Trade Ideas Reviews: It Won`t Let You Down [2024]!

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

So you’ve been looking for a way to make money online? Well, I have some good news! Trade Ideas is the perfect place for beginners and experts alike. From day one, they will help you get set up with all the right tools- like their trading software that helps you find stocks that are poised to take off.

They also offer a daily market analysis on topics like commodities and currencies. If this seems interesting to you, keep on reading this Trade Ideas Review to find out more about Trade Ideas Platform.

Here Is Trade Ideas Review

What is Trade Ideas?

Trade Ideas?

Trade Ideas was founded in 2009 and is a cutting-edge brokerage plus trading program. It is used by beginners and experienced retail traders alike for its innovative and unique approach to the market.

The site has over 265,000 members worldwide and gets approximately 1 million hits per month on its website.




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How does trade ideas work?

The secret to how Trade Ideas works is that the platform provides you with highly advanced, customizable tools.

Once you sign up, you can place trades directly from their website and monitor your watch list in real-time.

They offer a vast array of information which includes volume and earnings history, technical analysis, and short interest data.

You can also create customized charts or scan through millions of brokerage plus swing trading ideas alongside detailed company profiles.


Here are some of the Trade-Ideas platform features we are explaining in this Trade Ideas Review that make Trade-Ideas software great for you;


This feature allows you to track all stocks as well as market indices without needing to do it manually.

All relevant news items like earning reports and press releases about specific companies will be delivered right into your inbox each morning via email!

When there’s breaking news about a stock you own, you’ll be notified immediately.

Users can create watchlists that monitor stocks, market indices, or ETFs. Users can set up price alerts for any stock listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX exchanges. Trade-Ideas also has a large watchlist library of securities users who have added themselves to their own personal library.


Innovation is the key to success in the Trade Ideas platform. Trade Ideas software will give you access to more than 30 real-time data sources and over 900 fundamental financial calculators plus screeners.

You can also use Trade Ideas screens like “Earnings Movers”, which shows all stocks with positive or negative earnings surprises (earnings reports).

According to our Trade Ideas Review, all of this information is provided by their research team that updates daily along with paying close attention to individual equities under its coverage.

The web access tab gives you access to all of the fundamental and technical data.

This tool will make your investment decisions easier because it provides easy-to-understand charts and graphs with important metrics like EPS growth rates, PE ratios, management transactions, and more at your fingertips.

Alerts & Notifications

For the busy investor, having alerts sent directly to your email or mobile device provides a simple solution for staying up-to-date on everything that`s going on with the stocks and companies that you care about.

This enables you to set up email/ text message alerts (for example; when P/E reaches X or if Company Y reports quarterly results).

You can set alerts to notify you when a stock reaches a certain price or volume threshold.



Trade Ideas?

This is a very helpful feature as it provides users with all the necessary tools to create customized charts.

Advanced charting capabilities include drawing tools for both technical artificial intelligence analysis and fundamental stock screening.

You can also edit, annotate and save unlimited charts to review later at your convenience.

Each user has access to the charting tools which are fast, flexible, and easy-to-use. Users can use the event calendar to find stocks that have upcoming events such as earnings reports or management changes.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

The Trade Ideas platform helps you manage multiple portfolios by consolidating positions from across any account into a single view.

It allows you to track the performance of all your accounts in a single location plus calculate unrealized gains/losses for a quick snapshot of your portfolio`s value.

Users can create a portfolio and add specific stocks to it. They can also add stock screeners so they don`t have to search every time.

Additionally, users get email alerts when their positions meet certain criteria, such as moving in the opposite direction of what you want them to do or nearing a profit margin that meets your expectations.

The Stock Screener

The Stock Screener

This feature allows users to find specific stocks, such as undervalued gems or top players that they like.

By using scanner Trade Ideas filters like fundamentals or technical indicators, budget constraints, investor sentiment, or special announcements, users can quickly sift thousands of stocks to find what they need.

The stock screener lets users build their perfect watchlist with stocks from any exchange. Users have access to over 400 metrics for any stock listed in the US, which is vastly more than most other services.

