Is He Worth It? (21 Signs He Will Leave His Wife For You)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

signs a married man is ready to leave his wife

Marriage is a loving relationship between two partners who want to have each other for their entire life.

And most of the time people do get lucky to have that kind of partner with whom they share their whole life.

But not all relationships have or share the same fate.

As much as we want a healthy relationship that lasts forever, things might change as we proceed. Other people might come into our lives and drastically change the whole relationship.

Married men can turn a real relationship into many cheating relationships, the same can be said for women as well.

As much as we want to stay with our current family, some factors and things may not let us be with our partner.

Maybe there are a few reasons that point toward the direction of divorce. It’s just a matter of time when it’s supposed to happen.

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When a married man falls for another woman, he constantly thinks about whether he should stay with his spouse and work on his marriage, or leave her and go for another woman.

It’s a complicated thing, for sure. But there are signs he will leave his wife for you and that is something we will discuss and look at today.

Whether a married man will leave his wife for you or not. We have researched the internet and found out the answers for you from a relationship expert who is extremely good in relationship psychology.

As we dwell on that, there are many signs he will leave his wife for you, and that is exactly what we will explain and understand. The “what’s and why’s” in the marriage for a man to leave his wife.

We have a ton of content to cover so let’s dig right into it.

✍️ Know him more with these 21 signs he will leave his wife for you ✍️

1. He tells you he will leave her

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When he tells you directly he’ll leave her. That is the fastest and easiest way to know, what exactly are the future plans for this married man.

He is not shy about it or keeping anything to himself. He tells you everything, literally.

The whole problem from start to finish. Whether it’s about the family or his wife, friends, his emotional connection to the relationship, just about everything.

Most men will not be so frank to tell you directly whether he will leave his wife or not but it’s a good sign for you if he does tell you that.

It’s not something he should keep to himself anyway. You can even see it from his behavior towards you. That itself shows that he has decided to leave his wife for you.


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2. There is no emotional connection anymore

A married man will leave his spouse when there is no emotional connection anymore between them.

The whole bond stands on that deep, true connection that binds the husband and wife together. If that bond is gone or becomes weaker then he might not be so willing to stay in that marriage for long.

When the sadness or happiness of each other loses all its value and meaning, then all that is left is just chaos, emptiness, and void. No relationship or marriage can last long without the absence of not being able to care about each other emotions or feelings.

These are clear signs he will leave his wife for you because she is not the wife he feels a connection with. She’s not that good partner anymore.

In other words, she’s not going to pay attention to him or his strong feelings but at the same time, he might feel that with you. That will make him leave his wife, for sure.

3. He has been planning this for a long time

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You can’t just say the word “Divorce” because of one bad day, no.

There are always these biggest signs that show clearly what’s about to happen in the future for this marriage. And that’s exactly what makes a married man plan this.

He doesn’t just spring this out of nowhere. It requires time, patience, and deep thinking. Once a decision is made, you can’t just make excuses left and right and change your mind all the time.

When a decisive action is to be made, you have to be very sure and think about it for a long time. Could be days, months, or years! If he has been doing that and has future plans with you in it, instead of his wife.

Then he has a plan and time to divorce his wife and end that marriage. He is going to leave his wife when he has already a plan. That itself is valid proof. He shares all the details with you and makes you rest assured that he will go with his decision.

4. He is not satisfied as a married man with his wife

He is not satisfied with the marriage at all.

Whether it’s the time they share or it’s the mutual respect. It’s not working because clearly, he is not satisfied with his wife at all.

Maybe there is sexual tension in the bedroom or there might be other indicators that may bring this feeling inside a man which makes him feel unworthy and unwanted.

Maybe it’s the Hero instinct that is lost in the marriage.

A hero instinct is a trait that women find very attractive like men, they need women to ask them to help. It makes them feel strong like when women need protection from something. That is the hero instinct men have.

But when their wife cannot bring out that feeling in them anymore, when the hero instinct is just lost, they feel unworthy and dissatisfied with the marriage.

