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April 19, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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The Dumb Little Man team, made up of financial specialists, seasoned traders, and personal investors, leverages advanced algorithms for in-depth reviews of brokerage firms. They focus on critical aspects like:

  • User Experience
  • Profit Potential
  • Reliability
  • Broker Expertise
  • Cost-effectiveness

By integrating feedback from actual users, they offer an impartial and thorough assessment. Their comprehensive research identifies Orbex as a dependable choice for those seeking a robust financial ally. Nonetheless, Dumb Little Man advises prospective customers to meticulously examine their detailed analysis to grasp any potential drawbacks linked to the broker.

Orbex Review

Forex brokers play a crucial role in the global trading landscape, facilitating access to currency and commodity markets for traders and investors around the world. One such provider, Orbex, has been a significant player in the industry since 2010. Known for its comprehensive service offerings, Orbex provides its clients with the opportunity to trade in a variety of financial instruments, including currency pairs, CFDs on stocks, indices, energy resources, and precious metals.

In this detailed review, we aim to provide an exhaustive evaluation of Orbex, focusing on both its strengths and areas where it may have limitations. Our goal is to present critical insights into the broker’s operations, such as account optionsdeposit and withdrawal processescommission structures, and other vital details. This balanced analysis integrates expert opinions and real trader experiences, equipping potential users with the essential information needed to decide whether Orbex is the right choice for their trading needs.

What is Orbex?

Orbex is an established multi-asset online CFD broker that began its operations in 2011. It provides traders with access to a broad spectrum of markets including forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. This variety ensures that traders can diversify their investment portfolios through a single platform.

The broker supports trading on the widely recognized MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, which are known for their robust features and user-friendly interface. Additionally, Orbex has developed its own mobile app, enabling traders to manage their accounts and trade on the go, adding a layer of convenience and accessibility to their trading experience.

Safety and Security of Orbex

Orbex is recognized for its robust safety and security measures, operating under the strict regulations of two notable financial authorities. Orbex Global Limited is regulated by the FSC (Mauritius Financial Services Commission), and Orbex Limited falls under the oversight of CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). These regulatory bodies ensure that the broker operates within a strict legal framework, enhancing the safety and transparency of transactions for all clients.

To further safeguard client funds, Orbex maintains trader’s money in segregated accounts, separate from the company’s own capital. This separation is critical in ensuring that client assets are not used for any other purpose than the intended trading activities. Additionally, the broker offers protection from negative balance, which prevents traders from losing more money than they have deposited in their accounts.

Orbex also provides the additional security feature of eligibility for compensation from the independent investor fund ICF if the need arises. This fund can offer compensation to traders in cases of financial failure of the broker, providing an extra layer of financial protection. According to Dumb Little Man, a thorough research confirms that Orbex’s safety and security measures are well-structured and reliable for traders seeking a secure trading environment.

Pros and Cons of Orbex


  • Free VPS for eligible clients
  • Copy trading and trading advisors available
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal options
  • Diverse tradable instruments
  • Negative balance protection


  • Higher spreads on Starter Account
  • High inactivity fees
  • Limited to MT4, no MT5 or web platform

Sign-Up Bonus of Orbex

Orbex currently does not offer a sign-up bonus for new clients. As of the latest information available, traders considering Orbex as their broker will not find any initial deposit incentives or promotional bonuses upon account creation. This lack of a sign-up bonus can be a deciding factor for potential clients who weigh such perks heavily in their decision-making process.

Minimum Deposit of Orbex

At Orbex, the minimum deposit required to start trading varies depending on the type of account a trader chooses. For those looking to open a Starter account, the minimum deposit is set at $100. This entry-level option is designed to be accessible to new traders or those testing the Orbex platform.

For more experienced traders or those looking for enhanced features, the Premium account requires a $500 minimum deposit. For individuals or institutional clients seeking the most advanced services and lowest spreads offered by Orbex, the Ultimate account demands a minimum deposit of $25,000. This tier is tailored towards high-volume traders who need the best trading conditions and personalized support.

Orbex Account Types

Orbex offers a range of account types to cater to different trading needs and investment sizes. After thorough research conducted by experts from Dumb Little Man, here is a detailed breakdown of each account type available at Orbex:

Starter Account

  • Minimum deposit: $100
  • Spread: Floating, starting from 1.5 pips
  • Features: Allows the use of advisors and scalping strategies

Premium Account

  • Minimum deposit: $500
  • Spread: Floating, starting from 0.0 pips
  • Commission: $8 per lot
  • Features: Access to premium signals and advanced training materials

Ultimate Account

  • Minimum deposit: $25,000
  • Spread: Floating, from 0.0 pips
  • Commission: $5 per lot
  • Features: Participation in exclusive practical webinars

Each of these accounts is designed to meet the specific needs of different traders, from beginners to seasoned professionals, ensuring that there is an option suitable for everyone’s trading strategy and capital investment.