Stock scanner is designed to help you find undervalued stocks. The stock scanner scans through more than one hundred different technical screens, fundamental screens, and user-defined screens at the same time. The stock scanner lets you use many of them or just choose a few that you want to look for in the market using stock scanner screening criteria, which includes over two hundred data points on stocks including assets, cash flow, debt ratios, and much more.

The stock scanner will give you access to a vast amount of information on each individual stock including price targets, Trade-Ideas scanner earnings estimate changes and % gain or loss on a day by day basis.




This feature allows you to test strategies on historical data and see how your strategy would have performed during different market conditions.

This feature allows active traders to “play” with a trading strategy before applying it in real-time auto trading stocks by using historical data from any range of timeframes.

It is essentially creating an experiment on the back-end scanner Trade Ideas. Trade Idea has made this process much easier thanks to its intuitive interface and a great selection of indicators and strategies for testing purposes.

Market analysis

Market analysis

This is one of the most-loved features of Trade Idea, allowing users to see what’s happening in any market. They can keep up on commodities like gold and oil or currencies like the Chinese yuan by viewing daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly charts.

Trade Ideas provides instant access to market news and artificial intelligence analysis.

The analyst ratings are generated by financial experts who continuously monitor earnings estimates, management changes, and current events so they can stay ahead of the markets at all times.

Users can also browse real-time Trade Ideas chat room where active traders connect with each other to share ideas based on technical or fundamental artificial intelligence analysis.

Trade Ideas artificial intelligence engine

Trade Ideas uses proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to forecast earnings, monitor fund flows, and calculate risk. Trade Ideas has created indicators that are based on actual market data rather than the opinions of pundits.

Using an artificial intelligence engine to scan the markets, Trade Ideas stock scanners look for brokerage plus swing trading strategies that matches a user’s criteria such as searching for stocks that have increased in value recently or are auto trading at 52-week lows.

Simulated Trading

Trade Ideas scans lets you test your strategies in a simulated environment to see how they would have performed historically.

You can run multiple simulations to determine the risk/reward when entering particular trades at different times when using different options strategies when holding positions for different lengths of time or under any other conditions that are important to you.

This lets users test their investing strategies against real market conditions with virtual cash. There is no need for a live trading room brokerage account because it’s a completely risk-free Trade ideas.

You can use this feature without providing credit card or personal information – just choose the amount of money that you would like to invest and start auto trading immediately.

News Feed

News Feed

This feature provides users with access to all relevant news items related to their stocks and portfolios. Users can customize this section by adding companies of interest via the “Add stocks” function.

This feature also reduces the time spent manually searching for news since it is sent directly into your inbox or mobile device each morning.

The news feed gives you the latest headlines from over 250 of the most reputable financial websites, updated in real time.

The channel bar will allow you to monitor the news and market data for any security that you want. Users can add their own channels to their channel bar by saving a layout to the cloud and loading it here with one of their graphics or a custom channel bar they like to import, allowing users to switch between layouts smoothly for easy access.


One click Trading

One click Trading

This feature allows active day traders to execute trades directly from their mobile devices in the live trading room.

The user can easily place stock scanners and option orders as well as view the details of any open positions.

This speeds up the brokerage plus swing trading process for those on the go and looking to minimize time spent monitoring stocks and devising a day trading strategy.

Training and Educational Resources

Training and Educational Resources

Trade Ideas offers training videos on its website to help you learn how to use its day trading strategy platform for day trading. These videos are designed for all levels of knowledge, from beginners to advanced brokerage plus day traders.

Web Access

This feature makes Trade Ideas scans accessible from any device. It provides users with data on their portfolios and watch lists as well as the ability to monitor live trading room or simulated trades.

Why you should be using this tool for your trading strategies?

Investors today expect to be able to spend less time researching and more time executing. This is why Trade Ideas has put together an all-in-one investment platform that allows investors to do it all in one place.

According to our Trade Ideas Review, Trade Ideas covers everything from livestock prices for any symbol, Trade Ideas scanner real-time earnings reports (from over 15 providers), company profiles (including regular reporting of insider brokerage plus day trading strategies and activity), related financial news stories, up-to-date market data & quotations, customizable charting capabilities with advanced drawing tools & annotations, email alerts based on your own custom criteria and much more!