There are other signs as well but the main one that shows that he will leave his wife is when he is not satisfied with his marriage or his wife anymore.

5. There is no true love present anymore

The true love that was once a part of his relationship with his wife is now gone. It’s not all that magical anymore.

There was love blossoming once in his marriage but now there are only frowns and tolerance.

When love leaves the relationship, all that is left is responsibility.

You don’t feel secure anymore with your partner because it’s just uncomfortable to live without having love in your life.

It’s just a matter of time when a married man loves another woman because he is not receiving it from his wife in the marriage anyway.

It’s a clear sign that he will move on with his life and have a future where he can talk to someone whom he loves, not who just fulfills responsibilities.

Couples need to talk, have lovely moments, have free time for each other, and want to fully commit to the relationship. If his wife is not doing that with him anymore then sure he will leave his wife or you.

It’s a good sign as a matter of fact because the point is, that love should be present in any relationship.

6. His priorities are not anywhere near his wife

Does he spend more time with you than his wife?

Does he avoid talking with her?

Does he not respond to her chats or calls?

Does he spend time with his phone playing games rather than having a talk with his wife?

Then surely his priority no.1 is not his wife. He wants something else in his life that brings him that passion, that attention, that thing that diverts his mind from anything else. He has lost focus on his wife and his priorities don’t include her at all.

This is a promising sign that he will leave his wife sooner or later. His feelings for her have changed which is why he doesn’t want to be married to that woman.

7. There is no flame of excitement in his life

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Marriage should have excitement in it at all times, otherwise, it will just become a bland, boring everyday chore for both husband and wife.

And that is not how life is supposed to be lived at all. Life should be full of dreams, couple goals, shared values, and lots of happiness and joys coming from love.

But when his heart doesn’t race his wife surprises him. If his mind is not full of her thoughts anymore and his sexual drive seems to be zero with his wife then it’s a sign he will leave his wife.

When she no longer wears his favorite dresses or she no longer does the things he loves then he will look for another woman who will.

Even the eye contact has come to the point where it’s just lost its magic.

They just look at each other like they are strangers living in the same house, just providing child support if there are kids or simply living on, carrying on with their life.

When the excitement fades from that special bond, so do your future couple’s goals and dreams. When nobody is there to support you, it’s just time to have a divorce. It’s just a matter of time before both of them find someone who will do that.

These are some of the signs he will leave his wife for you because passion and excitement are a part of this deep bond. And it does matter, a lot!





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8. He ignores any relationship advice

He ignores any relationship advice given by his close friends or family men or even maybe work friends. He doesn’t seem to ponder on what they are saying rather he is focused on one thing, You.

That’s right. His mind is closed off to taking advice from family and friends.

It doesn’t matter to him at all what they are saying because all he wants is just to escape instead of fixing it. Maybe that’s how bad of a marriage he is in.

Many things can make men behave like that such as abuse in a relationship, manipulation, or degradation.

But all these signs are just a clear indication of divorce soon to be happening because the married man is not happy with his life, with his wife, with his holy bond.

He doesn’t want this type of relationship with her and he is at that point where he can only find happiness by having a divorce, moving on and, finding a woman to whom he matters.

9. He prefers to spend time alone more and more

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One of the good signs you can see in a married man whether he will be in a cheating relationship or not is by observing how he spends his time after being married.

If he is spending time alone rather than his wife then clearly he doesn’t care about who he is married to.

He doesn’t seem to care about the nitty-gritty for any particular reason which shows signs that his feelings are just everywhere and not in place.

When a married man is alone, he can do anything. Chat with women, call them, flirt with them without having his wife find it.

They can also lean towards having a cheating relationship because he seems to be not so attentive to his wife anymore. The excitement that he needs is found in another woman instead of her which is a sign that he may leave his wife for good.

His eye contact seems to be focused on other things instead of on the person it should be directed to. And that shows signs that he will leave sooner or later.

10. Despisement is making him think hard

Once a cheater, always a cheater. It’s a saying that probably everyone knows about but never wants to use.

