13 Reasons Why You Feel Bored With Life and 21 Ways To Overcome Boredom

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

It is understandable that our life can’t be like Sherlock Holmes; a new adventure every day. Unfortunately, boredom resides just next door to us and can come into our life without knocking. In an era where life’s dullness can be crushed by binge-watching a Netflix series or playing Fortnight, it is surprising that many people are still bored with life.

A review of the wrong habits in their routine can tell us why boredom is conquering their world and how they can get rid of it.

⦿ Bored? Get rid of these habits ⦿

The following practices are red flag indicators, if you have them in your life it is best to get rid of them. Of course, it won’t be possible in a single go but perseverance is the key!

1. Delaying tasks

Photo credit: nohat.cc

One of the root causes of feeling bored is procrastinating tasks. If you continue doing so you elongate the monotony of your day and a static day is a boring, dull day. When you have nothing to do on hand and you keep yourself inside your self-made cocoon then you have nothing to engage with.

Work keeps us busy and sidelines all irrelevant thoughts and anxiety. Plus it is a brain exercise and sharpens the mind when you do creative stuff. Now you might argue that your work is not interesting, but the more you incline your mind to do it, the less disturbing thoughts will interrupt you.

A quick reminder, if you feel like quitting, think about why you started in the first place. So if you have to make a presentation, complete homework, or write a book report it is better to do it now.

2. Avoiding new people

Photo credit: verywellmind.com

It is impossible for objects to keep you content for long. Human beings crave the company of their fellow beings, even if they do not admit it. If you are anti-social and spend less time with family members it can lead to a boring life.

I am not saying it is bad enjoying your own company but it is also unwise to continue doing so. Laying on the couch all day makes you miss the opportunity to meet new people and hear their stories, experiences and connect with their culture. You may say that I do have a bunch of friends. Fair enough, but meeting the same people over and over is like playing a video repeatedly.

Moreover, avoiding new people in workplaces, parties or any other event reduces your ability to deal with a diverse range of human beings. Of course, one day won’t make a drastic change but regularly excusing from social gatherings can affect your life.

3. Wearing pajamas all-day

Photo credit: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

The psychology behind not changing clothes is that it is pointless to do it. What many people may consider as an insignificant thing can really mess up your mental cycle and professional life. According to Dr. Dragonette, a psychologist, wearing PJs all day can make your brain lazy.

It limits your mind’s ability to distinguish between sleep time and work time since the brain associates pajamas with relaxation. Especially if you work from home, it is equally important to maintain a work-like environment so your unconsciousness can prepare you for an active, blissful day.

But if you spend a major chunk of your day wearing your nightclothes, it lowers your self-esteem and motivation needed to break your boring life cycle and start a more healthy, colorful chapter in your life.

4. Repeating routine

Would you use a tried and tested spaghetti recipe that didn’t turn out well? The answer is no. Why would do you do the same with your life? It is truly pointless to repeat the routine that constantly disappoints you in the end and you feel no betterment in your personal life.

If you continue waking up late and going to bed late for the whole week, there will be zero difference between yesterday and today. You feel useless and end up guilty of deliberately screwing events in your life. It is better to craft out a plan, possibly a to-do list, and focus on how to follow it the rest of the week.

Slowly, you start to gather interest in things and feel joy in being able to break the same cycle. Figure out what needs to be done immediately and what tasks can wait. Moving on with the world is the best way to curb boredom in life. A successful routine does not entirely drain your energy and leaves much space for entertainment too.

5. Escaping responsibility

The idea of being free like a bird is not true freedom. It is because you failed to force your inner self to accept responsibilities and be more productive. True freedom means having control of your life i-e setting things in order the way you always wanted. Avoiding responsibilities is like refusing to put your capabilities to the test.

Your skills, mastery, and creativity go waste and this leads to inner resentment and anger directed towards your own self. Individuals with no responsibilities have a boring life because they are missing chances of learning new things and new adventures. Now, responsibilities can differ with age group, gender, and career.