Orbex Customer Reviews

Orbex customer reviews present a mixed picture of the brokerage’s services. Many users express high satisfaction with the company, praising its exceptional professionals and friendly customer service. They highlight convenient features such as various deposit methods, including support for the Tron network, which reinforces their trust and loyalty towards the platform. However, there are significant concerns from some customers about potential market manipulation and issues with price delays. These allegations point to serious accusations of illegal activities, with calls for regulatory intervention to address these practices. This stark contrast in experiences indicates that while many find value in Orbex’s offerings, others have faced challenges that question the integrity of its operations.

Orbex Fees, Spreads, and Commissions

Orbex is known for its structured approach to fees, spreads, and commissions that are critical for traders to understand before engaging with the platform. The broker does not impose a fee on deposits and withdrawals, which is a beneficial feature for many traders. However, it is important to note that payment systems themselves may charge a commission on withdrawals, though specific amounts are not detailed on Orbex’s website.

For traders operating professional accounts, Orbex applies a commission of $8 per lot on Premium accounts and $5 per lot on Ultimate accounts, charged for transactions in both directions. The broker also applies a swap fee for carrying positions over to the next day, which is a common practice in forex trading.

Spreads at Orbex are variable and fluctuate based on the liquidity conditions of each financial instrument at any given time. Additionally, Orbex charges a relatively high inactivity fee of $20 (or equivalent in EUR/GBP/PLN) if an account remains dormant with no trading activity for six months or more. This fee is considered high compared to industry standards, making it essential for potential traders to stay active on their accounts to avoid unnecessary charges.

Deposit and Withdrawal

According to an expert from Dumb Little Man who tested the deposit and withdrawal processes at Orbex, clients have a range of options for managing their funds. Orbex clients can utilize credit cards, bank wire transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies to both deposit and withdraw their money. This flexibility ensures that traders can choose the method that best suits their needs.

Orbex stands out by not charging any fees on deposits or withdrawals, making it an economically feasible option for traders. It’s important to note, however, that while Orbex doesn’t impose fees, there may be additional transaction fees charged by recipient banks or intermediary financial institutions. For most methods, the majority of payment transactions are processed within 24 hours, although the withdrawal period for Zotapay is 72 hours, and for other e-wallets, it is 24 hours. Bank transfers or card transfers usually take 3-5 days to process.

Funds can be deposited and withdrawn in multiple currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, and PLN, which provides additional convenience for international traders. Orbex does not limit the number of withdrawal requests, but traders should be aware that instant withdrawal of funds is not available, which might require planning and management of trading funds accordingly.

How to Open an Orbex Account

  1. Visit the Orbex website and select “Open a real account” from the home page.
  2. Choose the Orbex division that best suits your trading needs and regulatory preferences.
  3. Decide on the type of account you need: individual, joint, or corporate.
  4. Provide your full name, email, and phone number, and then enter your country of residence.
  5. Receive a 4-digit confirmation code via phone and enter it to proceed.
  6. Check your email for a confirmation link, click on it to verify your email address.
  7. Create a strong password for your new account.
  8. Complete the account verification process by submitting the required documents.
  9. Once verified, you are ready to make your first deposit and start trading.

Orbex Affiliate Program

The Orbex Affiliate Program offers a comprehensive opportunity for IBs (Introducing Brokers) and affiliates to earn by referring new clients. Partners receive payments for each client they attract, with the option to negotiate extra charges on individual commissions depending on their performance and contribution.

For those interested in establishing their own presence in the brokerage market, Orbex offers a White Label solution. This option allows partners to create their own brand with ongoing assistance and support from Orbex, enabling them to tailor their business to specific market needs.

The program is also beneficial for institutional clients, including financial brokers, banks, hedge funds, and asset management companies. These entities contribute to and benefit from the liquidity provided, regardless of their account size or trading volume.

Orbex is committed to the business development of its partners, offering a full suite of marketing and technical support tools. These include banners, customizable content, widgets for websites, and fully designed landing pages, all designed to help affiliates and partners maximize their engagement and profitability.

