41 Qualities Of A Good Man And Attributes To Look For

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Qualities Of A Good Man

Every woman desires to have the right man in their life. When you ask women the kind of guys they want to have as their life partners, you will get different answers, but there are common characteristics each one is looking for in a man.

🤴 41 Qualities Of A Good Man And Attributes 🤴

1. He’s intelligent

An ideal man to do life with needs to be smart in mind. Someone who thinks and reasons like an intellect. Besides, intelligent men can apply the wisdom and knowledge they have in their situations.

As a result, they become quick problem solvers. Wow! It sounds perfect to have such a guy in your life because they will fix issues in their lives and those around them easily.

Studies have also shown that the smarter a man is, the less likely he will be unfaithful. Also, intelligent guys are sharp, and they seize every opportunity that comes their way.

2. He’s emotionally mature.

If you ask women about the traits of a good man, they will mention emotional maturity. When a man is mature emotionally, they will understand and respect you instead of causing chaos and drama. As a result, it will help to build a long-term relationship as husband and wife.

Besides, this quality of a good guy makes your man open up in case something is bothering them. Hence, as a woman, you don’t face a physical or verbal attack that results from resentment.

3. He’s confident

No one wants to be associated with a coward. Every woman wants a man who is confident in themselves—a man who believes in his potential and faces the world with courage. Confidence helps a man to understand their self-worth; hence no one can look down on him.

A confident man walks his shoulders high and makes her woman proud. He can tell the world this is his woman without fear or shying away. As a result, the woman feels safe and loved.

He's confident
Photo credit: Pixabay.com

4. Shares the same value with you

As the saying goes, two cannot walk together unless they agree. Hence, one of the good qualities that ladies look for in men is sharing the same values. This includes values in terms of characters and beliefs. When a man shares your values, it becomes easier for your relationship to thrive. This is because you reach an agreement easily.

Sharing the same values has long-term benefits to your relationship. It becomes possible to raise your kids in the values you believe in. Imagine raising a baby with a person with whom you don’t share your values. Who will the kid learn from? It can be challenging.

5. Has a sense of humor

Women are likely to fall in love with a guy who has a sense of humor—a man who can make them laugh despite their current situation. Laughter makes life enjoyable and bearable. Besides, it helps you to forget the pains and struggles and appreciate life for a moment.

A humorous man cracks jokes even in the middle of heated arguments. As a result, you can find solutions to your disagreements in a calm environment. Besides, studies show that humor ability reveals intelligence and predicts mating success. No wonder women love hanging around with humorous guys.

6. He’s honest and trustworthy.

One of the ways a guy can win a woman’s heart is by being honest and trustworthy. A good man will tell you the truth whether it pains you or not. If he makes a mistake, he owns it up and speaks to you about it without sugarcoating.

When your man is true, and you can trust him, it gives you peace of mind. You can enjoy your sleep without goosebumps even when he is out of the home to run errands. This is because you know where he is, and he is not in some questionable places.

7. He’s emotionally available.

Women want guys who will be emotionally available in their lives. A man who can connect with you will understand how you feel and help you to carry the burden. Women have many emotions, and hence, they need someone they can emotionally bond with.

An emotionally available man gives their woman a lean-on and an ear to listen to what they are going through. When your man is emotionally unavailable, he usually avoids discussions and pretends to be busy all the time. As a result, it becomes difficult for such people to connect in relationships.

8. He’s compassionate

A man who shows mercy to a woman is someone you can fall in love with. It is one of the good qualities that will help you know he is the one right for you. A compassionate man will be concerned about your well-being. Are you physically, emotionally, financially, or spiritually fit?

A compassionate man will offer help to a woman in need. He will do all he can to assist her lady where she needs him. As a result, the woman connects with him, and life becomes easy for them.

9. He respects you

Every woman wants to be respected, whether in her home or public. Women search for guys who can respect them the way they are without despising them. This is because a respected woman feels honored, and hence, her self-esteem is high.

Nothing pisses a woman off like a disrespectful husband. A guy who can call you names in front of friends and family or shout at you. Such a man makes her woman feel worthless, which affects their self-esteem. As a result, it becomes hard for a disrespected woman to raise her kids with confidence, and sometimes, she may revenge by hurting the children.

