27 Must-Know Signs A Guy Has Never Had A Girlfriend

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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Dating is a learning curve! But at last, some freshmen never had their first learning experience in the dating game.

These may be the “nice” guys that girls overlook as they fall head over heels for bad boys.

It’s quite easy to spot a guy who has never had a girlfriend before. They somehow reek of naivety and innocence that makes it obvious that you are his first-time girlfriend.

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A guy who is new to dating will behave differently from a skilled guy.

Below are some surefire signs a guy has never had a girlfriend before They will help you understand him more and hopefully offer him the experience he needs.

Ready? Let’s get started!

♠ He can’t cheat when you know the 27 Signs A Guy Has Never Had A Girlfriend ♠

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1. Obvious Hints Go Beyond His Grasp

He may be clueless to the hints you give him that you are in the mood for intimacy or want to go somewhere more private at a party.

It may be annoying or cute to you, but he’s as clueless as Cher from the 1995 movie ‘Clueless’.

Unless you tell him, his girlfriend’s user manual primarily consists of; buying her flowers, telling her she is beautiful, or kissing her on her doorstep.

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You need to educate him that adult relationships require more than the simple facts of dating.

2. He’s Packed With Faux Pas Dating Errors

Don’t be too hard on him for this. He is not entirely stupid for making dating mistakes, but it’s just that he’s inexperienced about what’s acceptable and what’s not on a date.

For example, he may ask about how many guys you have slept with on the first date or offer you beer or whisky instead of wine.

The best thing to do in such situations is to tell him politely what he should or shouldn’t do. And best of all, forgive for his innocent mistakes.

Besides, men can do some stupid stuff when they are around women they like. So go easy on him.

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3. He Is The Chief of Friend Zone

A guy who has never dated before may not necessarily be poor with the opposite sex. But he finds himself being friend-zoned because he may be dealing with personal issues, has some insecurities, or just focuses on other things that don’t attract a love interest.

In many cases, you’ll find that such a guy was previously interested in a girl who rejected him and turned him into her pal instead. Many guys, even the newbies in dating, find being friend-zoned to be an undermining experience.

So one of the biggest signs a guy has never had a girlfriend is that he is the king of friend-zone heights. Girls always seem to consider him as a good pal or brother, but not in a romantic way.

Therefore, having him as your boyfriend is new to him.

4. He is Insecure

A guy sitting alone in nature https://www.elitedaily.com/dating/guy-never-been-in-relationship/1388437
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For sure, no one is perfect. Even picture-perfect Instagram posers hide their imperfections. However, a guy who has never had a girlfriend seems to have less self-confidence and inner aura than the experienced ones.

When it comes to dating, he will drag out almost all his insecurities and spotlight them like a detective.

If you notice his insecurities, try not to be insensitive or joke too much about it because it can be difficult for him to open up to you.

Men usually have a lot of common insecurities, such as the size of their Johnsons, but they must address them.

5. He Is Poor At Talking About You Dating

This is quite common in guys who haven’t dated before. It is one of the top signs of a guy who has never had a girlfriend.

He doesn’t exactly know how to display his feelings for you or deal with issues that arise when dating.

Generally, such a newbie will be unsure about what he wants from the relationship and can be confused by plain situations like when you want to be kissed or touched, when you need some space, or when to talk about an issue.

Try to persevere and take it slow- he’ll learn soon enough.

6. He’s Quite An Over Planner

A fella who is dating his first girlfriend often takes planning a notch higher. Sometimes it may seem annoying because you just want to be spontaneous at times. But he wants to lay out the chats and schedules for every single meeting you have.

You have to understand that he may not be skilled at scheduling dates or reaching the finer heights of romance.

Don’t be surprised if he goes all technician on you and draws a graph of your escalating activities after three months of being together.

Under normal circumstances, this might be borderline weird, but you’ve got to understand that dating is a new thing for him, and he’s trying to adjust to having you around and the bond you are creating.

