My Wife Doesn’t Love Me anymore: 33 Signs She’s Fallen Out of Love

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

When we are in a holy relationship with our partner, we often believe that falling out of love is never going to happen. Why? Because marriage is not just a relationship in your eyes but it’s something far greater than we anticipate.

It’s something holy, something you and your partner decided to have for the rest of your lives. A relationship that no words can describe because it’s built on actions.

But, everything is decided by destiny and some people might have bad luck in their life. Even when you are in a happy marriage. A certain event, or time or anything else can make such a relationship sour. While nobody wants that in their life, it seems we can’t just protect ourselves against it.

In marriage, your wife is your everything. You give her the love that she deserves. Because you fell in love with her right? Everyone wants to feel loved. Feel special and share the love.

Unfortunate events may transpire in your marriage after some time. You might start to overthink things like, my wife doesn’t love me anymore. My wife doesn’t love my presence around her, My wife doesn’t love or appreciate me anymore, my wife doesn’t love to be near me now. And many such thoughts.

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While in most cases, it might not be true but sometimes there are signs that make you believe what’s in front of you. Do you feel that your wife is distant? Do you feel the magic is gone and she might have lost interest in you? Does she not want to talk with you more? Does your marriage feel like it’s nothing but a sign to be separated from your wife?

It might feel to you that your wife is not someone who cares about this marriage. Maybe she is different than the one you married. She’s not the woman of your dreams now. All these signs give a vibe that your wife might have fallen out of love with you. Your friends and family may or may not support your idea. It’s up to you to find a fix or know what is wrong with your wife.

Women may often show these signs when they have decided something YOU don’t know. Even though she is still married to you, she is interested in everything else but you. What does it say about her? It’s a clear sign that she might have fallen out of love with you.

If you are still curious and want to know these signs, I am here to help you with that. Maybe there will be a fix for you here too. Who knows?

No one should go through such times that they have to ask and search the internet about “My wife doesn’t love me anymore, what are the signs she doesn’t love me anymore” It’s heartbreaking, it’s hard. But it’s inevitable too when it’s already there. You must know these signs to be sure about why your wife doesn’t love you anymore.

Let these signs be a guide for your marriage and may you never have to say that my wife doesn’t love me anymore.

We have a lot of signs to cover so let’s get started.

🔑 33 signs your wife doesn’t love you anymore 🔑

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1. She is angry with you for no reason

She is angry at everything you do. Your way of talking upsets her, your different hairstyle makes her angry, just everything you do is wrong to her.

No matter how much you try to change your behavior with her, she seems to just be angry anyways.

You can’t figure out why your wife is angry suddenly and she just feels not to fix it. Even when you try to talk about it with her, she seems to avoid it completely and things turn worse for you.

Relationships are not built on anger but calmness and peace. Comfort and love. If your spouse doesn’t talk about it and doesn’t want to admit this truth. Then it’s a clear sign that she doesn’t love her husband anymore.

2. She focuses more on herself than you or her family

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Marriage is full of love when we share our time together. Not alone.

Why do we get married in the first place? To find a partner with who we can spend our time, right?

But what if all your effort seem useless later? when she decided that her husband is not worth her time anymore.

Does she spend more time at her job and make excuses whenever you ask for intimacy? Does she avoid you and is serious towards you?

When her time or interest divert from you to other things, it’s a sign that your wife may have stopped loving you anymore.

Your wife may no longer love you when clearly she shows a sign that you are not a bother for her.

That’s truly a heartbreaking thing when someone no longer loves you. It destroys you completely.

If we can’t even give time to one another, then it’s not a marriage full of love. But a marriage with no future, no respect, no love.

3. She talks about others but not you

Why my wife doesn’t love me anymore, is not a question you should be asking when she is talking about others but you.

When her husband is wrong in her eyes, she will stop to support you and talk about you.

Whatever the matter could be, they make decisions based on their emotions.

It’s clearly not a good sign when your wife talks about someone she met at work, or about her friend’s partner, or a guy just simply a person you don’t even know.

She might be interested in making friends instead of being free to talk with you. Someone else is her favorite topic of discussion but not you.

If your wife doesn’t love you anymore, she will show this sign more often. Making friends is fine, it shouldn’t be a problem but when you start to notice that it’s happening a bit more with your wife then you should really understand this sign.

Women love to chat but talking about someone else frequently rather than their husband is clearly not a good sign about love.

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4. Physical intimacy is not there

Physical intimacy in a relationship is a sign of healthy marriage. It means you are spending quality time with your partner and there is love around.

But when your wife seems to avoid sex with you. She is never free for a hug or kiss from you. She is suddenly not interested in intimacy or sex with you. She is not understanding your feelings and needs.

