NinjaTrader Review 2024: There Are Better Options

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


Trading is becoming more and more popular among those who are looking for easier ways of making money.

The reason is that trading gives them a nice opportunity to make a fair amount of money, even if they prefer to work remotely and for only themselves.

There are several ways of earning money on online trading, such as trading futures, trading stocks, trading options and so on.

All you need to do is accurately choose a trading platform and the trading strategy which is handy for you to use and possess the ability to take advantage of technical analysis tools and advanced tools.




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The importance of choosing appropriate trading platform


But, the main problem of some traders is that they select an inaccurate platform that most probably leads to eventual failure in making money through trading.

Different trading platforms are especially designed for different kinds of traders depending on how much experience they have and their trading skills.

For example, while some platforms which are designed for skilled and experienced traders offer advanced features, other ones’ target market is beginner traders and for that reason beginners find it easy to use and understand the service such platforms offer.


The most handy platforms for traders

Some platforms, such as NinjaTrader, Trade Ideas, IQOption, Earn2Trade, Topstep Futures, Edgewonk, forexsignals offer handy service for both professional and beginner traders in order to attract as many traders as possible.

In this NinjaTrader review, I will present you NinjaTraders which is in my point of view, one of the most popular, reliable and handy platforms.

In this NinjaTrader review, you can also find out about good, reliable and handy alternatives for NinjaTrader, such as Trade Ideas, IQOption, Earn2Trade, Topstep Futures, Edgewonk, forexsignals

I think that regardless of your level, the platforms I’m going to present you in this NinjaTrader review will suit you.







Here Is Ninjatrader Review


NinjaTrader is considered as a very handy trading platform for market analytics. The majority of users of the NinjaTrader platform are day traders.

NinjaTrader trading platform gives you one of the best opportunities to be successful in trading and after you start to use this trading platform, you feel that you did not make a mistake in selecting and you have a reliable companion with you.

Difficulties beginners might face while using trading platform

However, as I mentioned above beginners might find it difficult to adjust to the world of trading, since the interface and the service of some platforms are simply impossible to understand for them.

The features NinjaTrader offers are so simple that you instantly understand how to use them after getting started with NinjaTrader.

Let’s elaborate on these features of the NinjaTrader platform.

The origin of NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader LLC

NinjaTrader LLC is considered as the company which has its own platform called Ninjatrader.

NinjaTrader LLC was created 17 years ago. The headquarters of this company is situated in the United States of America, Denver.

Trading platform of NinjaTrader LLC

As I stated above, the trading platform of this company is called NinjaTrader, while Kinetick is designed for regularly providing users with important market data.

It means that NinjaTrader offers you all trading tools that you count as important to get success in trading.


NinjaTrader brokerage

Ninjatrader brokerage which offers one of the best brokerage services is also the part of NinjaTrader LLC. This brokerage service is considered as one of the best choices for those who have a desire to be engaged in futures trading and forex trading.

For that reason, I personally recommend that both futures and forex traders use Ninjatrader brokerage.


Trading software of NinjaTrader


You are only required to create a NinjaTrader account, which provides you with handy NinjaTrader software which has an attractive and modern appearance, important market data and NinjaTrader brokerage account which particularly suits futures and forex traders.

In addition, new features of ‘NinjaTrader 8’ helps those traders who work privately be better prepared for difficulties they might possibly face during futures trading and the forex trading process.

On NinjaTrader, you can use a stock screener in order to look for the companies that are financially appropriate for your requirements.

Forex trading, automated trading tools and the advantages of NinjaTrader for C# developers


It should be mentioned that NinjaTrader is a good place for not only futures traders, but also for those who want to purchase the security in forex markets to be engaged in trading.

Moreover, C# developers have an opportunity to take advantage of NinjaTrader on the project they are working on.

You can also use automated trading tools in order to make your trade more profitable and these tools help you in charting market analysis.

Beneficial sides of NinjaTrader for day traders

I believe that the NinjaTrader platform is designed for basically day traders, as it can help them a lot in making the trade more profitable, productive and easier.