7. He’s Inconsiderate Of  Your Time

A girl who is bored with a guy on his phone https://www.bonobology.com/get-over-someone-you-never-had/
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This sign is a bit blurry because jerks and players can be inconsiderate of your time too.

However, a fellow who has never had a girlfriend doesn’t know how much is too much and how little is too little.

He either clings to you 24/7, and even watches you as you wash your hair, or he’s semi-ghosting you every few weeks for no specific reason.

That can be very confusing to you, and you might think he is a player.

But why does he act the way he does? Because he’s used to having his freedom and doing things the way he feels.

If he thinks a lot about you, especially at the onset of your relationship, then he’s going to stick around regularly.  However, if he also has lots of stuff to deal with, he’s also going to pursue it without considering how much it affects you when he goes silent.

Try not to be offended- he’ll come around.

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8. He Reeks of Awkwardness

Call him Awkward Andy even if his name isn’t Andy. He stumbles over his words and stumbles physically as well. He stutters, blushes a lot, sweats profusely and just seems all sorts of awkward around you.

It takes a tough girl to deal with such a guy because such traits can be a bit annoying. If you love him though, you’ll bear with him.

Instead of getting worked up by his weirdness, you should be flattered. It simply shows he is into you, which turns him into a mess.

9. He Agrees  With  Everything

Having a yes man for your boyfriend isn’t amusing. If you’ve watched the movie “Yes Man” featuring Jim Carrey, then you know exactly how messy being a yes man can get.

Your guy will agree with anything you want or say until it feels like you’re talking into space. Anything you want, he agrees with you, and he answers your questions in a few words such as “sure” or “yeah”.

It gets boring, right? What’s going on here? What’s going on is that this dude is afraid of losing you because he’s drenched in romance more than he ever has.

That causes him to say yes to you in every way. Just be honest and inform him it’s not working when he’s being a yes-man. Encourage him to be a little franker.

10. He’s Too Much Into Guy Activities

Guys enjoying their time together https://au.askmen.com/top_10/entertainment/top-10-male-bonding-activities.html
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It’s okay if he has his hobbies and interests, but he can be enveloped in his guy stuff. You can bet that he is a newbie to the dating game.

Some guy hobbies such as fishing and hunting make it less likely for him to come across available girls.

Though some ladies like such “guy” activities, chances are he is too involved in such stuff to branch out into other social activities where he will run into more women.

This is a good thing for you though, because who wants their man to be surrounded by lots of women anyway?

11. He’s a Video Game Whiz

There is nothing wrong with a good video game sesh coupled with a glass of wine.

But if it’s an everyday thing, where you try to beat the same level over and over, it can get weary.

If your fellow loves video games too much, communicate with him that you could make it a Friday night triumph event rather than getting frustrated with his behavior.

12. He Has Irrational or Unrealistic Goals About The Future

Fellas who haven’t had a girlfriend before tend to have relatively obscure or unrealistic ideas about the future.

When you ask about what they envision for their future life with a partner, he may say something like, “I don’t know, maybe a happy life with family.” He will just give you a wishy-washy answer that makes you go, “Yikes!”

Don’t take this to heart. It’s just his innocence and insecurity taking hold of him.

13. He’s So Intense From The Very Beginning

A couple sharing a passionate moment https://www.shutterstock.com/search/intense+relationship
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Often men who have never dated a girl before are annoyingly clingy. They may follow you around like a puppy demanding your attention.

If he is intensely crushing on you, he will fantasize about all sorts of plans with you. This is how you will know he hasn’t had a long-term girlfriend before.

Experienced guys usually take things slow before falling for you in the first weeks of dating.

So a guy who seems so intense with his affection is a newbie.

14. It’s All Or Nothing With Him

Romance happens in the movies with this guy! A man who has never been in a relationship before will either get in it for the long haul or he’ll not be interested at all.

More often than not, it’ll be the latter of the two options. Why? Because his emotional response to his desire for commitment to a girl hasn’t been triggered yet.

If you desire him, all it takes is to make small changes in the way you allow him into your life. Be tactic enough, so he’ll never have doubts or feel the need to sit on the fence again.

