26 Staggering Signs You Have A Deep Spiritual Connection With Someone

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Spiritual Connection With Someone

Soul connection. Spiritual bond. Spiritual connection all are the terms associated with being a soul mate or having a soul mate.

It defines a very deep connection that you feel only with the person whom you truly love. The divine kind of love. That can reveal all your love possibilities and make all your love possibilities into a reality.

When you have a real spiritual connection with someone, it’s known as a soul bond. That person is your twin flame and you can only feel that when you are spiritually connected with someone you love deeply.

Love has many forms. And each form has its definition.

I can share all the definitions with you but right now, the one that truly holds greater meaning than any else is love between two souls.

Finding a partner in your life is fine and well but finding that twin flame who supports you, who makes you a better person, who loves you so much so that they become your spiritual match. That’s the kind of love we all should seek in our life.

But how do you know if someone is your life partner? Who is going to do all the guesswork while you are busy chasing just someone you love? How can you find these deep spiritual connections in real life? How can you find that one true spiritual connection with your soul mate?

All of these answers can be found right here, in this article. Whether you have found them yet or not, this article will help you understand what are the signs that you are spiritually connected with someone.

Who is your soul mate and what signs will you look for to understand the true divine love in real life, and not just in stories or words? It’s very much real, and it exists for a reason. And that reason is:

True Love.

Having a deep connection with someone, becoming or finding a soul mate, and finding your other half, your twin flame in a physical form is beyond beautiful. It’s such a strong attraction and strong feeling that is not explainable by just mere words. It’s meaningful, magical, and just simply amazing.

A soul mate has similar energy as you, is more like you, and has similar interests goals, and dreams. It is often believed that the universe has made your soul mate actually to complete you.

Now that we know what a spiritual connection means, let’s discuss the 26 signs that show if you are spiritually connected with someone. Feel free to take as much time as you need to understand this beautiful thing.

So, let’s get started.

◉ Here are the 26 signs you have a deep spiritual connection with someone ◉

1. You do things for each other happily

In any healthy relationship, there is physical attraction between two people. It’s not something we are not aware of.

Every human being has that in their nature and it’s a pretty normal thing in life. But at the same time, what’s even more beautiful than physical attraction is a spiritual connection.

When you are spiritually connected with someone, you are always happy. And you try to bring happiness to your life by sharing it with your partner.

Whether you do small insignificant things or grand gestures, it always makes them happy. All the deep conversations, all the time spent with them or doing random things. Just being with you makes them happy and that’s a clear sign that you have a deep connection with that person.

If your happiness becomes theirs, and their happiness becomes yours. Then there is no doubt that you are their soul mate.

It’s a bond that is secured by true love. And it always brings joy and happiness to each other lives.

2. Your instincts are telling you

Sometimes in life, you have to just go with your instincts.

If you are in a relationship with someone then trust your gut feeling when it comes to knowing whether that person is your soul mate or not. It’s not easy as that but there might be some signs or similarities between you two that can be a clear indication of being spiritually connected.

Imagine this, how does other’s presence make you feel? Do they make you feel the same way as the presence of somebody you love? Or have a relationship with? Do they share similar values with you as your partner? Do others have a strong spiritual connection with you, like your partner? If your answer is no then trust your instincts. You have a spiritual connection with your partner. You just know it. It’s just something you have to trust.

Trust your instincts when it tells you, you are meant to be with this person spiritually.

There is no reason for you to find when your instinct and gut feeling are telling you that. Moments like these sometimes don’t require an explanation. It just happens. So trust it. And believe in it.

Go with your instincts and find your soul mate. If it doesn’t make sense to you, trust it even more. That’s how people find true love in their lives. Learn more about instincts HERE!

3. You are comfortable being together

You are comfortable being together
Photo credit: Pexels.com

One major sign of being spiritually connected with someone is when you are very comfortable with that person.

When time flies with you loving each other there is a constant need for things that don’t make sense to ordinary people. Like soul love, spiritual connection, and a telepathic connection.

When you see just beyond their physical body, their soul. That’s true love right there.

When you find a person like that who is connected with you on an energetic level that makes your relationship unique. You feel comfortable around them then. They bring you happiness, joy, and comfort and that’s when you will know that what you have in your relationship is more than just a partner, you have a soul mate.

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4. You will do anything for each other

A true spiritual connection can be felt when you will do anything for your soul mate. Whatever you need or want, it will be given to you. Kindness, love, affection, money, fulfillment of wishes. Anything that has a positive impact on your relationship. Something that makes your life better and filled with happiness.

