8 Stages of Spiritual Awakening and its 17 Symptoms

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

You may have heard of the term spiritual awakening and how it can make you more enlightened, or dare we say, “woke”.

But how do you define spiritual awakening, and what exactly does it involve? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the information you need to begin your spiritual awakening journey.

Most people think that spiritual awakening involves a literal “waking up” suddenly from sleep, but it is far from that. You don’t abruptly erupt from sleep one time and feel a surge of energy flowing through you.

How to Experience a Spiritual Awakening https://parenting.firstcry.com/articles/9-ways-to-achieve-spiritual-awakening-to-transform-your-life/
Photo credit: parenting.firstcry.com

Spiritual awakening is a progressive process that takes place when you understand your reason for existing beyond the “I” notion or ego.

So without further delay, let’s get into the details of spiritual awakening and how you can have yours too!

⚤ Here are the different stages and symptoms of Spiritual awakening ⚤

What to expect from a spiritual awakening https://www.successconsciousness.com/blog/spirituality/spiritual-awakening-what-to-expect/
Photo credit: successconsciousness.com

👀 What is spiritual awakening? 👀

Someone going through spiritual awakening https://lonerwolf.com/spiritual-awakening/
Photo credit: lonerwolf.com

Spiritual awakening is a term that was coined centuries ago and has continued to be observed among various cultures and religions all around the world.

Often called “bliss”, “enlightenment”, or “nirvana”, spiritual awakening starts the moment you digress and get a new sense of the meaning of life and your existence in this world.

Spiritual awakening can be relatively uneasy at first, as it may cause you to ask questions such as “who am I” or “what is my reason for living?” But there is also a certain level of ease and excitement when you find yourself-you feel extremely alive.

The perception of spiritual awakening was founded by psychiatrist Carl Jung who described it as the process of snapping back to the initial self. However, the experience of alleviating to a higher degree of consciousness has always been an innate part of what defines a human being.

Spiritual awakening doesn’t, therefore, involve spirituality or religion. You don’t realize a higher being or power or a magical force in the background that you can access.

Spiritual awakening entails peeling back layers of yourself until only the spirit is left. It’s about arousing the dormant spirit and knowing that existence involves so much more than “I”.

When the spirit takes full authority of your consciousness, you live behind the hang-ups and attachments that deterred you from connecting with the world and individuals in it.

🎱 The 8 stages of spiritual awakening 🎱

A quote on spiritual awakening by Marta Mrotek https://itsallyouboo.com/spiritual-awakening/
Photo credit: itsallyouboo.com

👉 Stage 1: Empty Void

It feels like a depression phase in your life. It is a period when your life dreams or visions begin to crumble.

You might experience emptiness after, say, the passing of a beloved, a traumatic experience such as near-death that hits your inner subconscious level. Or in some situations, you may feel emptiness for no particular reason at all.

The empty void can last for months or spread across years in some cases. There is a light at the end of the tunnel because perseverance causes something beautiful to develop.

That takes us to the next phase.

👉Stage 2: Perseverance

With perseverance, comes a ray of hope. Somehow, you keep pressing on. You don’t give up hope, and one day you get rewarded with a great breakthrough.

You could stumble upon a YouTube video like The Parallel Universe that sets everything into motion for you. Whatever your soul’s pursuit, as soon as it takes place, it instantly relieves the uneasiness and heaviness you feel.

Even though you don’t get answers to all your questions, you begin to feel hopeful of finding the answers eventually.

👉 Stage 3: Pursuit

In this phase, you start pursuing information and answers concerning anything and everything to do with spirituality.

You begin to inquire into what a soul is, the meaning of life, reincarnation, soul contracts and much more. You may find yourself searching for religious texts and digging deeper into ancient scriptures.

This stage happens differently for everyone, so you just have to find what works well for you to help build your spiritual muscles. Keep looking until you find it!

👉 Stage 4: Denial and Discomfort

At this point, you feel like you are going through a maze. You’re met by surprises and not sure where you are going.

