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Best 29 Things What Men Want In A Relationship

What men want in a relationship is a type of knowledge that can only be decoded by women who want a healthy relationship in their lives.

Men find it very difficult to express their feelings, emotions, and thoughts clearly because of their nature. Unlike women, who can express their feelings more clearly.

In all relationships, women are more expressive than men. They are very clear with their words, talks, and feelings about what they want in a relationship. But men don’t know exactly what they want.

And even though they know, they can’t express that easily to women. Men don’t often talk about their emotional needs or what men crave in physical intimacy from their partner or there can be any particular reason that can make men hesitant to share their thoughts and feelings about the relationship.

Women are emotionally mature and they build healthy relationships with a deep sense of what’s important and what is best for a great relationship.

They are emotionally mature from a very young age and that’s where men are different. They might be clumsy, doubtful, or have low self-esteem with a curious mind.

Most men want a healthy relationship even if they don’t talk about it or express it clearly. They want physical intimacy, emotional intimacy, a loving partner, someone who can surprise them with romantic gestures, who can get rid of their negative emotions or thoughts, and who can spend time with them all their life. One person. One woman. One life partner.

So if you have found yourself a man and are in a relationship with him. There are certain things that men want in a relationship and you should be aware of those things if they are not telling you that.

Don’t worry. We got you. If you are curious about what are those things then you are in the right place.

It’s always good to know what your partner wants from you in a relationship. That’s how you build a healthy relationship as well. So without wasting any more time, here are the best 29 things that men want in a relationship from women. We have a long list to cover so let’s get started and dig right deep into it.

🕴️ Here are the best 29 things that men want in a relationship 🕴️

1. Men crave emotional intimacy

What men want in a relationship is emotional intimacy from their partner.

As I have mentioned, men don’t often show their true feelings easily. Feelings related to sadness, love, hurt, past, or any other emotion.

They don’t want to show themselves as weak in the relationship instead they want you to understand them even without them saying anything about it. They don’t want you to see they are vulnerable to pain, concerns, self-doubt, fears, etc. Even when they don’t want any of those things, they want women or their life partners to understand them and crave emotional intimacy from them.

They do want your support by making yourself available at all times to listen to their problems, secrets, deepest feelings, and fears.

So be there for them when they need you emotionally. When they are down or in deep thought, talk to them.

Men may not say it but they do need your support. They hope you are the person who can understand a man’s heart. And that’s what you should be aware of when getting into a relationship with a man.

2. Men need respect

Men need respect
Photo credit: Pexels.com

Man is a figure of respect. They expect to be respected at all times in a relationship. Men tend to make this their priority no.1 in all relationships of their life.

Whether it be with friends, family, or work. They want respect from everyone and I believe everyone needs that.

Relationships with respect present in them often become long healthy relationships. Women, men, and everyone need respect in their lives.

Men highly value respect. If you want to make a man happy then give them respect. They will value you for all their life and make you feel appreciated at all times because you gave them the respect they deserve.

They will not look for any other woman that way because they will consider you their top priority, you will be his ideal woman or in the future, a perfect wife!

3. Men desire and seek honesty from their partner

Nobody likes lying. Especially not men. One of the main reasons for breakups in relationships is lying. The more you lie, the more your relationship will suffer.

That’s why men seek honesty from their partners. They want to hear the truth no matter how scary it is. They don’t want a disloyal or dishonest partner but they seek and want an honest one. Because relationships are built on trust and without trust, it will only fall.

Men want to be able to trust you completely. They don’t want you acting weirdly or keeping the truth hidden from him.

They want to be aware of the truth in any situation. So always be honest and straightforward with your partner. Never lie to them and tell them everything that’s happening. Be honest about it.

4. Men want to be your hero

Men always want to be your hero.

They want women to give them opportunities to display their hero instincts or masculinity. They want that in a relationship because it makes them feel needed by their girlfriend, wife, or partner.

They want to step up for you in situations that may be scary to you or harmful to you.

