Does he have feelings for me? – 42 Clear Signs He’s Interested In you!

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Does he have feelings for me

Are you in a dilemma, thinking about “Does he have feelings for me?” or “Are we just friends?”

Are you not sure about your feelings for the guy who you consider more than just a friend?

Is it difficult for you to tick all the boxes in your list about whether he has feelings for you or not?

I know what you are thinking about and feeling right now. As I love writing practical articles, I have some experience regarding your situation. I have gathered all the information you will need to know exactly what you are looking for.

The internet is a sea of knowledge and finding your answer there can be a bit time-consuming and difficult too. Mostly when it comes to situations like these.

You see, male and female brains work differently. It’s the same organ of our body but our way of thinking and perceiving the world and handling situations are very different. That’s why there is a term called “On the same page”

You want to be sure that there is mutual understanding there between you and him. That’s why I studied some of the content on the internet like from relationship expert “Amy North” and another relationship expert, Me! That’s right.

With our knowledge combined, I will be able to solve this dilemma for you and show you the 42 clear signs that he’s interested in you.

I know it’s a big deal for you when you are unaware of someone’s serious feelings for you. Sometimes we just look over the classic signs and don’t quite understand what’s actually on someone’s mind.

For example, let’s take animals. Male psychology tells us that you have to impress and attract a female mate by doing something grand. Something they can take an interest in.

Something unique that makes the female consider you as a suitable mate. That’s why some male animals do unique things like spreading their colorful feathers to attract females impress them with dance or give them presents considered acceptable in the animal kingdom.

Now we are humans and human psychology is somewhat similar to that of animals too.

We try to attract our mates by impressing them, showing them love, and giving off signs to let them know that we are interested in them. There are many ways to do that.

But to reveal what’s in a man’s subconscious is a hurdle you have to overcome. He will not reveal so easily because, unlike women who can share emotions easily and clearly, men can’t do that.

The brain of male ones is just, complicated.

But men do show signs and that’s exactly what you should look out for. There can be one good sign or a lot of many signs that may indicate he has feelings for you.

Now, we have plenty of signs to cover so let’s dig right into it and see what are those signs.

☸ How to know if he has feelings for you? Here are the 42 Clear Signs He’s Interested In You! ☸

1. His body language says it all

When words fail to convey your intentions, your body will never let you down. That’s something very interesting because body language is very much real. And it can tell you about a person very clearly sometimes.

For example, does he stand near you more often?

Is his face always right in front of you when you speak?

Not in a weird way but is he attentive to you?

Does he offer you a seat near him whenever you want to sit down?

Does he get nervous a bit whenever he is close to you? Does he lean in and try to shorten the gap between you two?

If he is getting near you whenever you speak and if you find him standing beside you almost all the time. Then the guy likes you very much and might have developed strong feelings for you.

2. He listens to you deeply

Women love talking. Everyone knows that. Sometimes the talking might drag on for hours without you noticing its effect on your surroundings but if there is someone who listens to you deeply and can do so all day.

Then clearly he has caught feelings for you.

He listens to your talk, about your day, about your job and study.

Maybe you want to get a graduate degree and he just can’t stop talking with you at length about planning and stuff. He listens to your talk about families, friends, and all those random topics you want.

You find him listening to you and taking an interest in what you have to say.

Then clearly he has strong feelings for you.

3. He loves to spend time with you

This is pretty obvious. If he is spending most of his time with you then it shows signs that he has developed feelings for you.

For example, he is playing games on his phone and he’ll switch it off. Just to hang out with you. Doesn’t it mean something?

Guys love playing video games but he thought spending time with you is more important than playing games.

Similarly, just like that. He isn’t bothered by leaving a big chunk of his usual time to spend time with you.

He loves to be around you and gives more importance to you than his other things. If he clears out his schedule just to be with you, it’s an indication that he has feelings for you.

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4. Eye Contact

He isn’t shy about making eye contact with you. He loves to look you directly in your eyes and tell you something because eye contact is one of the many languages of love.

Whenever you look at him, do you find him staring at you? Does he get shy when you make eye contact with him? Does he respond with a smile when you lock eyes with him?

If that is the case then he loves you and you will know it just by looking at his eyes. There is a famous line “My eyes were made to see you only” – It means he can’t stop looking at you and can’t get enough of you. How romantic!