Who should use Trade Ideas Platform?

According to our Trade Ideas Review, Trade ideas is meant for beginning-day traders who are looking to make practical stock picks that they can watch their portfolio grow with.

With its plethora of tools, it also appeals to more experienced brokerage plus day traders who may need help with managing multiple accounts at once.




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Trade Ideas subscription and pricing

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas offers three different Trade Ideas subscription to fit different needs with prices ranging from $118/month up to $2268/year.

Trade Ideas

Starter Trade Ideas Standard Edition – $118/month

Trade Ideas Basic Edition offers everything you need to trade successfully, including advanced charts with the ability to create price alerts that send emails or text messages when a stock reaches a specific price point. Trade ideas cost $6.20 a day in general.

This plan includes access to the research team, which provides daily commentary on market events and swing trade ideas each week in its Weekly Market Comment letter.

It also comes with complimentary access to Corporate Intelligence research reports for your favorite 3-5 names as determined by detailed stock screeners artificial intelligence algorithms and sectoral trade signals expertise.

Premium Trade Ideas Edition – $719/quarterly ($2496/year)

Trade Ideas Comprehensive Edition adds on top of all features available in the standard edition providing premium trading platforms Fundamental data, Economic Calendar, and the Trade Ideas News Feed.

The premium package also gives premium subscription brokerage account trading services, trading decisions, trade setups in post-market hours using the stock scanning tool to sort through too many ideas on financial markets trading volume.


Professional Services Membership (Trade Ideas Pro) – $1497/quarterly ($5992/year)

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas Pro Edition includes everything in all other editions PLUS full access to a team of professional services members which includes one-on-one portfolio management representative to assist with your trading strategies and investing needs and also provides the brokerage plus day trading strategies With An Edge newsletter and free trading room.

Trade Ideas Pro plan also offers a dedicated analyst who can provide you with company-specific fundamental data, economic calendar, and news feed that you require along with actionable proprietary research.

Along with the benefits of premium subscription, Trade Ideas Pro includes trade ideas holly that suggests stock market trade setups after sorting through too many alerts of stock scanning tool.

To summarize

Trade Ideas Premium: $2496 annually ($719 Quarterly)

Trade Ideas Basic: $72 monthly, or $864 annually (~$72 monthly after annual Trade Ideas promo code discount pricing available)

TradeIdeas Pro: $59 monthly, or $708 annually (~$59 monthly after Trade Ideas promo code annual discount pricing available)

Pros of Trade Ideas

1) Allows users to connect trade ideas across multiple accounts and see their positions and performance consolidated into one place (this eliminates doing “double-entry” time-consuming work) with absolutely no coding knowledge.

2) Enables users to backtest strategies and run studies on historical data to find how profitable it is.

3) Users can use market analysis tools like the news feed (to track daily announcements such as earnings reports, etc.) and charting options.

4) Allows users to connect with other investors in their community and ask questions about particular stocks.

5) Trade Ideas support provides trade ideas brokerage plus trade ideas layout and connects trade ideas for retail traders and interactive brokers with trading day price alerts as per trade pre-market live trading room recap.

6) For premium package interactive brokers, it gives trading day trade ideas brokerage plus trade ideas holly artificial intelligence auto trading platform according to profit target for successful trading in the stock market and low float stocks trading scenarios

Cons of Trade Ideas

1) The interface can be a bit overwhelming at first glance

2) Because there are so many features, it takes some time to get used to how everything works

Tips on how to set up your portfolio on Trade Ideas

1. Once you sign up for an account and choose a monthly subscription plan that suits you best, click “add symbol” in the top menu bar and enter the stock’s ticker symbol or company name. You may add as many symbols as you like!

2. Next, set up the indicators that make sense for your strategy. For example, if you are looking at gold stocks, you might use the commodity channel bar index or moving average convergence divergence indicator to filter out your results.

3. If you want to be alerted when a stock hits a certain price (i.e., $20), click “add alert” and then select the event type (price target hit, volume reached). You can add multiple alerts for the same symbol!

