What Is A Twin Flame relationship? 30 Signs You Found Your Twin Soul

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Have you ever felt an instant connection with someone you’ve met for the first time? Did it establish a certain intense connection right away?

If you have answered yes to these questions then you might have been experiencing a twin flame relationship. These kinds of relationships are considered to be soul-evaluating, life-changing, mysterious, and the most desired ones but also challenging.

Throughout this article, we will explore more on the elements of a twin flame, signs of a twin flame, its benefits, and how they work, and many more related concepts.

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🔥 What is a twin flame relationship? How do they work? 🔥

A twin soul or a twin flame is a person you are connected to not only in the emotional and physical state but also in the spiritual and soulful state.

Twin flames can be represented in form of our lovers, friends, or new people we meet in our lives.

With this kind of relationship, you can get excited and anxiety making you extinguish the twin flame before it can burn.

You are supposed to control your emotions and allow that opportunity of a profound connection to last long.

Twin flames are more like our mirrors. They reflect our character, inner beauty, fears and shadows, and also our strengths and weaknesses.

So how best can you handle such intensities and incredibly challenging feelings in this relationship? Do you think you have found your twin flame? Below are 9 signs that show you have already found your twin flame.

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♾️ 9 Signs that show you are already in a twin flame relationship ♾️

These are some of the common signs:

➊ You both have a sensational feeling that time doesn’t exist in your world.

➋ An extremely strange magnetic attraction that’s hard to resist or explain.

➌ It doesn’t matter how many times you fight each other, you always come back and forgive one another.

➍ You are both able to balance your strengths and weaknesses.

➎ You happen to share the same desires, values, and dreams.

➏ No one knows you better than your partner.

➐ You are both driven to a higher social and spiritual purpose.

➑ Both of you are able to learn the values of unconditional love, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness.

➒ You are your twin’s best friend, lover, and teacher.

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👫 30 Signs of twin flame relationships 👫 

We are not generally open to the presence of our twin flares throughout our everyday life.

We may be heartbroken, martially over-troubled, wracked with misery, or even outright drained and baffled when they unexpectedly show up out of nowhere.

Feeling unprepared is probably one of the main motivations why twin separation occurs. Truth be told, we may have effectively met our twin souls, yet we may have neglected them or underestimated them somehow.

Below are the signs you’ve found your twin flames

1. When you feel like you’ve known them their entire life.

Have you ever experienced this kind of feeling? It is an obscure and strange feeling realizing that you have never met this person but you both act as mirrors to each other.

You both get along easily as though you’re old buddies. This could however be the first sign that you’ve met your twin flame.

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2. An instant intense bond.

It might feel strange when you get along perfectly with your twin flame more than you do with your family members and friends. You will find yourself spending more time with your one twin flame. This kind of feeling appears to be very natural and that’s because it’s indeed a powerful soul connection.

It really doesn’t matter whether you collide with each other at a library or even a store, you will always find yourself being closer to them more and more.

3. You feel an extremely difficult magnetic force that is hard to resist

This kind of attraction feels like a strong magnet pulling you towards the other person. Despite how hard you try to resist them, they will always come into your life in different forms. You might even find yourself working together in the same area or building, you might be neighbors, anything can happen.

I would describe this as the strong energy attraction fields between you and your one soul. Don’t bother fighting the attraction, go with the flow!

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4. You should be open to your partner.

If you truly believe you’ve found your twin flame, don’t try to hide anything you feel for them. They are a self mirror of who you are. With them being in your life you are able to be yourself.

Consider your twin flame a mirror image of yourself. If you think of hiding your true self from them they will be able to know. Hiding the person you are will not only cause issues but also strain your relationship.

5. You are able to tell that they are meant to be a part of your life.

You have no definite idea as to why they are meant to be a part of your life the moment they came into life. They always agree with you, of the way you two met and this kind of feeling only comes since both of you are connected to each other in many ways.

6. You are comfortable and at ease around them.

Your physical appearance doesn’t matter to them, be it you are wearing the most expensive dress in the shop, leggings, or just a normal printed t-shirt, what matters most to your twin flame is how you feel about them.

Just the same way you are happy to see your twin, they also want that, no strings attached.

