16 Hot-Shot Signs Someone Is Thinking About You Sexually

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

16 Hot-Shot Signs Someone Is Thinking About You Sexually

Are you curious to know if a man is sexually attracted as well as thinking about you? If so, you must learn the obvious signs of the sexual attraction he develops for you. This article will help you learn the psychic signs that he is thinking about you sexually along with learning the ways to make him think more about you.

To help you get your shot, here are 16 signs that someone is Thinking About You Sexually.

1. He excessively stares at you

One of the common psychic signs that he is thinking about you with sexual interest is that he would unusually stare at you. If you pay attention, you will also notice that this staring is different from others.

Even when you are busy with your friends or family in a public event, you would notice that his eyes wander around you. This is a nice feeling if he is your true love but you must be cautious if he is only interested in sex.

You would feel as if he is thinking something while looking at you. His eyes would wander around you when he would continuously and constantly think about you.

2. Frequently touches you

A good indicator of his sexual thinking about you is his frequent touching. Does he touch you in every single conversation or find opportunities to come closer?

Whether you are behind closed doors or at a public place, he would miss no opportunity to touch your body.

Sometimes, this touching would involve holding a hand or touching your cheeks or hair. At other times, he may touch other parts of the body such as thighs, to arouse your feelings. Through such touching, you can easily detect his real intentions and make a wise decision at the right time.

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3. He gravitates toward you

When he unnecessarily gravitates toward you, it is his subconscious telling him that he wants the sexual tension.

This gravitation is usually due to some reason and would be a clear sign that he is having sexual feelings/thoughts about you.

Utilize your positive energy to detect the sudden emotional change while he gravitates toward you.

A man usually does so when he wants to develop the physical sensations in his body too. He wants you to positively respond to his physical signs of sexual attraction and that’s why his gravitation on you would become more frequent.

4. You might be triggering his hero instinct

A man feels like a king when a woman develops or triggers his hero instinct. There are chances that you might be triggering his hero instinct through your actions or words.

For example, support that he has a bad day today and feels so depressed. At that time, you come to him and say supporting words to make him feel good about himself. You might be doing it in sympathy but there are chances that he takes it in the other direction.

While you make him feel amazing about himself, his hero instinct gets the boost. As a result, he may start sexually thinking about you.

5. He makes romantic jokes

When your boyfriend makes frequent romantic jokes with you, it means that this is not only a simple friendship. A person’s mind only thinks about romance when there is a mutual attraction.

Even if you don’t have any sexual tension for him, his energy flows leading him to think sexually when you are around.

If he makes such romantic jokes with other people, that’s fine when he makes these with you too. However, if he does so with you only, then your psychic abilities must get you alert.


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6. Frequently smiles with you

When a guy smiles at you, there is also much meaning behind it. In some cases, a guy smiles only when he loves you the most or has pure love emotions for you. In other cases, a guy may smile because he is flirting and sexually thinking about you.

It is only you who can detect the real cause behind the smile of a guy. The only way to do so is to see if he smiles even at your mistakes and happily tolerates your bad side or not.

If a guy is with you only when there are good days and leaves you alone when something goes wrong, he doesn’t love you at all. When such a man smiles with you on your happy days, it means that his sexual energy is bringing this smile for a purpose.

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7. Unexpectedly spend more time with you

All friends love to spend time with each other but if a person unexpectedly spends more time with you without any relationship, there must be something in his mind.

Spending more than usual time is one of the psychic signs that he is constantly thinking about you.

If he is not your love partner, then the particular reason for his being with you is his interest in your body. Instead of minding your own business, take a few minutes to figure out his real intentions.

8. May make awkward conversations

When a man is behaving as normal but something else is going on in his mind, he may make awkward conversations. Saying unexpected words during a conversation or responding differently is one of the subtle signs that something fishy is going on.

For example, he may try to talk more about love affairs, sexual talk, or other such topics. Whenever you are talking about random things, he would turn the discussion to his favorite topics while ignoring to respond to your conversation.

At times, when you ask him something usual, he may seem mentally absent because he is thinking something else about you in his mind. When you call him again, he may respond with something else instead of answering what you just asked.

These psychic signs depict that he is thinking sexually about you.

9. Pay attention to your moves

It is good advice to keep your eyes open while looking for your twin flame. You may encounter people who are more interested in sex or think about you in this way instead of committing to a long-term relationship with you.

A man would be only flirting with you and thinking sexually about you if he stared at your moves.

For example, suppose that you bend to the floor to pick up something. At that time, does he rush to help you pick up the thing, or has he started to pay more attention to your bent body, hips, or chest from the front?

If you notice him getting more interested in your body only, it’s time to move away instead of taking this relationship as a white feather.

10. Keeps on fixing himself

One of the physical signs that someone is thinking sexually about you is his act of fixing himself frequently. You would notice that this twin flame would immediately start fixing himself for the sake of feeling good about himself.