10. He supports your career.

In today’s world, every woman is running after their career. They want to be the next professors, doctors, and managers. Hence, one of the qualities of a good man every woman is searching for is the support of her career.

Women want men who can allow them to pursue their dream careers, study, launch businesses, and attend career workshops. When a man allows her woman to enter the marketplace, it broadens her mind and grows in other dimensions of life. As a result, it becomes easy to relate because you are exposed to a similar environment.

11. He’s committed to your relationship.

Another quality of a good guy is commitment. Men who pay attention to their women, family, and friends are worth doing life with. Besides, women are looking for a man who creates time, provides, protects, and loves his family.

You can tell that a man will be committed to your relationship by how he handles you as you interact. Does he show up during dates and on time? Does he constantly check on you? If he does, be sure he will be committed to seeing your relationship work even in the future.

12. He’s faithful

Faithfulness is one of the most treasured qualities of a good man—a man who respects your relationship and sets boundaries with other women. Women search for men who do not go flattering or sleep around with other women. Such a man proves that he respects you and he wants the best for you.

Unfaithfulness kills most relationships. It affects your emotional and physical health and stills your joy as a woman. As a result, it becomes challenging to stick to that family, and you end up divorcing. Therefore, every woman wants a faithful man who will respect and honor their union.

13. He protects you

Does your man protect you not only physically but also emotionally? If he does, then he is the one. An ideal man should protect their partners from harm.

Good men protect their women’s emotions. When a negative issue arises, they keep their ladies from such vibes. They will stand against anyone insulting their partners no matter what because they value them.

14. He’s good-mannered

Have you ever seen a man who messes himself around? A man who drinks irresponsibly and goes insulting people and sleeping on the roads? No woman wants to be associated with such kind of a guy because it is an embarrassment. A woman wants a man who knows how to carry himself with dignity.

A well-mannered man talks to others politely and does not fight or cause chaos in the gathering. Such a man makes her a woman, and her friends admire her for having such a soul in their home.

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15. He appreciates

Every woman wants a man who can tell her ‘Congratulations darling’ or ‘Well done on your promotion my lady.’ Such words make a woman feel appreciated for her efforts. Besides, good men understand that their women want acknowledgment even for the little things they have done.

Appreciation melts the heart of most women. It makes them feel on top of the world and raises their self-esteem. As a result, you do better in the future because you know your man will appreciate your effort.

16. He’s proud of you

A good man should be proud of you and who you are. He should appreciate your physical appearance, social status, career, and everything around you. Besides, he should not be ashamed of where you come from, your friends and family.

This quality of a good man makes a woman feel acknowledged and raises her self-esteem. Women want men who can introduce them to their friends, colleagues, and families without shying away. You can hang around with a man, and when you go to gatherings, he will say, ‘Meet my beautiful lady.’

17. He respects your family and friends.

Respect is a value that both men and women want in life. When you get a man, your family and friends hope that the guy will respect you and them. Therefore, a man who treats people around her woman with honor is ideal.

Besides, someone who respects your people will not talk ill against them but rather embrace them like his own. As a result, you will have a peaceful relationship.

18. He celebrates your achievements.

Did you graduate with your master’s recently, and your man came with a bouquet to tell you congratulations? How did you feel? Every woman desires a man who celebrates with them in their journey.

It is a blessing to have a man who claps for you in every step you make ahead. Such a man encourages you to do better tomorrow and achieve your dreams.

19. He loves your children.

If you already have kids and are looking for a man, one of the qualities to look for is if he loves your kids. Is he concerned about how your children are fairing? Is he willing to take them as his kids if he decides to marry you?

A real man embraces the children of her woman and takes good care of them. He doesn’t mistreat or take advantage of them because they are not his blood. If you come across such a guy, you can build a home together.

20. He provides

No woman wants a mean man in their life. Besides, men are created to be providers in their homes. A good man is providing for his loved ones unless under valid circumstances like job loss. Good men work hard to provide food, clothing, shelter, and education, among other needs to their families.

When he provides for his family, he gains respect from both the children and his wife. Besides, he can lead his family with confidence, and he doesn’t have power issues.

21. He has a vision

A good man knows that his, his wife’s, and his children’s future is crucial and hence has a vision. He wakes up every day to chase his dreams to secure the future of his family. Besides, when your partner has a vision, he becomes hardworking. He does everything in his power to achieve his mission in life.

