Weekly Money Multiplier Review: Updated 2024

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Would you like to increase your finances? How much money is enough?

How can you make it through inherent risks?

So you’ve probably heard of a program Weekly Money Multiplier.

Weekly Money Multiplier is a website that teaches people how to trade stocks.

Weekly Money Multiplier has many people excited with trading strategies alerts, learning methods, and more.

Users ought to be warned that financial markets are fraught with danger, and past performance does not guarantee or assure future results of portfolio updates in these next trading services.

It’s really that simple to quadruple your income by simply joining Nathan Bear?

This article will give you some general ideas to help you decide if you want to try it or not without advertising relationships.

The Interesting Points On Weekly Money Multiplier Review

Overview Of Weekly Money Multiplier


Weekly Money Multiplier
Image from profitmoredaily.com

Jeff Bishop owns and operates the Weekly Money Multiplier (WMM), a trading strategies teaching website in the trading stocks market.

The website focuses exclusively on placing trading skills utilizing alerts and teaches the methods necessary to handle the transactions.

Jeff Bishop is indeed an identity wealthy trader, a self-made millionaire trader who truly has over twenty years of investing experts who have developed strategies that net him at least one 100% option transaction weekly basis.

His live trade alerts can be set to your phone.

Text and email alerts help you get all the track record through those trade alerts which may minimize losing trades and lose money.

In addition, his trademark Weekly Money Multiplier, he is a co-founder of Raging Bull, Raging Bull is a platform of trade instruction and alert sites that includes JasonBondPicks.com.

Raging Bull hires one of the most successful pupils, who have amassed multi-million dollar accounts, as administrators over their own trading platforms inside the network.

Nathan Bear, a head trader, a founder of Weekly Money Multiplier service who started in 2018, is another one of those great successes.

Underneath the direction of Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond, he succeeded in building $37,525 into $1.85 million in three years.

The Weekly Money Multiplier program is primarily run by Jeff Bishop and Nathan Bear, who have both allow services to real-time screen sharing, allowing public accountability of their viewpoints and activities that will further increase the methods’ legitimacy.




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Trading Techniques Weekly Money Multiplier


Weekly Money Multiplier
Image from legendarywallet.com

Weekly Money Multiplier is based just on the trading methods of Jeff Bishop and Nathan Bear, Nathan Bear is who approach the markets in slightly different ways.

Jeff Bishop is a traditional data analysis analyst who mostly trades technical analysts that reoccur in cycles. 

Bishop has extensive experience as a financial analyst, with expertise including both stock trading and options trading methods.

He loves to capitalize on movement movers with options strategies that take advantage of the fundamental strong probability patterns.

His trading strategy is predominantly swing trading. He makes directional wagers here on selected securities by holding 100-200 contract options positions.

Nathan Bear prefers to trade large transaction sizes, frequently holding approximately 50 options per position to scalp phenomenon set-ups for elevated trades that build up bonus increases quickly.

Nathan Bear’s Video Library has high-quality and you can get full access to them.

You will be amazed by a new technique called the Fibonacci trading technique.

And one more thing is Nathan Bear, his portfolio updates, the portfolio updates from Nathan Bear are super useful with all the trading psychology videos.

Nathan completed Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap prior to joining the Weekly Money Multiplier team, converting $30k up into multiple million.

He is primarily a scalped ticket, but he also makes directed bets on fundamental equities in a shorter amount of time.

Setups For Stock Trading Strategies

Bishop frequently employs exponential moving setups such as his 13 and 30-period simple exponential moving “13/30 Pattern,” which is made up of hourly crossing triggers paired with a velocity signal such as an RSI or MACD.

On rising stocks, this is a trending formation that creates a breakout followed by an uptrend, while on dropping stocks, it forms a breakdown accompanied by a downturn.

The Time Frames

Bishop loves to swing positions from days to weeks until they hit targets, stop him out, or expiration.

He takes on a lot of transactions, so be sure you have enough money if you’re duplicating the trades, even if they clearly advise against it.

If you have a limited trading account or are unable to receive too several notifications at once, you should develop your own framework for deciding which market-moving alerts are more than helpful to you.

Stock Market Courses In Trading Weekly Money Multiplier

Weekly Money Multiplier is a trading service program that provides same alerts as well as an educational site.