When you get impressed by their gestures, they feel like Superman! They feel competent by doing things for you or completing your requests.

What you can do is simply ask him for valuable advice ask him to move a sofa or tell him how there is a spider that needs a rescue.

Small things like this trigger the hero instinct inside them. It’s all healthy for the relationship because he will make sure you are protected at all costs and that is really what they look for in a healthy relationship. The hero instinct that only one person can trigger, you!

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5. Men want you to be a bit playful

When you spend time with your partner for a long time, you get to know them a lot better. You know about the safe space for each other, you know each other boundaries and you mostly do the same things that you love to do.

In life, we have our own set of activities that we consider fun but having a partner who takes part in your fun activities is a treasure!

Men love a partner who is playful in the relationship. Someone who has a great sense of humor and someone who does not take all things very seriously. Someone who can make their time more enjoyable and happier.

For example, whenever you have free time, you play video games with him. Laugh at his silly jokes or watch a movie together but behave like kiddos. You tease him a lot or do harmless pranks on him.

Being a little playful can really make your relationship grow that’s why men seek that in their partner.

6. Men want to be praised

Men want a strong woman who can praise them whenever they achieve something, big or small.

It’s not just achievement but men want to be praised daily about how they look, how they are doing in life, how they are managing everything, how they are keeping the family together etc.

They don’t want to feel inadequate or not enough for their partner.

They want to be acknowledged and praised by the one person whom they consider his world. They want to be reminded by you how great they are doing and how you support them.

They consider this an important factor in relationships because we all know how much men struggle emotionally as they cannot express feelings very well.

Your words of appreciation will make them feel a lot better and will make them feel loved, wanted, and supported.

Nothing is more beautiful in this world than love. And with love, respect, and support, all relationships will last forever.

So, let your praise loose and show them how capable they are.

7. Men want the attraction

Men don’t like the attraction to fade away from a relationship. They want it to last forever.

That’s what they require from you to feel attracted to them no matter how far you are in the relationship with them.

It’s a sign of a healthy man and loyal man who is not looking for other women except you. They know it’s the wrong thing to do. That’s why they want to be attracted only to you. And only you can make him feel that. Make him feel loved, accepted, feel attracted.

Sex is not the only thing that makes a man happy. Many other things besides physical love can create attraction in a loving bond.

Instead, talk with them. Talk about how you met the first time, tell them how much you love them, tell them how you are wife material, and how much they mean the world to you.

Attraction is a connection between two souls and two bodies. And with time it should grow stronger, not fade.

Have a positive attitude and give him things that he requires. It can be sex fulfilling his fantasy or just anything that can keep the attraction alive in the relationship.

It’s a big deal and an important factor to keep a relationship healthy. Instead of spending alone time with the phone, spend it with him. And see how the attraction gets stronger.

8. Men want clear communications

Women tend to communicate much better than men. But it doesn’t mean men don’t like to communicate. They just want to have as clear communication as possible.

That is the difference between a male brain and a female brain. Girls love to talk, we all are aware of that. But there are times it can go for long and often they get sidetracked from the actual point that is being discussed.

Clear communication from you will help resolve problems that you are facing in a relationship, it will help you understand each other much better, it will build your relationship, and make it grow towards a positive future.

When you try communicating with him clearly, he will feel you are paying attention to what he is saying. That will make him love you even more and will increase his respect for you.

Communication is the very important key which is what men want in a relationship. And only you as a wife, as his partner or girlfriend can give it to him.

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9. Men desire romantic gestures

One of the common stereotypes or misconceptions is that only women want romance from men in their relationship and not men. It’s wrong.

Men require romance from their partners as much as women do. They want their time spent with their partner to be full of love, romance, and utmost happiness.

They don’t want to always initiate sex but they want women to initiate sex too by giving them romantic moments, gifts, and time.

It can be anything that they find attractive about you. A new outfit, a sexy dress, a new makeover, maybe something he wanted for a long time. The little things that can make him happy.

A small romantic message can really make him fall in love with you over and over again. A surprise gift can make him smile like never before.