This is one of those stages of spiritual awakening where you feel the most unease and overwhelmed. That is because the ego-mind counters any unfamiliarity as you tap into unseen territories with spiritual perception.

This makes you feel very tired and mentally exhausted. It’s an unpleasant feeling, but it is part of what you have to go through.

👉 Stage 5: Spiritual Rearrangement

The stages of spiritual awakening https://binazhar.tumblr.com/post/190476371468/spiritual-awakening-stages-1-unhappiness
Photo credit: binazhar.tumblr.com

You’ll receive divine signs and indications that will assure you this isn’t a coincidence any longer. Then your spiritual journey will set in.

You may go through an inner sense of emotional awareness and find yourself avoiding jammed places to conserve your energy. The shock will make you re-evaluate your life and change your attitude about who you truly are. You’ll shade of a lot of old hobbies and interests as you gain due preferences.

Moreover, you’ll desire to assist everyone who joins you on that spiritual journey, but instantly observe you can’t make everyone heal. That leads to feelings of dejection and sadness.

These may be the most visibly transforming stages of spiritual awakening. At this stage, you may be feeling more distant from the outside world than ever.

👉 Stage 6: Reality Check

At this stage, you find yourself getting into a committed relationship with the Universe and its wonderful realities.

That is the most exciting phase of spiritual awakening as you begin to notice an increasing inclination towards specific spiritual healing tactics.

These healing techniques could include energy works such as (1) pranic healing or reiki; (2) subconscious healing such as CBT or hypnotherapy; (3) body healing like yoga, Ayurveda, breathe work etc. (4) healing crystals, essential oils, stones and sage; and (5) future-based work using astrology etc.

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👉 Stage 7: Breaking Out of the Spiritual Cocoon

As you experience inner peace and undergo the revolutionary phases, you learn how to balance your physical and spiritual existence.

You become more and more comfortable sharing your likes and dislikes. At this point, many people resign from their daily jobs and seriously consider starting their holistic ventures.

👉 Stage 8: Walking Purposefully

The initial discomfort and helplessness fade away. You’ll begin to realize how you will give back to the world with your unique skills.

Amongst all the stages of spiritual awakening, this one can cause a significant shift in your reality. Discovering your true authentic self helps you find inner peace.

Nothing holds you back now!

🙌 17 symptoms of spiritual awakening 🙌

Some symptoms of spiritual awakening https://www.pinterest.com/pin/446700856774539390/
Photo credit: pinterest.com

For the most part, the symptoms of spiritual awakening are awkward.

Some individuals don’t even realize they are going through a spiritual awakening and misinterpret this mix of emotions for something else.

The alienation effect is one of these symptoms.

If you suspect you are undergoing spiritual awakening, here are more symptoms to help you evaluate yourself:

1. You Experience Better Impulse Control

Any form of addiction starts to feel like an unnecessary form of connection. Resultantly, you become less reliant on false egoistic drives, ambition, and other substances.

2. You Feel More Active and Physically Able

You start to understand the goal of taking care of your body. You begin to overcome the body image issues you previously had and work towards physical improvement.

3. You Experience a Lower Sex Drive

At times, bodily pleasures may not satisfy you. You desire more to life than having simple casual hookups.

4. You Have Clear Dreams

As your consciousness becomes more vivid, your dreams start to get clearer. That’s what spiritual awakening does! It takes the weight off your mind.

5. You Trust Your Intuition

You no longer hold yourself back as you are more confident listening to your intuition.

6. You Perceive the Meaning of Unconditional Love Better

You practice empathy as you understand there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ human personality. You appreciate and love people just the way they are, even with their flaws and imperfections.

7. You Become More Inquisitive

The topic of human purpose and existence becomes more intriguing to you. You want to acquire new knowledge and are excited by new opportunities coming your way.

8. You Want to Make an Impact in This World

Spiritual awakening comes with transcendence. You’re no longer satisfied with living in a comfort zone. You want to go out into the world and make a difference in both small and big ways.