The easiest example would be if that person asks you to give them your world, and you do. That’s true only a soul mate will do.

A sense of feeling to hide them from the whole world and not even give their shadow to someone. That kind of divine love proves that you are spiritually connected with that person. It’s truly beautiful, isn’t it?

When you constantly need to be only in someone life is completed right in front of you. Someone who is into you so much that they will do anything for you.

5. Your happiness is their happiness

You are spiritually connected with someone when your happiness becomes theirs.

Let me explain it with a bit more clarity. In life, we meet all kinds of people. We date different people to find happiness and love. We all want to find “The One” but just how can we know? How can we find that person who will consider our happiness as theirs?

We all want a deep connection with the person we love. We don’t want any fake ones, no. We want happiness in our lives. At every step. Near or in the future. We want to be happy. That’s the basic principle of a relationship. To be happy.

When a person makes you feel that way about yourself, who considers your happiness as much important as theirs then you have a true spiritual connection with that person.

6. You feel like doing anything around them

If a person in the relationship can make you feel like you can do anything around them then congratulations! You have just found your spiritual match!

Now by anything I don’t mean harming them or doing something negative. What I mean is being a kiddo, being yourself, showing your inner self without any worry, someone who changes your low self-esteem into confidence, someone who can make you genuinely smile.

Whatever you do, they will smile. That’s a genuine spiritual bond right there. No other person can make you feel this way but only them. Your soul mate. With whom you have a deep spiritual connection.

7. You feel you were connected since this world’s existence

All spiritual connections have meanings and some spiritual connections defy all odds that are beyond the understanding of a simple human being.

A spiritual connection that is so extraordinary that words will seem less and less every time you speak of it. It will not make sense and make sense at the same time. And that spiritual connection is when you feel such a deep connection with a person that you think you’ve known them all your life. Like that. Instantly.

It might have started as just being a good friend or having a relationship with that person but over time, you just feel you’ve known them forever.

It doesn’t make sense to you but you just have this feeling. That’s the crazy part. That feeling will prove it you over and over again that this person is your soul mate.

You are so much alike that instantly you realize that this person is your soul mate. It doesn’t matter at what point or at what moment you meet, or at what age. There is a spiritual connection there that will tell you exactly what all this means.

No other person can make you feel this way but only your soul mate.

8. You have deep and meaningful conversations with them

Do you have that one person with whom you can talk about any topic? That one person who talks about having the same goals and dreams? That one person with whom you have deep and meaningful conversations?

If you have a person who gives you a unique insight into life and there is no other person who can do that for you. Then, my friend, you have a true and deep spiritual connection with that person who listens to you and talks with you deeply.

Talking deeply with someone requires a great amount of trust. Opening up or talking about any topic with someone who is not your soul mate is not very common.

You will only talk about serious things with people you truly love or trust. The more you talk with them, the more you know about their soul.

All of these signs in a relationship mean that you are spiritually connected with them. You share a special spiritual bond with them and divine love is present in the relationship.

9. A real psychic confirms your spiritual connection with them

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels.com

Well, here is a fun new quiz for you. What would you rather have? Confusion or a seal of approval being spiritually connected with someone? If your answer is a seal of approval then you have to use the services of a REAL psychic. Not just any psychic who will rip you off and probably will tell you things you want to hear.

What you need is to look for a genuine psychic or a professional psychic artist who can draw you and explain to you whether you are spiritually connected with somebody.

If you get a seal of approval then you will have peace of mind and will have a clear answer about your spiritual connection with the person you truly love.

It will mean that you were right about having a spiritual connection with that person and your soul bond will get stronger.

10. There is respect between you and them

Respect in a relationship is sought after throughout the world. Whether it is from your close friend, your family member, or even a new person. Whoever it is, respect is of utmost importance in every type of relationship.

Now, when you are in a relationship with someone and you mutually respect each other then what does it mean? When their presence strikes and strums something inside your inner self, probably a feeling of being appreciated. Being respected? Being loved?

All these things come to you when there is respect present in a relationship. You respect each other’s boundaries. You appreciate each other’s efforts. You even finish each other’s sentences. All because you have a true and deep spiritual connection with that person.

No other person can help you with your personal growth except for your soul mate who respects you, no matter what.