A spontaneous hug or kiss can really brighten up his day. Cooking a new dish for him will make his heart melt with your romance.

Men want to feel loved by their partners. They want that kind of help and respect from you. How you try your best to make him feel loved.

So be a romantic in the relationship to let your man know how much he means to you. He will love you for it.

10. Men want to be encouraged

Photo credit: Pexels.com

Women, and men both want the same thing. Encouragement. A partner who can tell us every day that we are doing a good job, we got this, I am here to support you. Such words of encouragement become a solid foundation for a relationship that will never let it fall.

Encouraging each other’s career paths and paving the way to reach our final destination is a very supportive thing to do.

It creates a perfect balance for the long haul in a relationship because encouragement means you deeply care about that person. And many men will respect you for that.

We might be encouraged at some point in our lives by our friends or families but when we decide to settle down, there is only one person who will support and encourage us every day, and that is our one and only partner. Our friends will be present too but not as much as our partners.

Men seek that from you. They want to be encouraged, they want to be shown what’s coming in the future, they want you to be a supporter in their life.

They might become weak, may suffer from divulging fears, and may have concerns. That’s where you will hold his hand and tell him it’s okay. It’s alright. I am here for you whenever you need me. You got this. I believe in you. Small words but heavy meaning, right?

11. Men want commitment

Men want you to be living in a safe space, safe environment, and safe surroundings.

They want you to protect yourself from harm and shower you with everything that you ask of them. They don’t need reasons to love you except for one thing, commitment. Men want you to give your whole self to them to complete them.

They don’t want to wake up every day with a doubt in their mind that you will leave someday. But what they need is 100% full commitment from you in a relationship. They want to be assured that you are in this for the long haul.

They want you to choose them over other great guys who are out there. Not because they are comparing themselves, but because they are unique as well.

Your commitment to men will show them how much you value the relationship and that will really make them happy. Commitment is a two-way street and everyone should be aware of that.

12. Men want women who are confident and independent

Men usually seek women who are genuinely confident in themselves and can live independently even without them.

They want someone who is not always dependent on them, family, or friends. They seek that from women in a relationship because it calms them in a way that they know they will be able to live, even if they are not present in their lives.

Men think way far ahead in the future when it comes to serious things like a great relationship. That’s why they want someone by their side who is not complaining much.

Who is not insecure and someone who is not always suspicious. Insecurity often makes people suspicious which creates problems in relationships. Men don’t want that. They want a girl who is confident in having them in their life and can cope with anything that might damage the relationship.

Showing confidence and independence in a relationship will make men respect you. They will consider you as wife material and if truth be told, men really do want that most of the time.

So show them that you are a force to be reckoned with and they will know how a strong partner you are. The best in the whole wide world.

13. Men want women to understand them

Even though men are the kind of beings who cannot express their emotions and feelings clearly, they still want to be understood in any kind of relationship. They might give you some signs about them which will indicate what’s going on inside their mind and heart, you have to catch on to those signs. You have to decode this mysterious part about the man.

It might be no surprise to you but understanding each other is a very important factor in any kind of relationship.

That creates many opportunities for you to know each other qualities, likes, dislikes, etc better. They want you to understand their hobbies, their space, their boundaries, everything.

They might make mistakes which is okay. You have to show support to them and let them know what’s wrong and right. Or how to make things right. They want you to accept them, support them, and encourage them. If they hurt you, let them know that.

If they make a mistake, point it out to them. Let them know you understand them. That’s what they truly want. How will they grow if they can’t even see their own mistakes?

14. Men want honesty and trust

Photo credit: Pexels.com

Besides respect, men also want honesty and trust the most in a relationship. They don’t want to spend their life with a liar.

They are not the kind of a little boy who doesn’t understand what’s true and what’s a lie. They are mature enough to understand things that are happening in the relationship.

Men don’t like dark little secrets in a relationship. Instead, they want a partner whom they can completely trust. It’s a top priority for men.