7. You have this feeling, that you can accomplish a lot with your twin flame.

Every day when you wake up, you have this feeling that tells you, you are more than this. The moment your self mirror appeared into your life, everything became clear, your goals were brightened, you gained this certain energy that you can accomplish anything with them.

We can conclude that the twin flame may magnify someone’s future. You gain the ability to aid each other attain heights you hadn’t ever imagined.

8. You gain the ability to connect in various ways.

You are able to understand their normal behaviors, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Everything feels amazing and you can’t imagine experiencing all that with your twin flame.

9. With them in your life, you see the bigger picture in your world.

Things that you couldn’t imagine you can do start happening. Your life becomes like an open book. They guide you through the things you had put on hold and in doubts to achieve them.

You gain that momentum that you had always wished to get. Through this, you are now capable of pushing forward through the impossible to possible.

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10. You become a nature lover and divine.

A connection is forged the moment you meet your twin flame, creating a higher ground interaction with nature and earth. You are able to see a higher picture of life spiritually and in human beings since your eyes are opened by your soul connection.

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11. Life becomes balanced.

They become your high when you are feeling low, your honey when things get sour, your light when during the dark days. These are people who fit in perfectly in your life, no regrets come upon them knowing you. You are also able to reciprocate.

You also play a huge role in keeping their world attuned.

12. You both grow.

You have the ability to open up to your twin flames spiritually and emotionally. They will always have your back and vice versa. Through your personal development, they are able to become a better person.

13. You both have different childhoods but there are common similarities.

Growing into different homes, beliefs, experiences, makes both of you unique in your own way. These differences once scratched on the surface you will be able to find very strong similarities connected to your twin flames soul.

You will gain comfort and be amazed y how nature has defined your present and past.

14. Learn the art of forgiveness.

You are able to learn how to forgive others even though it means that you will seem vulnerable and get hurt in the process. They make you a better version of yourself.

15. You gain trust in your twin flame.

There is no absolute reason for you not to trust your twin flame. They are always there for you, they guide you, teach you good morals, keep your secrets, and they will never in a thousand years ever betray you. This also happens with you, you can’t betray your twin flame no matter what happens.

Don’t let your twin flame out of your life, keep them close to you no matter the kind of relationship you both have.

16. No more waiting for your twin flame.

Your search to get a healthy relationship is over the moment your twin flame steps into your life. They bring a meaningful connection giving you the sudden halt to pursuing extraneous romances and friendships.

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17. You become mature once your twin flame shows up.

They allow you to gain the sense of being calm and knowing what exactly you want with your life. Before they did appear in your life, you were racing round in circles, from fake friendships, to love to work and other miscellaneous things.

They act as your pillar of support and stability, you can move forward smoothly and pursue your dreams knowing that your twin flame has your back.

18. They make you expand.

The feeling of calmness and euphoria knocks follows you everywhere. Your twin flame helps in fulfilling your material needs and desires. They provide tranquility and balance in your life. You enjoy every moment and company they give you.

19. You become a better person.

They make you a better version of yourself, giving you the ability to make them and others happy. You will start living a better life and putting the needs of other people before your own.

You will be proud to have them in your world. They help you become the person that you’ve always dreamt to be.

20. They become better people because of you.

Just the same way as to how they made you become a better person, you gain that strength to doing the same to them. By just being associated with you, they are able to become better people.

When you trigger the heroism of your twin flame, you will have helped them pursue their dream with great passion and be happy. He/she will be experiencing a life-changing they’ve been craving for, for years from you.

21. No more waiting for your twin flame anymore.

You feel relieved when you find your twin flame. You will not know right away but when you are with them you feel very comfortable, open, secure, and happy.

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22. They make you think differently.

They give you a jump start to a new beginning. You will often think of positivity and how to make it in life. The challenges that occur in your life gain solutions with time. They teach you the appropriate ways to approach life.

23. Some twin flames come and go.

What brings twin flames together?

Their differences.

These differences can push you together and also apart. It might be an off-and-on relationship but you are both certain that you are meant to be together.

24. Rational experiences.

You will experience ups and downs since your relationship is created on extremes. The love affection between you two is fierce and can alter the emotions and mood.