Therefore, as you search for a life partner and you find a man with a vision, he is the one right for you. A man with a purpose in life has focus and spends his time and efforts to achieve it.

22. He upholds integrity

A man with integrity is a perfect life partner. Such a man is honest and stands for his moral values. He does not comprise issues that affect his life and those of his loved ones. As a result, he stands out to fight for the well-being of his partner.

23. He’s caring towards your family and friends.

A good man not only cares about you, but he also means good to those around you. If you find a guy who cares about your loved ones, he is to be a life partner. A man who chips in where your relatives and friends need support not only materially but also socially or emotionally.

A caring man makes his lady gain respect from her people. This is because he still understands his woman’s relevance in the family he took her from.

24. He listens to you

All women love someone who listens to them. A person they can pour out their hearts to without ignoring. This is because women are more talkative than men, and hence, they need someone who can sit down and hear them. Such good men win the hearts of many women today.

25. He cheers you

Many women love men who can cheer them in this life. A person who can encourage them to take the next step in their social, career, or spiritual life. Men with such an attribute attract ladies because this life needs someone who cheers you up. With a cheering squad beside you, you can do wonders in your generation.

26. He is kind

A kind man is generous, friendly, and considerate. Every person dreams of having such kind of a person as their partner. Besides, it is one of the characteristics many women search for in men they want to love. A kind man knows how to treat her woman with love and respect. Also, it helps to create a strong bond between men and women.

27. He thinks about you

How does it feel when someone keeps checking on you or consults you when they want to do something? You feel special, and you want to stick to that person all your lifetime. This is a trait that many women want from their men. They need someone who has them in mind and considers them.

28. He protects his name.

In most cultures, the wife uses her husband’s name, and the children use their father’s name. Hence, when a man has a good reputation, and his name is known for good, he is valued. No woman wants to be associated with a person who has messed up with his name. Hence, one of the qualities of a good man is that he has protected his name.

29. He’s happy

A happy man makes her woman happy. He illuminates the joyous mood in you, and it becomes easy to face the challenges in this life. Besides, it helps to activate a positive environment in his life and yours. As a result, you live together happily. When your man is angry, it becomes even more difficult to talk about your issues.

30. He is responsible for his actions.

An ideal man owns up to his actions, whether good or bad. He is ready to accept his mistakes and correct them on time. It not only helps him to have a healthy relationship, but he also grows. As a result, he lives a life with purpose and makes her girl proud. It feels relieving to hear, ‘ Babe I agree I wronged you but I am sorry and I will not repeat’ from your partner.

31. He supports you

Imagine you have a job interview soon, and you have a small baby. Unfortunately, you don’t have a nanny to look after your baby, but your hubby is on leave, and he offers to take care of the little one. Doesn’t it feel amazing to have such a guy around you?

Men who support their ladies when they need them need a thumbs up. It gives your relationship a sense to keep on pushing life together.

32. He is open to communication.

A smart guy will constantly create time to communicate with his partner. Despite his tight schedule, he will have time for you to talk about your relationship, kids, job, and business, among other things that affect you.

When a man and his spouse communicate, they enjoy a long-term relationship without chaos and drama. You are less likely to fall into an abusive marriage when you have time to talk as a couple.

33. He’s courteous

Has someone ever talked to you rudely? How did you feel? It is annoying to tolerate rude words over and over, especially from your partner. It makes you feel hurt and disrespected.

A smart man talks to his partner politely and with respect even when she doesn’t deserve it. When ladies search for a good man, they will consider him courteous; if he isn’t, they will run away.

34. He is romantic

Every woman dreams of getting a romantic guy who can take them into the world of love—a good man in bed and romantic in public. A good man holds your hand as you walk on the streets and calls you sweet names. Besides, a romantic man helps you to develop feelings towards him. You feel goosebumps when you see him, and all you can do is to put on a big smile.

He is romantic
Photo credit: Pixabay.com

35. Share the same beliefs with you

What do you believe in? As you go out hoping to get a good man, it is crucial to consider your beliefs. This is because people have different cultures, belief systems, and moral principles. It becomes easy to raise your children when you find a man with whom you share the same beliefs. This is because your kids won’t be confused about whom to follow and whom to abandon.

