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By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

does he even like you

Understanding how to tell if a guy likes you is often not as simple as one expects, and that is why learning how to identify the subtle signals when a he likes you is essential, mainly when you are interested in mastering the dating game or meeting your real love.

Men have a hard time putting their sentiments and affection into words. When it comes to demonstrating love, though, their deeds say it all better than words.

The tiny things men perform and the small actions they do are enough to convey that a man adores you and holds you in the highest regard.

Every female wonders at some point whether a man likes her or not. for instance, when you desire him, but you are not sure if he has the same feelings for you.

Speaking for the male sex, determining the signs that he likes you more than a friend is not difficult.

There are far subtler indicators that guys give whenever they communicate their emotions and affection for you. Men are not all that difficult to understand.

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The things that guys do and how they behave around women say a lot about men. As a woman, you do not have to wait for him to verbally express himself as you can tell by his behavior. As such, you will be able to tell if a man likes you by looking for the following ingenious indications.





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50 Amazing Signs How to tell if a guy likes you. (Every girl should know)

Furthermore, guys are not accustomed to articulating their sentiments and find it difficult to communicate their emotions. As a result, ladies must put in the effort and recognize the subtle indicators. There will be evidence that he cares profoundly about you; all you have to do is seek for them.

Even the timidest and shy men emit certain indications that reveal their secret affection for you. It is reasonable to be perplexed and perplexed because love is a hard subject. So, how can you tell if a guy likes you? This is a comprehensive guide to determining whether or not a man likes you.

Therefore, if you are having trouble reading a guy, you will appreciate the indicators provided here. The most common indications if a guy likes you are listed.

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1. If he usually attempts to make you happy, and smile.

2. When he speaks to you, he leans in close.

3. He does not seem to get enough of your inquiries.

4. He is happy to see you and happy around you.

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5. He maintains prolonged eye contact.

6. Telling a joke or telling a story and then glancing at you to see how you respond.

7. He keeps track of everything you say to him.

8. When you stare at him, he averts his gaze.

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9. When he enjoys spending a lot of time with you.

10. He’s interested in your endeavors.

11. He makes an effort for an interesting conversation.

12. He’s concerned about your well-being.

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13. When he touches you lightly on the arm or shoulder while walking or talking.

14. He laughs at your jokes.

15. He becomes jealous when you talk to other men.

16. He inquires as to whether you have a partner.

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17. He is willing to assist you with your issues.

18. When he informs you of his future intentions.

19. He avoids talking about other girls with you.

20. When he tries to impress you regularly.

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21. He will consider your feelings.

22. He says how he feels about you.

23. He will remember important events and dates in your life.

24. He makes plans for you two.

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25. He avoids unnecessary interruptions while you talk.

26. He cannot hide his devotion to you even in public.

27. He considers sharing presents and surprising you with little thoughtful gifts.

28. He listens without interrupting you.

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29. When he becomes courteous and gallant around you.

30. He will introduce you to important people in his life.

31. When you are ill or unwell, he is your best friend


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Males have always desired to aid those who are closer to them. You can tell if a guy likes you if he often offers companionship or brings you soup, tonic water, or other delicacies when you are unwell, busy, or in bed.

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32. He stands up for you

When it comes to their spouse, guys, like women, are typically rather territorial. Don’t be shocked if your crush defends you if a guy misbehaves or his buddies won’t stop taunting you.

It’s not only adorable, but it’s also a clear indication of his genuine sentiments. Therefore, you can determine if a guy likes you by his willingness to defend you.

33. When he informs you of his future intentions

When he talks about his future goals that are not simply about work advancement, there is a possibility that a guy likes you for who you are. As such, he is attempting to figure out if you fit into his plans since he could see you in the future.

34. He is attempting to impress you

It is straightforward. No female wishes to go on a date with a muck. You can tell if a guy likes you if he invests in his appearance and wears expensive fragrances while you are nearby.

Equally, when a gentleman offers to pay for your meals or assist you while you’re in a bad financial situation, you can tell he likes you since he wants to look after you and make sure you are happy.

35. Telling a joke or telling a story and then glancing at you to see how you respond

If you are among friends, keep this guideline in mind. You can tell if a guy likes you if whenever he remarks to the group or tries to tell a joke, and then glances at you to see how you respond, it’s a sure indicator he’s interested in you.  It implies that he is attempting to win your attention or amaze you.

36. He is willing to assist you with your issues

Men have inherent problem-solving skills. As such, men tend to seek a solution to problems they hear about the individual they are having a fling with. If you tell him about a problem and he is interested in you, he’ll probably scour his mind for answers.

You can easily tell if a guy likes you since a man who genuinely cares about you will go far and beyond to see you free from your troubles.

37. He becomes jealous when you talk to other men

Whether you are speaking to other males in person or online, your admirer could notice and ponder what is going on. If you are chatting to other men, a man who is not fascinated by you will not bother you.

Therefore, you can tell if a guy likes you if he indicates signs of being jealous when he notices you talking to other men.

38. He inquires as to whether you have a partner

Once he wonders if you have a partner, then it is quite clear that you got yourself an admirer as the statement implies that he is willing to date you. However, few men are willing to be that forthright.

To determine if you are otherwise engaged, most guys will post indirect inquiries. Perhaps you can tell if a guy likes you when he claims to be single in the hope that you respond “I am single too.”

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39. He makes an effort for an interesting conversation

You can tell if a guy likes you if he attempts to communicate with you. What may begin as an unpleasant discussion may turn into a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other.

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Gentlemen do not always know what else to say to contribute to the conversation, however, their listening abilities and tone of voice will show you when a man is genuinely interested in the conversation to the end. It is unlikely that he finds you interesting if the man’s voice trails off when you two talk.