They want it and need it to secure their life. When you are telling true things in a relationship it creates a healthy environment and positive energy. You both feel happier because, with honesty, you can trust your partner completely and you will know they will never cheat on you. They will never try to break your trust.

Ask any man, he will tell you that trust is the basic necessity to live happily.

Honesty is the best policy.

Even I remember this saying as a little boy and now we all know how much important it is, to be honest with everyone. Be smart, honest, and truthful.

15. Men want to be accepted

Men don’t want to be treated differently just because they are a bit slow in showing feelings or emotions. They still want to be accepted by girls because they are just doing what nature has put inside them. They might not say it loudly but deep down, they want to be loved. They want to be craved for. They want you to make them the happiest people on earth.

Everyone is different and uniqueness is what differentiates all human beings in the world. There is no perfect human.

That’s why men want to be accepted by their partners just as they are. They don’t want you to compare them to other guys. They don’t want to be judged based on how they look what race they are from or what kind of cultural background they have.

Instead of judging them show more acceptance to them. They want that. Acceptance. Don’t ever belittle him in public but tell him your honest feelings and thoughts privately. That’s what men want. Treat them like they are unique and they will do the same to you.

16. Men want faithfulness

Men want a life companion. A stable, secure, trustworthy person whom they can lean on and depend on to help them through everything. That will only come when you are faithful to your partner. Men desire that faithfulness, to keep the relationship concrete, intact, and strong. Having mutual trust is one of the priorities men want in a relationship. Never cheat on them as someone’s wife or girlfriend.

Never break a man’s trust because he will hate you for it. There might be some kind of man who can forgive even the most horrible mistakes but not every man will do that.

Never have sex with someone else when you are in a relationship already. Unfaithfulness will only make your life more miserable. Instead, be faithful, be supportive, and be the kind of person who reassures men that you have only eyes for them.

17. Men want true love

We all have seen the love that is shown on our screen during movies, TV shows, or internet videos. We all also know that they are just actors who are portraying a character that is written in a made-up story. Or it can be a real story as well but when we see those, we all want that kind of true love.

A relationship filled with true love is an everlasting gift that you can give to any man. They seek true love all their lives. They want to have the kind of love that is true, deep, and pure. Men don’t want to jump from one girl to another, they want to settle down, build a home, and secure their future with “The One” and that can only happen when you nurture the relationship with true love. Loving them at all times is a sign of true love.

18. Men want a deep connection in the relationship

Men require a partner which is a deep sense or a deep connection that holds them together. They want something unique, something that goes much deeper than the physical body. A connection of souls.

Showing them that you understand them completely, you accept them for who they are, you help them grow, you make them a better person and you go beyond people’s imagination for your true partner is a sign you have a deep connection with them.

And that is a very beautiful thing in a relationship. Men want you to deeply connect with them, know all about their weaknesses and strengths, know all about their secrets, completely get them, etc.

A deep connection like that will truly make the relationship blossom.

19. Men want their partner to have common interests

All men desire a mate who has common interests with them. It can be hobbies, likes/dislikes, types of movies, music genres, favorite food, favorite city or place, etc. They seek that because having similar interests sparks up a connection between each other.

When you have similar tastes in things with your mate, you both stay happy in your relationship. And that strengthens it too. Talking about common interests really puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it? Someone who can understand you quite well based on similar interests.

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20. Men want sex

This doesn’t even need an explanation. Two things in this world have a way to a man’s heart. Food and sex. Sex in a relationship is like glue, it holds each other together. Physical intimacy, trying different moves, and having a sexual life a signs of a happy relationship. You both craving for each other and satisfying each other physically and sexually is simply amazing.

Sex makes a man happy, there is no need to talk about that. They want sex and they need sex. So give them that and make them happiest. They seek sex in a relationship and I think we all know that already.

21. Men want you to reassure them about being together

Photo credit: Pexels.com

Even though men cannot be good at expressing things, they still require a woman’s touch, a woman’s words, and a woman’s mind to constantly reassure them that you are with them, no matter what. They are like little kids when it comes to serious things like relationships. Girls are more emotionally mature than men and that’s why they seek that from their wife or their love.

