SpaceX Stock Price

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Elon Musk the founder of SpaceX, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. Elon Musk has been the founder and CEO of many wildly successful capital firms, from Paypal to Tesla.

Thanks to the success of Tesla company and his wide following has made him the richest man in the world, and many shareholders who have invested their capital in Space X and Tesla have actually become multimillionaires.

Tesla is old news, now it’s all about Space X which has the potential to be a major company on the horizon for Elon Musk. As promised earlier let’s explore the 4 different ways you can invest capital in SpaceX before it goes public.

Will it go IPO?

Looking ahead, a potential space technology IPO is sure to garner much attention. In the IPO, people may discover that there is an oversubscription issue, especially because traders will pay these funds for R&D. The amount of money that Space X has in its reserves has decreased, causing the demand for an IPO to decrease.

The symbol for HOL will convert from HOL to ASTR once the IPO is completed. At the time of this writing, the stock price is at around $13 a share, with a high price at $22.47 in February 2021. SPCE follows a similar principle: The value of the company can go to the moon if the SPCE concept is successful, and the risk capital is limited.




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Learn About SpaceX Stock Price

For the time being, it is privately held and therefore shares are not publicly traded. No one knows it real stock price.

How to Analyze and buy SpaceX stock

What is the profitable Advantage of SpaceX?

SpaceX can potentially be a very profitable company since first and foremost it focuses on reusable rockets.

SpaceX not only aims at exploring the international space station, but it also aims to colonize Mars and having it as a second ‘Earth’.

SpaceX has a lot of real-world commercial contracts right now, the US Space Force said that it would permit SpaceX to fly reused (or as SpaceX prefers, “flight-proven”) Falcon 9 rockets to launch the government’s next two government GPS III satellites.

And here is where things get really interesting since SpaceX had agreed to launch these government GPS spacecraft for about $97 million in capital each. But in return for being permitted to fly reusable rockets, SpaceX now reported that it can cut the price it charges Space Force for the next two launches by a total of $52.7 million capital saving of more than $26 million capital each.

This means a greater reduction of fling these reusable rockets that SpaceX promised over 3 years ago, in fact, this is a reduction of over 40% of the costs incurred.

SpaceX has already committed to awarding 60% of its national security launch contracts to Space X rival ULA (United Launch Alliance) over the period of 2022 to 2027 which SpaceX will receive only 40% of these contracts. This is probably great news to the joint owners of ULA.

If you carefully think about it you will notice that in 2027, a lot of contracts will be lost by ULA, as SpaceX will undercut them on their prices this is great news for Elon Musk and SpaceX capital investors.

You might wonder how SpaceX competes internationally, well if SpaceX can launch commercial payloads for $56 million each, then ULA wouldn’t be able to compete, so they definitely kicked out of the competition. Now the $56 million is more expensive than the reported $50 million costs of the expendable India PSLV competitor rocket which is probably the cheapest rocket vehicle in the side of China.

However, the PSLV only has a limited payload capacity of about 1.8 metric tonnes which is less than a tenth of the Falcon 9 22.8 metric tonnes pay-load. So it’s clear no one on earth is capable of launching payload as cheap as SpaceX’s deal, giving Space X a unique competitive advantage in the space industry.

Starlink IPO

SpaceX has also invested in a project called Starlink IPO. Starlink IPO is a satellite internet consolidation with a goal to provide high-speed internet via satellites around the world. Starlink IPO would be most beneficial for people based in rural areas who will buy SpaceX stock, but in the long term, this might be disruptive in the entire fiber-optic cabling industry. While SpaceX has not given a definitive timeline for an IPO, it has indicated that it could occur within the next few years.

You will no longer have to dig up the ground to install or maintain this cabling and even upgrade it as the technology improves. You can simply access your entire internet from the satellites.

Space X recently between February 14 and February 15, launched 60 new Starlink IPO test flight into space bringing a total of 950 in the lower earth orbit. Each IPO test flight showed great performance. Well, Richard Branson is working on a similar project so it will be interesting to see how these guys compete in the future. It’s very clear that Space X has some business opportunities, some strong competitive advantages and this is all without even going to mars.

If we combine the “Musk Factor” with this exuberance from retail investors and the religious-like fanatism of those who support Elon Musk then it’s clear that if IPO is started, it will be huge for capital revenue generation.

This article gives details about the latest development of prices and the Space X IPO. We also take a close look at the main competitors and alternative space investments already traded on space.

Will SpaceX become publicly traded (IPO)?

Elon Musk had some comments on this, in February on Twitter he declared, “We will probably IPO Starlink, but several years in the future when revenue growth is smooth & predictable but not in February 2021. The public market does *not* like erratic cash flow.

It is crystal clear that Elon Musk has a deal to develop retail investors, and he is keen on helping small business owners achieve great profitable returns. This is one of the many reasons why retail investors do get behind Elon Musk because he actually seems to care about their welfare and wellbeing.

Nonetheless, we might expect Elon Musk to change his mind quite often, so it won’t be shocking if he made the company’s assets public to sell at a huge stock price earlier than predicted, this will be the same as funding in Airbnb or uber before these organizations went public you’ve already locked in those gains before the public.

Is there a way of investing in Space X before it goes public?

After tons of research, here are the four solutions which make it possible to buy SpaceX assets before it goes public.

Invest your capital Privately

Invest privately. This is an interesting method but the major issue with this is that you have to be an accredited investor, meaning you have to must earn income exceeding two hundred thousand dollars in each of the prior two years and reasonably expects the same for the current year.

You also have to have a valuation net worth of over a million dollars either alone or together with a spouse excluding the value of the person’s primary residence. It’s mostly like that you might not qualify for this deal, don’t lose hope let’s keep exploring these other options.

Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust (SMT)

This is an indirect way of buying SpaceX assets; if you manage to invest in Bayley Gifford’s Scottish mortgage investment trust on the SMT on the London exchange. They play the same role as the arkhamvest but in the UK version, they invested in Tesla pretty early the same way Cathy Wood did.

Diving into the share price of this company you will notice that they do have a lot of publicly traded firms with great audience insights and annual revenue. With the info provided for informational purposes, you can definitely take a risk to buy SpaceX raised at a lower price before the company goes public and the price goes off the roof.

Invest into Google

Spending on Google or Alphabet asset is another way of dealing with the space company. Google actually invested in the company very early and they actually own 7.5 percent of the company.

There are also fidelity investments that have a series of mutual funds with small positions. Bear in mind that most of these funds have ongoing valuation charges of a few price every year, so keep that in mind when spending in any funds.

Invest into Ark Space Etf

Diving into this new form that was recently introduced by Kathy Wood of Arkhamvest this seeks to provide personal data for audience insights to companies involved in space-related businesses like reusable rockets, drones, orbital and sub-orbital aircraft.

These innovations should transform logistics observation agricultural telecom drones, and may even help colonize mars. With the well-known relationship between Elon and Kathy Wood, she might actually be talking about the Starlink IPO. It is important to note that IPO as a company has not been listed on this fund since it’s still privately owned still.

However, she stated that she would love to retail traders to access private companies early, maybe as a loophole to buy SpaceX raised assets.


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