How To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You: 31 Guides For You

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Our lives are incomplete without love. Love is one of the things that makes us human. Finding love has been through many traditions throughout the ages.

In the modern-day scenario, dating has taken an interesting turn with the massive advancements in technology. Digital interactions need no eye contact. However, the fundamental things that make or break a relationship more or less remain the same.

Men and women share some usual and also, some very different preferences for what they want in their partners. In that matter, most women prefer outgoing, outspoken, and tough-natured men, as these characteristics are a sort of standard for men who want to get a date.

However, these are not the only characteristics a woman wants in a man. On the contrary, some women don’t like ‘tough’ men, as they can fail to understand the complex emotions of women.

Instead, they look for signs a shy guy has. This type of man is quiet, although he can communicate his thoughts.

They are no less than other men; according to studies, they are good listeners and good friends. This type of man pays attention to women’s perspectives. But the real difficulty lies in their inability to communicate their thoughts.

Don’t worry, and you can tell if a shy guy likes you from the points mentioned in this article.

💯 31 signs a shy guy likes you 💯

1. Stealing glances

This might have happened to many women in public places, where they have caught men sneaking a glance at them. It can catch your attention. They might feel this behavior is creepy. But, maybe, the guy has no bad intentions. The quiet man probably likes you, and maybe, you are your first crush.

It is normal to wonder why they just don’t come and talk to them, but there’s the thing.

The introverted and somewhat nervous man needs to feel secure, and he confirms that he does not embarrass others. That’s why he keeps on waiting for the compliment when he likes someone.

2. He talks more via texts

It is very common for shy guys to talk more in texts than talking face-to-face or calls. They know that it gives them a sense of security while expressing their thoughts.

Texts provide them a safe space where they can think before replying to you. When talking through texts, they can’t see your reactions, nor you can theirs.

After things get a little bit comfortable, you can talk in phone calls to hear their voices and reactions.

3. He’s protective

The protective nature of men shows a clear sign that they like you, regardless of the man being shy. They will try to protect you from smaller to bigger things in life.

See if he makes sure that you’re safely crossing streets or puts his arm around you when you feel worried or vulnerable.

The ‘hero instinct’ is present in most men, whether you like it or not, as they have this biological instinct.

Though women may not need men to protect them, they can seek out hidden truths about a guy’s true feelings for them.

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4. He’s clumsy

There’s no evidence that these guys are particularly clumsy, but they can start showing irrational (read stupid) behavior when you’re present in front of them. He may mess up while doing simple things and even mess up more while trying to do them correctly.

However, it is evident that they want to impress you, and for that, they’re making an effort.

5. His friends give hints

While your guy may not be saying the things he wants to say or denying his feelings, you can be sure from his close friends’ behaviors.

They will give certain signs when they interact with you in front of them. For example, teasing your guy is a clear indicator that he’s into you. Or, you can ask them for confirmation.

6. He’s not making a move

A shy guy may have a lot to share with you, but the common problem is that he doesn’t make a move until you do. It becomes the most difficult part of getting into a new relationship that you both feel a connection with, but he’s not doing anything about it.

If you want to make sure, go ahead and ask him out; he is probably waiting for you to do that.

7. He talks to you differently

A shy guy may not talk much in front of you, but when they do, you can see a difference while talking with other girls. He will be attentive to you throughout your speeches and may ask questions.

This can feel annoying at first, but you’ll realize later that he is trying to know you. They generally don’t try to know more about girls whom they don’t feel attracted to.

8. Always wanting to help

If a shy guy likes you, they’ll go out of their way to be useful to you. Whether it’s buying groceries, cleaning an apartment, or providing study material – they’ll make sure that you have everything you need.

It is one of the prominent signs a shy guy wants to spend time with you. They don’t spit it out because they fear rejection.

9. He always smiles whenever you’re with him

Shy guys may not say many things regarding their feelings, but their behavior and body language surely says a lot. They are not experts in hiding their feelings, especially when they’re around you.

A guy always smiling around you means that he finds you entertaining, hence they feels comfortable. It may also indicate that he likes you.