They don’t want to live in fear, thinking that you might leave one day. They don’t want to spend alone time with themselves after getting you. They want to spend time with you, their true love. That’s why you have to keep reassuring them that you are not going to leave them alone. You will be there to support and respect them. Tell them in small gestures like cuddling, holding hands, with your words, with your warmth and love. That will make them feel secure and comfortable.

22. Men desire spontaneity and uniqueness in a relationship

Relationships do get boring over the years. It’s a statement that might be scary but it’s true. And that’s what men fear as well. They don’t want the magic to be gone. They want to save it, savor it, and have it throughout their lives. They desire that from girls to give them uniqueness in the relationship.

Try something new with them. It’s an adventure in any way. Take on a different hobby with your spouse, do something you have never done before with your spouse, go travel to a different city, try a new outfit, do a makeover, etc. Keeping uniqueness in the relationship will make the man love you more and more every day. That’s what they seek.

23. Men desire space in a relationship

Men want you to respect their boundaries. You don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable or hate you by pushing their boundaries for too long. They are very passionate about you but will not tolerate if you push too much. There is a line that they draw and you should never cross that line. It doesn’t mean they are naturally angry, no. It just means having respect in the relationship by not crossing boundaries will make them happy.

Give them their space. If they want to see their friends or family, let them. They can’t always be with you all the time. They might be committed to you but there are other people too who they want to see. Or maybe he just wants to spend some alone time with himself. Giving space to each other is one of the priorities of men in a relationship.

24. Men desire unconditional love

Photo credit: Pexels.com

Men want the unconditional type of love. The kind of love that will never waver. The love that will never fade even if there is something wrong. The kind of love that is not based on conditions. Love them when they are rich, as well as when they are poor. Love them when they are healthy, as well as when sick. True love, that is pure. That is what makes a man happy. That is what stops them from seeing other girls. That’s what they want, a great relationship with you.

25. Men want stability and growth in a relationship

Stability and growth in a relationship are required by men because they keep it all together. Family, relations, and love. It secures that connection we have with our significant other. They want to grow with their spouse in the relationship, become mature, and become a better version of themselves. It creates a perfect balance because having a stable relationship means you have won in life already.

Moving forward with your true love is truly a wonderful thing. It matures you into a fine human being. And having someone like that is truly a blessing. Believe me, men will appreciate you very much if you are the one who is mature and the one who stabilizes the relationship.

26. Men want someone who pampers them

It’s a common misconception that men don’t want to be pampered like men. They do want to be pampered, they do want to be treated as same as you. They love that! Even though they don’t want to say that deep down all men want that.

They don’t want a typical spouse who believes in stereotypes like this one. They want to feel good too. They want to receive gifts too. They want to feel the same way as you do when they pamper you. Who doesn’t love to be pampered with gifts, love, affection, attention, and care?

27. Men want fun in a relationship

Fun in a relationship is a healthy sign. Many men would want that in their relationship because nobody likes to be bored. Not you, neither them. They want their love to be fun, playful, and exciting! Not boring. They want to have as much fun as possible with you because they enjoy spending that time with you. They enjoy and love to see you smile and make them smile.

28. Men want to be loved like none other

Photo credit: Pexels.com

Men want to be loved like they are your only ones. They feel very jealous when you share some of that with your family members friends or anybody else. They don’t like that. They want you to have eyes only for them in the relationship. You can see how girls are emotionally mature than most men because they can behave like this too. But it’s cute! It’s not bad actually that they don’t want to feel jealous. They want to be unique too.

They have this fantasy in their mind about you that only you can fulfill. That’s what they seek in the relationship. A love like no other. A fairy tale of their own.

29. Men want wife material in a relationship

Most men want to settle down. They don’t want to jump from one relationship to another. They want a partner for life that can stay with them forever and even beyond that. They want that kind of love with their wife. All the time they are looking for someone who will stay beside them through thick and thin. In health and sickness.