Options trading may be perplexing at first, so it’s critical to get started with course resources that people understand what they have been doing.

Subscribers to the Weekly Money Multiplier will get access to “The Stock Options Explained Course.”

It is a personality video material program including over 20 courses ranging from choices foundations to complex trading methods.

The Chat Room

Users may see a live video stream of Bishop’s profile in live time. Other rooms on the network provide access to the chat room.

The Weekly Money Multiplier service’s key features are choice notifications and instructional content.

What Kind of Traders Should Use Weekly Money Multiplier?

The website is nicely structured that leads newcomers on a complete educational journey to develop the technical skills required to handle trade alerts to be a successful trader.

Being a good trader necessitates knowledge, and this program provides a variety of trading materials that can provide you with the assistance you require to enhance your trading.

Newcomers who are calm and conscientious are well qualified for the service.

It is extremely typical for a beginner to go deeply into options alerts just to have the Weekly Money Multiplier account washed out since they lack the necessary knowledge and experience to manage the transactions.

Options (particularly weeklies) are extremely volatile, and a winning position can quickly turn red, especially if held overnight.

Because options are subject to the patterns day trading rule (PDT), many newcomers will be compelled to hold overnight, which may turn winning trades into a loss based solely on variance and timing premium.

Weekly Money Multiplier Service Subscriptions

Weekly Money Multiplier offers two different subscription programs.

A limitless plan costs $2,999, while an annual report is $1,999.

Also monthly or quarterly subscription plan are available, most likely because members receive immediate access to all instructional information.

After 12-month term has passed, you may choose whether to renew your membership for a further one year or take full advantage of the lifetime subscription.

You have the option of signing up for a lifetime membership or a quarterly subscription.

Your money will have a money-back guarantee.

If you are unable to purchase a lifetime subscription plan that costs 5,998$ at this moment, you may try the quarterly subscription option.

It costs just $499. You will get immediate access to the lessons and mastermind video library for a whole year if you purchase the quarterly membership plan.

You can access Nathan’s live portfolio email when you purchase for your trading account a subscription.


-You can follow it very easy to gain binary options program with much information

-Simple trading alerts provided through text messaging engaging learning and

-Not overly complicated set-ups and trends underlying the alerts

-Unlimited access to the RagingBull range of firms through a single interface

-Always available customer care around the clock

-Unobtrusive access to the moderator’s trading account displays

-Market movement signals might result in quick rewards for the astute.


-Marketing for other RagingBull services is oversaturated.

-Unsafe dimensional trades must be carefully handled

Alternative Education Services In Other Options Trading Service

1. Asiaforexmentor In Options Trading


Asia Forex Mentor
Image from asiaforexmentor.com

Ezekiel Chew launched Asia Forex Mentor in 2008, including its headquarters in Singapore stock market.

His endeavor began modestly, with Ezekiel teaching some close acquaintances how to trade forex.

The tiny group has grown into a small society, and he is refining his approach to teaching and approaches.

The initiative developed so quickly that he had to start real live classes, and eventually, trading organizations and banks requested him to teach their teams.

Ezekiel Chew has now combined all of the instructional information into a single package called the AFM Proprietary One Core Program.


2. Tim Sykes In Trading Options


Timothy Sykes
Image from traderviet.com

Timothy Sykes is a genuine article in options trading.

He’s been generating money in investments when he was a college freshman, and he’s honed his technique and penny stock trading over the last 2 decades.

His straightforward trading method may assist nearly anyone in making money.

Whether you’re inexperienced in trading, this service is ideal since the video tutorials will rapidly teach you how Tim trades to outperform the market.

It gives you the education, background, and information you need to enter the market confidently.

If you commit to following the method, you may be generating regular trading gains in a pretty short period of time.


3. The Day Trading Academy


The Day Trading Academy
Image from thebalance.com

Marcello Arrambide, who’s been trading from 2002 until now, created Day Trading Academy in 2011.

Day Trading Academic concentrates on futures markets, particularly the E-mini futures, although their instruction is tailored to your level of competence.

They teach a trading strategy based on price action, so you read and understand, and predict market changes, allowing you to react to a variety of market situations.

Common indicators are sometimes used to help inexperienced traders understand how the market movement is happening.