On the other hand, you can tell if a guy likes you if the man’s voice is deeper and more attentive, and he inquires about most things you say, then he likes you as well.

40. He maintains prolonged eye contact

You can tell if a guy likes you from how he looks at you often easy. It is indeed possible that a guy who likes you is attempting to make direct eye contact with you to imply that he finds you attractive.

However, you can tell if a guy likes you if he is intrigued and keeps eye contact with you. When he avoids eye contact with you and keeps looking around or across the room, then the man may not be attracted to you. At this point, you may resume contacting other people.

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41. He keeps track of everything you say to him

It is not for nothing at all that you met a guy in a few instances and he remembered certain details of your prior chat. He will pay closer attention to words if he likes you since he will be looking for meaning and connection.

As a result, you can tell if a guy likes you if he recalls minor information about you, what you do, or your general life.

42. When he touches you lightly on the arm or shoulder while walking or talking

Guys are often more physical than females. You can tell a guy likes you if he attempts to reach out and touch your arm, shoulder, or fingers without cause since this is an indication that he adores you.

It is generally a subtle signal to convey his genuine sentiments when he holds your arm or unintentionally brushes you with his arm to emphasize something.

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43. He cannot seem to get enough of your inquiries

Whenever a man starts asking you endless questions, then he is undoubtedly interested in you and he wishes to continue the dialogue. Or perhaps he wants to get to understand you from the inside out.

Wondering if a guy likes you is often answered by how he behaves or talks to you. You can tell if a guy likes you by observing how he conducts himself or acts before you; see if he does show a particular interest in chatting to you, or when he tends to act like a regular friend around you.

If you can connect to the latter, you will need more and more strong indications before you can conclude whether the guy likes you or not.

44. He laughs at your jokes

How to tell if a guy likes you if he gives you a bunch of grins as this might be another clue that he adores you. Some males seem to smile at everything, but that is not the case here. For instance, the guy is bashful, yet he smiles anytime he sees you.

The gentleman would grin at you, not to disrespect you, but to show that he is interested in you. Keep an eye on his grin and see if he keeps eye contact; this might be a good indicator that his sentiments reflect a genuine interest in you.

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45. When he speaks to you, he leans in close

Leaning close to you is a sign that can tell if a guy likes you since the act indicates that the man is attentive and probably interested in what you have to say. Any man interested in you or what you have to say will demonstrate their desire to listen to you speak even in minor casual conversations.

This is a sign that he wants to hear more from you, to know more about you or the topic of discussion.

How to tell if a guy likes you? Well, if he does some unusual things with his body. mostly, men do not recognize such body movements most of the time. As such, it is up to the woman to decipher these signals and move in for a closer look. When he likes you, he’ll lean in closer to you during the conversation. With time, the distance between the two of you will be minimal.

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46. If he usually attempts to make you happy, and smile

Importantly, you can tell if a guy likes you if he not only laughs and grins around you, but he will also attempt to make you smile and be happy too.  To persuade the woman they adore smile, most men attempt to make a few jokes or even tease her, whereas others lavish their crush with compliments and even thoughtful small presents.

In any case, if a man does seem to be continually trying to catch your focus and set you in a pleasant spirit, it is a dead giveaway he is affectionate about you.

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47. When he enjoys spending a lot of time with you

Determining how to tell if a guy likes you can be challenging when a man has a secret crush on you. However, you can tell if a guy likes you if he is undoubtedly seeking opportunities to see or meet you so that you two can spend more time together. he will frequently approach you to speak to you, text or contact you frequently through any means possible, or invite you to different events or just to hang out with him and do stuff together.

Some gentlemen, on the other hand, can be too bashful to initiate discussions with you, particularly when you are not familiar with one another very well, and instead may attempt to bump on you someplace hoping for something more.

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48. When he is always happy to see you

 Although it is more likely to quickly conclude a man’s smile is merely an indication and answers you how to tell if a guy likes you when he is in a better mood, psychologists suggest it is important to take a further gaze. As such, you can tell if a guy likes you when he appears unusually pleased around you.

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How to tell if a guy likes you? Well,

Is it true that he always greets you with such a big grin?

Or do you make him laugh often when you two are together?

Does he appear to brighten up when he meets you?

Or do you notice a shift in your mood whenever you talk to him?

If your response to all these questions is a “yes”, then you are probably no longer single.

Also, keep a keen eye on how he behaves with you and compare it to how he behaves around others. If you observe that he appears happier and is usually smiling around you, it is a sure sign that he likes you.

49. When he gets a little jittery around you

How to tell if a guy likes you? When he tends to be a little shy at times. You can tell if a guy likes you if blushes, stutters, or becomes quiet upon your approach, he may be having a crush on you, however, other guys can be genuinely bashful. When you notice a man doing it and you like him as well, give him a friendly grin or a little pat on the hand to relax him.

50. He avoids talking about other girls with you

Do you believe there is a man in your life who has genuine affection for you at the moment? Here is one useful start to find out: Consider the most recent talks you have had with him. Has he ever said anything about other women in your vicinity? If you get a negative response, then it is usually because he is secretly crushing you.

You can tell if a guy likes you and avoids mentioning other women around you unless it is brought up by someone else because he cares so much about you. This is a good sign that he likes you because he does not want you to assume he is involved in anybody else.

It is difficult to understand how to tell if a guy likes you all of the time of most ladies. As such, it is next-level difficult to discern the indications and signs that a guy has a crush on you. This is due to male’s tendency to repress their feelings due to cultural pressures, which could make courting even more difficult.