Before someone else comes and guides you on what to do, recognize what needs to be done yourself. It can be as small as arranging your drawer, or cleaning your stationery pouch, etc. Gradually you can advance towards higher goals and deal with more complex issues.

6. Staying in

Shutting yourself in is a free ticket to negative feelings entering your soul. An extended period of living alone inside can bore you of your surroundings. A time will come when you will feel restless and your anxiety level will rise. If this is not enough to convince you, consider the negative impact on your health.

Staying indoors limits your exposure to sunlight. It is bad since sunlight elevates mood, is a source of vitamin D, and regulates your body’s internal clock (circadian cycle). Once the internal clock is not set, your routine is not proper. A messed-up routine triggers irritation and you no longer like having fun in living your life.

Staying alone indoors creates feelings of lack of control over your life and reduces overall happiness. Most people like to kill time by indulging in video games or other screen-based activities. This further distances them from their friends and family and lose precious moments of togetherness and joy.

Photo credit: tenor.com

7. Overeating

Overeating is a problem that individuals with a fun life also suffer from. Interestingly, people use eating as a remedy to get rid of depression, boredom, stress, and anxiety.

Boredom eating is considered normal to some extent but becomes dangerous when you make eating your only solution for a boring life. It is okay to treat yourself with delicious cookies on some days but if you overindulge in pleasure eating, it initiates a feedback mechanism.

By that I mean the next time, you feel sad or bore you are going to eat more and more and the cycle continues. In most cases, eating too much leads to weight gain and thus creates negative body image issues for the person.

Not feeling good about your body is a pathway to depression and giving up life. Eating disorders also encourage a sedentary lifestyle, making you shut yourself inside with a packet of chips and movies.

8. Being pretentious

People with boring life try to trick themselves into thinking that they are being independent and they do not need a friend or family member to make them happy. Inside they are depressed and done with life and they unconsciously need human intervention to help them.

When you bottle your emotions inside in an attempt to look unconcerned, you are doing a disservice to your mental health. This may lead to other unhealthy behaviors that are may upset people (especially your partner) around you.

So your emotions have a way of showing themselves in other forms like fear, obsessions, insomnia, and the inability to enjoy and live a relaxing life. Now you might have guessed the outcome, if someone does not feel the joy of life, inevitably they are bored with life and their own being.

A good standard or practice is to express your emotions in a sane manner (when needed) and discover how the world deals with them. Set aside your fear of judgment and search out new people, adventures, and opportunities.

9. Living a sedentary lifestyle

No good comes out of deliberately wasting time sitting. An extended period of laying down makes you lazy and inactive. Afterward, the person also wants to avoid any kind of recreational stuff and outdoor entertainment. Remember, it is not compulsory to go outside to find entertainment, you can also find it inside your own home.

But you have to come out of your comfort zone to do that. See if your sibling requires help with homework, or fix some broken items, or paint a wall, etc. Spending a big chunk of your day in the same position makes your brain prone to negative emotions.

Since you desperately need an activity, your mind spends that energy overthinking about trivial stuff, and small things start irritating you. The excitement of living a new day reduces and researches show a strong relationship between a sedentary lifestyle with depression and anxiety.

Above all, you have limited resources to amuse yourself. A point in your life will come when even your mobile and television will bore the hell out of you. It is vital not to limit oneself.

10. Discouraging friends to meet you

A relationship requires reciprocation. Your friends and well-wishers may like to talk to you but if you do not give an encouraging response, your friendship can go downhill. Colleagues or friends make you relax and let your hair down a bit.

They can do it through humor, giving wise advice, and supporting you through hard times. Whatever it is, they elevate happiness and love us(excluding a backstabbing friend). If you are struggling with making friends, it is because of a lack of exposure to people or feeling unconfident when committing to relationships.

Positive people bring positive energy with them and they instantly make your life better. A genuine friend motivates you to explore your talents, fix screwed relationships, and corrects us on our wrongdoings.

The deficiency of such people around us eliminates the vital driving force in life that helps us improve with changing times. If that is your case, then possibly your life will remain the same as it was 5 or 10 years ago. And a static life is a boring life.