11. You are very similar to each other

You are very similar to each other
Photo credit: Pexels.com

When you have the love of your life in a relationship, you don’t only do self-care but you also care about them as well. And the one reason for that is you find yourself in them.

They give you a reflection of yourself. You are so much alike that even every friend convinced you that you are true soul mates. Not only that but your habits, your personality, your mindset, and even your heart, are alike and similar. Isn’t that someone you call your twin flame? Or a soul mate?

It doesn’t have to be 100% similar but the majority of the things are similar between you two.

You share the same goals in life, you have the same dreams, and share the kind of love you can never get from any other person but them only.

Even the physical intimacy is somewhat similar. All these signs are clear indications of having a spiritual connection in a relationship and you should feel really lucky to find your twin flame in this universe.

12. There is alignment in both your values and morals.

We have discussed many signs by now but one of the signs that you have a spiritual connection with someone is when you both share similar values and morals.

It doesn’t mean everything you share is common, no. What it means is that the small things might not be similar and that’s fine, but the bigger things in the relationship are pretty much aligned with both of your morals and values.

When you both agree on making big decisions and your mindset is in agreement when it comes to things that you hold dear to yourself.

When there are discussions about life and such, you both agree and often have similar thoughts. All these are parts of having a stable spiritual connection in a relationship.

Your twin flame doesn’t make you feel trapped in your mind but rather cares about your well-being and supports your decisions. In short, they know how your mindset is and how similar it is to theirs.

That’s a sign of having a spiritual connection with someone.

13. There is no room for doubt, You trust them completely!

Almost everyone goes through some tough times in their lives.

They might have gotten through a bad break or have battle scars from a previous relationship because of the constant fighting to find some love. Maybe the other person was not a soul mate and they didn’t feel a spiritual connection with them.

It all leaves battle scars after moving on towards a future where we try to find a person whom we can call a soul mate or have a spiritual connection with.

Relationships are built on trust. Mutual trust. But there is a kind of relationship where you trust the person you truly love completely. No matter what.

You know for a fact that they won’t leave your side, they won’t stop loving you, they won’t stop appreciating you, they will genuinely care for you throughout your life, no matter what the situation is they have your back.

When you trust a person like that in the relationship then it’s a sign of a healthy spiritual connection. You don’t doubt them but trust them. Build a life full of true love. Beautiful.

14. You are genuine with them

It’s a sign of a spiritual connection when you show your true and deep parts of yourself to the person you are in a relationship with.

You don’t share thoughts or stuff like fake ones do but you show your genuine side to them. You love each other’s presence and you have a strong feeling whenever you are around them. A feeling of true love. Genuine love.

What does make a man fall in love with you? What does make a woman fall in love with you? It’s not a fun new quiz to just answer such questions. But it’s a question we all have in our minds. And to answer that, it’s love.

Love makes both a man and a woman fall in love with each other.

It’s not just the physical body that needs love but our souls too. They crave love. They crave true love, everlasting love, and love that brings happiness into our lives.

But that special kind of love can only be received or given to genuine people.

You showing true self or them showing true self is a sign of having a spiritual connection with each other.

15. You know what’s on each other minds.

Another sign of having a spiritual connection with someone is that when you know what’s on each other minds.

You know what they are thinking and they know what you are thinking. You share and talk with each other even with just silence or eye contact. It’s that kind of power that you can only feel with someone you are spiritually connected to.

You can read each other thoughts almost perfectly and your mindsets are in sync with each other. It’s like your brains are connected with a force that cannot be understood.

Having the ability to phrase what your partner is thinking is a sign of having a spiritual connection. No other person can read your mind to perfection except your soul mate.

For example, Lily and Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother” Tv show. I know it’s a funny example but still, it’s very similar to that. They were soul mates on the show and could read each other thoughts as well.

16. You both value your relationship

When you truly love somebody, you try to value your relationship above all things in your life. And when your partner shares the same value in the relationship, then you truly have a spiritual connection with that person.

Valuing your relationship above everything is meaningful to any human being because it shows how much you care deeply about being together around each other.

True love does make sense when you have a partner for life who can maintain and secure your relationship with them.

You enjoy each other’s company and you both feel the same way about this relationship. Your twin flame is aware of your spiritual levels and matches them with yours to let you know how much they love you. Isn’t that just something you would want in your life?

Your spiritual connection holds greater meaning to both of you and you both plan to keep it safe from any kind of harm is very much how soul mates love each other.

17. You support each other very much

What we need from our partners is constant support.