9. You Can’t Tolerate Shallow Talk

Conversations about dating, jobs, and money no longer interest you. You want to converse about compassion, life, and aiding others to achieve their best interests.

10. Unhappiness Affects You

A quote on spiritual awakening by Eckhart Tolle https://themindsjournal.com/spiritual-awakening-signs-and-symptoms/5/
Photo credit: themindsjournal.com

Spiritual awakening teaches you to be sensitive to others’ needs and go beyond yourself to help them. Eventually, you develop an aggravated sense of empathy.

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11. You Read into People

You become intuitive about authenticity. You develop a radar that helps you know if people are being fake or genuine.

12. You Feel Like You Have Been Living a Lie Before

Previous convictions and biases make you feel like your whole life has been a lie. This realization makes it hard to come to grips with how you’ve left your life so far.

13. You Treasure Solitude

You no longer desire to distract yourself from your thoughts using people. You want to be alone because it gives you the time to think and reflect on your life.

14. You Feel Lonely and Lost

You feel like you no longer belong to the group of people around you. It’s difficult to associate with the person you used to be and those you surround yourself with.

15. You Start Desiring Motivation

You get worked up over sitting around doing nothing. You have an itching desire inside you to do something meaningful with your life.

16. Dynamic Slip Patterns: Waking Up Several Times a Night, Hot Feet or Restlessness

You develop the Triad Sleep Pattern where you sleep for about 2-3 hours, wake up, sleep for another couple of hours, wake up again then drift off.

If you experience drastic or inconsistent sleep patterns, don’t worry. Make peace with it, and don’t worry about getting enough rest.

17. Sudden Burst of Emotion

You experience all these waves of emotions such as, feeling suddenly angry or low or depressed for no reason. It’s an unemotional roller-coaster!

The best thing is to accept your feelings as they come and let them go. However, don’t shove your emotions at anyone.

Be grateful that your body is letting out those emotions rather than holding them in where they can cause harm.

Remember that the first stage of a spiritual awakening is depression and often involves letting go of relationships that no longer match your frequencies.

When you feel guilty about getting rid of such relationships, depression kicks in and helps you adjust to the pain of letting go.

☸️ Different signs of spiritual awakening ☸️

The signs of spiritual awakening https://itsallyouboo.com/spiritual-awakening/
Photo credit: itsallyouboo.com

You’re going towards a new age of consciousness- everyone on the planet is on their path to sole discovery, and they navigate it in their unique process.

We all get there at our own time, so you must remember to be kind and patient with your body’s needs. Most importantly, you should trust the whole process.

Believe that whatever happens, it happens for your interest and growth potential. Nothing happens by chance. And one day you’ll come to realize the point of difficult circumstances, interactions or relationships building up to a profound ah-ha moment or beautifully blossoming into a better version of you.

Here are the different signs of spiritual awakening you’re bound to experience:

⏯ Seeking Answers: Looking Beyond What You See

Do your research and trust your instincts. Once you begin to see the energetics of messages, you will decipher if they are propaganda or genuine. Genuine messages will help you grow, evolve, and look beyond the veil of what you have been bred to believe reality involves.

One trick you’ll find beneficial is to close your eyes and meditate on what someone is saying to you in a conversation or when someone speaks on the news or in a video. You will often decipher the energy behind the message. Does it foster your well-being, or is it flooded with fear?

⏯ You Are at One with Nature

You’ll start to connect with nature, such as connecting with every being. Even the slimy unpleasant creepy crawlies will find a soft place in your heart.

You will marvel at the inquisitive stare of a gecko, or you’ll happily stare at the dragonflies hovering silently in the sky. The crickets’ annoying night song will begin to sound like music to your ears. Even the trees speak as they gracefully soak in the sand.

Nature bears the rhythm of the universe, and its sound defines your purpose. So, as you begin to restore your relationship with Mother Earth, she begins to teach you the importance of balance and harmony.