11. No hobbies

Photo credit: redbubble.com

It gets difficult picking new things or activities every day. Instead, you can adopt certain hobbies apart from finding new pursuits. These might be things that you love or are competent at like planting roses, writing blogs, reading books, etc. in your spare time.

The focus of such activities is to bring variety to your routine and you learn more about the world. For example, you just finished an exhausting day at work but you still have something to cherish at the end of the day. A person with hobbies is shown to have lower stress, better productivity, and more happiness in life.

Also, it is better to choose hobbies for genuine pleasure than productivity. The point of having a hobby is not to make you do complex things rather they should be relaxing and fun. Involving yourself in some creative venture every day helps you better navigate through emotional turmoil and difficulties.

12. Dull personality= 0 impression

Let us first bust some myths that we continuously hear. People say be yourself and accept your being. There may seem no issue with this statement but it can be validated for someone who does need to improve in terms of behavior and body language.

As I said before, lonely people have colorless lives and many loners are trying to fix it by socializing. However, their attempts may not always succeed. In order to get someone to engage with you, you need to prove that you are someone and not a past-time fellow.

Human beings like individuals that have a spark in them are optimistic and compassionate. Optimism is included in this list because we generally do not like to interact with people who have filled negativity, find a new issue with everything, or just are bored with life.

It is because human beings are already bearing the burden of their own difficulties and they can’t further disturb their well-being for others.

13. Overthinking

There is a fine line difference between thinking and overthinking. Overthinking is simply just not thinking too much. We think a lot while planning, evaluating, or making a decision. However, this becomes overthinking when you can not get rid of that thought.

Our thoughts are very powerful since they shape how we see the world. Over-evaluating your problems can actually worsen your life. This happens when you emphasize more on your miseries than the good things you are fortunate to have.

The end result is that you have a below-average opinion about your own life. Although your life may be better than most people’s. Thinking about the same troubles repeatedly bore you, causing you to lack enthusiasm and energy. Always try to filter your thoughts between unwanted and important ones. This strategy will lessen pressure on your mind.

🥴️ Defeating boredom in its own game 🥴️

Enough with the causes, let us understand methods with which we can fight boredom and ultimately get rid of it.

1. Scheduling your life

Photo credit: caryprinceorganizing.com

As we lose interest in our surroundings, we pay very little attention to how we divide time. Organizing your time is very crucial since it gives you enough space for everything. A good schedule will help you have sufficient time for yourself, your kids, and your job.

It can be easily done by outlining your whole week’s schedule on a piece of paper. Not every day has to be identical to the other. You can reserve some days for particular things. Not only does that makes you punctual but it also makes you feel gratification upon achieving the goal.

If you create a timetable, it will make you realize which task requires immediate attention. In this way, you never fall behind anything in your life and this vehemently increases productivity. Additionally, it makes you feel like having authority over your life.

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2. Experimenting new things

Do not hesitate to take challenges. By new things, I do not mean drastically changing your life like leaving your country, etc. These things can be small like changing your hair dye, trying out a new recipe, or vacationing at a place you never went.

By doing such things, you are expanding your vision. The vision was previously restricted to focusing on the monotony of your life. This could broaden your world by letting you know of small things that add value to your life.

We all know boredom boosts creativity. This was endorsed by research that was conducted involving two groups. The first one was given a boring task and the second one had an interesting one. Later on, when both groups were given the same idea-generating task, the first group defeated their peers in having better quality ideas. So you can rely on your imagination to paint a different life for you.

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3. Say Goodbye to Sofa

Leaving a sedentary lifestyle requires you to find an appropriate exercise for yourself. Do not restrict yourself, you can try regular jogging, running, bicycling, or yoga. Start out with moderate exercises around 5-10 minutes long, later on, you can increase the time. Motility not only has physical benefits but mind-related advantages as well.

Internet is filled with researches that conclude that exercise combats anxiety, depression, a bad mood and improves cognitive functions. Your negative feelings are replaced by more positive ones which make you appreciate life more than before.

As you have become mentally stronger, the upcoming emotional challenges may not seem big enough to you. Instead, you become resilient and passionate to get more out of life. In this way, your routine is optimized and you have something else to do instead of resting at home.