While typical features can really make NinjaTrader a good competitor to other platforms, developing new and modern trading strategies might be the best way to show the full potential.

My personal opinion about well-designed tools of NinjaTrader

Actually, I would personally prefer to use automated and well-designed tools. And, because the trading software of NinjaTrader has such features, I would like to select this trading software.

In my point of view, it is the major factor which plays the most important role in attracting all sorts of traders.

8th version of NinjaTrader

In my opinion, the target market of NinjaTrader 8 is mainly active traders, as the trading software and other functions of this platform are very convenient to use for active traders.

After finishing the research on NinjaTrader, I realised that this platform offers a very handy way to be engaged in futures and forex trading.

Also, on NinjaTrader, exchange transactions are operated automatically and with the help of just one click.

What you should also know about NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader currently has 100000+ active day traders who mainly engage in futures and forex trading.

Moreover, this platform has more than a thousand improvers which play an important role in making NinjaTrader software automated and convenient to use and attract as many traders and investors as possible.

Until now, NinjaTrader has been awarded several prizes because of a number of trading tools which are very helpful for both beginners and professionals and the supporting service of NinjaTrader which is always ready to help you.

You might have a question like for what reason NinjaTrader is so popular among traders? I think that the main reason for this is the automated and well-designed trading software of NinjaTrader and its structure which is open for the users of NinjaTrader.

It means that the trading program of NinjaTrader does not keep a working process of its system a secret and however some features, like technical indicators and personal trade management strategies are allowed to be created and improved by users of NinjaTrader.

On NinjaTrader, you also have an opportunity to add instruments and technical indicators from other platforms, such as Trade Ideas, IQOption, Earn2Trade, Topstep Futures, Edgewonk, forexsignals.

For that reason, it is possible for users of NinjaTrader to develop their own automated instruments, models and technical indicators.







Characteristics of NinjaTrader

In my point of view, Ninjatrader could be one of the best choices for those who have a desire to add a smart trading tool to a brokerage account.

NinjaTrader has different helpful functions, such as advanced charting, trading strategies, web trading platform, desktop trading platform, market analysis and trade simulation.

Charts on NinjaTrader

Charts on NinjaTrader

If you want to buy something on the exchange, but do not have a sufficient amount of money, NinjaTrader demo account comes to aid you.

By using the demo account of NinjaTrader you can practice trading, create your own trading ideas and improve your trading skills thanks to simulated trading.

Those who want to be engaged in live trading and purchase stocks by the cash on the live trading account are required to be a licensed trader.

On the trading platform of NinjaTrader, before you have a desire to buy some stocks with your real money, you do not have to spend your money, even 1 United States Dollars. It also contributes to attracting more traders to NinjaTrader.

In addition, you have a chance to create your own trading strategies with the help of simulated trading which works on the basis of current real events in the financial market.

Another name for simulated trading is paper trading. Paper trading is especially intended for beginner traders in order to help them in increasing their trading skills.

Now, advanced charting is not available for the users of the NinjaTrader mobile app. But, NinjaTrader promised that it will definitely add these functions to its new app which is currently in the creating process.

After NinjaTrader officially announces its new app, it will be possible to enjoy using new charting features.


Plan of action in trading


On NinjaTrader, All sorts of traders can find what they are searching for. The reason is that the sophisticated trading platform of NinjaTrader has different features which are particularly intended for different kinds of trading, such as day trading, futures trading, trading cfds, equities trading and so on.

In my opinion, it could be better if Ninjatrader adds the feature of independent learning which works with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence.

As I mentioned above, NinjaTrader has a great number of improvers. It means that if you want, you are able to expand the functionality of NinjaTrader by adding new trading ideas of yours.

Another beneficial side of NinjaTrader is that if you select NinjaTrader, you have an opportunity to take advantage of almost all features of this platform at absolutely no charge.

If you have a desire to invest your own money and work privately only for yourself, you will get support from NinjaTrader.