10. He’s giving mixed signals

There’s a common phenomenon with reserved guys they communicate well one day and disappear on the other. This can bring mixed signals and confuse the girl if she has to take the necessary steps to be with the guy.

Men process emotions differently than women, and it results in men going cold and distant. The girl needs to communicate and make him understand the subtle things of a relationship.

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11. He’s a great listener

Most shy people are good listeners, but they’ll only give their time to the people they want to listen to. If the guy listens to your rants, ambitions, and funny stuff – there’s a great possibility that he’s into you.

12. The guy fidgets

You may notice that whenever the guy is around you, he feels a bit nervous. Whenever talking to you, he may stammer and get awkward.

A shy man often shows these behaviors. They will likely to blush throughout your conversation. That is because the guy is trying to look smart and looking for a way to impress you, which is a good indication.

13. He shares about himself

Shy men find it hard and often stressful to initiate a conversation, but once they get comfortable, they slowly let you enter their world.

They generally have an introverted nature, so they don’t share about their lives outside their comfort zone. Soon, they will share secrets and ambitions, and you’ll get a closer look at their personality.

14. Trying to be with you

If a shy man is into you, he will try to spend more time with you after he has reached a level of comfort. That would mean that they won’t mind spending time with you even if your friends are there.

He may not like to be around your best friend, but he will if it guarantees staying for some more with you.

15. He can catch up with your social media

As shy guys seem to be bad in initial interaction, chances are, they will try to be friends with you or follow you on several social media platforms.

Becoming a friend on social media is easier for them. They might like or comment on your posts, but they usually don’t DM. He will try to know more about you and what you’re up to.

16. His friends act differently

You may notice that his friends are interacting with you online in a calm way, but they address him differently.

Chances of them whispering among themselves whenever they see you is quite natural. You can understand that he knows that he likes you and possibly asks him to take a step.

17. He acts differently when you talk about other guys

Shy men have a strong sense of rejection, which comes in their way of talking to you. So, when you talk about other guys in front of him, he may feel insecure and stop responding.

Also, he may show other signs or get annoyed. If you can confirm this, then the guy is weak towards you.

18. He keeps looking at you

Suppose, you have gone out with him where other girls are around. Some men may look at them, even without any intentions, but a shy guy will only have eyes for you.

He may try to hide his feelings, but it’s a clear sign that the guy is really into you and wants nobody else.

19. He loves the things you do

People love the things that somebody does, only if they care about the person. Shy guys share this quality. They cannot confess what they feel for you but will try to accompany you into your things.

Or, they may straight up tell you that they love what you’re doing.

He loves the things you do
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20. He will try out new things

Most shy people follow a routine, so they find it hard to change their schedule and get into new things and habits. They may fit into a new lifestyle if you want them to.

However, they can feel uncomfortable if you push them a bit hard. Don’t expect them to change quickly, but they will do it to get closer to you.

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21. The guy is polite

A shy person will most likely be very polite when he is around you. The reason for that is, that they are reserved and only share things about their lives when they have known you for a while.

They will do things to get you noticed, while other men might not go the extra mile. Their politeness can sometimes send mixed signals, which can make you think that he has friend-zoned you.

22. He remembers every small detail

The thing that they take time to open up, makes them good listeners. The best thing about them being good listeners is that they pay so much attention to detail. Also, they will remember tiny details about your life.

Even if you forget that you’ve mentioned certain things, they will remember it and always surprise you with their accuracy.

23. You can catch his gaze

Have you noticed that whenever you’ve looked at him, he was already gazing at you? That means, he is quite sure about his feelings and wants you to understand that.

He might turn red and try to look away, and many women find it cute. You can be sure that the guy is slowly moving to that space where he can confront his feelings.

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24. He cares about your well-being

Caring only comes when a person deeply likes or loves somebody. You will notice that he asks you about your day, your health, and other things. He wants you to make your day a little better, and if not, he tries harder.

These guys don’t fall for girls that easily. If he likes you, he’ll make sure that he’s there for you.

25. He gives you a name

Another sure way to tell if a shy guy likes you is that he will call you names. They are exceptionally good at coming up with the cutest of nicknames.

