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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Day trading is a sophisticated financial technique where traders buy and sell securities all in the same day. Day trading makes use of the small price fluctuations that naturally occur during market hours, as opposed to traditional investment, which is more concerned with long-term value. The popularity and intricacy of day trading have expanded, which has raised the demand for education in this area.

One of the more well-known day trading programs that developed in answer to this requirement is The Stock Whisperer. The following review will take a close look at the Stock Whisperer platform, paying particular attention to both its benefits and any potential downsides. We’ll use a combination of expert analysis and first-hand trader testimonies to help you decide whether this platform is compatible with your trading objectives.

Evaluation Criteria

Dumb Little Man has emerged as a leader in the trading space, promoting safe trading practices while demystifying the intricacies of financial markets. Through this, numerous traders have been equipped to make a living from their trades. However, many beginners mistakenly equate trading with mere luck-based speculation, falsely assuming that every downturn is always followed by an upswing, leading to unfortunate financial losses.

Often, these flawed views originate from overly enthusiastic mentors who seduce newcomers with exaggerated tales of their triumphs, raising their expectations unrealistically high. Yet, when these lofty hopes shatter, traders are left wandering aimlessly. Our assessment procedure diligently grades trading courses on four key dimensions. Our experienced team upholds strict criteria to help traders pinpoint courses that suit them, shielding them from potential monetary and time-based pitfalls.

  • Convenience: We examine the accessibility, lucidity, and extent of the course.
  • Reliability: Our critique investigates the firm's track record, teaching prowess, and content excellence to gauge the course's credibility for traders.
  • Competency: We assess the course's standing by comparing it with premier courses in the sector, weighing results, required effort, and user feedback.
  • Affordability: We probe the pricing model of the course, juxtaposing it with similar offerings in the market.

Our specialist team meticulously evaluated the trading course, focusing on its genuineness and dependability. From our research, The Stock Whisperer's day trading course stands out as a trustworthy resource for both newcomers and veterans in trading. Nonetheless, those considering this course should be aware of specific points of caution highlighted in our review.

What is The Stock Whisperer

The Stock Whisperer, a leading source for learning for aspiring day traders, is led by seasoned professional Stefanie Kammerman. The platform now includes a wide range of services, programs, and tools designed to please both novice and seasoned traders as its offerings have grown over time.

Individualized one-on-one sessions, group learning platforms, and their cutting-edge trading room application are all available to anyone who are prepared to learn. The Stock Whisperer stands out for its strong feeling of community. Day traders gather here to share information, breaking news, and useful tips, fostering a culture of mutual development.

A quick look at the company’s website reveals that Stefanie Kammerman has been in business for a very long time. She has more than 20 years of experience in the trading profession, making her a living illustration of the expertise and knowledge engrained in the platform. Additional proof of her credentials comes from the enthusiastic recommendations of the numerous students and prospective traders she has trained over the years.

How Does The Stock Whisperer Work?

The Stock Whisperer offers a vast array of services and courses, designed to cater to the needs of both newcomers and expert day traders. Whether someone desires single-access sessions, monthly engagements, or intensive short-duration training, there’s something tailored for every need. These courses encompass a broad scope, starting from the rudiments of trading and stretching up to the nuances of advanced strategy application.

Boot Camp

A rigorous two-week course running 7 hours daily. It aims to cultivate disciplined day traders, diving deep into day trading, with insights into swing trading and long-term investments. Designed for traders eager to advance, it emphasizes strategic entries and exits. Core subjects include pre-planning trades, emotion-free trading, trend line drawing, and financial management. Classes span two continuous weeks but are recorded for flexible access.

The Training Pit

Tailored specifically for those embarking on their day trading journey, this segment ensures that beginners have a comprehensive foundation. The course is orchestrated by some of Stefanie’s most skilled assistants, ensuring quality guidance. It offers a conducive environment for fresh traders, simplifying the complexities of investments and the financial market.

The Java Pit

This segment promises a captivating trading room experience, bringing traders into a space where seasoned professionals discuss and dissect trading strategies and ideas as they unfold in real-time. Stefanie takes charge of numerous audio interactions during active trading hours, shedding light on pre-market speculations and facilitating live trading sessions, all enhanced with the facility of screen sharing.


This space is dedicated to the exhilarating world of cryptocurrencies. Instead of merely offering newsletters or podcast-style content, this segment delves deeper, offering a comprehensive learning experience for those keen on crypto trading.