You can prove to them that you are ” The One ” who they are looking for and see how it strums their hearts. They will be loyal to you forever. They crave that kind of thing in girls. They might not say much about it but they do notice it. So look out for that.

🕺 What seven things do men want in a woman?

🎈 They want commitment – Someone who will stay by their side

🎈 They want wife material – Someone who desires home and kids

🎈 They want good looks – Sexiness and beauty is desired by men

🎈 They want intelligence – Someone who is educated and is smart

🎈 They want faithfulness- Someone who will always be faithful

🎈 They seek good character – Dependable and honest personality

🎈 They want true love – They want a soulmate with a deep connection

💃 Traits Men want in a wife 💃

➤ She is compassionate

➤ She is supportive

➤ She is peace-seeking

➤ She is loyal and affectionate

➤ She is respectful

➤ She shares similar values

➤ She is independent

➤ She is accepting

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Ways to Get and Give Emotional Support 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

➥ Giving a touch full of love, compassion, and support

➥ Speaking in a loving tone and smiling brightly

➥ Listening deeply and attentively to their words

➥ Be present, never make them feel alone

➥ Saying the sweetest things like ” I Love You”, and ” I am Here “

➥ Show gratitude and appreciate each other

➥ Shower them with unexpected compliments

➥ Show empathy and try to understand them

➥ Take their burden away by giving them a helping hand

☀ What is the first thing guys notice about you?

Your beauty. That’s the first thing that any guy will notice about you. Your charming looks, your sexiness, your cuteness, the way you smile, the way you dress, the way your hair looks. Everything starts from their eyes and the first thing they notice is your looks.

Some guys are different too like they will first notice your personality or how the way you talk. Who do you hang out with and just how is your personality? They will notice that as well. It doesn’t mean guy who goes for looks are bad, it’s just in men’s nature to go for looks first.

♨ What do men want in a woman?♨

There are many things that men want but some of the things I have discussed already. Here are the few things that men want in a woman:

➽ Brains

Men love intelligence. They want someone who has an opinion of their own. Someone who looks further in the future. Someone who is a part of decision-making in a relationship.

➽ Communication

Men desire communication as much as women do. They want someone clear and concise with their words. They want to be aware of what’s going on inside your mind.

➽ Love

Love needs no explanation. Every man needs that. Every man wants that.

➽ Sex

They want sex. Always. They want sex from a sexy woman who craves them.

➽ Manners

Men want someone who has some manners. Being kind and respectful is very charming to men. They don’t like an angry woman or someone who throws tantrums all the time.

☸ What does a man want in a long-term relationship? ☸

For a long-term relationship, all that men want is trust, stability, love, sex, commitment, and faithfulness. That’s all. They want to spend their lives happily with someone who gives them the best memories. They want to laugh every day, that’s how they will the relationship a long-term one. They want to have a family, they want someone who wants kids, who wants to spend their time with them. Who feel comfortable with them.

Things that men want in a long-term relationship are trust, physical intimacy, understanding, space, reassurance, love, and support.

💞 How does a man feel when he is in love? 💞

He feels happiest. Happiest he can ever be! Love is something that creates magic in our lives and having that is just a pure blessing. They feel complete when they fall in love with someone.

They feel they have found their twin flame, their soulmate! They feel joyous, relaxed, and happy. They feel extraordinary. They feel a sense of euphoria. Their hearts begin to beat faster, they start creating lovely scenarios in their head and all they can feel is, well, happiest!

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

Men might want many things in the relationship but might not be able to tell you clearly or exactly what they want. That’s where you have to study their behavior, and signs and do some mind-reading to extract that information out of them.

Men are clumsy beings and will not open up quite easily but with many studies and a lot of searches, we have found the best things that they want in a relationship. So, use them wisely. Peel every layer of your man and know what he seeks from you in a relationship. You might have a better idea by now.

Don’t worry, he will always be the man who loves you with all his heart and soul. Just know what they want from you and even try to surprise them with this article that, you already know!

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