Whether we are feeling down or trying to achieve something big, having someone who supports us during such a time is amazing. It’s a true spiritual connection when you feel like the person you love would do anything to see you in the best version of yourself.

There is this telepathic connection that reveals your goals and dreams to each other without even knowing. Love is a magical thing and having support to nurture that love is even more beautiful and mesmerizing.

Having each other’s back, supporting for small or big things, sad or happy moments, whatever the situation is, you support each other and hold hands together at any given time. That shows a sign of true and honest love.

Even if the other person doesn’t tell you verbally, you know spiritually, that they require your needs and you are there, always present to support them through it.

18. If there is something wrong, you both will know

A true spiritual connection is when you are aware of things that are going on even if there is not even a word said about it.

It’s kind of like a sixth sense you have when you have a true spiritual connection with someone.

You both address things and know what is wrong. You both understand what we have to do to fix problems and you are always on the same page. You don’t blame each other but instead, you know that your twin flame wants a healthy relationship.

Instead of creating toxicity, you both know what’s wrong and fix it together so that your spiritual connection is intact.

Even saying that it will be intact because having a spiritual connection that is deep and strong will never break even if there is something wrong.

Fixing things together instead of breaking each other’s trust is a sign of having a spiritual connection.

19. They complete you and as you complete them

As human beings, when we come into this world, we are without our twin flame. We are the other half that is missing. We are not complete.

All our life we search for someone who can complete us. Someone who can find their twin flame while we find ours. This other half of us is out there in this world, whether it may have arrived yet or not but it’s very much in existence. And we have to find them.

So if you sense a feeling so strong from the person you have a spiritual connection with, it just means they are completing you. While you are completing them.

A feeling of completion of oneself is a clear sign of being truly in love. Both of you help in each other’s growth and lighten up your worlds with love.

20. You feel secure with them emotionally and physically

I think it doesn’t need much explanation. When you feel secure with a person emotionally and physically it just means you have a spiritual connection with that person.

You don’t feel tired of energy when you are around them. Instead, you feel more alive, more active, and more in love every day. Time flies and your energy level is in sync with each other.

That’s a true spiritual connection!

21. You share a deep connection with them

When only one person can truly have a deep connection with you is a sign of true spiritual connection.

You feel such a strong attraction from them that you have never felt before from any other person. A deep connection that helps you understand your twin flame on a level nobody else can.

With a deep connection like that, you will do anything for each other.

Everything is in sync, similar and unique. You both feel comfortable, you both know each other very well and you both realize you were made for each other.

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22. Your love is unconditional

The best kind of love you can give to someone is unconditional love.

You have a true spiritual connection if your love is unconditional for the person you love. When you love them in any condition, no matter what.

Whether they have their ups or downs, no matter whether they are broken or complete, whether they are rich or poor. When you feel like no condition or whatsoever can stop your true love for that person then you have an unbreakable spiritual connection with them.

To give love and receive love unconditionally is truly a gift of wonders.

23. Your bond is unbreakable by any force in existence

You both are inseparable. Even with all the evil in the world, there is nothing that can separate you two.

You have such a strong bond that even God himself cannot break it. That’s how you know you have found your twin flame. They do exist and you will feel that way with the right person.

Soulmates exist for a reason and that reason is true love. It cannot be wavered, broken, or forgotten. Even going through the toughest of times of your lives, you still love each other. And you plan to do it forever and even after an eternity.

Which doesn’t even exist but still you promise to love them with all your heart and the same feeling for as long as you can.

That’s a spiritual connection you should be proud to have. When your bond is with the person you truly love by any force is a sign of soulmate.

24. Both of you understand each other in silence

Both of you understand each other in silence
Photo credit: Pexels.com

You can communicate nonverbally. You understand each other body language so perfectly that people are often surprised at how well you know each other.

Your understanding of each other is great and powerful. You can tell each other things without saying a word. Knowing someone on that level and interpreting any signs they portray is a sign in itself of a deep and strong spiritual connection.

It’s a real spiritual connection when you can finish each other’s sentences and know each other’s thoughts. It’s truly an exciting feeling!

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25. Your happiness is beyond someone’s imagination

When words seem less and shorter to describe your happiness with the person you love is a clear sign you have a powerful spiritual connection with them.

When your well-being makes them happy when your close friend doesn’t bring you happiness like that when anything else that makes you happy doesn’t even come close to the happiness the person you love brings to you doesn’t require more clarity about having a spiritual connection.