Not only did he feel good about himself, but he would fix himself several times to create a good impact on you too.

Especially in Asian culture, one person usually gets more curious about his physical appearance when he has sexual feelings about his twin flame. If you get random hiccups while being with such a person, believe in the message of your hiccups instead of controlling them by drinking water.

These hiccups would be telling you that someone is thinking in a sexual way about you. During such a moment, it would be you would make the final decision about whether to keep him in your life or not.

11. His eye twitches is one of the psychic signs

Eye twitching is different than a sudden itch in your eye while making eye contact. When both of you are together and you catch him twitching his eyes several times, it is a common sign that he is either thinking positively or negatively about you.

In most cases, a man’s eye twitches when he is thinking something sexually about you. If this is the case, you must evaluate his intentions first instead of taking it blindly as a happy relationship.

12. You sense an increase in his sexual energy

If you have good mental health and excellent observation, you will quickly detect any sudden change in his sexual energy while being with you. When this happens, don’t make an instant physical reaction by using your psychic power or bad-mouthing.

Instead, think of a better way to respond effectively to your energy field in an appropriate way. You may also start keeping a distance from him for a while and observe his reaction. After that, do what your final thoughts are suggesting you do with him.

13. He sometimes flirts with you

You must have read articles about flirting and cheating. Do you remember anything from the previous article you read about flirting? You must have read how men try to initiate sexual conversations or have sexual thoughts in their minds while flirting. So, he must also have these sexual thoughts about you in his mind if he is flirting with you.

One of the most popular psychic signs that he is flirting with you is that he would love to engage in love talks with you. At the same time, he would also love to take you on a date or movie night. His body language would also clearly depict that he is only flirting with you and doesn’t love you by heart.

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14. His voice and tone change while talking to you

Do you notice any difference in his voice and tone while talking to you? If so, it means that he might be thinking sexually about you. Men usually talk with the same pitch of voice and tone with everyone but when there is something that hits their mind or heart, their tone suddenly changes.

Unlike them, a woman knows how to hide her thoughts and control her expressions but a man is usually so poor at it. You can easily detect if something is going on in his mind or if he is thinking sexually about his twin flame.

15. He makes late-night calls

One of the common signs someone is sexually thinking about you is their habit of making late-night calls. On his bed, he might be thinking about having you with him or playing sex games.

Many couples love to make late-night calls to each other if their sexual chemistry matches their twin flame.

However, this relationship doesn’t work if there is more sexual tension on one side and nothing on the other side. In addition, such relationships also don’t work when the so-called twin flame is not serious about you but only passes the time.

16. He spread his legs around you

Among other signs someone is thinking about you in sex terms, a good sign or a popular psychic sign is his legs spreading around you. Such type of leg spread is not without a purpose but he wants you to notice his crotch area of the body.

He does so to arouse sexual tension in you as well so that both of you can either speak or engage in sexual relationships. With his legs spread, his body language would also give you a clear sex call.





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Ways To Get Someone To Think More About You When You’re Not Around

Here are the following five ways to get someone to think more about you when you’re not around.

1. Keep him happy even on his bad days

People keep their twin flame happy on their good days but there are very few people who stand by your side on your bad days. Those who stand with you on your bad days, win a special place in your heart.

If you want to make him stop thinking about others but only about you even when you’re not around, you need to be good to him even on his bad days.

It’s easier to smile at people when everything is good and favorable.

However, you have to make him smile on his bad days by trying out different tactics. As a result, he would start feeling more deeply about you because you would be the one who support him on his bad days.

2. Offer a deep listening ear

A great sign of a man thinking more about you when you are not around is his constant calls, messages, or emails to talk to you. Do you know why he deliberately wants to talk to you?

The reason is that you offer him a deep listening ear. Men also expect their twin flame to listen to them whatever they are saying without making opposite arguments. The women who listen and support their arguments always win a special place in their hearts.

Therefore, you also have to use this tactic by utilizing your energy to listen to him. There would come a moment when he would start loving and thinking more about you due to this.

3. Support him in every possible way

Support that his left eye keeps twitching while being with you and he gets bad news. Now, what if you would leave him in distress instead of offering him good support to rise and shine again? It is obvious that he won’t love you or will never think about you if you don’t support him.

Therefore, to win a special place in his heart and to make him think more about you even when you are not around, you have to support him in every possible way. While supporting him on various matters, it is also crucial to tolerate his mood swings and ease out the sexual tension between both of you.

Within only a few days, you will notice that he has fallen in love with you, and won’t stop him from thinking about you even when you are not with him.

4. Always say goodbye on a positive note

One of the signs someone is thinking more about you when you are not with him is to always say goodbye on a positive note. No matter what has happened between both of you while being with each other, you should never say goodbye in a bad mood.

The last impression that you will leave on him will stay with him until you meet again.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to always say goodbye to your twin flame with a smile on your face and with some good and memorable words to cherish longer. After that, this smile and these words would constantly make him think more about you after you have gone.

