Is It Over? (20 Signs Your Relationship Is Over And 8 Ways To Retain It)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Small fights and disputes are natural in a relationship. You must have been through it a couple of times too. Sometimes miscommunication is also normal. But is it getting too much?

Then we have an ultimate guide to tell you either your relationship is over, or it’s not too late, and you can save it. We will discuss 20 signs of a dead relationship and tell you how to rebuild it into a healthy one.

We know that small fights made you think it is the end. Or, if your partner is not communicating with you more often, you might say they are trying to break it up. But in a relationship, these times come, and they are temporary.

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If the disputes and miscommunications exceed their limits, then you need to know when it is over or when there’s still a chance. Either from the man’s side of the woman, someone needs to take the step.

So sit back and think which one of these signs you notice in your relationship and how you can save your relations.

🔘 20 Signs Your Relationship Is Over 🔘

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When a relationship is on the verge of an end or just ended, some signs, when picked up, prove beneficial. That would help you to decide whether you can save it (if you want), or it’s time to say goodbye. Why would you like to stick to a relationship when no one is in ease of mind.

These are the 20 signs that a relationship is over or about to end; when shown, you would know it. So let’s get started.

1. Intense Arguments

Arguments are normal in any relationship. But when they start to get worse, it is a sign that your relationship is in danger.

“We should fight for our relationships, but if fighting means ripping yourself to shreds and piggybacking all his demons, you need to leave.” – Tara Love

On the verge of destruction, the couple argues even on minor issues that transform into a more intense fight. They could be on anything like, Why the meal is so late? How can you forget my birthday? Why didn’t you pick up my phone?

When issues like these happen, and the argument starts to convert into intense fighting, then know it’s about to end.

2. “It’s Your Fault”

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Another bad sign that your relationship is over is the blame game. If both partners start to blame each other for irrelevant problems. If you both fight every day for no reason. If your partner is doing things that tear your nerves apart.

Then it’s time to either take a break or just break up.

“Remove yourself from people who treat you like your time doesn’t matter, like your feelings are worthless, or like your soul is replaceable.”– S.Mcnutt

Even if someone is blaming the other for no reason, it will give a feel of disrespect. And when disrespect finds its way into a relationship, it is over.

3. Forgiveness Is Ended

When someone starts to punish for mistakes instead of forgiving, it is time to reconsider the bondage between two people.

Those who love, forgive the mistakes, and move on. But when love fades out, people want to do what is just. If you feel the sign that forgiving is replaced by fair play, then it’s time to discuss some things.

4. Short Temper Over Minor Mistakes

If you need to know when a relationship is over, look at the frustration when others make mistakes. Those who love don’t care about it and ignore it.

But when you are done with the partner, their minor shortcomings will annoy you and made you furious.

5. Compromise Is Vanishing

When compromise between the partners vanishes, then there is no chance that it could be brought back. Relationships establish and flourish when both of them ignore each other mistakes and shortcomings.

If no one steps behind and remains stubborn over something, the only thing that will suffer is their relations.

A quote from Rose Hathaway describes it as:

“I can’t promise that in our relationship you won’t face any problems, but I surely can promise that you won’t face them alone!”

6. Their Message Doesn’t Excite You Anymore

In a healthy relationship, messages are sent on a regular basis. Both partners love talking to each other. They wait for the reply.

But when the text messages become a burden, then the relationship may suffer a downfall. If you feel tired to text them, it is a sign of an ending.

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7. Happy Times Don’t Excite You

Pleasant memories are the core of any relationship. They feel like the best part of life. In a relationship, one is always excited about remembering and talking about the happy times they spend together.

But when those times become just good memories and don’t give you that particular adrenaline rush, then think about your relations again.

8. Being Alone Become Merrier Than Being Together

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As we proceed, the signs become more evident, and you know when a relationship is at its end.

If a point reaches when you feel like a free person when alone, then maybe it is the point where you could reconsider about being together.

9. Your Partner Lost Their Priority Position

When something noteworthy happens in your life, there is always one person you will tell it to first. And mostly, that is either your family member or your partner.

Many couples share such minor happiness, share their joy, and give their partner the first place.

But if your partner’s position is taken by someone, and you don’t feel about telling them first, then it’s time to end it.