After acquiring enough knowledge to start real trading, you can use NinjaTrader in different ways. For instance, on NinjaTrader, it is possible for you to transfer orders to brokerage accounts without any problems.

Investors and traders who want NinjaTrader to be a helper of them in the financial world journey for a long time have an opportunity to purchase the lifetime license of NinjaTrader at an affordable price.

Providing users with important market data on NinjaTrader

On NinjaTrader 8, the platform called Kinetick gives users the opportunity to keep informed about the current prices for different securities, such as options, futures.

Kinetick is so handy to use that you can access important financial data with just several clicks.

However, you should take into account that it is not possible to use Kinetick without paying trading fees. Some users think that they can use Kinetick with non trading fees. But, it is not true. In order to use the financial data of Kinetick you are required to pay trading fees and purchase.

Without paying some trading fees, you are not allowed to use the service of Kinetick. In that case, you have some alternatives for Kinetick in which you have a chance to use good-quality service as you do by using Kinetick.

One of these alternatives is TradeMarket. So, let’s elaborate on this.


Alternatives for Kinetick


Some traders prefer to use not Ninjatrader 8, but NinjaTrader 7. With the help of TradeStation which offers its service with non trading fees you are able to link your brokerage account with the NinjaTrader 7 platform.

After you connect them, you have access to all the data you use on TradeStation. It is a very nice offer by Ninjatrader, because you do not have to pay a large amount of money in order to use financial data in TradeMarket. But it also has two drawbacks.

The first disadvantage of using the pair of TradeMarket and NinjaTrader 7 is that once you link NinjaTrader 7 with NinjaTrader brokerage, you can’t connect NinjaTrader 8 with your brokerage account.

In addition, it is not possible to use the financial data of TradeMarket in order to make trades on NinjaTrader.

So, do not lose the opportunity to use a handy platform, TradeMarket which regularly provides you with important and current financial data. The only thing you need to do before getting started on TradeMarket is connecting NinjaTrader 7 with your brokerage account.


Demo account and trade simulation on NinjaTrader

It is not a secret that beginners find it difficult to adjust to the world of trading and as a result, might lose a large amount of money.

But, on NinjaTrader, trade simulation gives you the opportunity to feel the real process of trading. It is also popular with the name of paper trading.

Paper trading works in real time and the prices for security in futures markets, stock markets, options markets, currencies markets are the same as real costs.

And, with the help of a demo account of NinjaTrader you can practice and master your trading skills before getting started in real live trading.

In a demo account, you are not required to make even a minimum deposit in order to start. All you need to do is go through the account opening process and log in to your existing brokerage account and start to buy the securities you like.

It does not matter what type of security you have a desire to buy, by using the demo version of NinjaTrader account you can buy everything you want and improve your trading skills.

Markets available on NinjaTrader

On NinjaTrader, it is possible to transfer offers from the live trade management system to brokerage accounts with the assistance of the Application Programming Interface(API).

You can make trade in these types of financial markets:

  • Futures market
  • Options market
  • Trading CFDS
  • Trading stocks
  • Forex market

NinjaTrader is basically intended for day traders, as it is a very convenient place for them to trade futures, make futures contracts, trade options on futures and so on.

But, other sorts of traders, even investors might choose NinjaTrader as their helper in the journey to the world of financial markets.

They could also find NinjaTrader as a good place to trade futures, trade options on futures, trade options, trade currencies and so on.

Now, let’s elaborate on one of the most famous brokerage companies in the world. Interactive brokers and other brokerage companies. In addition we will take a look at some data feeds supporting NinjaTrader.

These data feeds and brokers support NinjaTrader:

  • Continuum
  • IQFeed
  • Rithmic
  • Coinbase
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Oanda
  • Barchart
  • FXCM
  • Kinetick
  • eSignal
  • TD Ameritrade
  • CQG

By the way, I personally recommend Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers is counted as one of the most successful and reliable brokerage companies in the world.

It is so easy to connect your trading account with an Interactive Brokers brokerage account. In addition, Interactive Brokers supports international wire transfers which makes the process of making a deposit easier.