15. He Responds In Flat and Vexing Ways

Some girls are too quick to write off a guy as a jerk or a player for giving off-key answers when the truth is he is simply inexperienced.

Off-key or jarring answers are confusing and downright annoying. For instance, he may joke during a deep conversation that you find disrespectful.

At the same time, he may text back using fire emojis when you ask a serious question.

He’s not a**hole- he’s just new to dating.

16. He Turns Into a Drama Queen

A guy being a drama queen with his girlfriend https://www.evanmarckatz.com/blog/communication/are-you-wrong-for-wanting-a-no-drama-relationship
Photo credit: evanmarckatz.com

A guy who has never had a girlfriend is a top offender of ever-changing emotions.

Forget that women are stereotyped for moodiness and drama. He will often respond in an overly dramatic way to simple things because he’s unsure of how to phrase his feelings for you and carry out the relationship in a composed manner.

For instance, if you cancel a date because of cramps, he may overreact by scrutinizing everything to know what he did wrong.

A guy who is not used to dating thinks of a relationship as set out on a honeymoon. He always warms up to good times and pure romance while oblivious to realities and life disappointments.

17. He’s Overly focused On Minor Things

This guy seems to have no sense of scale when it comes to some things. He will over-invest in minor things, including over-texting when you want some space from him.

It can be taxing to always have to reassure him over and over again that nothing is wrong with him.

A guy who’s never had a girlfriend is often insecure.

However, most of them often blow it in the first weeks of dating a girl because their self-doubt gets the better of them.

18. He’s Not A Master Cook

Let’s face it- the guy can’t cook even a simple omelet breakfast!

One of the sure-fire signs of a guy who’s never been in a committed relationship is that he may lack basic culinary skills.

But the fun’s just beginning!

Offer him a special recipe and tell him you want to experience his master chef skills on Friday night.

19. He’s Fresh Off The Honeymoon Phase

A happy couple enjoying their time together https://www.entitymag.com/honeymoon-phase/
Photo credit: entitymag.com

One of the tell-tell signs of a guy who has never had a girlfriend is he gets the jitters of a newlywed. This consists of nervousness, living together awkwardness, and all signs of weirdness.

If you’re his first girlfriend, then easy-to-solve issues are going to be a grand struggle for him. Does he ask if it was good for you after you guys make love?  After an argument, does he lean in and kiss you, or does he give you space?

When you go on a date, should you dress up or have a casual look? Is he overthinking, or is there a mystery point that would be the key to keeping you?

For such reasons, and then some, he’s going to be all sorts of jittery around you.

It is often because he’s a bit insecure about how to express his love for you.

20. He Focuses Too Much On Himself

There’s a thin line between a first-timer and an egoist. An egoist man always puts himself first while downplaying the importance of experiences surrounding him.

A first-timer, on the other hand, doesn’t focus on himself intentionally. It’s because he doesn’t know any different.

It seems a bit selfish for someone to focus so much on himself even if he’s a first-timer, right?

But the fact remains that a guy who has never dated before will likely be into himself and unused to considering the feelings and opinions of others above his own.

21. He Hardly Understands Your Needs

Be it emotional, physical, mental, or sexual, a guy who has never had a girlfriend will have a hard time attending to your needs.

Unless you spell it out for him, you can’t expect such a guy to know what to do.

So you have to convey your feelings and needs clearly to him. Communication is key, honey! Not just because he’s a first-timer. Communication is essential for every relationship to work.

22. Does Not Know The Concept Of Quality Time

Boyfriend hugging his girlfriend extra tight https://quotesgram.com/quotes-about-wanting-a-clingy-boyfriend/
Photo credit: quotesgram.com

If he has never had a girlfriend, he may not appreciate the sense of alone time with you. He may not invest enough time in the relationship or he may want to spend too much time with you.

Whatever the case, tackle the issues straightforwardly without sugarcoating. Keep in mind he’s clueless about how he should behave, and it’s up to you to teach him how intimate relationships work.