10. You Are Not Excited Anymore Seeing Each Other

In long-term relationships, interest decreases when couples see each other a few more times. If you both love each other then, this wouldn’t happen.

But at the beginning of a relationship, just after a few meetings, if you both feel like the excitement of being with each other is fading out. Then my friend understands that there wasn’t any connection between you two.

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11. Both Ain’t Together When Together.

Also about the time together, if you feel completely alone and don’t enjoy the partner’s company. Then it is also a sign that things are going south.

When two partners are close to each other, they forget about the world. The only thing they care about is spending time to its fullest.

But if you don’t feel like that, maybe it is time to set your paths apart.

12. Your Special Time Is Lost Somewhere

In a relationship, couples usually get into stuff they used to do together. It could be anything like weekend movie nights at anyone’s home. Or evening meal preparation. They just want to spend time with one another and somehow get into a habit of it.

But when the wedges between them become deeper, they try to avoid being with each other. That particular task which they love suddenly become a burden.

If you are suffering from such conditions, you have to understand that the relationship may be over.

13. Their Company Does Not Remain The Best Time

This sign is the extension to the upper-mentioned sign. Let’s not discuss the only special time you two have together. Do their simple company not even seem to entertain you?

If the answer is yes, then It Is Already Over. Please don’t put your effort into keeping both ends connected, and let it go.

This is among those few signs in this list where you can’t save it, no matter what. It is better to move forward.

14. ‘You Don’t Talk Anymore’

When you feel love for someone, you want to talk to them on a regular basis. You are spending more time talking to one another.

But when a crack appears between you two, you will give that time to your friends. All that excitement has gone.

So when you sense you are not talking to your partner constantly or over a long course of time, know it has ended.

15. Prioritizing Friends And Family

It is a big sign of an almost dead relationship. When the emotional connection between two people ends, it is replaced by friends and family priorities. It always feels like you are missing your people instead of spending time with each other.

When a person falls from your love status, friends take that position. When one person loses their most preferable position, your family fills the gap.

You will still have people in your life to share with, but the relationship will end in both situations.

16. Someone Appeals To You More Now

This sign becomes worst if you are in a committed relationship. If you are committed to something and later get attracted to someone else, it will cause an intense fight in the future.

If your partner gets a sense of it, your every conversation will convert into an argument.

And by the way, you will not feel attracted to someone else if you still love your partner. If it happens, then the relationship has already ended.

17. Formality Is Enforced

Constantly fighting is bad for relationships, but becoming too formal and agreeable is not a good sign too. It is also among the signs your relationship is about to end.

If you are hesitant to discuss problems, get stuck between formalities, or keep your thoughts to yourself, all these signs may lead to resentment (more on that later).

When formalities strengthen between two people, it means there is no future of that relationship.

18. Intimacy Is Fading Out

The most obvious sign of a dead relationship is your intimate feelings are gone.

You are not emotional about their touch. Your frequent lip pecks are gone. Your hugs are not warm and welcoming. Your sex life is affected. You don’t plan the future in each other’s arms.

More intense signs are you feel like getting cringes when your partner touches you. You don’t enjoy sex with your partner like you used to be. You both get into a small fight when one person tries their way for a physical connection.

Also, lack of true intimacy is something else.

“The definition of hell is two people in a relationship that is starved for love and unable to fulfill that need.” – Shannon L. Alder

19. You Consider Their Negative Aspects More

If you constantly feel like a thing of your partner is irritating you more. You haven’t noticed it before, and now you can’t take it anymore if they don’t give up on that thing. Then it could be a sign.

If the negative aspects take over the positivity of your relationship, then that relationship is over. Their shortcomings get you in an argument. You always seem like they don’t get any positive traits.

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” – Mother Theresa

If you feel this sign towards a person you love, then the relationship is either ending or just has ended.

20. You Have The Feel Of It

It is among those significant signs your relationship is now completely over. If you have lost interest in your partner and their thoughts do not matter anymore, you feel like self-relaxation when thinking about separation; it is clear that the relationship doesn’t exist anymore.

“At some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.”– Tara Westover

If you can sense it coming, how can you spend your life with a person who doesn’t excite you anymore?

⚫ Stages Of A Dying Relationship ⚫

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When a relationship is dying, there are four stages that a person experience. If not treated well or the remedies are not done, the relationship eventually ends. Let’s take a look at those stages.