⚫ How men show their affection ⚫

Men, unlike females, are prevented from expressing their emotions and feelings freely, therefore they may display their affection in forms that are not the same as females. It does not mean however that a man does not care about you if you fail to tell if a guy likes you because he does not express himself in conventional ways.

Equally, men, just like women, express their affection in the manner in which they prefer to be shown. But if you fail to tell if a guy likes you then the man would just as likely to assume you do not care as much for him as he does for you.

How to tell if a guy likes you is all about men’s love language since it determines their kind of affection. Although every man is unique, you can tell if a guy likes if he generally enjoys physical touch, quality time, and affirmative words.

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Having said all that, there are a few strong indicators that would enable you to tell if a guy likes you, he has a profound affection for you and is beginning to picture you in his life – and is assertively attempting to make your experience more fun through his actions. Here is how to tell if a guy likes you and the subtle signs of his affection for you.

🎥 He will consider your feelings

You can tell if a guy likes you if he takes care of your feelings, even when it is through tactful phrasing of words, redirecting discussion away from unpleasant issues, or soothing you when you are unhappy since it is a huge indication that he values or cares for you.

You can also tell if a guy likes you as he demonstrates his empathy and understanding abilities since your misery or unhappiness influences him.

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🎥 He says it

This is the most blatant of all.  You can tell if a guy likes you if he says it to you. Most men, particularly those who are more emotionally expressive, might come out and declare their love to you or do something that demonstrates that effect.

However, most men find it difficult to communicate their feelings for various reasons, so do not be alarmed if they fail to come out until afterward – there are plenty of other methods to tell if a guy likes you.

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🎥 He will remember important events and dates in your life

While this varies depending on the individual and his organization level, you can tell if a guy likes you if he recalls important events and dates such as an anniversary, a birthday, or other life occasions you mentioned before, he likely pays attention to what you say for one reason – he is making sure you understand that he acknowledges you and important events in your life.

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🎥 He makes plans for you two

If a guy likes you is likely to include you in his future plans. Future goals are a positive indication that he is beginning to see you as a long-term part of his life. This might include talking about your vacation plans in advance, or holding more in-depth conversations on the kind of lifestyle you want to live in the future, how you choose to raise your children, and the priorities you have surrounding marriage and profession.

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As a result, expressing what upset him could be an indication that he is coming to trust you and that he values your opinion. It is important to note that while this may take some time for most men, it is an essential step to better understand each other and grow closer.

🎥 He avoids unnecessary interruptions while you talk

Most importantly, a guy likes you if he does not use his phone around you. Ironically, with smartphones as our primary entertainment tools and connectivity, we may easily become engrossed in such devices even in what is supposed to be bonding time.

If a man puts his mobile phone away while engaging with you, be it at meals, in meetings, or just hanging out, it demonstrates that he is trying to focus on you and be available for you.

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🎥 He cannot hide his devotion to you even in public

You can tell if a guy likes you if he appears more at ease expressing his devotion to you even in public. It might have seemed strange when you initially started meeting him, but as close you get to each other, less and less he worries about what others.

Also, if a guy likes you, he will strive to see you smile even if it means making a fool of himself. As such, when a man is not comfortable walking or talking to you in public, then it just means he is not fully devoted to you.

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🎥 He considers sharing presents and surprising you with little thoughtful gifts

A guy likes you when he shares gifts and surprises you with thoughtful or meaningful gifts, it shows that he is always keen and attentive to your life details, and so he understands whatever you like. He pays keen attention to minor details in your life to purchase surprise gifts for you.

He understands how important it is for his gifts to demonstrate that he thinks about your preferences and passion, so he will strive even out of his comfort to surprise you with the intent to impress you.

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🎥 He listens without interrupting you

A guy interested in you pays attention to you when you speak and he does not attempt to interrupt or change the conversation. He is concerned about your well-being and wishes for his choices to serve you two. As a result, he pays close attention to your perspective and expresses his desire to compromise and meet halfway.

However, if the man you are referring to pays attention to you or maybe he falls back into old patterns once in a while as most do, but you can still tell he is making an effort to listen. it is equally significant when he exploits your words to launch a stream-of-consciousness monologue about you, then it shows his devotion in making you his focus.

🎥 When he becomes courteous and gallant around you

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If a guy likes you, he will go to great lengths to improve your situation. such a man will look after all of your requirements, even the little ones. When you are cold, he will wrap you in a jacket, for instance. Your man adores you when he starts treating you like a woman and is courteous around you. Whenever he is concerned about what your thoughts are about his actions, a man will act like a gentleman all of the time.

On the contrary, if a man does not like you, he may not care and will be somewhat elusive and clumsy in your presence. These are the signs that a guy adores you; as he may always attempt to protect and make you feel protected. It is a way for males to express their affection.

You can tell if a guy likes you if he introduces you to his friends, close relatives, and other significant figures in his life. You may be sure that the man thinks you are unique if he includes you in his circle of friends and invites you to meet his peers and associates. It indicates that he is smitten with you. Men value their friendships.

A man does not disclose a lady to his close associates until she is essential to him and he is certain that he needs his closest people to know about it. This small gesture indicates that he likes you and he wants to brag about you because he is fond of you and enjoys your company. That is a one-of-a-kind experience, demonstrating his devotion to you and his commitment to you as an indication to you that he likes you.

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He is most likely in love with you, when you have his undivided attention, even during social events. At events, the guy who likes you will often be by your side, and he will have no problem introducing you to everyone in his life.

Since a man who likes you wants to make you smile, he will ensure that you are well taken good care of as this is a form and source of pride for most males. As such, when a guy shows as much interest to you as he does to others, you must hold a particular place not only in his heart but his whole life too. It is an indication that you need to pay attention too. Even when he is not stating it all out loud, it indicates that he cherishes you.