23. His House Is A Bachelor Pad

Does his bed lack pillows? Perhaps his bedroom lacks a nightstand? Does he have the essential cutlery? Or maybe his living room only has a few chairs for his buddies to sit on when they play video games?

Single guys, especially those who are not dating, don’t think about fancying up their bachelor ‘heaven’.

If you find out that his house has nowhere to snuggle except his slightly uncomfortable bed, then he’s not used to hosting a girl.

24. He Is Either Overly Romantic or Unromantic

Based on what they see in the movies, he may be too romantic or not romantic enough.

A man with no dating experience often has no idea how to woo. Some put too much sugar on the romance, which ends up in frustration while others don’t woo enough that gives you mixed signals.

It takes some learning and experience for a man to know that women don’t like to be smothered or feel unacknowledged.

If you find yourself in such a situation with your man, simply advise him to take it slow. One bouquet is enough for a simple date rather than a room filled with flowers and lit scented candles.

25. He Doesn’t Understand Feminine Stuff

Men who are completely clueless about women’s stuff can be securely categorized as ‘relationship virgins’.

Guys who understand girls know that they are bound to watch ‘The Notebook’ at least once. They also know that when women say they’ll be ready in 5 minutes, it translates to 30 minutes of hair and makeup touch-ups before leaving the house.

Men who lack understanding of girly stuff have probably been single for a while or don’t have any sisters.

26. He Seems Very Uncomfortable On The First Date

A guy without any relationship experience will act weird on a first date. He may be extra shy and quiet. He may also seem fidgety and sweaty or perhaps talk mainly about himself.

These queer behavior traits can be deal breakers for some women. However, depending on how much you like the guy, you can choose to stick around to figure out if he’s relationship material or move on.

27. His Underwear Drawer Needs a Complete Face Lift

We have the best hint for last! This is one of the biggest signs your guy has never dated before.

If his underwear drawer consists of cartoon-printed, old, or saggy boxers, that’s a huge indicator of a dating newbie. No self-respecting girl will allow her man to roll around in such underwear while she is around.

If you find out your man has these, it’s time to tell him that you should invest in quality men’s underwear. Alternatively, you can wait until the next occasion to surprise him with a pack of standard underwear.

Even if you don’t end up with him in the long haul, his next girlfriend will be eternally grateful.

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♨ Reasons Why Guys Stay Single ♨

👉 Lack of Confidence or Low Self-Esteem

A guy who is feeling low while with his girlfriend https://www.aconsciousrethink.com/10679/love-man-with-low-self-esteem/
Photo credit: aconsciousrethink.com

A guy doesn’t have to be buzzing with self-confidence all the time. But as long as he gets to act confident and sure of himself, he’ll for sure snug himself a cutie in no time.

Remedying things such as walking style, eye contact, and posture are minor steps a guy can take to enhance his self-esteem and be more comfortable approaching the girl he likes.

👉 Zero Percent Interested In Relationships

Some guys shelve the idea of a serious relationship perhaps due to focusing on other things-the major one being career development.

For some fellows, the only time they can enter into a committed relationship is after they achieve their career goals or attain that lifestyle height they are aiming for.

Until then, they will live a happy and healthy single life.

👉 Poor Effort

Not putting yourself out there enough could make a guy come across as being closed-off or unapproachable.

This not only puts off women but signs your contract to a long life of solitude.

👉 Introverted Men

Oftentimes, the idea of approaching a stranger woman can be a petrifying proposition for introverted men.

What do you say to her? You don’t know her likes and dislikes; if you break the ice with a joke, will it make you seem weird?

Introverted men take too much time to plan everything they are going to say to a woman they are crushing on, till time passes them by.

It sucks, but it’s the truth!

There are lots of introverted men who learn how to step out of their cocoons, which relieves them of their dry spell.

So the dark cloud still has a silver lining, yay!!

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👉 Mediocre Flirting Skills

Some guys express their frustration with the inability to flirt without cutting across as creeps.

While it comes naturally for some men, it takes some practice for others.