36. He takes initiatives

Many men love leading the way and taking the initiative. It helps them feel men enough and respected. Therefore, one of the qualities of a good man for you is bringing up something on the table and initiating a talk. If you are about to take your kid to school, he should decide which school to take them to or how much school fees you can afford.

37. He manages finances well.

Finance is one of the most critical areas in relationships. It can either build or break your marriage as a couple. A good man should manage the family finances well. He should know how to budget for his finances to cater to the needs of everyone in his home. Besides, he shouldn’t be mean or extravagant. Smart guys know how to share their income among the needs of their loved ones.

38. He is determined to better himself.

It is a quality that makes women fall in love with many men. A guy who plans to better his career, education, spiritual life, physical health, and all he entails is good to choose as a partner. This is because you also become better. After all, he attracts you to work on yourself as a lady.

39. Has the right company

As the saying goes, a bad company corrupts good morals. A good man will hang out with friends who make them better and not the ones who lead him astray. When choosing a partner, get to know who he spends time with and their behaviors.

40. He has gratitude

A grateful person makes your life enjoyable. He appreciates the little things you do and your effort. Besides, complaining is not his behavior but makes you feel that your contribution is essential. Besides, men with gratitude make things in your life easy because you know they will appreciate what you do.

41. He’s positive

To have a healthy relationship with your man, positivity should be there—a man who has a positive mentality no matter how things look. Positive men make you feel everything is possible despite the challenges ahead of you. It is a trait that many women want their guys to have to make things easier in a relationship.

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🙍‍♂️ 5 Qualities of a good man to date 🙍‍♂️

Are you about to enter into the dating phase in your life? What kind of a man would you want to date?

👉 He respects you

A guy who respects you is worth considering for dating. Girls want someone who respects their decisions and principles during the courtship. When a man respects you during dating, he will also respect you during marriage and vice versa.

👉 He cares

If you find a man who cares for you, don’t let him go; instead, date him. A guy who cares about your well-being is good. Whether it is material or emotional needs, a good man knows how to care for his girl.

👉 He appreciates what you can offer.

For your dating life to be enjoyable, both men and women should combine their efforts. A good guy appreciates what you can offer in your relationship instead of complaining about what you cannot afford. He should acknowledge that you are doing all you can to make your dating moment easy and fantastic.

👉 He’s mentally mature.

No one wants to date a guy who behaves like a child- a man whose reasoning capacity is below standards. Many women are looking for men who have good manners both in private and public to date. Mentally- mature men do the right thing, at the right time, and with the right people and don’t require someone to keep on checking their behavior.

👉 He doesn’t play blame games.

Have you ever dated someone who does something because you did another? For instance, someone who doesn’t pick up your calls because you failed to pick up his. It can be irritating to date such a man. However, a good guy listens to you first instead of shifting the blame to their partner. They don’t run their relationship with the tit-for-tat mentality.

🤵 5 Qualities of a good man to marry 🤵

Marriage is an institution that requires commitment from both the wife and the husband. If you are about to get married, check if your guy has the following qualities of a good man to marry;

💍 He’s loyal

Loyalty is a crucial trait in every relationship. Your guy should be devoted to you and his family at large. Besides, he should be truthful to your relationship in all manners without compromise. As you search for a man to marry, go for someone who can stand with you thick and thin.

💍 He creates family time.

A man who knows that family requires hard work and commitment will always create time for his people. He will create time for his wife and children to know them better and have a healthy relationship. A good guy will put effort into organizing family vacations, romantic dinners, and things that make his people happy.

💍 He is responsible

One of the characteristics of a good man to marry is responsible. A man who qualifies to marry needs to be responsible for his financial, social, spiritual, and physical well-being. He should show concern for his wife, children, and him as a person.

💍 He fits in your life.

Marriage requires someone with whom you can agree on almost everything. Therefore, it is important to look for a partner who shares your values, beliefs, and principles. A man with whom you can sit down and reason together to make your relationship work is worth a hand in marriage. Avoid a person who doesn’t fit in your life in terms of career, how to raise your kids, and other essential factors in marriage.

💍 He is romantic

People marry for companionship, among other things. When searching for a man to marry, find a person who has feelings towards and attracts you and vice versa. A romantic guy makes her wife respond to his sexual needs easily. Besides, they connect easily when making love.