25. Passion for their desires and them.

They allow you to speak out your passions just as much are you are happy to hear what they desire in life. We all know that two heads are better than one.

26. You face challenges in your twin flame.

You are always there for each other no matter how hard situations are. Everything will always be good even in the bad times.

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27. Spiritual happiness.

Your twin flame makes you feel whole again.

28. They become your family.

Even though they are your real family, they give you that same affection that comes from your family. They are able to fit in with your family members perfectly.

29. You share anything and everything.

It doesn’t matter where you have achieved a lot or not. Anything you have whether good or bad you have the heart to share it with your twin flame. They would fight for you to have a better life than theirs.

30. Their friends become your friends and your friends become their friends.

You both love genuine, honest and positive people. It’s easy for your twin flame to associate with your friends since they act as your mirror.

You both make time for your twin flame’s friends because you know how important they are to his/her life.

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🎇 Elements of twin flame relationship 🎇

Twin flame relationships can be defined by many elements. We will have a look at some of these elements as we dig deeper into each of them.

🔅 Emotional creation.

For your twin relationship to succeed, you need to give your partner some time and space to process the new inbuilt emotions. It might be overwhelming for both of you.

Twin flames are more considered as daily’s life up and downs. They might grow to be intense when handled separately. But the moment you put these two together, they become easy to solve.

This can only be achieved by building up a peaceful environment for each person.

🔅 Allowance for spiritual growth

Personal spiritual should always be respected, no matter what. If indeed you want your relationship to be successful and healthy in the future, you have to respect the spirituality of your soul mate.

A bond that is bonded by spiritual growth is termed to be very strong.

This kind of bond is deep and it feels as though the other person’s soul is connected to yours. We can relate this feeling with the unconditional love feeling.

We all have experienced this kind of connection before. It’s as though you’re feeling and thinking what they are thinking. Having that capability to complete their sentences, it’s indeed an amazing bond.

When this connection becomes so strong, you’re not supposed to leave your twin flames needs for your own spiritual development. You both need to work together and keep the relationship strong.

🔅 Allowance for physical connection

Physical connection is an experience that should always be felt even though its not romantic. Hug them if you can, hold hands on the streets, always engage a physical connection with your twin flame.

You can have some ground rules on what type of physical connection you’d want to have with your twin flame.

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🔅 Mental connectivity

Twin flames often feel as though they are mentally connected since they can complete each other’s statements and be able to read the mind of the other person. Twin flames are able to make a meaningful conversation that can become very electrical or intense.

They share a passion that no other can. They can be able to lift and align their vibes even though they are two different people. Twin flames are able to give each other confidence, courage, and strength.

⚜️ The Difference between Twin flame relationships and soul mates ⚜️

Soul mates are people who are aligned directly to your soul and they have the ability to influence you in various ways.

A twin soul or a twin flame is a person you are connected to not only in the emotional and physical state but also in the spiritual and soulful state.

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🎱 8 Stages of a twin flames relationship 🎱

Below are the main stages of a twin flames relationship.

① Yearning

In this stage, you are prepared psychologically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally for your twin flame. Your self-esteem is empowered.

② Glimpsing

This stage gives you a brief of your twin flame in various forms like in form of a dream.

③ Fall in love

Once you meet your twin flame, your love affection towards them grows deeper and you always feel as though you can’t live with them. This feeling might become intense and unbearable but you will gain the ability to control it.

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④ A fairy tale relationship.

In this stage, once you enter into a relationship with your twin flame, everything always appears to be like a dream or a movie.

⑤ Inner purging and outer turmoil.

All your fears, insecurities, shadow issues, and traumas are buried within you and your twin soul helps you figure out things and resolve them.

⑥ Chaser and runner.

Just like the inner purging and outer turmoil, tension is built up as you get to interact with your twin flame. Other times it might lead to an emotional, physical, or spiritual broken connection.

If you are the mature twin flame in your relationship you will act as the runner while the immature twin flame acts as the emotional supporter in the relationship.

⑦ Dissolution

You establish open space for openness and acceptance when it comes to resolving your issues.

⑧ Oneness

There are less or no conflicts between two twin flames. When both of you are open to each other, you are able to experience less or no conflict at all.

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