⏩ Stage 1: You started to get apart from your partner (unnoticeably)

The first stage is unnoticeable. You two have a communications loss. The messages become less frequent, and contact decreases. You two also talk not so often and don’t even feel the need to speak to each other.

The relationship at this stage started to die out. And since it is not noticed, it is unavoidable. People slowly get away from each other.

Another factor that is a big sign your relationship has started to suffer is, you are not bothered by their absence. You don’t feel anxious about not being with them. And if the same situation is on the other side, then the seed of separation has been sown.

As this is unnoticeable, too, you two are subconsciously getting adaptive to each other’s absence.

⏩ Stage 2: You started to consider the relationship as a burden

In the second stage, you began to notice the building wedge in your relationship. The things and thoughts start to getting change. Your emotions get diverted, and you begin to consider it a burden.

The more you spend time with them, the more you want to run away. Their shortcomings and negative aspects of their personality become irritant. You start to feel disgusted and bored around them.

Also, at this stage, you are annoyed by the messages and calls. You try to ignore them as much as possible.

Small arguments on minor stuff and mild fights become consistent. You fret about most of the things and more time spends on conflicts.

It is also a stage from where the turning back for reviving a relationship is possible. Measures can be made to refresh and save the dying relationship, but things can worsen once crossed.

⏩ Stage 3: You mentally accept that it is getting over

When you mentally take that your relationship is over, there is no way to retain it. You do your best to tell them indirectly. Try to keep them away.

Since you have no interest in the relationship, and your partner doesn’t excite you anymore, you give your family and friends more time. The time with your partner is replaced by the time with whom you are really close.

It is also a stage when you start to look for another partner. You begin to get attracted to someone else. If your instinct to be loyal comes into play, but you still consider being with others, then it means the relationship is already dead.

⏩ Stage 4: You take action and break up

The last stage in a dying relationship is separation. You are fed up with the continuous tension and want to break free. So the last resort is to end it.

While breaking the news, be ready for the response and aftermath. Try to be positive and don’t make any wrong moves. It is always good to end it in a normal situation.

Don’t end it with a fierce and big fight in a rough manner. When the ways are separated, memories should remain that can put a smile on your face.

✦ 8 Ways To Save Your Relationship ✦

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If you have picked up some (or most) of the signs from above but don’t want to let your relationship get destroyed. Then there are still some maneuvers that might save you from losing someone you love the most.

You have to be consistent and persistent and keep your hope alive till you rebuild a healthy relationship again.

Here are 8 significant ways to re-establish the almost dead relationships, and with a little more effort, it will have a pleasant future.

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➣ Set Meetings Regularly

The first and foremost step you need to take is to arrange a romantic dinner, a date, or a fun short meeting with your partner. A few moments close to each other might ignite the flickering light between you two.

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” – Henry David Thoreau

And don’t just stop on that. Keep arranging these meetings on a regular basis in the future.

You can also fix a day and time that both of you will be at the rendezvous without any lame excuse.

Try to be polite, convincing, and open the selection. Do not force a meeting at your scheduled date and time. These regular meetups will bring you close enough that the crack will be filled eventually.

➣ Compromise On Some Aspects

To strengthen a relationship, one person needs to compromise sometimes. It could either be a man or woman. A relationship cannot survive without flexibility.

Whenever you feel you can take a step back, take it. Your partner will appreciate your decision, and they will be more likely to compromise in return.

If they made any mistake, you have to forgive. Why fuss about small things?

“We are told that people stay in love because of chemistry, or because they remain intrigued by each other, because of many kindnesses, because of luck. But part of it has got to be forgiveness and gratefulness.” – Ellen Goodman

It is a great gesture to show your respect, affection, and love to one another. Relationships with such things remain long-term and prove healthy in the future.

➣ Listen To Your Partner

The most important part of a successful relationship is listening to your partner. You need to talk to your partner more often, but it does not mean they just listen to you. They maybe want to speak to you about something too.

We know some people are talkative, but not giving the other person an opportunity to talk will affect their self-esteem or the relationship.

You need to make them feel that you care about them too. Listen to them, let them express themselves, be absorptive and understand. Look, is there any problem or any tension they are suffering from?

Paul Tillich Says:

“The first duty of love is to listen.”

If you listen to your partner, you will get a better trust establishment, flourishing the relationship.