4. Learn a skill

Luckily, we all live in an era of technology. It is not hard to learn a skill when numerous online courses, books, articles, and professionals are available for our service. It is truly a good strategy to minimize repetition in your life.

You can learn a new language, practice using an instrument, learn digital art, photography and loads more. When you master a skill, it gives you more self-esteem and confidence in yourself. Moreover, it is a chance to do something you have never done before.

When you enroll in a class or course, it gives your life a direction and an opportunity to work with new people as a team. All your senses and focus are on your work, so you do not have time to feel bored ever again. After a long time of rest, your mind gets happy when a problem-solving task arrives.

5. Writing down everything

Photo credit: alovelyyear.com

Recording your feelings is a means of catharsis. Hence, it is an excellent way to discharge repressed emotions. You can also start video diaries, blogs, and other related things. Doing that makes you evaluate your life choices.

In the process, you can look at the positive aspects of your life. This can even allow you to organize your thoughts and deal with them in a better manner. One underrated advantage is archiving your precious memories.

Writing can even rescue you from nihilism (if you are facing it). How so? It makes you optimistic and forward-looking about the next day. All of this eventually makes you a Man of purpose and cherish every day and every moment of your life.

6. Connect with your friends

Reestablishing relationships with old and new friends is important as it widens your social circle. Don’t wait for them to come with an outing idea, suggest it yourself. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people never bores you out of their company and instead diverts your tensed brain towards other things.

Here s a simple rule: more people=more fun. So the next time you plan a vacation or dinner try taking more people with you.

7. Take yourself out

Consider going out once in a while for a breath of fresh air. Maybe taking an evening stroll with your pet or going shopping. Doing that will cheer up your mood. Also when you do things on your own, you will make realize the power of your individuality.

Sometimes, it is impossible to arrange plans with other teammates but you don’t need to rely every time on someone else to come and play with you. Learn to take care of your needs instead of being stuck hopelessly inside. Moreover, this deed sharpens your memory and improves your concentration.

8. Read a book

Photo credit: nbcnews.com

Reading a book is timeless fun. In comparison with all the other information resources, the book tops the list. It is because you can read anywhere and anytime. In contrast to online learning sources, it is relatively more comfortable to read books for a longer time.

Fiction novels, particularly mystery ones are better at kicking away boredom. You can try reading Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Lord of the rings and many others. When depressed or sad, a humorous novel or series is ideal.

As you dive into the pages, you get aware of issues apart from yours and there is a role in resolving them. Hence, books give a new meaning to life and a destination to strive for yours.

9. Meditate

Photo credit: entrepreneur.com

When other external factors are not working, meditation can be your savior. If you feel bored it is because you are an energetic person suitable for a fast-moving, busy life. When nothing interesting is happening, you find it hard where to devote your energy to.

Consequently, you will find it hard to engage or enjoy events around you. We know that meditation enhances your ability to concentrate. So if it is an important assignment or mowing a lawn that seems a dull task to you, mediation can bring back your focus.

When you actually perform your job, it may seem less irritating to you. Reserve 15 minutes of your day to do this relaxing activity.

10. Know yourself

You may not realize this but one of the reasons why you are underperforming in life is unawareness of yourself. Now how is that even related to boredom? When you are avoiding upcoming opportunities, challenges, people, and avenues, it may be because you consider yourself incompetent.

Being assured of talents and skills (but not overconfident) makes you well informed about the things you can achieve and what path you can take. If you can’t gauge your professional competence, you will end up at a place you never wanted to be.

And inevitably, if you don’t like your profession or occupation, you will be bored with your life. The world is full of people who are doing jobs that they hate. Make a difference and don’t be one of them.

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11. Organize your home

Your home is something you should invest your time to beautify. An organized and well-managed home is very appealing and brings immense satisfaction to your heart. It is observed that emotionally drained people have messier homes.

Deplorable living conditions can make you dislike your life. That is why organizing your home to connect well with your home and your surroundings.