👉 No Women Within Easy Reach

Remember the men’s hobbies we talked about? If a guy spends too much time in such activities where he is unlikely to run into women, chances are he will stay single.

Fortunately, thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways to meet girls such as dating apps.

👉 Intimacy Fright

A guy avoiding intimacy with his girl https://www.marriage.com/advice/intimacy/why-do-men-struggle-with-intimacy/
Photo credit: marriage.com

This applies more to men who have never dated before.

Because they are intimate newbies, the idea of romance scares them, and they’d rather stay back in their cocoon.

👉 Choosiness

Some men are too picky and judgmental that they can’t date anyone.

This girl has big ears, and that girl squeaks like a mouse. Some buzzkills are ridiculous and turnoffs though.

Other guys, however, can be choosy because of previous bad experiences, where they were rejected or deceived by a woman for whom they had strong feelings.

Thoughts like, “You can’t trust a woman” or “Women are all out to take advantage of you”, can make a guy extremely picky and less trusting, which makes it hard to establish a connection with a potential partner.

👉 Health Issues

Mental illness, sexual problems, disability, addiction or any other health disparity can impede a man’s ability to last in a relationship.

👉 Unattractiveness

A fat guy taking a selfie https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/fat-guy-selfie-487691302
Photo credit: shutterstock.com

We know that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but certain physical traits make a guy less appealing to the opposite sex.

Aspects such as baldness, shortness, and being tubby are often turnoffs for many women.

While we have no control over physical features such as height if you can improve on your appearance to be more dateable, then, by all means, do it!

For example, if you are chunky, you can work out to be more fit.

Don’t just do it for the girls, but your health as well!

🔰 How Do You Know If You’ll Be Single Forever? 🔰

No one dreams of being single for life. Sometimes you find yourself shoved into singlehood by circumstances, and it happens without you even noticing.

Do you think you’re going to be single forever?

While there’s nothing wrong with being single, particularly if it was a deliberate decision, if you didn’t intend on being alone for the rest of your life, you need to do something about it immediately.

We have highlighted some traits that people who end up single for life possess.

It is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you dread being single forever, these hints will help you do something meaningful to put you at the frontline of meeting your potential partner.

🔅 Comparing a Love Interest With An Ex


A young couple hanging out outdoors https://annecohenwrites.com/mistake-comparing-someone-ex/
Photo credit: annecohenwrites.com

You might have heard something along the lines of, “comparison is the end of happiness.”

If you find yourself constantly falling for someone simply because they did something nice that your ex didn’t, that’s a sign you might end up being single forever.

Authentic love is deeply rooted in character and not only emotions.

If you fall in and out of love very quickly, it is a sign that you allow temporary feelings to control your decisions.

Serious relationships require a long-term commitment. Therefore if you want life-long partnerships, it’s important that you first consider what you want in your partner and then start to check such qualities in any relationship you get into.

However, concluding that you are in love within a few days of getting to know someone is setting yourself up for a single life.

🔅 Your Emotions Are Imbalanced

No one likes being around someone whose emotions are all over the place, and, in a relationship, no one can withstand an emotionally unavailable partner.

If you want to sustain a relationship, you must deal with your unstable emotions. There are lots of psychiatrists who can help with this.

Remember that emotion drives love. Without emotion, you’re left with two individuals who claim to be dating but aren’t quite feeling each other.

🔅 You Are Not Opinionated

A confused individual https://www.checkmarket.com/blog/dont-know-no-opinion-answer-option/
Photo credit: checkmarket.com

While everyone is entitled to their view, some people can’t form their own opinion. They are constantly influenced by what other people feel and want for them even if it disagrees with their beliefs and motives.

Do you fall under this category where you look up to others to tell you who you should love or not? Then there is a high likelihood that you will remain single for life if you don’t make amendments.

Relationships need a high level of maturity, and the primary sign of maturity is exhibited in your ability to have an opinion and make independent decisions.

🔅 You Recap Horrible Past Dating Experiences

We’ve all been heartbroken at one time or another. But we get back up and move on.