During this time, you should get outside as often as you can. If possible, walk bare feet and feel the earth beneath you or go skinny dipping in the salty sea to soak up the earth’s minerals.

Marinate in the sand, host a full moon party or research on ceremonies that pay tribute to plants and re-established nature energies, for example, tea parties.

⏯ Letting Go of the Past

When you let go, you love yourself and others more. So it’s crucial to set boundaries and let go of people with who you no longer share energetic ties.

Remember that you don’t have to vibe with everyone, and it is okay to let go of people you don’t share the same frequencies. It can be hurtful to dismiss some people from your life but at times, it’s exactly what you need to be free.

Start by loving yourself and get rid of any negativity you’ve said about yourself, such as I’m not good enough, pretty enough, tall enough, handsome, etc.

When you exercise self-love, it will inadvertently give you more potential to love those around you.

Spiritual awakening ultimately means being in service to others other than self and to the unity that connects us all.

⏯ Experiencing Anxiety or Depression

That is the most common sign of spiritual awakening. If you are on the path you’re not meant to be, or if you are disconnected from your life’s pursuit, your soul will speak to you.

That’s why you see people resigning from higher-paying jobs to pursue their life’s dreams. You may experience a lack of creativity or motivation. That means that your soul is ready for awakening, but the ego hasn’t caught up yet.

Sadly, some people never get past this stage and end up battling crippling depression as their soul craves to express its sole purpose.

If you find yourself experiencing emotional lows, learn to trust your intuition. Finding stillness through yoga or meditation helps you awaken the elusive energies within you.

This may be the scariest and most significant step in your spiritual awakening journey but you can get through by taking on simple tasks such as trying out a new hobby or connecting with an interest group within your neighborhood.

⏯ Seeking Freedom and Observing your Uniqueness

You realize you are a free soul, and your reality is exactly as you want it to be. When you believe that some government or law owns you, then you’ve allowed it! But when you understand that you are unlimited by beliefs by beliefs and doctrines, you’ll get that big “ah-ha” moment.

Remember that your reality isn’t defined by what you see around you, particularly the news. It may be a rough patch breaking down systems, but you must trust that all this will pave the way for better and smoother systems.

Use this time to think outside the box and envision your world in a greater way than you have ever before. Dream your free world into existence.

⏯ Tapping into your Power and Creativity

When you are in the ideal flow state with the sole power, you’ll begin to step into the ultimate form of creativity. When you invent something, it’ll be so beautiful that you’ll be awed by its profoundness.

Remember to trust your creativity. Don’t think much about what others think of your innovation because if you are tapping into the Divine Soul, it holds the greatest balance of energies.

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⏯ Recognizing That Everything You Go Through Is For Your Benefit

Signs you are having a spiritual awakening https://www.hypnotic-downloads.com/spiritual/2019/8/31/7-signs-youre-experiencing-a-spiritual-awakening
Photo credit: hypnotic-downloads.com

Everything that comes along your way is there to teach you important lessons and help you grow and evolve. Things are happening for you and not to you.

Remember that there is an impeccable goal to everything that happens and every individual you interrelate with.

Even though some things seem hurtful and negative, recall that they are always a better version of yourself.

⏯ Examining If You Truly Desire To Be Awake or Not

A spiritual awakening can be one of the scariest and vexing episodes in your life. There are moments when you just want to shut everything off and go back to your ‘ignorant’ life. However, when you start to see beyond the veil, you can’t unseen it.

Being awake can be a lonely place, but luckily thousands of people are experiencing a spiritual awakening. So it’s not as lonely as you think.

Just know that every person is on their path, therefore, forcing your beliefs and opinions on others isn’t going to make their spiritual awakening happen any faster.

You can state your truths, but often the best thing to do is to set a good example and be a shining light to others. They will awaken when their ego and soul are ready.

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⏯ Deal With your Death and Shadows

It can be incredibly horrifying to face your shadows and death. Humans constantly live in fear of death. But when you face your death and shadows, you will live your life to the fullest, NO REGRETS!