So, look out for this sign and you will know your answer.

5. Hero Instinct

A hero instinct is a new term that is being used by many men and women.

Some girls want the hero instinct while other girls don’t need them. But you might be asking what is Hero Instinct?

Well, Hero instinct is a trigger in men that women can wake inside them. It means men want to protect their women by nature.

They want to feed you and shower you with things. But importantly, be the hero in your life.

So, some women want that and other women don’t. If you have a guy who is showing his Hero Instinct around you then he might have developed feelings for you.

6. He follows you on social media

When a guy likes you, he will try his best to impress you. Whether it be in real life or on social media. Nowadays, social media is a part of our lives and we spend time there more often now.

Chatting is pretty common these days and our social media apps are filled with our memories in photos, videos, and stories. Everyone needs a mental note of their life and social apps have solved that for us pretty easily.

They also made it easy to understand feelings for other people. That’s right.

Whenever you come online, he’ll start talking with you. He will comment on your new photos and even old ones.

He will give you lengthy compliments instead of short common ones. He will like your photos and appreciate you. In other words, he will give you all the attention you need.

Which is a sign he has feelings for you.

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7. He supports your dreams

Does he talk about you having a mindful and better life? Does he discuss and support your dreams and future? Does he make plans with you on how to achieve your dreams in practical ways?

Man’s brain is a funny thing, that’s no doubt. He is clumsy and silly most of the time and has no idea about certain things.

Like the main signs of having feelings for you. They might be doing that without them knowing just like this. Supporting your dreams.

It’s a big thing to have someone who supports you in achieving something so important in your life. If he is passionate about you succeeding in your life then love is in the air.

8. He smiles when you are with him

He smiles when you are with him
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To make a man fall in love is easy, smile at him. But when a man can’t stop smiling whenever you are around him, it means even more to him. Because at that point, he has already caught feelings for you.

He makes you smile more because you suddenly become his reason to smile.

And that is a very beautiful thing. He is not trying to hide his interest in you and wants you to catch feelings too, just like him.

That’s why his smile tells you about his pure intentions. He loves your company and finds happiness with you. Those are the logical reasons for him to pay attention to you. Love.

Doesn’t that simply answer the question?

9. He contacts you frequently

A guy likes to contact people who they love. That’s a no-brainer. If someone makes excuses just to have a chat with you or call you more frequently, then his feelings might have developed for you.

During the day, since morning, he messages you and when you fall asleep, there is always a good night text from him.

Whenever there is a special occasion, it doesn’t take him time to congratulate you or give you a proper chat or call. He wants to make a good impression on you and have long conversations with you.

Every time you look at your phone, the most calls or messages are from him.

It means, the guy likes you and is not trying to hide it from you by contacting you frequently.

10. He gets jealous

Guys feel jealous when you show interest in some other guy than him.

It’s a natural feeling to feel jealous when you have feelings for someone. Also, it’s a sign to know if a guy loves you or not.

So, even when you talk with your good friends and or friends who are close to you, and he shows a sign of jealousy. Then he has serious feelings for you and you should know that.

He will think about other guys and mutual friends too who might be interested in you, that’s why he is feeling jealous because the thought of you being with other guys is unbearable for him.

And he will only feel that when he has feelings for you.

11. He wants to be near you

Some of the famous theories suggest that if somebody has feelings for you, they will try to stay near you all the time.

That being said, if you are wondering if someone has feelings for you then see his behavior in movements.

He has many friends in his life but the big difference here is you. You are more than just a friend. And he wants you to feel the same way as him.

He can’t tell you directly, but he is telling you indirectly that he has feelings for you by being near you most of the time.

12. Your lips are all on his mind

There are many complicated feelings involved when a man wants to fall in love with someone. He thinks about how to convey his feelings in a way that might be acceptable to you. And your face is all on his mind. Which makes things a bit complicated.

He understands sex is a part of a relationship. He gets that. But at the same time, he gives more preference to kissing you randomly. All he does is kiss and kiss.

He showers you with kisses and affection outside the bedroom and is not shy about it. He kisses you deeply and locks eyes with you.

Again, his clear understanding of sex is important but he wants to show you something more with all his kisses. His true feelings for you. He doesn’t want a short-term fling with you but rather his whole body is yearning to make you his forever.

13. He compliments you

Girls love getting compliments from men. It’s pretty common for men to shower you with cheesy and effective compliments here and there.

