13 Ways To Know That A Girl Likes You

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

13 Ways To Know That A Girl Likes You

Is she just being nice and friendly, or is she into you? Where is the line? And how can you spot it? 

Well, even though every woman is different, there are some common behavior patterns they all display around the man they’re in love with. 

The truth is that sometimes, these signs are hard to notice at first. But I assure you that there exist exactly 13 ways to know that a girl likes you. Here they are: 

13 Signs A Girl Is Into You

If a woman displays all or most of these signs, there is no doubt about one thing: she is crazy over you. 

1. Her body language speaks volumes

Her body language speaks volumes
Photo: realmenrealstyle

The first out of 13 ways to know that a girl likes you is her body language. This girl won’t confess her true feelings to you.

She won’t tell you that she loves you or ask you directly to be her boyfriend. Maybe she is too shy to be straightforward, or she is too proud to make the first move. Either way, she will send you hints and give you a little push. 

Her body language will speak even when she remains silent. 

Eye contact 

The first thing you should pay attention to is this girl’s eyes. She literally can’t take her eyes off you. She initiates eye contact and stares at you whenever you’re close. 

But be careful because some girls will look away when they’re near a man they like. You might think that this is a sign she doesn’t like you. 

But on the contrary, she is just shy. She is scared that you’ll read through her feelings if she looks back at you. 

Physical touch 

This way or another, this girl always ends up sitting next to you. Let me tell you something: this is more than a coincidence. 

She wants to be physically close to you. She respects your boundaries, but she uses every chance she gets to touch you.

Why? Well, her body has the uncontrollable urge to be close to you. She needs to feel your presence the same way she needs air to breathe. 

That is why she keeps putting her hand on your knee or touching your shoulder. That is why she keeps you in her arms a bit longer every time you two greet and hug. That is why her kiss on the cheek is so close to your lips. 

Being nervous

You might be dealing with an Alpha woman, but even the strongest girls get nervous when they’re around the man they like. And this one is no exception. 

She blushes when you look at her. She gets tongue twisted, and her voice starts to shake. If you look at her palms, you’ll see that they’re sweating. 

Isn’t this adorable? I mean, just imagine the power you have over this girl. 

2. She is trying hard to get to know you

She is trying hard to get to know you
Photo: lovedevani

When a woman is into you, she will go out of her way to get to know the real you. I am not talking about the guy everyone else knows. She is not interested in the image of the man you’re trying to present to the public.

This woman wants to take a sneak peek at your soul. She wants to find out more about your vulnerabilities, fears, hopes, and dreams. She wants to know more about your likes, dislikes, hobbies. and interests. 

She is everything but superficial. She is interested in all of your deepest and darkest secrets and thoughts. 

However, she has to be careful not to be nosy because that might scare you away. So, most of the time, she is beating around the bush.

But the bottom line is that she will do everything in her power to make you feel comfortable around her. The biggest compliment you can give to her is letting her in

3. She is going out of her way to be romantic

She is going out of her way to be romantic
Photo: themodernman

Newsflash: girls can be romantic, as well. No, she won’t buy you a bouquet of red roses, but she’ll find other ways to knock you off your feet. 

If a girl is into you, she will go out of her way to throw you little surprises every now and then. She won’t forget your birthday or any other date important to you. 

This girl will frequently buy you little presents, just to show you that she’s thinking about you. You’ll be getting the nicest good morning and good night texts every day. If she has a chance to, she’ll also throw you romantic dinners. 

If you’re experiencing something like this, please don’t let her effort be in vain. Return the favor and show her your romantic side. 

There are tons of love letters or love messages for her you can send. Make her realize how much you appreciate her effort. Don’t take everything she’s doing for you for granted! 

4. She finds time for you

She finds time for you
Photo: regain.us

How come this woman always has room for you in her busy schedule? I mean, she is definitely different than all those other women surrounding you. 

Neither of them has time to see you. There is always something more important for them to do. They’re either really busy or they’re playing hard to get. 

But not her. She is always at your disposal. No matter how hectic her life is, she fits you in. 

She can be tired as hell, but if you call her, she will answer. She will even cancel her plans just to spend time with you. 

It’s more than obvious that you’re a priority for her. She puts you first, and that is something you must appreciate. Besides, if this doesn’t show you how crazy she is for you, I don’t know what will. 

5. She laughs at your jokes

She laughs at your jokes
Photo: gazettely

You know what they say: if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything. Well, this can’t be closer to the truth. 

Yes, this girl smiles every time she looks at you. When you come into the room, her entire world lightens up. 

But that’s not all. She also laughs at all of your jokes. And let’s be realistic for a second– you’re not that skilled of a comedian. 

Nevertheless, everything you say makes her laugh out loud. Is she doing this on purpose to impress you?

No– she really finds you funny. And that is so because she is crazy over you. 

She acts like a high school girl in love. She enjoys your teasing and finds you incredibly amusing.

Besides, these jokes are a way of flirting. 

6. She remembers little things about you

She remembers little things about you
Photo: independent.co.uk

This is the girl who knows the name of your childhood friend and exactly what your first pet looked like. Well, let me tell you something: if she didn’t like you, she would never remember these things. 

It’s enough for you to casually mention something, and it will stick in her mind forever. She pays a lot of attention to everything you say and do. 

And let’s be honest– she’s done her share of research, as well. No, she’s not nosy, and she won’t invade your privacy. She is just trying to connect the dots and get to know the man you truly are. 