Orbex Customer Support

Orbex provides a robust customer support system that is accessible through multiple channels. According to an assessment by Dumb Little Man, support services are available 24/5 and can be reached via online chat, phone, and email. This ensures that traders can get assistance whenever the markets are open, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

The support team at Orbex is capable of addressing queries in 17 different languages, making it accessible to a diverse global audience. Online chat support can be conveniently accessed directly through the company’s website or from within a user’s personal account under the “Need Help” section. This multi-channel, multilingual support framework underscores Orbex’s commitment to providing exceptional service to its clients worldwide.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Orbex Customer Support

Orbex vs Other Brokers

#1. Orbex vs AvaTrade

Orbex and AvaTrade are both prominent players in the online forex and CFD trading space. AvaTrade stands out with its vast array of financial instruments, totaling over 1,250 options, and its strong regulatory framework across multiple global jurisdictions. It also boasts a large international presence with facilities in multiple countries, catering to a broad audience except in the U.S. In contrast, Orbex focuses more on providing specific trading services like ECN accounts and forex trading, with a strong emphasis on trader education and support.

Verdict: For traders looking for a broader range of financial instruments and global market access, AvaTrade is the better choice due to its extensive regulatory framework and global presence. However, Orbex might appeal more to those focused specifically on forex and who value a high level of support and educational resources.

#2. Orbex vs RoboForex

Orbex and RoboForex differ significantly in their approach to trading technologies and options. RoboForex offers an impressive array of over 12,000 trading instruments and multiple trading platforms, including MetaTrader, cTrader, and RTrader, catering to various trading styles and preferences. This variety, combined with RoboForex’s emphasis on cutting-edge technology and customized trading conditions, makes it very appealing to a diverse trading audience. On the other hand, Orbex provides a more concentrated service offering, focusing on forex and CFDs with robust customer support and educational tools.

Verdict: RoboForex is generally better for traders who seek variety in trading instruments and platforms, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. Orbex, while solid, is more tailored for those who might benefit from specialized forex trading services and comprehensive support.

#3. Orbex vs FXChoice

FXChoice and Orbex both cater to a similar market but differ in their service emphasis. FXChoice is known for its strong focus on integrity and customer service, offering a mix of accounts suitable for both active and passive trading. It’s particularly popular among Western traders and is known for its strict regulatory adherence under the Belize FSC. FXChoice’s services are designed with experienced traders in mind, providing professional ECN accounts with tight spreads but not offering features friendly to beginners, such as cent accounts or optimal leverage. Orbex, meanwhile, offers a more rounded experience with access to forex and CFD trading, coupled with significant educational resources and customer support.

Verdict: FXChoice may be the better option for experienced traders looking for a professional trading environment with tight spreads and a focus on automated trading solutions. Orbex would suit traders who value educational support alongside their trading experience, particularly those new to forex or CFD trading.

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Conclusion: Orbex Review

In conclusion, the team of trading experts at Dumb Little Man has found that Orbex offers a solid trading platform with a variety of services that cater well to different types of traders. The broker’s strong points include access to multiple financial instrumentsdiverse account options, and robust customer support available in multiple languages. These features make Orbex a competitive choice in the forex and CFD trading landscape.

However, potential clients should also be aware of the downsides before making a decision. The concerns include higher spreads on starter accounts and a high inactivity fee compared to industry averages. Additionally, the limitations on trading platforms, particularly the absence of MT5 and web trading options, might deter some traders looking for flexibility and advanced features.

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Orbex Review FAQs

What account types does Orbex offer?

Orbex provides several account types to suit various trader needs, including the Starter, Premium, and Ultimate accounts. The Starter account is ideal for beginners with a lower minimum deposit requirement, while the Premium and Ultimate accounts offer more advanced features such as lower spreads and access to additional tools for more experienced traders.

Are there any fees for depositing or withdrawing funds from an Orbex account?

Orbex does not charge any fees for depositing or withdrawing funds. However, traders should be aware that while Orbex itself does not impose charges, third-party fees from banks or payment processors may apply. It’s advisable to check with your payment provider for any potential fees you might incur.

How does Orbex ensure the safety of client funds?

The safety of client funds is a top priority for Orbex. The broker is regulated by reputable authorities, including CySEC and FSC, and adheres to strict financial standards. Additionally, Orbex keeps client funds in segregated accounts, ensuring that client assets are kept separate from the company’s operational funds. This setup protects clients’ money in the unlikely event of the company facing financial difficulties.

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