In demonstrating or communicating affection, men are not always as articulate as you would like them to become. This makes it more difficult to understand their emotions, even though courting guys is very simple.

It is difficult to figure out what is going on in a man’s head. also, it is difficult to understand guys because they prefer not to openly express their sentiments and frequently exhibit their affection in a subdued manner.

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Sometimes guys may find it much easier to convey their emotions and affection in words, but most men, particularly modest but passionate men, find it difficult to do so. therefore, do not doubt your partner if he fails to express his devotion to you verbally. Keep an eye out for these indicators of affection and you could easily tell if a guy likes you.

🎇 What are the common words or phrases that guys tell the girls they like 

Girls have a horrible reputation for ostensibly stating one thing but meaning a different thing. although this is true in some cases, we should not overlook the fact that men are also susceptible to such behavior.

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Many males would like you to believe that they are sincere, particularly in this casual dating culture, while in fact, they are only attempting to make a couple of other women feel exactly that way.

To gain a thorough view of the scenario and what a man wants, you must understand the message of what men say.

Here, we will decipher the affection language of men by listing the commonly used phrase by men to women they only like:

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⦿You make me happy

A man does not need to say this for it to be factual. You can tell if a guy likes you if he laughs at your humor regularly and their laughing seems sincere, he already adores you. Girls are not the only people who can be influenced by a fun personality.

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⦿ I miss you

When a man is not sincere, he may not be eager to show his caring side to a lady. Admittedly, anybody can write a basic “I miss you” message.

However, a guy who likes you will call you after not seeing you for some time and does sound to genuinely miss you, it is probably true that he does. As such, not that he is desperate or something, and he could have called anyone. Instead, he chose to call you and let you know he misses you, which shows that you mean something to the guy.

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⦿ Can we meet more often?

This statement indicates that the man likes you, enjoys your company or conservation, and would like to do it more often. Generally, we do not wish to spend more time around people we don’t like. thus; for him to request more time in your company, reflects how he wishes you two were close all the time.

This phrasing is crucial, therefore pay attention to it and anything similar to it. for instance, when a man suggests that you should do something eventually, he might be suggesting a casual and less committed relationship.  Now, when he says “We need to meet and hang out frequently”, he might be concerned that you two do not meet as often as he would wish since he is not satisfied that he has to see you only for a while or a short moment, indicating that he is growing fond of you.

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⦿ How are you doing?

This is different from the casual “hello” and related phrases. There is a chance that the guy is honestly concerned about your well-being since the phrase extends further to allow you to tell him something about yourself. Generally, a few people are interested to know more about anyone they do not care about. But in this case, the guy has shown an interest in knowing if you are okay and whether there is something else bothering you that and would like to share.

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⦿ You are one of a kind

Although we all already feel and understand that we are unique since there is no one in our likeness, females want to hear it and are made to believe they are special from their special significant half. All ladies wish to hear and believe that they are not like other women. As such, a guy who likes you will make sure to remind you that he likes you because you are not like other girls. he will make you feel special and unique. that you make him happier than anyone else because you are one-of-a-kind, you are special.

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⦿ My friends like you

The phrase is used by a guy who honestly likes you as an invite to join the man’s circle of friends, it’s a sign that he’s interested in you as a welcome to the lady close to the man’s life. This is because letting her realize that your friends like her will make her feel comfortable hanging around with your pals. Ladies understand how important a man’s fiend ae to him. While it may seem odd, girls love to hear their man state how his friends like her.

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⦿ You look smart in that dress

While the phrase is highly caused by flirts, an honest guy can still use it to pass a genuine compliment to the lady he likes. The trick is, however, to use the phrase sparingly and on special occasions, for instance, when her hair is done, dressed up nicely, with makeup, or simply appreciating her looks without wearing makeup. By doing this, the guy lets her realize that he is keen to notice positive changes in her life, even with minor improvements.

Since most girls worry about most of this stuff, it is prudent that a guy who likes you lets you know you are enough, unique, and beautiful. To a man who likes you, complementing minor changes assures you not only about your looks but it boosts her spirit as well.

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⦿ I am excited to meet you

He may not always say what he thinks of you or his excitement to meet you since he may want to avoid being too obvious or too direct to avoid being hurt by a negative response. However, he may attempt to show you how he is looking forward to meeting. On the other hand, most gentlemen will come out clearly and say how they look forward and are excited to meet you.

If women are into a guy, they have a repertoire of phrases they can say. Girls also employ nonverbal signs like eye rolls and gestures to stop an unwelcome guy. Men are frequently chastised as being less talkative, which is not always entirely factual. Either men express a lot to women, but the information fails to get through or women miss something in their indications. However, if you hear any of the aforementioned statements while speaking with a man, it could indicate his commitment to you.

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👤 20 signs of a natural flirt 👤 

In the course of flirting, gestures serve as a method for transmitting sexual behavior signals, and they often convey a person’s sympathy far more effectively than words. humans have these behavioral responses built in.

Flirt is a unique scenario; hence gestures are employed that would be unacceptable in other situations. Furthermore, an individual’s capacity to transmit and interpret flirtation signals has a significant impact on how successful they are in sexual relationships with people of the opposite sex. In this regard, women are far more receptive than males, which may explain why their arsenal signals are so diverse. In this regard, however, we will focus on fundamental signs of a natural flirt.

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💀 He puts on a different smile

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Even when he was initially smiling, his smile would change when you caught his eye.  A guy’s grin can change when he starts flirting with you. It is not the same grin he flashes to others. His eyes may brighten or a glint may appear in them. And so, when he speaks to you, he cannot quit smiling, to the point that his face appears to hurt. he makes it look like a genuine smile, but in this case, it encompasses his entire face.