You’ll begin to make your awesome reality, despite what’s happening in the world, and you’ll tap into your power.

Some individuals name this process “ego death.” When you begin to shift beliefs and patterns that have been navigating your subconscious and donating to lack or inability, you will begin to pave the way for creativity, abundance, freedom, and soul purpose.

⏯ Connecting with A Soul Tribe

We are born with a soul tribe. When you are ready, you’ll find your soul tribe. Sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on it but you find yourself being drawn to certain people.

During spiritual awakening, you will begin to tap into your constancy and notice who is moving in a similar frequency to yours.

Eventually, you will find the soul tribe that will encourage you to be your greatest self.

⏯ Extending Beyond Duality

The world exists in a dualistic state-good vs evil, right vs left, or dark vs light. We can only exist in this realm through an equilibrium of opposites.

We all need dark to be aware of the light, but because the world consists of more dark than light, we have to add more light to bring back the balance.

Once you rectify the balance, you can upgrade and integrate your 3D human into the 4D and 5D planes of individuality.

⏯ Your Relationships Start To Deviate

No doubt, spiritual awakenings are awe-inspiring and transformative. But not everyone in your life will appreciate what you are going through. You may feel like your family and friends don’t understand you anymore because you are evolving.

We suggest, sharing with your loved ones what you are experiencing and having them respect you. Keep in mind that they don’t have to agree with your awakening.

⏯ You Notice Everyone Is On Their Path Too

As you discover your spiritual journey, you also accept the perception that everyone else is on their path well. Things such as convincing people of your opinions or winning debates don’t make sense anymore.

⏯ Your Tutors Find You

Ever heard of the phrase, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” During a spiritual awakening, tutors may find you within the perfect timing to assist you.

These don’t have to be actual teachers. They might be a kind stranger at the bus stop, someone you met at the store by chance or a religious speaker whose message speaks directly to you.

⏯ Your Senses Are Intensified

Intrigued about spiritual awakening https://thriveglobal.com/stories/general-spiritual-awakening-signs-paranormal-or-insanity-part-2__trashed/
Photo credit: thriveglobal.com

As you become more tuned in to reality, your senses will often be enhanced. This consists of energetic bodily or emotional stimuli.

⏯ You Display Physical Symptoms

Several physical symptoms may usher spiritual awakenings such as brain fog, fatigue or insomnia.

⏯ You Want to Give Than to Receive

After discovering that all living things are equal and inherently important, you will want to serve, whether the people, animals, or the environment.

Serving will make your life feel more purposeful. It may not be about changing your life drastically but pretty much approaching your current roles with a deeper sense of service.

⏯ You Undergo More Synchronicities and Déjà vu

Being on a spiritual path may mean experiencing simultaneous moments such as thinking about someone and they suddenly appear. Besides, feelings of déjà vu are common too.

⏯ You Reassess Your Ideologies

A spiritual awakening will likely make you re-evaluate your spiritual principles or take on important new ones. Whether that means associating intricately with a new religion or resigning from your job to pursue your dreams, your priorities are different now.

⏯ Your Dreams Are Clearer

Not only is your waking life crystal due to spiritual awakening, but your dreams also become more vivid as well. You also understand what your dreams mean and how they interlink with your journey.

⏯ Spirituality Becomes An Essential Part of Your Life

As your spirit awakens, it will be difficult to silence the call from your spiritual self. One of your biggest priorities will be to find fulfillment and meaning within your divine.

⏯ Your Habits and Routine Change Drastically

As your spirit self begins to evolve, so will your everyday life, not forgetting your habits and routines. You will likely prioritize your time out to meditate or go out for nature walks or ditch unhealthy habits that no longer enrich you.

⏯ You Have A Different Perception of the World

Again, spiritual awakenings aren’t a walk in the park. The isolation and ego-shattering discoveries that occur can cause any person to feel like they are going through a new reality.

