Momentum is the most vigorous as the moderators here do not allow charts that are off-topic at market hours.

It also has many experienced moderators and traders who give trade alerts in the chat room for people to take action similar to BuySide Global.

Activities vary in OTC chat rooms depending on the market activity. Moderators here are more into OddStock Trader,bbstock, and oil gusher.


Benefits of Stock Chat Rooms

There are several benefits of using a stock chat room so let’s go over a few.

Knowledge base expansion

Many traders give up even before they know the ins and outs mostly because of the lack of intel.

With a good stock chat room, you learn from experienced traders, receive news feeds, get inspired, and get support as you are in this alone.

Improving Your Strategy

One of the best things about a trading room is the fact that you can exchange ideas with fellow traders and make your strategy even better.

Access to Professional Software

To make options trading easier, most trading chat rooms have software subscriptions that make your time swing trading easier.

Support from community

It is a lonely life being a full-time stock trader and times things go how we want them to. At the stock chat room, you can vent your frustrations, discuss and help each other.

The Downside of Stock Chat Rooms

While the advantages are many, there also are some challenges of which we will list a few here.

Dubious Trade Alerts

This one is high on this list. Because there are so many traders, it becomes tough to know exactly which trades to go for and if the traders are good at their things.

Go for stock chat rooms that have filters and also label traders based on the qualifications they have.

Subscription Fees

Most trading chat rooms charge membership fees to prevent venomous people from joining as the saying goes all good things come at a price.

Prowling scammers

Always vet your options for chat rooms to ensure that manipulators and scammers are eliminated quickly.

Bad ideas spread fast

In as much as we say that stock chat rooms have a lot to offer, also be careful not to follow ideas that people discuss that may later turn out to be bad. Always do in-depth research into the trades before making a decision.

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Institutional investors have the means of getting information however for retail investors like us stock chat rooms are a huge help.

Some like Trade Ideas are free and offer tons of valuable insights however you have to be aware of lurking scammers as time spreads advisory has to be fact-checked.

Out of the 9 trading chat rooms discussed here, we strongly vote Benzinga chat room as the best because not only does it have access to a chat room, but you also get excellent research tools and stock news feeds on trades.



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