When women seek physical pleasure outside their marriage, it creates huge problems for men. Because some might forgive and try to rebuild the relationship while some might move on and have a relationship with someone else.

Maybe it’s not cheating, maybe his wife has done something severe, something intense that has hurt him a lot.

Whatever the case may be, the point is, he did get the heart and he has this resentment towards his wife for the thing she did to him. This is why he could despise her and make the same decisions as her to get back at her.

Most men cheat too when they find out their wife has cheated on him to get back at her. This is why he will leave his wife after doing that. The next meeting will be a breakup, for sure.

11. He feels he is being ignored or not lovable anymore

When you start a family and have children, most of your attention is directed towards those.

Children, responsibilities, taking care of bills, having a secure future, planning family trips, enough savings for well-being, or if there are plans to have many children.

But during all that time what we lose is our time for each other, the partners.

Family time takes over romantic times.

There is just no time for each other anymore and that is something that puts stress on a man because of all the things he has to provide for his family.

Woman, of course, works too, without a doubt they help as much as any man will do but stress changes people. And when that happens, the relationship changes too.

When there is always “No” the answer from his wife to his every desire.

When he has low self-esteem because of his wife not paying attention to him, when he feels neglected and unlovable, he will feel depressed, sad, and alone.

And when he is in that phase, he will succumb to any charm that is outside his married journey.

So, if his feelings get the best of him, he will leave his wife for other women. It’s one of the major signs.

12. There are no signs of respect

No man will ever settle for a woman who is disrespectful to him.

When there are times when both of the spouses start disrespecting each other in the relationship, the anger fills up the room. Because nobody likes to be treated that way.

And when both minds are boiling with anger they start to hate each other and that is a major deal-breaker for any person out there.

He will most definitely leave his wife if she disrespects him in his house or outside. He will leave her for you because you respect him, and she does not. And no man will stay with a disobedient, hateful, and disrespectful spouse.

13. He spends time with you more than his wife

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I think this is pretty obvious because clearly, the man doesn’t seem to care about his spouse at all.

He spends most of his time with you instead of at his home.

His love is not at home but with you now. And that shows he will leave his spouse. The only thing that matters to him is now how to spend more of his time with you.

He invests his time in you. He is devoted to you. That itself is a sign he will leave her soon. Making time for you is more important to him.

14. He takes off his wedding ring

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When you meet him again and see that there is no ring in his hand anymore it means he is serious about you now.

He is also serious about having a divorce because he no longer wears the ring that binds him with her. He is Free. That is the message, he is telling you that we can be together soon.

A wedding ring is a symbol of love and how he is committed to his spouse.

He will wear it at all times but when it is off so suddenly, it means he has decided that it’s all over.

The ring holds great meaning in religion because when you put it on your spouse you are saying you are bound forever. But when it is off mostly after that, it is just the end of that journey.

15. He tells you his honest feelings

Telling you directly about his true feelings is one of the signs that he will leave her at some point.

The reason is that he shares most of his emotions with you instead of sharing them with his spouse.

He just laid it out on you, his true intention which is leaving his spouse. He doesn’t hold anything and tell you everything truly that is inside his heart and mind.

16. His eyes tell you the whole story

A man is not very good with his words, but he is with his actions. He might never be able to tell you exactly how they feel because they are just born this way. It’s in their nature. But sometimes all it takes is to take a good deep look into his eyes which can tell you the whole story. It is a real thing! The eye communication.

If he makes eye contact with you or looks deeply into your eyes and tells you meaningful things that he should be doing with his spouse, then he is willing to let her spouse go because he is only intimate with you. And not her.


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17. He feels he has lost himself while in marriage

When you lose yourself in a relationship, it’s a devastating experience. When the person with whom you share your life makes you feel miserable and lost, then no man will live with that person. How can a man become weak? That’s the thoughts running through his mind.

If he doesn’t do the things he loved to do anymore with his spouse then it’s crystal clear that he just doesn’t feel himself anymore around his spouse. He is only original with you but not her. Such are signs that he will leave her.