It’s a clear sign that your wife doesn’t love you anymore. Marriage is built upon intimacy as well. It’s a natural need between a wife and husband.

If your spouse doesn’t make an effort to understand your feelings about sex or being physically intimate with you then you should really look for a fix.

5. She is cheating on you

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If you can’t figure out why my wife doesn’t love me anymore then cheating might be the cause. Cheating is the most common destroyer of relationships.

A woman or a man, both gets cheated on in their lives sometimes. Cheating not only destroys the relationship of marriage, but it destroys lives.

Nobody can ever get happy when they are cheating on someone. It’s truly a disgusting thing to do to your spouse and partner whom you decided the spend all your life with.

What more sign would someone need than a wife who cheated on her husband.

There is no sign or hint about her, to fall back in love with you because she has already decided that you are not her worthy partner but someone else is.

6. She is silent deliberately

There is a possibility that your spouse doesn’t love you anymore by showing a sign with her silent treatment. Usually, in a marriage, it’s most common for women to talk a lot.

Even about little and ordinary things. It’s in their nature.

But if you notice that your spouse is not that super chatty woman suddenly and days go by without her even talking with you more then it’s a hint your spouse doesn’t love you anymore.

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7. She doesn’t want to share with you

It’s truly a big concern in marriage when your spouse starts deciding things on their own. In all relationships, every major decision should be consensual and mutual.

But if you suddenly find that your marriage is not like that anymore.

Your partner has stopped sharing with you but instead, she shares with her group of besties or family. If she has stopped sharing her feelings with you, then it’s a sign your wife doesn’t love you anymore.

If your spouse decides to not share important things with you, does not answer your phone when you call, does not respect you, and hides the truth from you.

8. She threatens you about leaving forever

If you feel that even after a long time, through therapy and counseling, through sitting downs and talks about finding a fix for marriage that could potentially make both you and your spouse happy, your partner will understand you.

But even after that, things turn for the worse and you simply don’t feel that something could fix this scenario.

And she starts to threaten you about leaving you completely out of nowhere. She doesn’t want to understand one another anymore and she only thinks about the worse but not the best.

Then it’s a sign that your woman, whom you married and fell in love with is not that same person anymore. No woman is a woman who threatens her husband about a divorce.

It’s not a word that should be thrown around in arguments and fights in a relationship.

9. She doesn’t love your family anymore

When you are in a marriage, your spouse’s family becomes a part of your life too. Whether it’s your wife’s or yours. She will have a good relationship with them both.

Most wives have a good connection with their partner’s family. They hang out and live happily.

But like you might have seen in movies or dramas, sometimes there is a secret “talking behind back” moments as well. Hey, it’s life. We all go through that. We simply brush them aside and move on. A woman who holds grudges is not an ideal wife for a husband.

If you feel that your spouse has suddenly started holding grudges against your friends or family, or if you feel she gets upset with every remark then it’s a sign that she does not care about you anymore.

10. She’s doesn’t have your back

In a relationship, couples support each other no matter what. Guys and girls both have this understanding nowadays. Without the support of the partner, the relationship may fall apart. You depend on each other in a relationship.

But lately, if you find yourself alone when someone is calling you out. Or you are in an argument or a fight. Then it means your partner has stopped supporting you.

11. She doesn’t want a fix

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If you are looking for a fix in a relationship for a long time and feel just there is no answer, you might simply raise the white flag. But guys, that’s not what we want for a relationship. What we want is to fix things and support each other.

We want our future to be excluded from therapy and counseling. We don’t want to be lost but found. We want to feel loved and find a partner to share our feelings with.

Women and men, often in a relationship may argue or fight a lot. The reasons could be anything but love, our love should be able to fix things. Not make things worse.

If you find yourself with a spouse who has decided to not resolving problems in marriage. Then your future looks really grim with her.

She has already decided to dissolve this marriage and doesn’t make an effort to fix it.

12. She doesn’t open up to you

You love spending quality time with your spouse, you respect her space and make an effort to know about her well-being or her mind.

You feel are doing everything in a relationship to make your partner feel loved by you. But she doesn’t love back and doesn’t open up to you about her thoughts or feelings anymore.

What could be the reason or cause of such behavior you might think.

If you find it difficult to understand her feelings suddenly and find her more emotionally distant. If you feel she is not telling you what is bothering her and what she has on her mind or in her heart.

13. She calls you names to hurt you

Respect, for a long-term and healthy relationship we need respect in our lives. Mutual respect to be accurate because you are spending a life together, not alone.

If you love someone in your life, you will take their feelings into consideration every time you speak. You don’t want to hurt another person by saying something hurtful right?