You feel overjoyed, beyond happy, and just on top of the world every time you wake up and open your eyes.

All you want is for the person to be there with you, shower you with love and happiness is just present every day in both of your lives.

26. You are grateful to each other

You are spiritually connected with someone when you are truly grateful to each other for everything.

It’s the easiest way to know if you are spiritually connected with someone because being grateful for everything is a kind thing to do.

You thank each other for everything. Small or big, you are always grateful for them. You are just grateful for their existence even because with them you feel complete.

You feel you have found your twin flame and your true and one soulmate.

❂ Spiritual signs you’ve met your soulmate ❂

Spiritual signs you've met your soulmate
Photo credit: Pexels.com

⫸ Your understanding of them is instant

⫸ Your mind is full of their thoughts

⫸ Your relationship with them flows towards a positive future

⫸ Your bond with them is unbreakable

⫸ You are magnetized in all forms and shapes

⫸ You share the same vision, goals, and dreams with them

⫸ You simply know it, your gut tells you they are the one

⫸ You improve each other lives

⫸ You make each other extremely happy

⫸ They are your best friend, your only

▩ Ways to Stay Spiritually Connected ▩

▶ Forgive anyone who has done some wrong to you

▶ Embrace your mistakes and remove them from yourself

▶ Practice seeing the good in other people

▶ Be grateful for everything present and yet to come

▶ Become the best version of yourself by being polite, kind, and caring

▶ Become more accepting and adapt yourself to your surrounding

▶ Look for opportunities to share more love in the universe by becoming a giver

◈ Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Health ◈

Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Health
Photo credit: Pexels.com

➣ Helping others will improve your spiritual health

➣ Get in sync with your soul and talk with it

➣ Remove negative thoughts from your mind and focus on positive ones

➣ Meditate and indulge yourself in self-care

➣ Talk with people who have similar faith as you

➣ Spend more time in nature

➣ Try Yoga

Ways to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

1. Express and show gratitude every day for everything

2. Trust your inner being and let it complete your dreams

3. Let go of the things that damage your soul

4. Love yourself more than yesterday

5. Do acts of kindness to people who are present in your life

♨ How do you know you have a spiritual connection with someone? ♨

Well, as I have mentioned the 26 signs above. They are all examples of knowing and having a spiritual connection with somebody.

You will know you have a spiritual connection when that person is very much like you. When your thoughts match with each other you instantly fall for each other.

When they make you feel complete and loved. When they make you feel the best of the best and wonderful.

When they increase your happiness beyond someone’s imagination. When there is mutual understanding.

That’s when you will know you have a spiritual connection with somebody.

💫 What is a deep spiritual connection? 💫

A deep spiritual connection is a type of bond that you can experience by being strongly attracted to a person. It’s not just physical attraction but your mind, body, soul, heart everything gets connected with that person.

It’s like you have known each other forever. And in an instant, you feel that way about them. Your understanding of them doesn’t require much time and is most often instant. That’s what a deep spiritual connection truly is.

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

Having a deep spiritual connection with somebody is a very beautiful thing. Finding that one partner who will take you above and beyond your physical form. Someone who will make you feel the kind of love that is reserved for divine beings. It’s something out of this universe that is so magical and spiritual that only when you feel it you will know how wonderful it is. It’s so profound that you will be stunned, amazed, and surprised to have such a thing with you.

Experiencing and feeling a spiritual connection can often be slow and you might not have a clear idea whether you have in your relationship yet or not. But now you will know and should have a better idea after reading the 26 obvious signs of having a spiritual connection with somebody. I hope you find your twin flame as soon as possible because the love between two souls is an extraordinary gift that we can ever receive in our lives. And we should all seek it because it’s the best kind of love.

The True Love.

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

What does a spiritual connection feel like?

A spiritual connection feels like you are becoming the best version of yourself. You feel secure, loved, cared for, appreciated, and safe from harm. The negativity and toxicity vanish from your life and you feel happiest.

What is love on a spiritual level?

Love on a spiritual level is something so extraordinary that it is the one solution to all your problems. Love on a spiritual level is divine, true, and in the purest form. True love helps you find your twin flame, find your true happiness, and help you at every step of your future.

Can you be spiritually connected to someone you never met?

Yes. There can be times when you can be spiritually connected with someone you have never met yet. It’s possible to form or find a spiritual connection with people we have never met yet. It can be instant, fast, and on the spur of the moment. It’s a feeling for sure that can only be felt when your soulmate is near you.

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Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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