💀 He possesses deceptive physical prowess.

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If a man adores a lady, he cannot stop himself from touching her. For a male, gentle touch is a tremendous turn-on. of course, not in an abusive way. rather, he approaches you modestly, subtly with an arm around your shoulder, a lingering slightly long, a touch on your thigh, a light stroking on your cheek, removing fluff from your blouse, plucking a stray hair from your arm sleeves or any other forms of light touch. If he cannot seem to get his hands off you, he is probably toying with you.

💀 He tries his hardest to impress you.

If a guy flirts, he usually isn’t modest. Rather, he’ll make an effort to impress you by bragging about his success, his job, his wonderful house, or any of his other skills. This could come out as boastful and haughty, however, do not be turned off; instead, be delighted.  It indicates that he is attempting to impress you because he is interested in you. but, be on the look, most men in casual relationships use the trick just to flirt with you but are not really in love with you.

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💀 He is likely to fidget around you.

Whenever he converses with you, he fiddles with his zipper or a hole in his pants or his sweater. however, while speaking to a girl they admire, men sometimes forget what to do about their fingers and twitch. It is a means of getting rid of excess enthusiasm or nervousness.

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A man may fumble with his clothes, fiddle with their hair, become jittery, or appear uneasy. It is indeed crucial to remember, however, that this does not always imply the man is attempting to flirt. He could be a clumsy individual. If he is a confident person in general but just appears confident before you, you are loved.

💀 When he frequently teases you

Teasing is a strong indicator that a man is not ready to commit to you. while guys tease women often, most of them do not tease women they are interested in, whether they’re teenagers or adults, which is a common occurrence.

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however, when the teasing is not malicious, disrespectful, or hurtful, but rather amusing, cheerful, and pleasant, the man might be interested in you. He might make fun of your favorite actor, taunt you about your new tunes, or give you a nickname in a funny way. in this regard, flirting may be considered a means to get your attention.

💀 When he frequently compliments you

Praise is a crucial indicator of flirtatious behaviors and can help you quickly assess a man’s degree of interest. When a guy is genuinely interested in you, he’ll compliment you on small details you might not notice. Simple things such as thoughtful comments on your nail designs or cosmetics, or a playful remark on her new hairstyle, can make a big difference. equally, flirt can be praise, a grateful gesture that the man is making an effort and taking note of even the tiniest difference in your appearance. One of the telltale signals a man is flirting with you would be when he pays you additional attention.

Men are not known for compliments and praises, and if you are getting them, he may mean what he says. however, the more compliments you get, the flirtier conduct he displays. If you like him, commend him at a certain time; it will make him feel great.

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💀 He changes his body language

It is not just about the words you use when you are flirting. Body language plays an important role in communicating. A man may provide you with a lot of visual signals to indicate his interest in you. Playful touches such as touching your shoulder or caressing your hair, extended eye contact, small gestures such as sitting closer to you, and bold moves such as reaching closer to you or grinning at you are all obvious signals, that he is flirting with you.

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It all looks excellent if a guy is squared up, approaching you, and his feet pointing towards you. When his feet are slanted away from him, as if he is trying to flee quickly, or whether his arms are clenched, forget it. Observing how open and calm his body language is might assist you in deciphering his intentions.

💀 When he suddenly cannot stop texting you

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The commitment he makes to stay in touch with you is an obvious difference between a man who is just being kind and a flirtatious gentleman. the guy will send you phone messages when you two are not in touch. Regardless of if he has a hectic schedule, he will strive to check on you to see if you are doing well, what are doing, where you are, if you have eaten, and perhaps you would like to meet him. It suggests that he is pondering about you and cannot help but keep in touch with you. Sometimes text messages may include seductive remarks as well as subtle clues or covert love signals.

💀 When he shoots you multiple short glances

Longer eye contact are not the only technique to reveal one’s love interest. Men, especially, direct several quick glimpses at the desired recipient of their flirting.  This could indicate that capturing the attention of those across the space regularly is more than just a coincidence.

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💀 When he lets you catch him looking at you

If you have ever noticed a guy staring at you or your body throughout a talk, then it is a very good sign that he is into you and he wishes that you understand it. Letting oneself be caught in the act, although there are generally multiple cases of low-key occasions to determine a potential partner, could indicate that the man is attempting to send a flirtatious vibe.





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💀 When he is suddenly quick to react to your social media updates

Flirting on the internet is just as exposing as flirtation in person. It is safe to assume you are in a man’s thoughts when he continually reacts or likes your social media postings. With so much stuff floating around these days, you know there’s more to it than meets the eye if someone takes the time to read everything you share. Even though liking a picture is more of a friendly gesture than a proclamation of love, replying to anything and everything you post on the internet could signal interest.

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Despite wanting to speak to anyone, digital networks make it simple to pay close attention to someone. That is indeed the reason the internet is a go-to for those guys who intend to flirt but cannot seem to pull it off.  When a man frequently likes or comments on your posts on social media, then he is probably interested in you. With all the stuff floating around these days, you realize there is more to it than what meets the eye when a guy takes time and develops a habit of looking and commenting at everything you share.

💀 When he seems too relaxed and open about his feelings

Even when not flirtatious, a guy may be interested in you if adopts adopt a pleasant and tranquil manner anytime you are in the vicinity. It could be a tactic to keep things calm. It also is an indication that he is enjoying your company. you can take it as a good indicator when he does not check his phone or look at his watch.

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💀 If he keeps pointing out his weaknesses

Although it is not the most adult approach to flirting, if a man is piling it on with self-deprecating jokes, it is a great predictor that he is flirting with you. the approach assumes. It is a playful way of connecting when he calls out a flaw and casts a focus on your ability. As such, a guy can also be expecting that you intervene to “fix” a supposed defect.