4. Once you set up an account, click “portfolio,” and create your watchlist by adding ticker symbols or company names separated by commas. This will allow you to see all of your positions consolidated in one place, and apply strategies across timeframes quickly and efficiently while filtering results based on indicators of choice.


Alternatives to Trade Ideas

According to my Trade Ideas Review, Trade Ideas is an excellent website that compiles the top stock ideas for you to invest in.

However, there are other options available when it comes to investing your money. Here are some alternatives to Trade Ideas that may be worth considering.

1. Stock Rover

Stock Rover

Stock Rover is a subscription-based platform that provides users with the latest stock news and technical research across all timeframes.

Day traders can also screen stocks, ETFs, or indices by adding filters to find trade opportunities within their strategy.


2. Atom Finance

Atom Finance

Atom Finance is an online social investment network that connects individual investors who seek different investing expertise for their chosen strategies (i.e., short brokerage plus day traders, long-term buy & hold players).

It provides users with live chat rooms where they can discuss various stock picks, post charts, and see best performing portfolios among members.


3. Zacks Trade

Zacks Trade

Using Zacks Stock Research, users can screen for stocks across various data points to find potential names to research further.

This tool provides outputs based on the latest earnings reports, analyst price targets, consensus ratings, return ratios, profitability ratios, and more.


Final Thoughts on Trade Ideas

As per our Trade Ideas Review, overall this is a great site filled with advanced auto trading strategies and tools that are fairly easy to implement if you read the help section.

You’ll need patience when it comes time to learn how everything works, however, if you are looking for an alternative to your brokerage website, this is it.



Trade Ideas is the perfect site if you are looking for a way to find stocks that fit your investment needs. This website has so many features and tools, it will make investing much more manageable than ever before.

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced investor, this site can help answer any questions about which stocks might be right for you. You can also use their Portfolio Builder tool to see what kind of portfolio makes sense given your goals and risk tolerance. If all this sounds appealing but expensive, don’t worry! Trade Ideas offers both yearly as well as monthly subscriptions with no contract commitment required- meaning there are plenty of options available depending on how often you want access to these resources.

Trade Ideas is a subscription-based website that provides individual brokerage plus swing traders with the latest stock ideas, technical research, and alerts on over 20,000 stocks. While it can be more expensive than alternative websites or brokerage accounts, its vast pool of data makes it easy to find opportunities within your strategy. As always, do your own research before investing in any stock.




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Is Trade Ideas Free?

No, Trade Ideas is a subscription-based service. Users can choose from three different plans: Standard, Comprehensive, and Pro.

Advanced features include real-time news feed alerts on a company’s stock price movements, pre-market stock quotes, advanced research tools, multiple portfolios, and more.

Is it safe to deposit money into Trade Ideas?

Yes, Trade-Ideas has been in business since 2003 helping investors follow the market, research companies, monitor their stocks, create a custom watchlist, and more.

In addition, they are fully registered as a broker-dealer with FINRA (Member Firm # 000202855).

How do I backtest a screen?

To use Trade Ideas backtest trading strategies, you must first create them. Once complete, go to the “Screens” tab which is located on the top menu bar next to the main icons (Watchlists, Portfolios, etc), then click on your stock screener name.

Next, click on the gear icon (“Settings”) in the upper right-hand corner of your screen so that you are able to edit it. Finally, select “Backtest” from this view to run your strategy over custom date ranges.

How does Trade Ideas make money?

Trade Ideas charges a flat monthly fee for access to their site. They do not charge commissions on trades that users place using the tools provided.

Does Trade ideas have real-time data?

Trade Ideas compiles accurate real-time quotes from over 16 different sources including Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, MarketWatch, Dow Jones News Service & Syndication (DJNS), NASDAQ Level II Quotations (NQLX), and more.

In addition, you can instantly receive real-time alerts on your watchlist or portfolio.

What is Trade Ideas Oddsmaker?

It is an innovative stock analysis tool that allows users to view the probability of a company’s stock price reaching a specific high or low price within a 1-, 3- or 12-month time frame.

This valuable resource can save you from holding onto losing stocks or getting out before your profit targets are met. To access Trade Ideas Oddsmaker, click on the “Portfolio Center” tab located in the top menu next to Watchlists and then click on “Oddsmaker.”


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