Dark Pool Insights

This is a weekly newsletter. Subscribers receive a 20-minute video every week detailing recent Dark Pool activities. Stefanie reviews the past week’s trades, offering insights into entries, exits, and potential trades for the upcoming week. Sessions tackle varied topics, from trading tactics to FOMC meetings, predicting corrections, or aligning trades with moving averages.

Virtual Lunch Session With Trading Pit Access

A three-month program offering bespoke insights from Stefanie. Every week, members get a pre-recorded lunchtime tutorial available between 13:00 – 14:00 EDT. An added perk, the package also includes access to the Training Pit.

Mobile Application: The Dark Pool App

This app furnishes real-time Dark Pool trades and ideas. While downloading is free on both iOS and Android, a monthly fee is charged for trade insights. Users get alerts on unusual market activities, trending strategies, and Dark Pool trade movements. The app’s private feed presents day-specific trade data.

The Stock Whisperer Pros and Cons


  • 24/7 access to recorded classes.
  • Multi-platform accessibility: online, in-person, and mobile app.
  • Courses cater to all skill levels, from novices to experts.
  • Varied day trading courses and services with diverse pricing.


  • Some courses come with steep fees.
  • Outdated website interface with scarce details.
  • Overstated success stories.
  • Absence of direct telephone or email support.

Benefits of Learning with The Stock Whisperer

  • Hands-on Experience: Stefanie isn’t just an instructor; she’s an active trader. This means students get to witness real-time strategies being applied in the live market, bridging the gap between theory and practical application.
  • Trading Alongside Professionals: Within The Java Pit, students get the priceless opportunity to trade hand-in-hand with Stefanie and other seasoned traders. This close contact with seasoned professionals can be quite helpful in quickening one’s learning curve and boosting confidence.
  • Skill Duplication Methodology: Stefanie’s pedagogic strategy is laser-focused on ensuring that her students can imitate her tactics and decision-making processes, as opposed to merely conveying knowledge. She gives her students the tools they need to autonomously navigate the risky trading seas by “cloning” her considerable knowledge.
  • Community-driven Learning: By joining The Stock Whisperer, you join a close-knit trading brotherhood in addition to having access to their courses. You’re never trading alone because to the supporting ecology that is fostered by this community-driven environment, where traders cooperate, share knowledge, and encourage one another.
  • Ongoing Learning: The Stock Whisperer platform is based on the idea of lifelong learning. Traders are constantly exposed to a wide range of perspectives, approaches, and market analysis from other traders. As a result, learning is dynamic, changing along with market developments and reflecting the complex trading world.

How Much Does The Stock Whisperer Cost?

It’s critical to comprehend the pricing structure if you’re considering The Stock Whisperer‘s day trading services. The Stock Whisperer frequently requires a monthly commitment or a single payment for its courses and services. The prices associated with the various services they offer are broken down as follows:

  • The Java Pit: The cost of this service has not yet been made public.
  • Dark Pool Insights: A $37 monthly subscription fee is charged for anyone interested in learning more about the Dark Pool.
  • The Free Trading Room: This trading room is free to use, so enthusiasts can enter it without paying any fees, as its name implies.
  • Crypto’tunities: Those looking to venture into the vibrant world of cryptocurrencies can opt for this service at a monthly rate of $89.99.
  • Virtual Lunch Session With Trading Pit Access: For a span of three months, this service can be accessed for $1495, offering insightful lunch sessions with access to the Trading Pit.
  • The Dark Pool App: Priced at $19.99 per month, this app subscription renews automatically every month. However, subscribers have the flexibility to cancel whenever they wish.
  • The Training Pit: For the ones eager to learn the basics and more, the monthly rate stands at $99.97. Alternatively, there’s a quarterly plan available at $269.97. Both these plans renew automatically, either monthly or quarterly, but provide the option for cancellation at any point.
  • Boot Camp: This intensive workshop offers 70 hours of immersive trading knowledge over two weeks, and it comes with a one-time payment of $3499.

Who is The Stock Whisperer For?

The Stock Whisperer serves a wide range of people, from novice traders interested in learning more about the market to seasoned investors looking to hone their abilities or explore novel opportunities like cryptocurrency. There is something for everyone due to the variety of courses, which range from fundamental lessons in The Training Pit to specialized knowledge from the Dark Pool.