NinjaTrader EcoSystem

NinjaTrader EcoSystem

On NinjaTrader, thanks to the NinjaTrader ecosystem, you have an opportunity to improve your trading skills with the help of helpful advice, regular webinars, videos and so on.

NinjaTrader: Price

You can use NinjaTrader absolutely for free. The reason is that there is no link between any broker and NinjaTrader through Application Programming Interface(API).

Because NinjaTrader LLC has its own trading platform and data feed, Kinetick, which regularly provides you with important financial market data, you definitely do not regret if you purchase its lifetime license.

In general, NinjaTrader offers 3 types of subscriptions, 2 of them are not for free and one of them is for free:

  • When you prefer to use NinjaTrader absolutely for free, you have no access to the live trading feature of NinjaTrader
  • You can rent the service of NinjaTrader for a year by paying 720 United States Dollars, for 6 months by paying 425 United States Dollars, and for 3 months by paying 225 United States Dollars.
  • The third version of subscription contains buying the services offered by NinjaTrader by paying 1099 United States Dollars only one time, or by paying 329 United States Dollars 4 times.

And, a lifetime license gives you the opportunity to use all services offered by NinjaTrader for a long time with no limitations.

This license is especially convenient for those who do not want to spend more money in the long term for purchasing the subscription to NinjaTrader.

The reason is that even if you have a desire to use NinjaTrader for many years by purchasing its annual subscription every single year, the amount of money you have to pay exceeds the cost of a lifetime license.

Free version of NinjaTrader

As I mentioned above, you have an opportunity to use NinjaTrader absolutely for free. On the free version of NinjaTrader also, you are provided with significant data of the financial market.

You can use this data in order to create new trading strategies, keeping informed about current situations happening in the market and as a result making your trade better and more profitable.

The opportunity to trade from trading software is counted as one of the advantageous sides of NinjaTrader. However, you are required to pay some trading fees if you want to have access to the trading software of NinjaTrade.

For example, those who have a desire to use the trading software of NinjaTrade have to pay for the license allowing them to use the software.

You should take into account that when you trade in the demo account of NinjaTrader most probably you do not feel the necessity to trading software and other chargeable functions of NinjaTrader, but after you start to live trade in my point of view, you start realising that chargeable features are necessarily important for trading profitably.

A support service comes to aid whenever you…

Users often have some problems and questions while using different platforms. In order to help users on such occasions trading companies provide their users with a support service. If you’ve some difficulties in using NinjaTrader, the supporting service definitely helps you!

Ways of connecting with supporting service of NinjaTrader

You can call the support service of NinjaTrader on your mobile phone. You can also send a message to the email of NinjaTrader.

NinjaTrader provides its supporting service in several languages. For instance if you’re German and you’ve some problems while using NinjaTrader, you may get help from German brokerage service teams of NinjaTrader.

The opportunity to use the technical indicators of NinjaTrader in no charge

If you don’t have enough money to afford expensive trading indicators, NinjaTrader is particularly for you. On NinjaTrader you are regularly provided with important trading indicators. Enjoy using this feature of NinjaTrader which can help you in becoming a successful trader!

Popular companies partnering with NinjaTrader

In order to provide its users with access to the futures market NinjaTrader cooperates with famous trading companies, such as Dorman Trading, Philip Capital. Before starting to trade futures you are asked to choose the service of one of these companies, Dorman Trading or Philip Capital.

It should be mentioned that the company of Dorman Trading is counted as one of the best and most popular futures brokers across the world.

Approval of Philip Capital and Dorman Trading from United States commodity futures trading commission and UK’s financial conduct authority

Both Dorman Trading and Philip Capital are reliable brokerage firms, as they both are approved by famous financial authorities, such as the UK’s financial conduct authority, United States Commodity futures trading commission.

Regulation of NinjaTrader in the United States by the government authorities

In the United States, the activity of NinjaTrader is controlled by significant government authorities, such as the National Futures Association and so on.