In a relationship, we never want to lose love, we always want the love back in our lives if it is ever lost. But if your spouse starts to call you names.

Call you an idiot, unworthy, bad, or not a man! You might feel hurt and angry. When you calm down later, you realize she is not the person who fell for you anymore.

You feel sadder and sadder because your wife’s words are in your head, making you think that my wife doesn’t love me anymore.

14. She doesn’t care about your opinion

If you notice a sign in the relationship that your spouse does not listen to your words anymore, she doesn’t care about whatever you say to her. Whether it be funny, ordinary, hurtful, silly talks. She seems to be like she no longer loves to listen to you.

If your opinions don’t affect your spouse anymore, and she seems to not care about it anyways. Then it’s a sign that your spouse doesn’t love you anymore.

15. She doesn’t apologize

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Love, relationship, life, respect, feelings are all connected with a man or a woman. You can’t just run away from things that are important to us. Instead, you look for them.

Being able to forgive and apologize whenever we make mistakes is necessary for a marriage to work out. It shows that love is still around, our relationship will work out.

But if you find yourself in a situation that your wife blames you for everything negative that may happen in a relationship.

Then your spouse could have stopped thinking of you as her partner. And don’t love you now.

16. She doesn’t care about special days

In a relationship. There are special days that we may celebrate with our partner. Good memory on a specific day, marriage anniversary, birthdays, valentine’s day, dating days, etc. Maybe before, your spouse has celebrated those days with you.

But lately, she has started ignoring or showing any interest in celebrating things that are important to you.

Even though in past, she did celebrate, and now that she doesn’t is a sign of hypocrisy. And hypocrites don’t give love to others. EVER.

17. She has stopped cheering you

When you feel down in a relationship, you depend on your partner to cheer you up. Your wife may try to do things that might make you get rid of such feelings. But what if she has stopped doing that? What if she doesn’t love back anymore?

She doesn’t care if you smile or not. Your pain seems to be not a concern for her.

If your wife doesn’t love you anymore, she will stop caring about your happiness.

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18. She doesn’t check her phone

In a relationship, A phone is important for checking up on your partner. Maybe you find some free time at your work and you want to know how your wife is doing. You call her and she picks up the phone.

Both get happy because communication is happening.

But if your spouse has stopped answering your calls or messages. Started to ignore your concerns about her while she seems to not have a care about your affection. If she has stopped checking up on you or doesn’t allow you to check on her. Then your wife doesn’t love you.

19. She doesn’t get jealous at all

You will often think that my wife doesn’t love me anymore when she doesn’t get jealous at all. A little bit of jealousy in a relationship is harmless and often shows that you love the person so much that thinking about someone else is out of the question. Too much jealousy is toxic for both women and men.

But if your wife doesn’t get jealous at all when you tease her about complimenting other girls or call someone else beautiful. It means your wife doesn’t love you, sadly.

20. She starts criticizing you about everything

If your partner seems to criticize every little thing you do suddenly, it might be a sign that she doesn’t love you anymore.

It’s like your wife has lost respect for you and doesn’t care about what the next events might bring into the relationship. She doesn’t complete you but rather makes you feel worse about yourself.

If your spouse is acting like that then it means she has stopped thinking of you as the love of her life.

21. Your words have no effect on her

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Relationships go through tough events. There are fights and arguments that can’t be avoided. You might have said something in the past that may have offended and hurt her.

But you realized your mistake and apologized to her for your words of hurt and anger.

If now, whatever you say has no effect on her, your words seem empty and meaningless to her. It means your spouse has stopped caring about you long in the past.

22. She stopped asking about things

Unconditional love is the best kind of love. Something extraordinary that you share with your partner. When you are in a relationship, your thoughts are mostly filled with asking questions from your partner.

They are basic questions but it shows that there is love between them. If your wife doesn’t ask about meaningless, tiny, out-of-the-blue questions then your wife doesn’t love you anymore.

23. She doesn’t talk about you to her friends and family

When you are married to someone, your spouse may love to talk about you to her friends or family. She might tell them about her everyday things and the time she spends with you.

If she doesn’t bring you up in conversations with her family or her friends then she might have stopped thinking about you. Love is out of the question, unfortunately.

24. She is not obsessed with you

When a man becomes a woman everything, she becomes obsessed with him. I don’t mean it in a negative way like too overly attached but it’s like she has found the man of her dreams. Whatever you do is charming to her and she just can’t take her eyes off you.

If suddenly you feel like your wife is not giving you the attention she did before and her feelings are somewhat changed towards you then it might be a sign of love fading away from a relationship.

25. She starts to compare you with others

You never compare your ideal partner with someone else. Isn’t that right? They are supposed to be the perfect partner that you dreamt of and long for. And now when you are in a relationship with them, you are happy.