However, if your ex cheated on you or used to batter you up does not mean your next partner will.

Allowing such hurt to hold you down deprives you of true love and ensures you remain single forever.

Learn to forgive and let go. Don’t carry your old baggage into your next relationship.

🔅 You Have Trust Issues That You Haven’t Dealt With

Trust is an integral aspect of any relationship. If a former love broke your trust, it’s easy to develop trust issues that tarnish your next budding love.

It is hard to get into another relationship until you address your trust issues. Healthy relationships need you to forget the past and trust your new partner.

Anything short of that will leave you avoiding relationships and staying single for a long time.

🔅 You Are Selfish and Don’t Want To Share Your Love

A girl who does not want to share her love with a guy https://everydaypower.com/selfish-people-quotes/
Photo credit: everydaypower.com

Love is caring and sharing. But if you don’t like sharing, then it’s going to be difficult to get into a relationship.

Selfish people are generally unlikeable and updateable. So if the idea of sharing makes you frown, it’s most likely that you’ll be single forever!

🔅 You Dream of Fairy Tale Love

Love is far from how it is depicted in Disney movies. One thing that certainly makes people single for a long time is building castles in the air.

If you have established a fantasy love story that is far from reality, then you will end up single for a long time.

Relationships aren’t about glass slippers or waiting for some prince charming to kiss you. Drop such fairy tales and make love just the way it finds you.

Also, realize that love happens differently for everyone. There’s no order or rule book to it.

Just go with it!

🔅 You Think Social Media Defines Your Relationship

It’s funny how one can post every single aspect of their life for 90% of strangers to view and comment on social media.

If you are the type that believes in posting every date or vacation you take with your partner to feed on peoples’ comments and likes, then you are probably going to be single for a long time.

Social media love is hardly real, and like any other unreal thing, it never lasts.

Love doesn’t need social media validation, and in fact, you can’t have a fruitful relationship if you post all your intimate details on social media.

🔅 You Think You Don’t Deserve Love

A girl who feels she does not deserve to be loved https://thetreatmentspecialist.com/extremely-low-self-esteem/
Photo credit: thetreatmentspecialist.com

Low self-esteem makes you believe that you’ll never find love and can keep you single forever.

To give and receive love, you need a certain degree of self-worth to believe that love will happen to you.

You deserve love like everyone else. So it’s time to snap out of low self-esteem and allow yourself permission to be loved.

🔅 You Have Unrealistic Expectations of Love

Love is about two people with different expectations and standards coming together, with some level of compromise.

However, if you are the type that believes that only your standards and expectations are important without considering your partner’s side, then you’ll most likely find yourself alone forever.

People don’t want to feel like they always have to keep up with someone else’s expectations all the time.

It’s not bad to set boundaries and such, but also ensure that you play your part and give your partner room to be their best as well.

🔅 You Are Extremely Anti-Social

Relationships need one to get out there and meet people. But if you keep to yourself most of the time, chances are it will be hard to connect with someone else.

While it is important to have some ‘me’ time when it comes to relationships, you cannot hide under the covers and expect to build one.

So go out, get to meet and interact with new people, and you might be lucky enough to find your soul mate.

🔅 You Still Have Feelings For Your Ex

One of the top reasons why people stay single for a long time is being hung up on their ex.

The inability to let go of a former relationship keeps you emotionally trapped and prevents you from falling in love again.

If you find yourself in constant communication with a former lover, whom you still love, consider cutting them loose.

If they have moved on, so should you!

Make a deliberate choice to move on and make yourself available to someone else who would love you better.

🔅 You Are Waiting For The PERFECT Partner

There’s a fine line between waiting for the right partner and being unrealistic or too picky.

First, there’s no such thing as perfect. No one is perfect! So if you are those who never find someone who is stable enough, tall enough, experienced enough, or good enough for you, then you are on the road to a single forever town.

If you’ve been ignoring that “imperfect” potential partner for years while waiting for the perfect one to come along, it’s no wonder you are still single and will continue to be for a long time.