➣ Remember Happy Times Together

Why were both of you together? Because you two have enjoyed each other’s company. You two love your life more with each other.

There must be a lot of happy times and delightful moments in the past. Remember those times. Make your partner feels like you are still that same person whom they love. Share your memories, and let them share theirs.

“Immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you.’ Mature love says: ‘I need you because I love you.” – Erich Fromm

Successful relationships are made by remembering those beautiful times. If you are not doing that, you are missing an opportunity.

➣ Establish Intimacy

If it does seem like your intimacy is reducing, get into a proper touch with your partner. It doesn’t mean to have sex with them. Holding hands, warm hugs, or even keeping your head on their shoulder will consider as good intimacy.

Relationships last longer and survive the hard times if partners enjoy each other’s touches. If they feel them more and stay close, the relationship could last for life.

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” – Ingrid Bergman

➣ Communicate Properly

Most relations end from the point where they could be saved because the partners don’t communicate. They don’t tell each other the matters that are bothering them.

They don’t open up and share their feelings. They stuck to their selves to them and didn’t communicate with their partner. And most misunderstandings create due to a lack of communication.

“Never close your lips to those whom you have opened your heart.” – Harville Hendrix

If you want to save your relationship, then communicate properly. Keep them in touch. Look for the sign if they are hesitant about telling you something. If you sense something, ask them.

Create a comfortable shield around them. Give them a feeling that no matter what happens, you will stand with them.

If they talk to you more often, tell you about their secrets, then a communication channel will finally open that will bring back the lost essence of your relationship.

➣ Do Something Special

Another important way to save a dying relationship is doing something special for your partner. Do something that will touch their emotional side.

Some ideas can be a surprise candle-light dinner, a gift that can remind them of anything beautiful you two did together—a long drive with your woman, a special meal for your man.

The purpose is to make them feel like they are still close to you. When a person does something special for someone, the other will obviously get attracted. It can save your relationship effectively.

A beautiful quote from Helen Keller describes this feeling as:

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

➣ Look For Counseling

The best option to choose if your relationship is dying and you don’t know what to do, you take counselling. A short course from a person who is an expert is better than putting waste efforts to save your relationship.

A course of counselling will help you in the future. It will also help you in self-assessment and will give you proper measures to save the relationship.

Oscar Wilde describes the part of a man and woman in a relationship by:

“Men always want to be a woman’s first love. Women like to be a man’s last romance.”

With proper counselling, you can do your best part to be that person and save the relationship.

☤ Tips To Make A Relationship Healthy ☤

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❃ Give each other personal space. Let them do things that they want to do. Don’t interfere with the private moments.

❃ It may sound funny, but irrelevant questions may irritate your partner’s mode badly. Don’t ask too many irrelevant questions that can get on their nerves.

❃ Do not annoy them too much. A little bit of fun is compulsory for a good relationship, but stop it if your partner gets annoyed with something.

❃ Everyone has their own opinion and choices. Respect each other’s choices and give value to them.

❃ Be available for your beloved one. Whether it is good or bad, be in that time together.

❃ Don’t make false promises. If you know something can’t be done, don’t promise it. It is better to tell them instead of breaking heart.

❃ Talk to them, listen, and share. It will strengthen the bond between you two. And it is mentioned twice till now, so you can have an idea of its importance.

❃ Create boundaries for each other. Neither you nor the other one should cross it. Don’t apply conditions. These are just for the purpose of not forcing each other to get out of their comfort zone.

❃ Appreciate each other, say ‘Thank You’ frequently. Praising from time to time is a good move to enhance your connection.

❃ Dress what they like most. Try to wear that they will appreciate and get attracted more towards you.

❃ Trust each other and be honest with them.

⌛ Difference Between A Relationship Is Over Just Another Misunderstandings ⌛

There is a big difference between a dead relationship and a misunderstanding.

If you argue with a person but still care about their feelings, then it is a misunderstanding. If you still love them, you have don’t want to let them go. It is created just because both of you are not on the same page. It will sort out in the near future.

On the other hand, in a dead relationship, you don’t care about them. Their emotions don’t affect you. You want to leave and feel like a trapped bird. The feelings, connection, love, and empathy all have ended.

▣ How To Know When It’s Time To Let Go Of Someone You Love ▣

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If you feel like you can’t live with someone for your life, it is better to let them go. But how will you know that?