In general, he will do it to flirt with you or see your reaction to it. It doesn’t matter if the name is stupid, or he won’t call you that name again, but be sure that all these guys do that if they have feelings for you.

26. He doesn’t talk about any other girl

Most shy men do this thing to let you know that they are interested in no one except you. Even if they happen to be his classmate, common friend, or a neighbor – they don’t want you to think about them.

By not mentioning other girls they want you to be sure that they have their hearts only for you. Most likely they’ll avoid remarking other girls when you ask them.

27. Your opinion matters to him

The reason that these men make very compatible partners is that they value and respect your opinion.

For that, they won’t likely push you for anything; rather they wait for you to give an opinion, which many other men don’t. It builds respect and boundaries, which is essential for any kind of relationship.

28. He wants to pay the bills

While it is not always practical that only one person pays the bill – whether you go for a movie, or dine in a restaurant, shy guys would want to do that.

Many women may not find that attractive, but they don’t do it to show their financial stability. Instead, they’re looking for validation, and that is a transparent sign that he is very much attracted to you.

29. He tries to surprise you

Shy guys may not say much through words, but their actions are enough to make up for that. He will try to surprise you with occasional gifts, even if that means the smallest of things.

Be it flowers, or a bar of your favorite chocolate – he always has something for you. It’s another way they show their affection.

30. He tries to touch you

Touches in a similar way tell a lot about a shy person’s views about you. A touch can speak a lot, and it doesn’t have to be very significant.

Putting his arms around you, touching your head, and legs, or holding your hand is a sure way to tell that he wants you. They might not kiss to show their feelings; you will have to take that giant step.

He tries to touch you
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31. He confronts you finally

After all the ways he has tried to get your attention, he will tell you his feelings and ask you out. For that, the guy has to be around you for quite a while to get to that point where he can be completely honest with you. Mind you, he’s already yours before he confronts you.

◼️ How do shy guys flirt? ◼️

Shy guys don’t open up that easily because of their introverted nature, but they offer more ways to let you know their intentions. Actions speak volumes rather than straight-up telling their feelings for them.

You can tell by the various means they try to impress you and get your attention. So, be careful not to miss the critical signal they give you.

These guys will try to make eye contact with you, and when you send a gaze back, they will turn red and look away. When talking to you, they won’t mention other girls, and if you talk about other guys, they might feel uncomfortable.

They’ll try to be useful to you and ask you about your day and even little things. Their frequent gifts and occasional touching may seal the deal for you. Although, you have to make significant moves to make him yours.

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☸️ How do you flirt with a shy person when you’re shy? ☸️

Well, it’s already difficult to make a shy guy talk, but things can get harder if you’re struggling to communicate because of your shy nature. Fortunately, you can follow the steps below to initiate a conversation.

◉ When he is looking at you, gaze at the back. They might feel awkward at first, but that’s the first step to letting them know that you’ve noticed him.

◉ Smiling can make things easier on their own, as it acknowledges the shy nature of both people.

◉ You can initiate the conversation by asking simple questions. Try to know more about him. He will open up, too.

◉ You can wear your favorite dress to get him to notice you.

◉ You may touch him lightly to show that you’re flirting.

◉ Try to avoid a large group of friends and pay attention to him. That will make him feel special. Slowly, he will get comfortable and might get the courage to approach you.

🤦‍♂️ Common body language of a shy guy and how to deal with it 🤦‍♂️

Body language is the most important mode of communication for shy people. They remain passive in most situations, waiting for you to make a move. However, they will make it clear enough to tell you that they’re into you and want you to approach them. The various signs they show can often be difficult for women to understand and reciprocate. Sometimes they send mixed signals, which makes it hard to approach them.

Keep a tab on their actions, as that is the only thing you can trust. Shy guys cannot say the things they want to say, so their actions come as a genuine reaction to your little efforts.

If they want to be there, buy you presents, call you nicknames, or touch you, let them. They won’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or pushes you away.

🔎 Conclusion 🔎

Though you have to be patient while dealing with a shy guy, they offer many unique qualities in a relationship. These points above are enough to tell them that they have a green signal to express their feelings. Keep things simple, the rest will work out fine. You can try to listen to the words of the man. You will know how he likes you.

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Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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