18. His spouse is manipulative and mean to him

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Nobody likes to be controlled in a relationship. If his wife is controlling him then he only wants to feel free again. He will not settle for that at all. Nobody will.

Her manipulation is a form of mental abuse that may lead to divorce.

His spouse might be playing games with him and controlling his behavior, every day.

Nobody will tolerate that for long. Especially not men. It’s like she might be taking advantage of him which therefore may lead to him leaving his spouse.

19. Family life, sex life, love life all seems boring

When the spark of a relationship is just gone and vanished then there is nothing you can do about it.

You can try your best to make it better but once the heart turns cold, it’s really hard to get it warm again for that person.

By that I mean every time he is with his spouse, it’s boring, always.

Whether it’s going out or staying home or the food. Just everything looks boring to the man because when time passes without having appreciation in the relationship, it turns pretty sour quickly.

When his spouse doesn’t give him the time he needs, he will think of other ways to manage his needs and that may eventually lead to him leaving her. Boring life is a big NO in the current era.

20. The relationship has lost its values

His relationship with his spouse has lost its value over the years. It seems to be decreasing instead of increasing.

When you feel there is just nothing of value to be received from your partner in the form of love, affection, or care, the relationship is just over at that time.

Whether she is not giving him the proper sex time

or it’s just random arguments after arguments

or do you just never agree

or can be patient with the person anymore

or you feel stuck in the relationship are all clear indications of a relationship burning to the ground.

21. It’s an abusive or unhappy marriage

Abuse comes in many forms which are verbal, mental emotional, etc.

Any type of abuse can harm a person’s heart, mind, or personality.

It doesn’t show the effect on the spot but with time, the symptoms show in the behavior of the victim.

That can be a sign that people’s hearts turn black towards their spouse.

When the abuse continues and doesn’t stop, it’s better to just leave at that point and find someone who will appreciate us instead of abuse us.

This is why men will leave their spouses if they are in an abusive relationship.

They will leave their wives and find some other women who can make them happier than their wives.

☝️ Reasons why men leave their wives ☝️

Photo Credit: Pexels

✎ Lack of intimacy and sex

✎ There is no attraction anymore

✎ They feel disconnected from themselves

✎ The relationship is toxic and getting worse over time

✎ They feel disrespected

✎ They don’t feel appreciated anymore

✎ It’s getting boring, a lot!

✎ He feels his spouse is becoming like his mom, always nagging

✎ No meaningful conversations are present in the relationship

✎ The responsibilities become overwhelming

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

As brutal as the truth can be, we simply cannot hide or run away from it.

Whether it be about relationships or something else. We have to accept certain things to have a better future.

And we can be aware of those by reading all the different kinds of signs that are present in the universe or people.

One of the things is finding true love. It doesn’t always come easily. You have to find it, look for it, yearn for it, desperately.

And sometimes it can be found in a very messy situation. But don’t let your heart waver, because once you find it, you will need it and when you need it, you will work for it.

Such is the case of loving a married man.

You have to read all the signs above to be sure whether you will have that love in your life or not.

You have to be aware of his situation and be very sure whether he will be stuck with his spouse, or will he be with you soon.

I hope you understand by reading all the signs that a married man shows when he is going to leave his wife.

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

❓ Will a married guy leave his wife?

Problems that cannot be solved in his marriage along with his wife are one of the factors a married man will leave his wife. There is always counseling and therapy which may yield different results but if the pain is constant while living with his spouse then he will leave her.

❓ How do you know if a married man is serious about you?

When he takes his ring off and goes out with you in public. When he plans a future with you and involves you in his dreams and major decisions. He is serious when he tells you he is in love with you only.

❓ How do you get a man to leave his wife for you?

You can get a married man’s attention and divert it away from his spouse. You can dress better, pamper yourself, and show that you are the one who he should be with, not her. You should share your true emotions with him and let him know your desires about how badly you want to spend your life with him. There is just no one certain way to make him do that.





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