7. Her friends say that you’re a great match

Her friends say that you’re a great match
Photo: lovepanky

Don’t you find it funny that all of her friends think that you two are a match made in heaven? They never miss an opportunity to point out that you are a great couple. They even make jokes about you two walking down the aisle or having kids. 

And she clearly doesn’t mind this teasing. In fact, whenever a joke like this comes up, she looks at you, waiting for your reaction.

Whenever you two are in a group setting, her friends give you some alone time. They all treat you as a couple which you’ll soon become. 

Why is that so? Well, they all know how crazy this woman is for you! They’re obviously trying to help her win you over. And the best part is that they’re doing a great job at it! 

8. She initiates contact

She initiates contact
Photo: beyondages

Do you know how much bravery it takes for a woman to make the first move? I’m not talking about inviting you to a first date or kissing you.

I’m talking about sending you the first text or just inviting you to hang out. If a woman does any of these things, one thing is clear: she is madly in love with you. 

And that’s exactly how this girl behaves. She initiates contact all the time. 

She never suggested a real first date but she keeps coming up with excuses to see you. She talks to you about everything, asks for your help and invites you to group get-togethers. She even makes future plans for the two of you. 

This woman is clearly sending you hints. She is crazy about you and all you have to do is kiss her to seal the deal! 

9. She is jealous of other women around you

She is jealous of other women around you
Photo: thinkaloud.net

Here’s the deal: this woman has no right to be jealous. Technically, you two aren’t a couple (at least, not yet!). You’re allowed to date other girls and she can’t say anything about it. And she’s perfectly aware of it. 

However, that doesn’t prevent her to feel jealousy. And as much as she is trying to hide these feelings, sometimes they’re just too apparent. 

You can’t help but notice that she turns into a little green monster every time another woman approaches you. Even though she doesn’t show it, she is jealous of all of your female friends and coworkers. 

Not only that: she is also especially interested in your dating history. She wants to know all about your ex-girlfriends, to see if she fits the type. 

She asks you a lot of questions about your love life. Are you dating anyone? Is there a girl who stole your heart? She wants all information to know if she stands a chance! 

10. Her social media tells you everything

Her social media tells you everything
Photo: refinery29

Social media is probably the third wheel of every modern dating romance. That is exactly why you should pay attention to a woman’s social media behavior when you’re looking for signs she is into you. 

First and foremost, check out your story views. Is she the one to watch all of your Instagram and Snapchat stories in a few minutes after you post them? If this is true, there is no doubt: she is more interested in you than she admits. 

Not only that: she also frequently replies to your stories. Sometimes, she just sends you an emoji reaction. But that’s her way of initiating a conversation without being too pushy. 

Let’s not forget that she likes and comments on all of your photos, except on those you post with other girls. She insists on tagging you on her stories and posts whenever you two are together. It’s her way of screaming to the world: “He’s mine.” 

When you two get in a fight, that is when you should pay special attention to her social media activity. She is likely to post sad songs, status updates, and quotes– all directed to you. 

11. She opens up to you

She opens up to you
Photo: upjourney

There are some questions to ask a girl to see if she likes you. It’s actually pretty simple: if she is interested in you, she will gladly answer each one of them. She will open up to you in a minute. She will be more than happy that you’re putting effort into getting to know her. 

When she is into you, she is willing to answer all of your deepest questions, and she will let you in completely. She will be completely honest and give you access to her deepest secrets. 

On the other hand, a girl who is not interested will behave totally differently. She has thick and high walls around her.

You can ask her whatever you want, but she won’t open up to you. She will never let you get under her skin and get to know the real her. 

12. She compliments you

She compliments you
Photo: bodylanguagecentral

Here’s another secret: when a girl likes you, she compliments you. And I’m not talking about your looks here only. Yes, she will tell you that you’re especially handsome or well-dressed today.

However, there is something else she will put her focus on. And those are your accomplishments. 

This girl obviously admires you. She thinks of you as her hero and Prince Charming. And she never misses an opportunity to point that out. 

Whenever you give her a piece of advice or just change her tire, she acts as if you’ve given her the world. She thinks of you as the most competent man in the world. 

Most of all, she admires your intelligence and sharp mind. She keeps telling you how smart, funny and interesting you are.

And you know what’s the wildest thing? She is not lying! She really sees you like this because she is so crazy about you! 

13. You get her undivided attention

You get her undivided attention
Photo: lovepanky

Whenever you’re around this girl, you’re the only thing she notices. She doesn’t care what other people are talking about, and she has eyes for you only.

Let’s get one thing straight: this is an attractive woman, and it’s natural that other men are hitting on her. But does she flirt back? Absolutely not!

It’s like they don’t even exist. When you’re next to her, the entire world ceases to exist for her.

You don’t have a problem with capturing her undivided attention. She actively listens to every word coming out of your mouth, and she completely zeros in on you when you’re talking. 

Not only that: this girl also pays attention to your advice. She won’t nod her head at everything you say, but she will definitely take into consideration whatever you tell her. 

To Wrap Up

I’ll be honest with you: this girl gave you more than enough hints and signals. Now that you have no second thoughts about her emotions, it’s up to you to make the first move. 

Don’t torture her any longer. There is no need to play hot and cold games when she literally gave you herself on a silver platter. 

Be brave enough to seal the deal and show her that you feel the same way. I promise you one thing: it will be the best decision you’ve ever made! 

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