🔅 You Despise Sex

Sex is an essential factor for many people in a relationship. It is the main reason why some people get into relationships, to begin with.

So if you hate sex or have a phobia for it, you’ll most likely remain single forever.

We strongly advise seeing a psychiatrist for this because if sex scares you, then you are missing out on a fundamental aspect of human life.

🔅 You Think Relationships Are Only Based On Sex

A couple getting intimate in bed https://www.today.com/health/7-ways-put-sexual-spark-back-your-relationship-t50326
Photo credit: today.com

Sex may be important, but it doesn’t define a relationship.

If you think relationships are all about sex, you’ll always fall for the wrong partner and that will lead to a series of heartbreaks and finally, you decide to quit relationships and remain single forever.

🔅 You Are Genuinely Happy Being Alone

Some say that relationships aren’t meant for everyone. You might opt to be single and happy and remain single because you are comfortable with it.

Enjoy your single life and let no one make you feel bad about it. And in case you decide to get into a relationship in the future, remember that love is out there, and you will find it.

⚙️ Is It Weird To Never Have Been In A Relationship? ⚙️

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Sometimes, it can seem like life is all about love. Everyone around you is falling in love and getting married. All these can make you ask, “What is wrong with me?”

But that is far from the truth. If you have never been in a relationship, you are not an alien. It is perfectly okay.

We are all different, and we each have unique paths to follow in the hopes that we will achieve our life goals and dreams.

Being in a relationship doesn’t define your identity are your person.

If you have not been in a relationship, you might be avoiding it because of traumas such as watching your parents getting divorced or being molested in the past.

If you truly desire to fall in love and have a lasting connection to someone special, you must evaluate yourself and ensure you are fully ready to commit to partnering.

Traumas and horrible past experiences are sad facts of life, but luckily you can get all the help you need to get yourself loving and trusting again.

However, at the end of the day, there are many positives to being single. For one, it increases your chances of holding out for the ultimate partner because you rationalize that you’ve waited all your life for that person and that you won’t settle for anything less than what you desire.

So don’t get worked up over love, these things take time and are hard to control.

Remember, you just can’t settle for anyone simply because you want a relationship, and you shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about the stereotypes of singledom.

You just do you in the best way you know how and love will find you.  They say love finds you when you least expect it. This is true!

📟 How Many People Never Have Girlfriends? 📟

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Over 50% of single guys in America between the ages of 18-34 years say they do not have a romantic partner. These were statistics released by the General Social Survey in 2018.

By 2018, the figure of men who have never had girlfriends was up by 33% since 2004. This increase in single men has been at a record high, with most admitting that they have not found a suitable partner to settle with.

As more people turn to online dating, finding a long-term partner has become harder in the last decade.

So you are not alone if you are still single. But keep your hopes up, and one day you’ll find love with that other single person who is also feeling unlucky in love.

💡 Conclusion 💡

We hope that this post has opened your eyes to why you are still single.

We also hope that you have given some serious thought to how you will score your next love from the points we highlighted on the reasons why one will be single forever.

Remember, the whole point is to be the best version of yourself that the right partner can see, admire, and adore.

And if your man has never had a girlfriend before, hopefully, you will help him chase his purpose, keep improving, and keep learning.

📝 Relevant Questions 📝

Q: What is a relationship virgin?

A: A relationship virgin is a person who has never been in a romantic relationship.

Q: Are single people happier?

A: It is relative. If you choose to be single and satisfied with it then you must be happy.

However, generally, single people have a unique advantage over married folks in that they are more active socially. That means that sometimes unmarried people are happier than their married counterparts.

Q: Is being single better than being married?

A: Well, this depends on what you are looking for so, there is no right or wrong answer.

Being single is better than being in an unhappy marriage. But if you are happily married, then there is no reason to look back at singledom, is there?

Overall, just evaluate what makes you happier, being single or being married.

However, don’t feel pressured to get married because of the stereotypes and prejudices exerted by society against single people.

You deserve to be happy, whether alone or with a partner.

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Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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