12. Be original

Never become someone unlike yourself just to please someone. Doing so will downgrade your freedom and you get frustrated by your fake life. Live your life for yourself and ignore unconstructive criticism. Such a condition can also occur with overly self-sacrificing people, they ignore their own likings and dislike and dedicate themselves to help someone.

Helping is not a bad thing unless you are neglecting yourself. Always have time to pursue your passions.

13. Involve in Community work

Doing community works awards you with invaluable skills and life lessons. Apart from being an outdoor activity, you bond with other people and learn teamwork. When you meet new faces, you learn from their experiences and they might be inspiring too.

Instead of being tired of your life, now you feel satisfied that you are of some use to society at large. Volunteering also increases your self-confidence and helps you stay physically and mentally fit.

14. Research about the undiscovered

Have you ever looked at the sky and wondered how these stars are suspended in midair. Unarguably, there might be billions of unanswered questions in your head. Start researching about things that you do not know of.

Some topics can be ancient civilizations, political conflicts, future of AI. They serve as a good part-time occupation for someone who is bored with life. In the process, you drastically broaden your pool of information. Give a visit to a library, museum or utilize virtual sources to assist you.

15. Learn to let things go

New things, people, and friends can amuse you temporarily. They can not magically erase all problems of your personal life. Your personal issues have to be sorted out by your own self. There might be parts that you do not like about your life or you have a longing for something else in life.

Either way, it can be beneficial if you try to focus more on the blessings of your life. In this way, you can explore pathways and opportunities that were blindfolded from you because you were focused on something else.

16. Groom yourself

By grooming, I don’t only mean clothes and exterior stuff. It goes further to encompass your personality and body language. When you have a unique personality, you get a different standing in society.

Your charisma attracts everyone and you are comfortable in your own skin. Plus it is a good side activity to indulge in. The purpose is to overcome your inadequacies so that you feel better about own self and life.

17. Craft a long term plan

The importance of this can hardly be overstated. Even if everything seems alright at the moment, it does not guarantee lifetime stability. Think where you want to stand in the next ten years.

It helps you in prioritizing work and aligns you with your future vision. Once you stop focusing on your current position to plan ahead, it is a sign that you are on the right track.

18. Work towards your goals

Aimless life is boring. When you have certain goals, and you have set a time limit to achieve them, you will automatically start coordinating your life. Individuals with goals have higher chances of success than those without. In order to achieve an ideal life, start laying out your plan from now.

Most people mock their hardworking counterparts. But it is important to pay no heed to their advice and continue until you accomplish something in life. A long-term vision influences your behavior positively. You become more disciplined and efficient in the process.

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19. Help people

When you help someone instead you are helping yourself. There is evidence that helping people have better mental health than others. Fixing someone’s issue gives you instant gratification and elevates your mood.

That is because it takes away the inner guilt your face when sitting idle. Your problem-solving skill gets refined since you learn from strangers’ problems. In what ways you can help? Giving a visit to an old home, helping someone while home renovation, make a foreigner feel at home, or helping your classmates in any way.

These small gestures go a long way and create everlasting friendships. Your perspective of the world is now filled with optimism. Since you know that there are compassionate people like you on the Earth.

20. Start a garden

Horticulture is one of the best therapeutic activities. How? When you sow a seed and see living thing nurture it is a spiritually satisfying phenomenon. It makes your home more lively and delightful. Why do people always go to exotic, natural landscapes on a vacation?

It is a universal fact that human beings feel an attraction towards raw beauty. Being close to nature relieves us of all of our stress and improves physical endurance.

It is an easy way to trick boredom by planting suitable species in your garden. These days, rooftop gardening is very popular and simple. You can try that or if you already have a garden, then try to take better care of it.

21. Don’t rush

If you are sincere in transforming your life into a robust, colorful one, bear in mind that results will take time. The training you mind to focus and develop an interest in things will not happen over time. There might be points where you might feel like giving up but continuity is the key.

Initially, you might also experience irritability in changing your routine but after some time you will get used to it.

🧐 Conclusion 🧐

Hopefully, these tips help you advance further in life. You can also share your personal opinions below. Until next time!

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Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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