5. Leave hidden secret love notes for him

Love sayings don’t always work when you use them by making eye contact with your loved one. Instead, they also work amazingly even when you are away but leave secret love notes for him. If you doubt how it could work, try it today. Make some secret love notes and hide them at a place where he is expected to approach later.

The next day, you would see the magic that your secret love notes did and you would cherish the smile on his face due to those notes. Even if you don’t get the desired response in one attempt, keep leaving the secret love notes for it. One day, they would work for sure and end up making him think more about you and your love.

What makes someone sexually attractive?

Several things make someone sexually attractive. However, here are the top 6 things that come on the top of the list for making you sexually attractive.

1. Physical aesthetics play a key role

The most powerful sign of getting sexually attractive is to have eye-catching physical aesthetics. Do you think that a guy would love to spend life with you if you are already out of shape? Besides spending life, he won’t even like to engage in a sexual relationship with you if you are not physically appealing to him.

Therefore, it is the rule of life to make your man feel sexually attracted to you by boosting your physical aesthetics. A simple sign to have ideal physical aesthetics is to have your ideal weight as per your age. This is a sign that you are not overweight or underweight but have an ideal body mass.

By toning your muscles a bit, you can boost your physical aesthetics to make someone sexually attracted to you.

2. The good smell also makes a huge difference

Keep in mind that no man would ever like to come closer to you or would ever think about you if you smell bad. If you don’t want to make him stop thinking about you, it is important to start smelling so attractive and appealing.

When he would smell you while being closer, a nice smell would play its part in making him sexually attracted to you. One of the signs that he likes your smell is that he would directly praise it. However, a sign that he doesn’t like it may involve him asking to change your perfume or use perfume if you were not using it before. Another sign is that he may gift a perfume to you so that you may smell good or as he desires you to smell.

By thoroughly evaluating these signs, you must find out if a person likes your smell or if you need to change it to make him sexually interested in you.

3. When your sexual chemistry matches with him

To make a person sexually interested in you, your sexual chemistry must match with him. If it doesn’t, it becomes almost impossible to attract him to you by using any trick.

Therefore, you must first see if there is any sexual correlation between the personalities of both of you. If it exists, you can try out the ways to attract him in sexual terms by using multiple tips and tricks.

4. Your voice or way of talking also plays a greater role

To attract him to you in sex terms, a good sign is to have an appealing voice or way of conversation. A person loves to come closer to a woman who has a sweet and calm talking style and a soft voice tone that wins the hearts of others.

In contrast, a person won’t be attracted to you if your way of conversation is rude, harsh, and so loud like a man.

Therefore, make sure to try modifying your conversational style to the one that appeals to the heart of the person you love or want to attract. By listening to your soft and sweet tone, he would start feeling so deeply involved with you and would desire to come closer.

5. Your body posture is also a key role-player

An important sign that others are attracted to you is whether you have an ideal posture or not. For example, if you stand straight and talk by looking into the eyes of a person, you would have an ideal posture.

Similarly, your way of grabbing and holding things and sitting style in a public place also make a huge difference. These things are powerful enough to initiate the feeling of love and intimacy in the heart of a man.

6. Your dressing sense also plays its part

Last but not least, your dressing sense also plays a very significant role in giving a sex call to a man. Even if you don’t want such a regulation but simply want to attract him, your dress would do the job. If you dress sexually, it would make him focus on you while forgetting everything else.

Similarly, an obvious sign that your dressing sense is attractive is the people praising and being inspired by you. It would not only boost his sexual feelings or a feeling of romance but also fill in the expected energy in you to face the world. Your dress can either make you confident or feel dumped in front of others. Therefore, it is important to choose your dresses wisely especially when it is time to attract others.


While living in your comfort zone or doing your everyday jobs, you just need to keep your eyes open about what others are thinking about you. You must know the signs if a person is sexually thinking about you or has any wrong concerns. By keeping in mind the 16 signs discussed in this article, you can easily tell what the other person is thinking about you.

Make sure to try out the several ways discussed above to make him think more about you if you want. These simple tips and tricks would help you in presenting a better and more appealing version of yourself to others to catch their attention.

Relevant Questions

What does it mean when you can’t stop thinking about someone sexually?

When this happens, it means that you are either feeling emotionally attached to that person or feeling attracted to him. Your inner mental energy may have bonded a knot with him and that’s why you can’t find a way to forget about him. To stop thinking, you just need to invest your energy somewhere else but it is not easier or even impossible in many cases. With time, you may feel a decrease in this energy and you get the freedom from his thoughts.

How can a woman be sexually attractive?

A woman can be sexually attracted by her dress, posture, way of communication, and her physical aesthetics.

Things Make Men More Attractive to Women

The things that make men more attractive to women are their physical appearance, attitude, style, money, and the type of car or other possessions.


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