But some compliments hold greater meaning and they reach right to the core of your very soul. If he compliments you all the time and lets you know what he thinks of you.

Appreciate your beauty, your style, and your personality then he has strong feelings for you.

14. He respects you

Respect is what we need in every relationship. When a guy feels the “Hero Instinct” trigger, he will most definitely respect you because he sees you as someone he can depend on.

That’s why he shows respect to you wherever you are. He thinks of you as a great woman who can make him happiest.

The reason is that he has feelings for you, of course! It’s one of the main signs of getting to know about a guy’s feelings. Being respectful to you is his way of telling you how he feels about you and how precious you are in his life. All you have to do now is to pull out the words from him.

15. He shares with you

He shares with you

He shares everything with you! His favorite food, his favorite movie, his best friends, his family, his hobbies, his secrets. He is not ashamed to tell you about his strengths and weaknesses.

He feels comfortable sharing everything with you. Why? Because he knows that you care. And soon your care has made him harbor feelings for you. If you think the same way as he does then love is in the air already.

16. He is by your side

You have to understand that some guys are badly burnt in their life. They didn’t ask for it but it happens to anyone. And that makes them have some commitment issues.

But one of the classic signs of someone having feelings for you is that they try to stay beside you through everything.

It’s a big deal for guys because that way they can show you they genuinely care about you and will be there for you all the time. If you have a guy who is always by your side and whenever you need something, he delivers it to you before the time.

Then he wants to make a good impression on you because he has feelings for you.

17. He makes excuses to be with you

If someone has strong feelings for you, they will do anything, literally, anything! to spend time with you. Make excuses to friends and family too.

If he does all that just to have long conversations with you then it’s a sign he is falling in love with you. Because your presence is more important than anything else to him. You are what lights up his world. And you should be aware of this sign.

18. He is excited when he’s with you

Is he a bit “Extra Happy” when he sees you somewhere? Is he smiling and laughing whenever you speak or talk? Does he make that face of someone in love whenever he is near you?

If he is excited to see you or when you talk with him then he has fallen in love with you. He can’t stop smiling because he is with the girl he loves and his face and excitement can tell you all of that easily.

19. He confesses

The easiest way would be if he confessed to you directly. Maybe the thought of you being with other guys might give him the courage to finally take you on a romantic date, ask you a few personal questions, give you the best time, and open his heart to you.

He will simply answer your curiosity by telling you to direct how he feels about you.

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20. He wants to know all about you

Love can be explained in many ways and one of them is by a curiosity about someone you love. The more you show interest in trying to know them, the more they will know you care.

If he makes a huge effort to know your likes, dislikes, your favorite things, etc. If he wants to know you better and more every day, he has feelings for you. And he is planning to tell you just that.

Knowing you better will help him too to tell you his feelings at the right time and right place.

21. He lets you meet his friends and family

When a guy introduces you to his friends and family, it’s a huge step and a clear indication that you hold great importance in his life. He won’t do that if he doesn’t trust you.

So, if he lets you hang out with his friends and family then he will catch feelings for you soon because his relatives will tell you even if he doesn’t!

22. He is shy

He is shy

Guys don’t feel shy most often. As a relationship expert, I can assure you that if someone is shy with you. If he blushes when you look at him then he might have feelings for you.

Being shy means he is affectionate towards you and considers you the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He is shy for a reason and that reason is love!

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23. He won’t say “No” to you

Whenever you need help from him, he always says “Yes! Of course” to you. In his dictionary, the word “No” doesn’t exist for you because he has feelings for you. He wants to impress you and be there for you no matter what. Whatever you ask for him, he wants to deliver it to you without any hassle.

He wants to make you happiest and be the hero in your life.

24. He flirts with you

Men flirt with women. A lot! That’s common everywhere. You need an ice-breaker to talk to women right? They want fun guys and someone worth spending their time with.

If he is flirting with you a lot then he wants to have a deep connection with you. His glances, staring, and flirty talks give him away. Such flirts show signs of how much feelings he has for you. The occasional flirts can bring out his true intentions and feelings for you.

25. He opens up to you

Even if you ask a few secret questions from him, he answers them to you without any problem. Things that he hasn’t told anyone, he tells you. It’s a good sign to know if someone loves you when they can open up to you and feel comfortable while doing that.