Beginner-friendly modules can be helpful for new traders, while advanced methods and real-time market evaluations are more appropriate for seasoned traders. Even those searching for extensive hands-on instruction in a short length of time will profit from services like the Boot Camp, it should be noted. In essence, The Stock Whisperer is intended for anyone who wants to embrace the dynamic world of trading, whether they’re just getting started or hoping to advance their current route.

The Stock Whisperer Customer Reviews

Customers have had a varied reaction to The Stock Whisperer. Many people have commended the course, praising the instructor Paul in particular for his in-depth expertise, wealth of experience, and patient manner in explaining difficult option trading tactics.

They concluded that the course was worthwhile, praising its success in educating students on how to manage risk, make wise financial decisions, and comprehend complex chart patterns.

However, other people believed that the knowledge taught in the boot camp could be simply and cost-free acquired online, and they questioned the program’s unique value, particularly in light of its focus on “dark pools.”

What is a Good Alternative to The Stock Whisperer?

Asia Forex Mentor – One Core Program

Asia Forex Mentor‘s One Core Program is a compelling alternative for those interested in diving deep into the world of cryptocurrency trading, potentially offering a more comprehensive approach than The Stock Whisperer. Distinguished as a premier trading education platform, it caters to both beginners and seasoned traders.

The program’s creator, Ezekiel Chew, is no ordinary financial educator. Recognized as an adept trader in the financial realm, Chew has been enlightening individuals and major financial institutions since 2008 with his trading expertise. His 5-step program provides an in-depth exploration of the forex market, leveraging both technical and fundamental stock analyses. This dual approach equips traders with the skills to significantly enhance their trading results.

Through the One Core Program, Chew’s commitment to uplifting the trading community is evident. His educational reach extends not only to individual traders but also to professionals at prop trading firms, asset management companies, and banking institutions.

Designed as a comprehensive suite, the One Core Program encapsulates the vast knowledge Chew has amassed over two decades in forex trading. It grants traders access to effective strategies while highlighting less successful methods. Presented through videos, mentorship, and real-world scenarios, the course goes beyond just forex, encompassing trading strategies for stocks, indexes, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and any asset represented in chart form.

A standout feature of this course is its grounding in mathematical probability, a rare facet in the trading world. This foundation allows traders to assess risks and potential rewards with remarkable precision.

Suitable for all experience levels, from novices to experts, the One Core Program stands out as a top-tier trading course across multiple financial vehicles. If you’re in pursuit of a holistic trading course, the One Core Program by Asia Forex Mentor is undeniably worth considering.

Asia Forex Mentor Members’ Testimonials

Members of the Asia Forex Mentor‘s One Core Program consistently praise its in-depth and well-organized content. The course’s instructor, Ezekiel Chew, is regularly praised for his knowledge, practical approach, and capacity to explain difficult topics in an interesting and understandable way.

Many traders have gained a deeper understanding of the forex market after completing the course, which has increased their confidence and produced successful results. Furthermore, many people find encouragement in Ezekiel’s story of rising from modest origins to trading success. Even for individuals with prior forex trading expertise, the curriculum reveals innovative concepts and tactics that encourage further reading and reflection. For traders of all experience levels, the One Core Program is regarded as a wise investment.

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Conclusion: The Stock Whisperer Review

The Stock Whisperer obviously offers a variety of services and programs for traders with various levels of experience. Day trading insights and comprehensive Dark Pool data are only two examples of the unique blend of services offered to traders with diverse demands and interests.

Day trading is a thrilling yet difficult activity. Platforms like The Stock Whisperer and the Asia Forex Mentor give traders access to priceless resources. Individual traders must choose the option that best suits their goals and ambitions.

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The Stock Whisperer Review FAQs

To what extent do The Stock Whisperer’s clients benefit from the service?

The Stock Whisperer provides a variety of services, including a “Training Pit” for novice investors, a “Java Pit” for seasoned pros, “Crypto’tunities” for those with a penchant for virtual currencies, and a “Boot Camp” for seasoned pros.

What are the prices for the various classes and services you offer?

There is a large price range in the services available. There are both one-time payments for courses and membership requirements for others. You may get the most recent pricing info on their webpage.

What are some of the best alternatives to The Stock Whisperer?

One great alternative is Ezekiel Chew’s Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program. The extensive material and original trading insights in this program are useful for traders of all experience levels.





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