Thanks to the work done by the National Futures Association, almost every user of NinjaTrader is satisfied by using the service of this platform.


NinjaTrader doesn’t have an app


One of the main drawbacks of NinjaTrader is that you don’t have the opportunity to be engaged in a mobile trading platform, if you use it.

While many trading companies offer you the opportunity to use a mobile trading platform, the absence of that function on NinjaTrader might be considered as one of the main drawbacks of it.

So now, I want to make you familiar with another good platform called Trade Ideas. If you’re interested in this platform keep on reading this NinjaTrader review.

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is considered as one of the few platforms teaching you how to trade and invest from the basics. Therefore, don’t worry if you doubt that you are skilled enough to be successful in trading or investing, as if you open a trading account on Trade Ideas, you’ve a good helper that helps you in adjusting to the world of the financial market.

In addition, the desktop trading platform of Trading Ideas is very handy for both beginners and professional traders.

For that reason, many beginner traders consider Trade Ideas as their favourite desktop trading platform. The convenience of use is not the only reason why beginners love Trade Ideas.

Trade Ideas also provides its users with a very understandable account opening process.

Another advantage of Trade Ideas is that it’s a powerful derivatives trading platform giving you the opportunity to trade futures, options, currencies etc.

It means that this trading platform supports options on futures , forex and so on. Also, you’re required to pay an affordable minimum deposit before you get started on Trade Ideas. Because of the low minimum deposit, many traders and investors prefer to use this platform.

The availability of using A.I on Trade Ideas

Undoubtedly, the availability of the service of trading with A.I makes Trade Ideas different from the majority of other platforms.

On Trade Ideas, Artificial Intelligence makes your trade more profitable and easy. Also, if you hesitate to make a decision, the A.I based innovative features and software of Trade Ideas can definitely help you.


Find Out More About NinjaTrader Review

In this NinjaTrader review I tried to make you familiar with one of the most famous platforms NinjaTrader. For that reason, I brought some advantages to NinjaTrader. But, there are some drawbacks also. Let’s now elaborate on them.

Disadvantages of NinjaTrader

  • First of all, NinjaTrader is only designed for those who want to make money by trading futures. It means that if you want to trade stocks, NinjaTrader is absolutely not for you.
  • Secondly, using Ninjatrader requires you to pay the withdrawal fee in a large amount.
  • Thirdly, you can use NinjaTrader only on your Personal Computer. Those who want to use the mobile app of NinjaTrader on their smartphone have to look for another platform.

So, let’s continue NinjaTrader review and elaborate on the fees you are required to pay on this platform.

The amount of first minimum deposit users have to pay on NinjaTrader

You are required to pay ten thousand United States Dollars as a first deposit before starting to trade on NInjaTrader.

Other fees traders have to pay on NinjaTrader

The compulsory fee contains not only the first deposit, but it requires traders to pay fees independent from NinjaTrader.

The opportunity to pay less money for compulsory fee of NinjaTrader

As I mentioned above in my NinjaTrader review, there are some compulsory fees on NinjaTrader. But, those who want to purchase the U.S stock index futures.

So, NinjaTrader is one of the best choices for you, if you’ve a desire to buy the U.S stock index futures.

But, it is evident that not every trader trades or purchases the U.S stock index futures. For that reason, if we take into account that I like majority of traders don’t prefer futures trading, NinjaTrader with its several significant disadvantages can’t be counted as the handiest platform

In that case, instead of NinjaTrader I would prefer to use Trade Ideas, since in my point of view, Trade Ideas is better than NinjaTrader.

If you do not have a desire to use both of these platforms you can select one of these following platforms:

  • IQOption
  • Earn2Trade
  • Topstep Futures
  • Edgewonk
  • Forexsignals

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As you read in this Ninjatrader review, NinjaTrader has several advantages and disadvantages. But in my opinion, not NinjaTrader, but Trade Ideas is the best choice for traders, as the former has some significant disadvantages.

There are also other alternatives for these two platforms, such as IQOption, Earn2Trade, Topstep Futures, Edgewonk, forexsignals.







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