The program in options trading involves internet access, as well as multiple times, live training sessions.

Also, there is individual mentorship, which is a great resource since it allows you to address your unique trading difficulties with an experienced trader who has gone through what it is you are dealing through this and managed to navigate beyond those challenges.

These stock options trading services for trading style and trading psychology are amazing educational material for trading resources.

Users can obtain worthy personal financial advice for profitable trades through their great education service.


Alternative Options Trading Resources For Other Services In Investment Markets

1. Trade Ideas


Trade Ideas
Image from trade-ideas.com

Trade Ideas has strong internal market scanners that include a plethora of which were before constructed scans that give various chances for active internal traders.

With further add-on possibilities, the platform is versatile, adjustable, and customized.

An artificial intelligence (AI) driven self-driving engine called “Holy Grail” is an incredible innovation to this service that evaluates set-ups via millions of simulations performed nightly to provide trading recommendations.

Whereas the system might be daunting at first for novice users, once accustomed, this becomes an indispensable tool that suits like armor.

The interface is simplified with TI University material, instruction, and live seminars.

A robust scanner with a plethora of constructed scans.

Intelligence Holly offers simple transactions with up-to-date portfolio monitoring.

Oddsmaker’s customizable approach scans could be improved.

Experts and moderators with extensive expertise assist.

Ideas can be discussed with the public and administrators through the cloud.


2. Motley Fool


Motley Fool 
Image from fool.co.uk

The Motley Fool is a well-known stock recommendation platform with an almost thirty years track history.

As per The Motley Fool, it has outperformed the S&P 500. Over the previous 17 years, the stock advisory service says to have outperformed that major market statistic by a ratio of 4.

Two new stock suggestions and analyses are provided to your inbox in actual time each month.

Many include ideal equities that should serve as the cornerstone of novice investors’ portfolios.

Customer service is accessible twenty-four hours per day, 7 days a week.

A thorough explanation of reasons why they suggested each stock and the considerations are taken into account

A Risk Profile that outlines the benefits and drawbacks of each stock selection.

Stocks to Start With: If you’re just starting out, they’ll give you their top ten stocks that should form the cornerstone of your portfolio.

Knowledge Base of Fools: 24/7 access to their complete collection of studies and research to assist you to acquire opinions on other stocks you may hold or be thinking about purchasing.


3. Finviz


Image from wallstreetsurvivor.com

The site is doing an outstanding job of distilling a large amount of information into simple charts and maps.

Each one of these techniques is presented in a very graphic, user-friendly style.

Finviz is a prominent stock screening investment options today. Finviz is a stock casting director and trade tool that is used to create financial charts.

Because Finviz allows market participants to rapidly filter and locate companies based on predefined criteria, professional traders commonly utilize this tool to save time.

The firm also offers tools that allow customers to obtain a sense of what is going on in the industry.

When you’re at the Finviz site, you would see a summary of the financial markets. Finviz breaks down the information into technical indicators.

These graphs provide visitors with a brief snapshot of how the worldwide market is developing.

There are numerous tables behind these charts such as:

  • Gainers at the top
  • Overbought at a new high
  • Biggest losers
  • A new low
  • Oversold News Earnings Report
  • Also, there are tables contains data on market manipulation, top market manipulation, futures, and forex bonds.

For advanced trading strategies that you cannot find at the Weekly Money Multiplier trading service, you can gain access to those trade options and let them help you to pick winning trades with other great function services.





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In conclusion, Weekly Money Multiplier is a lucrative trading strategies program with excellent instructional components.

The relative price is excellent, and Nathan Bear, in particular, is a trainer you want to have on your team.

Nathan Bear’s Weekly Money Multiplier is among the finest investing courses due to the evidence of success, rich training resources, and openness in payment conditions.

Nevertheless, in my way of thinking, I would go with Asiaforexmentor and Tim Sykes if I want to have one of the best future results through education service.

The live training sessions of Asiaforexmentor and the trading experience of Timothy would help you to reap fast profits effectively.

And for best services options trading strategies in exclusive portfolio updates in a bear market to me are Trade Ideas and Motley Fool through their variety and up-to-date features.

Hope that you will figure out what is the best for you to succeed in real trades with those options trading service mentioned above.



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