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He is romantic
Photo credit: Pixabay.com

👨‍💼 5 Qualities of a Gentleman 👨‍💼

Whether you are a man in your twenties or fifties, you need to be a real gentleman. A gentleman is a person every lady admires in life due to his physical, emotional, mental, and social being. Here are 5 qualities that make you a gentleman in this generation;

◉ He’s hardworking

One of the traits of gentlemen is being hardworking. A real man wakes up every day to chase his dreams no matter what is on the way. Besides, a gentleman understands that everything worth having in life requires a hardworking soul. As a result, he commits himself to pursuing it in the right way.

◉ He’s confident

A gentleman is a confident person both in his private and public arenas. He stands up boldly without fear to fight for what is right. Besides, he does not shy away from the truth and does not tell lies. Also, he understands the difference between arrogance and confidence when he shows up for any occasion. Finally, a gentleman does not comprise but confidently turns down shortcuts in any deal.

◉ He takes care of his physical life.

Many men find it challenging to wash clothes, iron them, and organize their houses. However, a real gentleman keeps his physical appearance appealing. He ensures that his house is well-kept. Even if he cannot do it by himself, he pays someone to do it on his behalf. Besides, he does exercise to remain physically fit.

◉ He’s chivalrous

Ladies, have you ever gone on a date with a man who opened the car door for you or pulled the chair out for you? That is a gentleman. A gentleman treats women with respect, adoration, and honor. He helps them when they need it and doesn’t allow his ego to rule him. Although this may seem old-fashioned, women appreciate this trait from any gentleman.

◉ He’s self-driven

One quality of a good gentleman is self-drive. A man needs to pursue his passion and interest without being pushed. A gentleman should carry out his duties with minimal or no supervision at his workplace because he understands what is expected. This is because gentlemen are known to lead and not to be lead- they show the way.

What do ladies look for in a man?

It is a question that many ladies ask when looking for life partners. They inquire from their friends about the qualities of a good man, and how should he look and carry himself. Despite the many questions running in your mind, there are common things that many women look at in a man before falling for him. The following are the traits that a woman looks for in a guy;

Ladies want a man who understands that a relationship needs commitment and hard work to thrive. Most women desire to have a man who does everything to see their relationship stand.

They don’t want men who take relationships for granted and are just passing the time with them. A guy who is willing to commit his strength, resources, wisdom, and time to a relationship is sought after by many ladies.

🔎 Friendly

Your man should be your best friend. You should be free to open up even your deep secrets to him. Therefore, women are looking for approachable men- a man you can sit down with and talk, laugh, and cry in his presence. Ladies will keep off from men who do not create a favorable environment to express themselves.

🔎 Good grooming

Good grooming is one of the qualities that women treasure from a man. They want a guy who dresses up well, bathes, and smells good. A girl feels comfortable when she walks into a hotel with a well-groomed man and not one who has bad breath, an unironed shirt, and dusty shoes. It isn’t very comfortable to have a guy who doesn’t care about his grooming.

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🔎 Education

In the past, women could ignore this quality when looking for a man. However, things have changed, and ladies are looking for educated men because they also hold the same status.

They want men who have gone to school, are pursuing their careers, and desire to better their education and career life. This is because educated guys take care of their families’ needs, and hence, their relationships don’t face financial struggles.

🔎 Considerate

Consideration is another quality that women admire in a man. Many women want guys who consider their decisions and other inputs in their relationship. Besides, they also love men who put their needs into consideration. When a man considers his lady, it shows that she is not an option but a priority.


A good man is admired by every woman who comes across him. His qualities attract women before he utters a word. Besides, all women are looking for that one good man to start and build a long-term relationship.

Relevant Questions

Q: What attracts a woman to a man physically?

A: Most women get attracted to men with broad shoulders and V-shaped torsos. Besides, women admire men with biceps and strong muscles. Finally, ladies want men who are taller than them.

Q: Which part of the male body attracts the most?

A: Dr. Felix, an online health provider, did a study in 2017 that showed that 24% of women agreed that the torso is the most attractive part of a man’s body. Most women get stolen for a moment staring at a man’s chest when he has biceps.

Q: What is the first thing a woman looks at in a man?

A: Lifestyle Magazine Men’s Health posed this question to 200 female readers, and the answer was eyes. When a man passes a woman on the streets, the first thing the lady will notice is his eyes.

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