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💀 He cannot stop laughing at your jokes

A guy with an infatuation will always listen to what you say and attempt to demonstrate his admiration, even if it seems like a small thing. Stay clear when this prospective companion constantly responds to you with a grin or a chuckle. when men giggle at your quips, that could be a clever way of flirtation. these small acts, although not necessarily typical indicators of flirting, are still genuine. They could even indicate that the anxious, slightly aloof guy is completely enamored with you.

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💀When he smiles softly and glances down

It is one thing to smile, but it is quite another to flush and smile at the same time. Whenever a man smiles nervously and looks down, he is probably attracted to you and a little subservient or defenseless intriguingly. By analyzing his body language, you may tell if a man is grinning and blushing modestly. For example, look at his smile and determine if it is real, not contrived. He could also be smiling, biting his lip, stroking his head, or fiddling with nearby objects like his glass or pen.

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Try to keep eye contact next time you observe any of these probable flirtation cues. Then notice if his eyes drift away from you, downward, in a nice and shy manner. if he has this thrill and is directing it into a modest physical activity while simultaneously appearing comfortable and pleasant, his shyness is revealed.

💀 When he becomes more outgaining suddenly

Whenever he spots you while walking, he kind of gushes. He expresses a keen interest in your daily routines and the facts you provide. He is curious about what you are focusing on or what you have planned for the weekend. In this approach, he is letting you know that he is available and willing to learn more about you in the hopes of conversing or establishing a relationship with you.

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💀 Frequently sharing voice notes or emojis

 Emojis or voice notes will not always appear to have much in common at first glance, but they are both ways for individuals to express themselves with a slightly more emotional meaning than just words. Individuals take a discourse from simple word reading to gaining a better understanding of how the other person feels.

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the kissy-face, wink, or heart-eye emoji shared by a guy eying you might convey flirty messages. As such, the flirtier emojis such as the lips or tongue bites can be shared more often if the interaction is a little more sexual. On their side, voice notes are typically a wonderful technique to either steer the topic towards flirtation or are items that are normally markers of commencing flirtation. while a phone call could be perceived as old-fashioned or frightening, emojis and voice notes imply you can hear the man’s voice, and perhaps the enthusiasm of the man in the sound.

💀 Frequently out-of-context questions and conversations

The frequency with which a guy texts you and how fast he texts back is also an indicator that he could be flirting with you, regardless of the content of what he is saying. If a guy contacts you completely out of the blue to inquire about what you are doing or how your day is going, or if he texts you regularly with conventional messages like good morning or good night, then you are on his mind all the time.

However, he is likely not very driven to communicate if he keeps you waiting for hours or days for his response, but responding to your messages promptly indicates he is enthusiastic and involved in the dialogue.

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💀 He holds the hug for a long time.

Hugs can be perplexing because friendly individuals hug, but you must focus on his embrace. If he provides a firm embrace that stays longer than the standard two seconds, he is attempting to be more profound and affectionate. Focus on his lead-in when you are studying his embrace. When he grabs your arms and places them over his shoulders while holding you, then that is an indication he is into you because it is a simple posture to transition into a kiss if you are thinking about it.

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💀 You feel butterflies in your stomach when you see him

If the conversations between you two just spark and flare, you realize there is some genuine flirting happening. You feel amazing and cheerful, as if you are floating on air, and your heart flickers and swishes. When you are with each other, there is unmistakable energy between you, and you are constantly buzzing. Yes, the flirty tension is at an all-time high. The butterflies in your tummy when you are with the guy, that mystical aura you cannot quite put your finger on is the mutual attraction between you two.

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Most guys are instinctively sociable, regardless of who they are conversing with. such guys laugh at your jokes, maintain good eye contact, and keep you feeling valued. If you converse with them for long, they may appear to be flirting. however, you are not alone if you cannot tell whether a guy is genuinely devoted to you or just being pleasant as it is not always easy to tell whether a man is flirting or just being kind.

💡 Difference between a serious guy and a player 💡

If you are wary of succumbing to smooth-talkers, you will have to pay close attention and learn something. Such guys are all around you, but the only way to defeat them is to outwit them. However, there still are real men out here but they sure are simply hard to come by Here are some techniques to tell the difference between a real gentleman and a joker.

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🔳 A player is more inclined to your physical appearance

Your external look is all that matters to the players.  your appearance, your hairstyle, height, and other factors are all taken into consideration. So, if you encounter a guy who just compliments you on your physical beauty, he’s most certainly a liar.


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A sincere gentleman admires you for much more than your physical attributes. He admires the way you speak, stroll, dines, grin, and your entire personality. He also appreciates some of your viewpoints on the political, social, economic, and other problems you are passionate about.

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🔳 If he is too aggressive

All of this is irrelevant to a player. When you make even the tiniest error, you will notice their aggressive nature. such a man can even trigger you to make a mistake so that they can confront you. On the other hand, when a guy truly cares about you, he thinks carefully about expressing even the tiniest act of aggressiveness. Also, when you upset him, he shows restraint and regard for you as a lady.

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🔳 Everything revolves around him

If a man is a player, he is the center of attention. You must approach things from his point of view or there will be no agreement. This brings a lot of delight to the players since it makes them feel good about themselves. He has to be at the center of almost anything.

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You can easily tell the difference between a decent person and a player by examining how one always encourages you to be a part of the decision-making process. To a player unless you have provided some contributions, they believe they are getting it wrong.