26. He is clumsy and nervous

Guys can get pretty awkward when it comes to telling about their hearts. They get clumsy and nervous when serious talk is about to happen because in their minds thousands of negative thoughts are popping up.

He’ll start telling you his heart only when he feels comfortable but when you stand in front of him, all he feels is nervousness. Because his feelings for you are just too much and he can’t bring himself to tell you directly.

That’s a sign he might be falling in love with you.

27. He gives you the importance

He gives you the importance

Of all the people in his life, he gives you the most importance. Whenever there is a special occasion, he first thinks of you to share his news with. No matter where or what happens, he considers you to be his no.1 priority.

Giving importance to someone holds greater meaning.

Hidden inside it is a deep love for you, that’s why he gives you the most importance. Because he loves you the most. You should catch on to this sign pretty quickly by looking at his behavior towards you.

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28. He asks your opinion when making decisions

When your opinions matter to him in his every decision then the sign he loves you is pretty obvious.

He tells you and asks you about whether he should consider something or not. No matter what it is, he has to run it by you because your word means the most to him. If he is involving you in his decision makings then he has feelings for you.

29. He is a hopeless romantic

He is a believer in love. And he feels that connection with you only. He tries his best to show you with his gestures, his romantic talks, and funny conversations. He tries to make you laugh and loves that. He loves to see you and will do anything for you.

His fantasy and dreams include you. His thoughts are everywhere and that everywhere is filled with just you two. He has an infinite amount of energy to let you know indirectly that he has feelings for you.

30. He recommends love songs to you

He takes up any chance to let you know he has feelings for you. And one of them is to share love songs with you. There is a hidden meaning in some of the gestures that guys show you like sharing love songs with you.

Sometimes the lyrics say it all, doesn’t it? Awe! So romantic! He has feelings for you no doubt about it.

31. He wants you to watch a specific movie

Just like songs, another way is to recommend a very specific movie to you. Maybe the story is related to you two or the actors just portray the behavior like you or him. It’s a subtle way to let someone know you have feelings for them.

If he let you watch something like that, then he has feelings for you. And he has had it for a long time.

32. He tells you everything about himself

He is not trying to hide anything from you. Whether it be an experience with someone or his ex. He doesn’t waver one bit in telling you exactly how he feels and shares everything related to him with you. No matter how personal it is.

It’s a sign that he trusts you and has feelings for you.

33. He asks you questions, a lot!

Man’s brain constantly makes them seek things. Whether it be information, knowledge, or getting to know someone.

If he is asking you questions after questions. And every day he asks you new things about yourself then he wants to know you better than anyone else. He may ask about your favorite food or favorite TV show or your favorite spot in the city!

All these random questions from you mean he considers you to be his only and that’s why he is trying to know you well.

34. He remembers your words

He remembers the things you say to him. The words you speak are music to his ears and he just can’t get enough of you. The more you tell him things the more he wants to remember what you say because it means to him.

If he remembers your talks and things that you have said to him then he might be in love with you. Most women don’t give importance to this sign so you should be aware of it.

35. He gives you gifts

Showering you with gifts is his way of telling you how he feels about you. He can give it to any other person but he specifically chooses you every time he wants to give a gift to someone.

This is a clear indication of his affection and love for you. It’s a sign and you should understand this male psychology because with words they can’t tell you how they feel, but with gifts. They can!

36. He’ll switch off his phone

When he is with you, he doesn’t want to be disturbed. He wants to give you undivided attention and absorb everything you have to give to him. Your time, your conversations, and all the gestures. He doesn’t want to miss you for one second.

It’s one way of knowing if someone has feelings for you.

37. Your name is on his lips all the time

Does your name always come up during his conversations? Does he call your name more than any normal person should?

Mentioning your name every time is his way of telling you he has feelings for you. It’s a small sign but hey, every small thing matters.

38. He texts you after your romantic date

He cannot wait to tell you how he feels when you go on a date with him. He is excited to tell you every detail about his feelings and wants you to know how much you mean to him.

If he is swift about texting you after a date then he is growing feelings for you.

39. He is sweet to you

He is sweet towards you. He showers you with sweet gestures wherever he sees you. It can be a warm hug letting you sit near the A/C or treating you to your favorite meal. All these sweet gestures for you have hidden feelings inside them. And those are his love and massive care for you.