🔱 Why do people experience a spiritual awakening? 🔱

A woman meditating in nature https://medium.com/spiritual-secrets/4-major-signs-youre-having-a-spiritual-awakening-7f7caae59ad2
Photo credit: medium.com

If a spiritual awakening takes place, a person may start to live differently from previous experiences.

Let’s see the different reasons why people go through spiritual awakening!

➽ An unexpected incident such as an accident, failure, near-death experience, trauma, loss, etc.

These may lead to episodes of spiritual awakening. Say someone losses a loved one due to untimely death, he may begin to look into the reasons for the incident from a new perspective.

The persistent search for further answers may lead to a spiritual awakening inside that person.

➽ Facing a sudden life incidence that prompts spiritual awakening.

The human mind is always dynamic for example, a person who used to lead a life of luxury may have an abrupt change of perception to give up all property and a life of simplicity. The cause of this may be an occurrence or situation he has witnessed near him or somebody he has heard of. Thus, he may experience a conscious mind shift and suddenly begin to recognize a deeper meaning of life.

➽ Sometimes but oddly, some paranormal occurrences may lead to spiritual awakening.

Remember the famous 1999 Bruce Willis movie “The Sixth Sense?” Sure enough, Anna Crowe, the protagonist’s wife must have experienced a spiritual awakening after her departed husband visited her in her sleep. Such ghostly and magical incidence may result in the spiritual awakening of a person.

➽ A dream may also cause a spiritual awakening.

Many times we see or hear of people who have dreamt of deities or a supreme being who has given some messages. From that moment, that person may start to have a spiritual awakening.

➽ Reading or traveling causes a spiritual awakening.

Acquiring a lot of knowledge from books or through cross-cultural experiences can awaken the spiritual self. Spiritual awakening doesn’t mean that you are disjointed from reality. It is simply a state of mind where you begin to search for a new path that gives a new dimension and meaning to life.

⇭ Conclusion ⇭

A spiritual awakening is profound, intriguing, and never falls short of a life-changing experience. While they are complicated, they will change your life for the better with perseverance, trial and error, and patience. Don’t be too hard on yourself as your soul awakens. All there is to do is to trust the process, sit tight embrace yourself for an improved and awakened life.

⟰ Relevant Questions ⟰

A person who is experiencing a spiritual enlightenment https://www.powerofpositivity.com/spiritual-awakening-physical-signs/
Photo credit: powerofpositivity.com

Q: What does it mean to feel spiritual?

A: Spirituality is a broad topic with room for many definitions. In general, feeling spiritual involves a sense of connection to a larger force than oneself and typically requires a deeper meaning of life.

You may describe a spiritual experience as sacred, or transcendent, or a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectivity.

So some may say that feeling spiritual is intricately linked to being associated with a religious group or a place of worship.

Others may say that praying or finding comfort in a personal relationship with a higher power defines their spirituality. Still, others feel spiritual through their connection with art or nature.

Feeling spiritual is therefore relative and you should find out what helps you find your deeper purpose in life.

Q: How do you get a spiritual awakening?

A: Here are simple ways to equip yourself for spiritual awakening:

  1. Declutter your mind through meditation to offer you a greater channel into your intuition.
  2. Evaluate your beliefs. Are they supporting your spiritual growth?
  3. Expand your perception through reading books and exploring new ideas. Spiritual awakening occurs when you learn new things.
  4. Go outside to reconnect with nature. Touch the trees, admire the gardens and breathe the fresh air.
  5. Take care of yourself by eating healthy and staying active. It helps you connect with yourself and your higher power.
  6. Learn to surrender. You can’t force a spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening is also not a one-time thing but a lifelong growth journey.

Continue to follow these steps, and you will effortlessly find yourself waking up to newness and a deeper more conscious you.

Q: What does it mean to go through a spiritual transformation?

A: A spiritual transformation involves realizing your full potential. It takes place while we are in this world.

You truly experience your essence when you know who you really are and act accordingly, which requires pushing past obstacles and inner terrains of your psyche.

Spiritual transformation, therefore, means learning to make your innate understanding the source of your outward actions in the world.

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