🔳 His level of open-mindedness

Once in a relationship, knowing its progress gives you more confidence. Discussing problems, ideas, and happenings with your companion makes it simpler to relate to them and helps to build trust and intimacy. Honest men are open-minded and need you to know all the important things, whereas players will only reveal to you a little and leave you guessing.

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🔳 If he talks more but does

Honest men would never waste time attempting to persuade you that they care about you. As such, he wants to show you his world, stroll with you, initiate dialogues, and establish trust; for him, action is everything. Real gentlemen want you to be able to sense their feelings.

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Players prefer to talk rather than act. Only with their words, these slick conversationalists can cause you to feel heavenly. They will carry you away and make you feel really special. However, they rarely accomplish anything at all and rely on chat to get you to accept them.

🔳 He has a hard time remembering crucial dates and events.

There are not many reasons for players to recall the crucial dates and events to you. As such, players are more concerned with the present, with no concern or enthusiasm for their past or future. It is enjoyable to share memorable moments in relationships and keep track of your conversations with your partner.

therefore, if a man genuinely adores you, he tends to recall particular details about you, such as your favorite colors, dressing style, and favorite foods. he is aware of your sensitivities, and when he says he will do something, he makes a note of it so he does not fail.

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🔳 Observe his indecisiveness

Just before you request or say something, a man who is committed and serious about you understands that he desires you. he has essentially devised a strategy and is planning to include you in his life. however, he is most likely a player if he cannot make a quick decision about his love life and adoration for you. In this case, he does not understand what he wants, so he keeps living in the never-ending imaginary universe.

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🔳 His willingness to make sacrifices and compromise

large-scale sacrifices that are costly are not of importance here. sparing some time to meet, talk, or know how you are doing are all huge sacrifices that only a true gentleman can make. Players, on the contrary, will always find a reason for failing to call you back, visit, or even tell you, so keep an eye on them.

 compromising and sacrificing are among the most effective ways to determine whether a man truly is concerned with or adores you. A commitment is an indication that he cares for you, especially if he is feigning it, and that should matter a lot to you. A sincere gentleman can be distinguished from a player by his willingness to make a compromise or sacrifice for the relationship.

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🔳 Is he patient and enduring?

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Whenever things get challenging, it is the bluntly genuine guy who can stand by your side. a genuine guy who is compassionate with you and willing to persevere in any circumstance.

Players rarely possess endurance, and whenever they have, it is often with a plethora of extras. It is difficult to persuade a player to demonstrate the necessity of perseverance since they do not even realize how vital it is to your safety.

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Between a guy and a lady, things can get tense and unpleasant at times. While it may appear to be an awful condition, it is an excellent chance to learn about a man’s true personality.

🔳 Lying, cheating, and manipulation

one common feature among almost all players is their lying and cheating nature. Liars lie constantly, then lie again to excuse their initial lie while manipulating you to believe their cheating and cunning behavior.  Players are unconcerned with establishing trust and creating memories since they already know they will not be around you for long.

Genuine men, on the other hand, have no motivation to lie since they know it will come back to bite them later. genuine gentlemen tell it like it is since they like you to feel secure, at ease, and content.

many girls have been misled by guys just as they were involved in a relationship with a player. And, once you consider it, finding a decent man currently is rather difficult.  As a result, you must exercise extreme caution whenever you meet your possible mate. You need to pay attention to everything he says and how he says stuff.

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🔥 What to do when you realize a guy likes you 🔥

If a guy likes you, both procedures must occur. Regardless of how talks and guidance in affection matters, no actual definitive laws for intimate relations. however, certain norms for coping with affection can help decrease the stress and guide you into a good relationship.

Whenever a guy expresses his feelings for you, it sets you in the position, and you will likely feel compelled to reply right away irrespective of whether or not you like him back is a good sign. If you are in this moment, nevertheless, you might feel stuck and unsure of the appropriate way to react or respond. luckily, the following suggestions will see you come out sensible and mature.

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Appreciate him

Let him know you acknowledge and appreciate that he likes you. Recognize the signs a guy is interested in when he just complimented you. Also, the body language shows and it is one of the signs that he likes you, irrespective of if you return the remark. The guy was probably undoubtedly apprehensive about it, which adds to the significance.

The first thing you should say is that you appreciate him. It is straightforward and courteous, and it establishes a conversational tone that could help alleviate some of the pressure as you two ease into the conversation.

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Follow your instincts

When you learn that a guy likes you, you will get an instant reaction. It would be clear if it is positive or bad right away. This immediate instinct will be examined and dissected by your analytical mind in a matter of seconds. it is fine to have an instant gut as it is for your protection but remember your initial emotion.

if you do not like the guy back but attempt to persuade yourself to like him, you will most likely be unhappy. Similarly, if you are attracted to him but begin to criticize your feelings, you are establishing yourself as your enemy. You may not have to respond to the guy and let him know your feelings immediately, but you should acknowledge that your first emotion is accurate.

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Stay calm and composed

Staying calm, composed, and a little witty will prevent him from shocking you into returning sentiments out of surprise or fear of hurting his feelings. Remember, you have options whether you like him or not, and you cannot be judged or criticized for whatever option you pick based on your liking of the guy.

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Be honest with the guy from the start

Whether you will reject his affection, keep in mind that being sincere is much less hurtful than being deceitful. One of the most common concerns about informing him that you like him when you do not is that you will lose their friendship. The best approach to prevent this is to establish and maintain clear limits on the way you will be spending time together and the way you express your affection for one another.

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⏺Give your verdict 

At your convenience, you can choose to immediately respond or take some time for consideration. However, communication is paramount at this stage and you will need to let him understand if you have to take some time and consider before responding right away.