40. Talk about soulmates!

When your conversations with him slowly and gradually take a turn towards more about being soulmates and how you guys were made for each other. or How much in sync you both are then it shows signs that he has feelings for you.

41. He lets you see his weaknesses

Men don’t easily show weakness to women. It hurts their pride and that’s just how their brain works. They want to feel like the strongest man, someone who is capable of protecting you. Like ” The Hero Instinct”

But if you are with a guy who is not shy or hesitant about showing you his weakness then he trusts you very much. He thinks of you as a capable woman and lets you peek inside his heart and soul. By sharing his weaknesses with you, he is showing the real him to you. And only men who have feelings for you will ever do that.

42. He is reliable and capable

He defends you. In conversations and behind your back. If someone talks bad about you, he is always there to set things straight and have your back. He is someone you can rely on and is very much capable of being with you.

He is reliable because you are the most precious thing for him, that’s why he lets you rely on him. He has feelings for you, that’s why he is defending you and protecting you from either direct or indirect harm.

His reliability shows signs of him being in love with you.

☫ Signs that you’re just friends ☫

➔ He talks about other girls with you.

➔ He calls you buddy or friend.

➔ His schedule is always full when it comes to hanging out with you.

➔ You see each other only when in groups.

➔ He asks you about your boyfriend on dates.

➔ He doesn’t reply to your texts as much as he should.

➔ He doesn’t like you very much.

➔ He ignores you in public.

➔ It doesn’t matter to him if he doesn’t get in contact with you for a long time.

➔ He always brings up the word “Friendship” with you.

❖ Different body language of a man interested in you 

Body language is a great way to communicate your inner feelings to someone. And to understand body language, you have to understand a man first.

When a man is interested in you he might not be so clear with words, but with body language, he will be able to make you think about what’s going on in his mind.

To understand the many ways how body language portrays emotions and feelings, I will share them with you in the form of a list. So let’s see what are they! These are for sure signs which show a man is interested in you. This will help you read men easily and quickly!

⇨ He will show you his muscles.

⇨ He will look deeply into your eyes.

⇨ He will touch your back, romantically.

⇨ He will make you laugh with his funny faces or gestures.

⇨ He will get closer to you and shorten the gap.

⇨ His lips will be partly open.

⇨ His voice will be sweet and calm.

⇨ His facial expressions will be clear.

⇨ He will preen himself.

⇨ He will get shy when he stares at you for long.

〠 Personal questions to ask to know if a person has feelings for you 〠

These are some of the questions which might help you find if the person is in love with you.

➼ What is the most important thing you look for in a girl?

➼ Will you be down for some spontaneous dating?

➼ What is your favorite topic to talk about?

➼ What kind of date is your favorite?

➼ What do you think about soulmates?

➼ What is the definition of happiness to you?

➼ How old were you when you realized love?

➼ Do you like spending time with me?

➼ What do you think about me? Am I girlfriend material?

➼ What does love mean to you?

➼ Is there any girl you have a crush on?

➼ What is your favorite movie or song?

➼ If I cook for you one day, will you compliment me or say it’s horrible?

➼ How do you think is the best way to express love to other people?

➼ How would you know if someone is in love with you?

∎ Conclusions ∎

Men find it difficult to express their emotions easily to women. But it doesn’t mean that love is not there. You should always look for signs that I mentioned in the article to understand what every sign means. Men may not be able to use words directly, but they can most certainly show you their love in a different way. And that itself is a beautiful thing.

So, to conclude everything. Look for the signs to get an answer to your question about if he has feelings for you or not. When a guy likes you, he will do everything to impress you. And when he gets confused about how to tell you exactly how he feels, he will do one of the signs above we have studied in detail. Then you will know, about his love and care for you. I hope this all helps you find exactly what you are looking for. Good Luck!

⋇ Relevant Questions ⋇

Q: Is he confused about his feelings for me?

A: Sometimes it’s difficult for men to properly understand their feelings. He might be confused at first but the signs will give you a more precise answer than his words.

Q: How do you tell if a guy secretly has feelings for you?

A: By looking at the signs he shows you. It can be in his eyes, his gestures, his personality. It can be anything. You have to take notice of them.

Q: What are some red flags in a guy?

A: He is overprotective, he gets jealous for no reason, he stalks you on the internet, he uses you just for sex, etc.

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Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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