But eventually, that’s never the case. There might be signs of your partner not loving you like when they start comparing you with others. You were supposed to be the best person she ever met but now she doesn’t see you as that perfect partner. What does it say about her, that she loves you? Of course not!

Comparing you to someone else means she doesn’t see you or love you like she used to.

26. She doesn’t feel like your best friend now

Women who get married look for a best friend in a person. Someone they can share all her life with. If you find yourself in a relationship like that then feel truly lucky.

But if your woman doesn’t give off that best friend vibe anymore and simply thinks of you as some past time then the woman you consider as your partner is not in love with you. When the inseparable mentality changes to separable, that’s when you know the honest truth.

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27. She is obsessed with her smartphone

If her smartphone becomes the most important thing in her life and not you. Then it’s clearly a sign that your love is no longer in love with you. A smartphone has the ability to take photos, communicate faster, and gives you more privacy than ordinary ones.

There is a hint in there that you guys might have picked on already.

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28. She discusses my future instead of our

Life is a journey we cover together with people. We are always thinking about our time ahead one way or the other when we are in a relationship.

It means both to you and your spouse to have dreams and shape the future together.

But if your spouse has stopped sharing her thoughts about this with you then she might have already a plan for the future that excludes you.

29. Her mood swings occur only when you are around

Women are full of emotions and have a tendency towards mood swings. It’s their nature, but if you see a sign that she is only moody when you are around. Then you should seek a sign that shows she is not in love with you anymore.

If everything you do annoys her, but with the rest of the people she is fine. It could mean she does not love you, sadly.

30. She doesn’t respect you

Marriages are built upon respect for each other. Whether you are with someone or not, you should always show respect to people.

If your spouse doesn’t respect you anymore because you have said something silly or if you teased her a bit too much and suddenly you find yourself to be the worst person on the planet. Then signs like these mean your spouse is no more in love with you.

31. She doesn’t forgive you

Everyone makes mistakes, in happy marriages, there is forgiveness from both sides. Nobody is perfect.

If your spouse has decided to never forgive you or overlook a mistake you did. Then she already made her mind to not love you at all. Women often behave like that for attention but if the grudge stays too long in their hearts. It means the love is already gone.

32. She dresses differently but not for you

A relationship goes through a phase when we stop looking after ourselves. Like we simply don’t care how we look anymore. It gets boring and we accept just each other no matter how we look.

But when suddenly your wife starts to buy new dresses and look after her health, it raises an alarm. You ask yourself what could be the reason. She wants to look good given her age, but not for you. It’s for somebody else. That’s when you know if love is still there or not.

33. She happily sleeps in another room

Every couple has their own arrangements. Whether it be sleeping or cuddling or sitting area. It’s something that is a part of our lives.

If your spouse was sleeping happily with you before and now she is happy sleeping in another, it might be true that your wife may have decided to not love you. Reason? Because she is not happy when you are near. If your nearness is a bother to her and she is happy being alone now then what does it say? You don’t have to think too hard about this.

🙅 Reasons why a wife stopped loving you 🙅

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⫸ You are or have cheated on her

⫸ You don’t make her a priority

⫸ You are more interested in other topics but her

⫸ You disrespect her

⫸ You don’t give her the love she deserve

💞 How to maintain and keep your relationship healthy with your wife 

Signs that your wife show to you are an indication for you to take interest in her. There are signs your wife may not have in the beginning but later, it may show up for you to realize what makes the relationship healthy.

To keep the relationship healthy with your wife you simply have to love her and adore her and cherish her with all yourself. She should be the apple of your eye, your most favorite time of any day, your favorite topic to talk about, and your big supporter.

❣️ How to know if your partner is still in love with you❣️

🔎 They show intimacy even on bad days

🔎 They would do anything for you, literally

🔎 They are grateful to you for being around

🔎 They trust and respect you more than anyone

🔎 They share and open up to you about everything


Life is not a race and it is certainly not good to you all the time. There might be bad experiences here and there but we as humans should resolve matters and not create them.

Love is the best gift life can give you. A relationship with “The One” should always be full of love, happiness, and joy. A sacred bond like marriage should be protected at all costs. When the signs tell you that your wife doesn’t love you then be insightful about it. Dig deep and find an answer to fix that for both of you.

May the love blossom forever through our lives.

Relevant Questions

Q: Can your wife fall out of love with you?

A: If you give her a leeway then, of course, she will.

Q: How do you let go of your wife you love?

A: You accept that she will never change for you, and you for her. Only then do you let go.

Q: Why do people cheat on people they love?

A: The reasons for people to cheat are many but most common are commitment issues and lack of trust.

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