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When you are going to take time for consideration, be sure it is a primary concern. Create a place and time where you can concentrate solely on your emotions and thoughts. always differentiate between genuine sensations and external pressures persuading you to believe differently than what you feel about the guy and the whole relationship endeavor. This way, you can be sure that the response you provide to him is a true reflection of what you want.


No one can instruct you about your response or actions when a guy expresses to you his interests. When a guy lets you know the signs that he likes you, you become part of the important and wonderful aspects of human life.

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It is simple to deal with the situation when you reciprocate their feelings. however, when you are less enthused in courting or starting a commitment, ensure you are sensitive to his emotions, even if you are delaying your decision or when you are letting him down right away.

👉 Common lies guys tell 👈

Finally, the signs a guy lies as they feel it will defend themselves and their partners.  He lies for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is to keep your idealistic view of him alive. As strange as it may seem, most guys lie to women since they love them and do not want to hurt or torment them.

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Self-preservation could also lead to a man’s lying. If he tells you the reality of something or event he did or is yet to do, something which he is considering doing, or anything he believes can damage you or the relationship, then he is lying. Irrespective of the reason for lying, here are the most common lies men tell.

👆 Signs a guy lie about working late

When a guy’s work schedule suddenly becomes unpredictable and he insists on staying late or overworking on a certain project, there is a high chance that he is lying about his overstay at work. Especially, if you have been dating the person for some time and you understand that his schedule is quite consistent. it is important to give it time and see how long his unpredictable work schedule could last.

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However, when he starts missing important events or dates in your relationship like anniversaries and appointments with the claim of working late, then it is a clear indication that his attention is focused elsewhere.

👆 Men lie about their friends

To make you feel relaxed and less inquiring, men can lie about their friendships, especially with females. Irrespective of the cause of lying, men often do not reveal the true nature of their relationships with female friends. As such, men do not think it is necessary to introduce you to their female friends for reasons only known to them.

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👆 Lies about their mobile phones

When he fails to show up at your appointments, or dinner nights, pick up your call, or respond to your text messages, men are often quick to raise issues with their mobile phones. This is the most obvious yet convenient lie men tell.

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Equally, most guys possess a personal and professional cell phone. That being said, dishonest philanderers brag about having multiple cellphones to keep their “primary girl” from finding out about other “side ladies”. He will let you view the contact information, texts, and emails for one phone, but not from other phones. this way, every woman has their distinct phone address to minimize the risk of being caught.

👆 Lies about their busy work schedules

Some cheats and womanizers create a barrier between themselves and a lady by making themselves unreachable and detached. He’s thinking that by gradually “fading out” of a woman’s life, he may not have to explain himself.

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When he reappears, he will create conditions that will allow him to hide his whereabouts. As a result, men are more inclined to fabricate being stranded for days at a business conference, workshop, or field trip to make time for personal matters.

👆 Failing to conceal their intentions or motives 

Men seek relationships for various reasons; however, they conceal such intentions so as not to scare the woman away. In this regard, men tend to tell women exactly what they wish to hear, for example, a man can claim to love you when in a real sense he is after something else from you. Revealing the truth or reasons for pursuing a lady may not always include the lady in favor of a man. Therefore, to avoid scaring her away, it is always convenient to lie to you so he can attain his motive.

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There are certainly many married males claiming to be single, but they are not the only kind of liars on the loose since even unmarried guys are for personal reasons.  The truth is difficult to communicate, yet telling the truth might lead to disappointment. As such, men lie for various reasons to suit their desired outcome of the situation, condition, or relationship.

🚩 Signs that a guy is lying to you 🚩

It is critical to spot the signs a guy is lying to you now that you understand the most typical issues guys lie about. There are several telltale signals that a guy is lying to you as follows:

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🏴 His facial expressions and gestures become irregular or start to contrast with the information context.

🏴 Unusual changes in voice pitch

🏴 Declined application of emotional phrases and words

🏴 Unusual or irregular blinks

Photo credit:

🏴 Declined use of first-person phrases and words

🏴 He has a hard time making and maintaining eye contact.

🏴 He applies self-soothing skills like ear, neck, mouth, or collar touching and tugging.

🏴 He may provide or withhold too much information.

Photo credit:

🏴 The breathing and heartbeat rates can increase.

🏴 He can repeat certain words unknowingly.

As such, it is not always simple to figure out if a guy is lying. Sadly, there is no way to certainly know when a guy is completely truthful. However, there are several telltale signals that a guy is lying.

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How do you know if a guy likes you secretly?

The clues that a guy likes you secretly are usually apparent for most but a few have mastered the art of concealing their feelings. as such, if a guy likes you secretly will always be enthusiastic and happy to see you. even when the guy is feeling low, your appearance will suddenly cheer him up. the guy likes you if he does not ignore you and always welcomes you with a kind smile since the guy wishes you to notice him and possibly because he likes to see you happy as well.

How do you get a guy to admit he likes you?

A man can provide multiple hints before coming out to admit he likes you. He could perhaps perform boyfriend roles to you but he has never without admitting that he likes you. In this scenario, however, you will need to establish trust and convince him that you’re trustworthy. If you can get a guy to admit he likes you if you convince him of your trustworthiness. this way, he will be more willing to open up his feelings for you.

How do you know if a guy is attracted to you?

There are multiple signs dropped by a guy who is attracted to you. Most importantly, you can tell if a guy is attracted to you if he continually attempts to make physical contact, maintains eye contact, is happy to see you, and is comfortable spending more time together.

A guy is attracted to you when he includes you in his plans. Future goals are a positive indication that he is beginning to see you as a long-term part of his life. This might include talking about your vacation plans in advance or holding more in-depth conversations on the kind of lifestyle you want to live in the future, how you choose to raise your children, and the priorities you have surrounding marriage and profession.





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