Many factors affect the desire to go apart from someone, and you need to notice a few signs. These will help you to decide whether it’s time to hold it or better to let go. If you observe most of these points, you should leave.

⋆ Your desires are not fulfilled. You are not getting what you have expected from them.

⋆ You are hesitant to ask for something more from your partner. You feel reluctant to wish for anything.

⋆ None of your friends and family supports your relationship.

⋆ Your relationship is not working, but both of you are trying. Ok, that’s good, but for how long? Is it getting a year for this process or more? If it’s not getting anywhere, you know what to do.

⋆ Your partner is abusive.

⋆ You have started to hide things from them. You are no longer comfortable telling them some things.

⋆ You are afraid to be judged.

⋆ Your perceptions about things always conflict.

⋆ The trust in your relationship has ended.

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⋆ You are continuously tense with your partner. Their company makes you disturbed.

⋆ Others are kept gaining your attention. People in an actual relationship are not attracted to someone else again and again.

⋆ Your relationship has lost its intimacy and sex.

⋆ You ignore each other too much.

⋆ If you caught a sign of cheating or caught them red-handed, this is the most significant cause to let it go.

🤓 Relevant Questions 🤓

There are also some questions asked to counsellors by couples. The top three questions are listed here. These might help you a little too.

Q: What is resentment?

A: Resentment is a complex mixture of many negative emotions. You sense anger, disappointment, bitterness, disgust, inner pain, and fear all at once.

It is experienced when insulted, harassed, humiliated, and rebuked. People often feel it when they are forced to do things that they don’t like.

You will feel it when your relationship is dead, and you are forced to do things.

Q: How to avoid arguments?

A: There are many ways to avoid an argument in a relationship. You can do it too by following tips:

  • Don’t raise your voice while describing your point.
  • Listen to your partner. Know what they think about it.
  • Never abuse. It may cause a severe disturbance.
  • Keep a check on your tone. Are you saying things like you want to?
  • Don’t build aggressive body language. Maintain it and keep it neutral.
  • Don’t take out the dead memories. Let it be forgotten if it is forgiven.
  • Put yourself on their side for a moment and think.
  • If it is not working out, agree to disagree. You both can have different opinions.
  • If you feel anger and rage building up, take a deep breath. Sit down and drink a glass of water. Keep your mind calm.
  • Or you can move away from the place. Avoid the contact for some time. It will give you time to think.
  • Most importantly, if you knew you were at the mistake, accept it. There is no use to fuss and aggravate the situation.

Q: What to do to have a better connection and intimacy with a partner?

A: If you want to build better connection and intimacy with your partner, you can follow these steps to get into a better relationship:

  • Get out of your comfort zone and do something different. Have a special time and do things that can please both of you.
  • Do your everyday routine work together. It is a great way to increase closeness, and you will help your partner in their tasks.
  • Try to stay connected when away. Remain connected on messages or frequent calls. It does not mean you don’t give time to your family and friends. Attend them as well, but don’t forget your lover.
  • The most vital thing in a relationship is to date. Go on regular dates or set a date for dates. Dating is essential for better connection. Hope you date each other well.
  • Make a balance in your routine. Living with each other all day long will also cast a negative impact on your relationship. Give time to your friends n’ family. A little time without each other will ignite the need to stay connected and improve intimacy.
  • Now, this may sound childish and absurd, but it is legit. Play the stare game with your partner. Eye contact increases affection to a great extent. It also releases dopamine which makes you feel good.
  • Touch each other more and maintain physical contact. It doesn’t mean you become a sex freak. You can also keep physical contact by holding hands, hugging, and kissing. Being in each other arms will serve enough to be connected.
  • Decide something special that you two will do together regularly. It could be anything like preparing the evening meal or a movie night every weekend. It could also be a walk around the block. The condition is, it should be fun for both of you.

😉 Conclusions 😉

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels
Photo credit:

Everyone has a mate in this world. If you find an imperfect match, then it will be shown. We have discussed 20 signs of a dead relationship that you must know. If you find most of them in your relations, then it is better to move on.

But if you feel like your partner is the one you want to spend your life with, then we have given you eight ways to save it. Also, you have tips to make your relationship healthy.

You need to know when to leave your partner and a relationship or hold their losing hand and save it. Once you know what to do, you will find the best for your perfect relationship.

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Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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